Today for the Bitcoin price with DaVinci Jeff Fifteen. We will be talking about Bitcoin, namely the price of Bitcoin not only in the immediate short term, but also in the Midrand year leading towards the Halfling because we must show without delay what scenario is right now the most likely one for the bitcoin price leading into the Halfling? And also what’s going to happen after the half thing. We will talk about all of that with Dove into 15. But even more important after the T-A, we want to bring up this crazy statistic here showing us that not only the United States, but also the ECB of Europe, the People’s Bank of China and all central banks in the world. We just within the last month like crazy cutting the interest rates up until the negative range. Guys, we will be talking about all of that. So make sure you take a seat, make sure you smash up the like button to at least three thousand likes. And that being said, we want to come to the most important question of the day, that vintage F15. How are you doing today, man? I’m doing great. I’d be very happy on Friday because the end of the curfew on a curfew, but the quarantine will end finally where we still have curfew, but quarantine will end on Friday. So I and we’ll be able to, I don’t know, do something like go home. I don’t know if I want to do that in this pandemic, but I’ll be able to. How you. Really fun. I’m doing very well. We can go out. However, of course, the beaches. Most of the beaches are closed and everything and everyone we are we are all taking care. And after 10, there’s still a curfew for us as well. So, yeah, we can feel it as well. But even more even better is that we have no time to concentrate on content. So thanks for asking. I’m doing well. Maybe we can pull up the charts and yes, see what you have to say for bitcoin in the short term, but also leading into the huffing. And a lot of people are asking that recently. Yeah, well, there’s been a lot of indecision here going on with Bitcoin, as you can see, even with these two points here, you can see that. I mean, we tried to go higher right here and we failed. We tried to go lower and we failed and we did it again here as well. So Bitcoin had a lot of this under Sisi’s behavior in the last four days here and it just trying to figure out a direction. And I really think it’s leaning towards a downside here. There’s a little bit more confirmation today that just happened as we went into the next day here as we take a look at the four hour. You can see on the four hour to one hour and a gap, right. And you can if we zoom in a little bit and there it is, there is a gap right in there. There’s a gap right there saying, hey, that’s that’s a actually that’s converting from today. Right. So that’s a gap. And go normally you can with the gap and go you short the market if it goes down and gap down and you go long, the gaps up. And so I think we’re probably going to push this thing down that’s going to decide to go down. There’s like a very high percentage probability of like 80 percent. Now that we’re heading down 4 in the morning, we’re like, you know, 60 40 towards the downside. Now it’s pretty hot now. One of the things you must remember is that we’re always just one fat finger away from the market going in the opposite direction. It’s up with trillions of dollars being printed everywhere. That’s just one person with a trillion dollars in their pockets. Just burning a hole in their pocket could send this market flying. So please set your stocks if you’re interested in trading this market. Right. Let’s see here, lisk. Let’s go down to the one hour and figure out where your stocks should be. If you’re interested in taking short down here what this gap and go your stop is right up here. Let me see here, which here is the six thousand nine hundred and one. If it breaks that walk away, just walk away and let the let the market do what it wants to do. At that point, it wants to go higher. That’s fine. Right. Because that’s I think that’s probably where it’s going to probably break. I think it had really effectively in order for it to really effectively go to the upside. It’s got to break the six thousand nine hundred ninety seven thousand dollars mark here at this point before we can say, hey, yeah, it’s it’s going higher than. And of course, if we’re going for four. Like if you want to do breakout trade, you can always wait for the sixty six thousand seven hundred and sixty six level. Another six. I thought there’s another six there. That would have been funny. Yeah. I think I quite like the last time where we actually hit the level actually. By the way, congrats. David, that was a great cold in the last episode where you said that we would be most likely going down to the twenty three point six, which was the six thousand six hundred sixty US dollar level. And in fact, we went down. And also I opened to trade. At that point of time was all there was a very, very, very, very nice when we showed the trade towards the end of the episode. Well, you could always just stop loss here to the six. So six thousand seven hundred sixty six. Because remember, we’re only one fat finger away from us, us blasting off so exact that could easily, just as easily happen as we fall down. So so don’t count your chickens before they hatch comes to trade. I would suggest. Yeah. If you want to take a short here, that’s fine. You know, you stop losses right up here. Could they could break