Shift Card – Bitcoin Debit Card Review – Get a FREE Shift Card!

*Correction!* – Sorry! I misspoke! Actually you get the free $10 after you buy or sell $100 worth of digital currency on CoinBase, then you get the free $10 credit! Sorry about that! Nonetheless, this card is awesome and worth the $10! This card is also currently only available to residents in the US!

For those outside of the US the WageCan Debit Card is another great card to get! Check it out!

How to Get Free Shift Card! – @11:25
1. Sign up for a new CoinBase Account Here:

– This will give you $10 worth of free bitcoins added to your CoinBase account after you purchase $100 worth of bitcoins through CoinBase.

2. Then Use Your Free $10 after your signed to apply for a Shift Card:

-You will have to connect your Shift Card to you CoinBase account, which already has a $10 deposit by signing up to my CoinBase link! All you now have to do is just fill out the info and BOOM! You got yourself a FREE SHIFT CARD!

In this video I go over my experience using the popular Bitcoin Debit Card – Shift Card from CoinBase! It’s actually quite a good card and is pretty much just like a debit card you will get from the bank. Only down side to it is that it has volatility associated with it since it’s linked to the Bitcoins in your CoinBase account. Which can be a good thing on a day where the price of Bitcoin is soaring or bad when the Bitcoin value is dropping. Nonetheless, the card is great and only $10, which I will show you guys a trick on how to get it for free!

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