us out and then dump back down. But I really doubt it. I think if it if it gets up here, it’s probably going to go a lot higher and the end might end up breaking this level up here. So I don’t see that happening. I really think there’s a gap and go is the most likely thing to happen. Where we should end up now is let’s just take a look at where we should end up. Let’s go to the 4:00 hour for that and see where we should end up with this trade here. There we go. So if we take I would say we have to take. Yes, that’s right. This is a we did as a B will see the point from here to here. I would say the safest trade to make would be taking us down to I think like six thousand four hundred seventy dollars, I believe. That’s what $84 a proximately. So there it is, four thousand seventy four thousand four hundred eighty four dollars is where you would want to take profits. Just in case because you do not have this list again. Once again, this can turn on a dime. I really think that this lines up with a sixty one point eight level as well. If we take it from here to there, this target would be actually very sad. We would put in a lower low. So in this in this for our uptrend we actually had so far. Yes. So I’d be careful. I wouldn’t take it all the way to 6000, which is most likely the target. But for a short they are for safe short. Right. You played all the way. You had it down somewhere around this for six thousand four hundred and eighty somewhat dollars. Maybe all the way to the six. Four hundred and sixty dollars where you take your shirt. If you’re going to take one at this point in time. All right. So that’s about it. From my technical knowledge. Now, remember, always remember, this thing can always go higher. And if it breaks, especially if it breaks this higher, that’s for sure. If you’ve got if you if you want to stop loss, that’s for sure. Going to break. And means that there’s going higher to like any five hundred. It’s got to break this level here for sure. Like at seven thousand two hundred and one nars before you say oh yeah. Yeah. For sure it’s going higher you know, and it would help if it gets above trend line. But I think we’ll do it anyway. So high. So that’s it would be would be amazing though to see price levels above seven thousand two hundred and start this new uptrend on the lower timeframes just before we go into that mind blowing numbers here for all the central banks. I want you to ask because so many people interested in that. What are your thoughts for the price leading into the half-inch? I know remember yesterday we talked about some numbers in the Barash scenario. Can we just put them out there so that people can maybe share their thoughts in the comment section? What? Of course. I mean, it’s very hard to predict. Everything can go the other way. But to what would you say? It’s a likely scenario. If all of these things on the T-A panel us. Well, I think if we head over to the five thousand, our loved ones at sixty one point eight, I think that will occur over the next several weeks and bring us right into not having at that point or close to it. And that and at that point I think the bitcoin might be turning around. But who knows? I think Bitcoin could possibly turn around a lot sooner because I mean, once people I just did a tweet today that, you know, there is no gold. I think it just takes a little bit of time to occur for investors to go one. I can’t buy any gold. Can I buy the paper gold? OK. Well, one and I just get this digital bitcoin thing, which I can just buy and I know I own it. Not this paper stuff, which I don’t know if there’s any gold behind that. So I think this could turn bitcoin around very, very fast and and without warning. So you just don’t know. But we’ll see it in the charts while before it does. But before it does happen. But right now we’re we’re pointing down. So unfortunately, that’s where we have to stick. We have we have to point we have to say that’s what the market’s taking us. We have to wait until it changes. But here we are talking about what are we talking about the next few weeks, however? Guys always remember the long term direction of Bitcoin. And you always heard us talking about price targets of a million, five million. But guys, let me tell you something. Leading into the hype, hyper inflation, we can see price targets of 20, 50. Hundred million, 200 million per bitcoin. And how all of this will will work out. This is exactly what we want to show you right now, because look at this statistic, DaVinci, before I ask you for your valued opinion, guys, if you check this out, you can see Switzerland, the Eurozone, Japan, U.K., U.S., like all the central banks, which you can possibly imagine in the whole world. Look at their last moves for the interest rate in February, most of them in March. Some of them in April. They have all cut the interest rates. And here on the left hand side, you can see the real central bank rate and most of them are already negative, whereas the central bank rates today, most of them are either negative or very, very, very close to zero. And also, of course, remember that the Federal Reserve has depository requirements of zero percent. All of this together. It’s up to the massive cocktail of potentially infinite fiat currency in the system. And no, DaVinci, I really want to ask you, what do you think about this very, very toxic cocktail we are having right now? What do you think will be the. On the financial system, but also what would be the impact on the price of Bitcoin? Well, as you know, most command and control economies have failed. Not almost all of them have, actually. And you can see that with the Soviet Union, China, they all this realize that when they collapse. Final collapse, they said, OK, we’ve got to change. We’ll do something different because, you know, this is not working. And this is the same with when you control the money supply and control interest rates. It’s the same result when you control money and you have people in power that has the ability to control money and don’t leave. They have never, ever had a business before. And even they don’t know how the economy works. You know, that’s a recipe for disaster. So what we’ve done with this Federal Reserve and there’s this fractional reserve banking or printing money out of debt is that we’ve inflated bubbles everywhere, practically everywhere. And anything that’s purchased, normally purchased with debt is going to collapse in price. And I’m talking about your real estate. I’m talking about your stocks and I’m talking about your collectibles that have also been purchased with debt. These things are going to get destroyed and wiped out, whilst other things such as cryptocurrencies and gold and silver have not been purchased with that. And they will go skyrocketing in the coming months. Usually what happens when inflation of the printing presses takes about 12 to 18 months and the same with the quantitative hardening rate, which we’re going through in about 30 days. About twenty twenty eight to thirty to twenty to twenty, twenty to twenty eight days. We’re going to see quantitative hardening. All right. With Bitcoin and that will take about 12 to 18 months to materialize in price. And you’ll see with that conversing, we’ll see bitcoin and some extraordinary heights. I’m I’m afraid that my 1.2 million dollar call is going to come true. I don’t want to go through. Yeah, of course. Of course. But in the end, it also comes down to the purchasing power. Is it 1.2 billion in today’s purchasing power? Most probably not. Right. So this is bitcoin is just a way to secure your wealth. And of course, you might also gain some purchasing power. But in the end, by holding fiat, you will for sure lose nearly everything because this is going to be worthless anytime soon. Thank you so much for that, DaVinci. And also, one very important thing to consider for everyone is think about it. If you are buying gold, if you are buying bitcoin, you are actually only securing your wealth because wealth is like energy in the world. It is not destroyed to. But with that financial crises, it is not destroyed with the hyper inflation, it’s just transferred from A to B from one person to another. And what you can do right now is take all the knowledge you have and that’s why you are watching Utopia and transferred into actions and to secure your wealth and things like gold, silver, bitcoin. And with that nice anticipating move, you would be actually making sure that you are on the other side of the bet and that you are attracting that wealth when things go bet. Thank you so much for sharing that with us, DaVinci. And before I come to a very, very important question, many people have been asking us, how is it about how is it going with our trade? As you remember, we closed the last trade actually in a profit and then we opened the new trade after the price broke down, which was quite nice. At approximately six thousand six hundred sixty U.S. dollar, as you mentioned in the last inch, Jeff, 15 episode, this trade is right now profitable, as you can see, with approximately 26 percent. But the stop loss is set at the break even point, guys. So just that you know that we are not going full on here. When the price breaks down, we will be stopped out at a break, even if you want to do the same. Only do it if you’re an experienced trader. If you’re not experience dollar cost averaging holding for the long run is for sure the best way. If you experience, take a small portion of your portfolio and you can trade on BYB it and fee mix on leverage and you can get get up to 200 $2 for free. You scroll down to the pin comment and there you can click the link and within 20 seconds you’ll get one account each year and $202 completely for free. But very important if you’re experienced only and I’m sure we have been talking about Paros Wallet before. You have a very, very special offer which is going on for like two weeks more and then it’s over forever. May you introduce us to that and let us know what the people can do if they want to take advantage of that. Yes. Before I go into that, I want to talk about these two videos. Right. Then we’ll go over basically. malarious raps about inflation and deflation. They’re they’re funny between the high-IQ and Cane’s right. They’re the two economists that talk about the difference between using the money printer and using hard money and why we have when the situation that we’re in today with the boom and bust cycles that’s going on. So check those those videos out. I would put it in there. I will put it in the pin comment down below and in the description I want everyone to know. You should know Keynes’s the better on intake is the good one, but everything else you should figure out yourself. Thanks for sharing that, DaVinci. It’s very valuable content. I can know that already. Yeah. What about Paloma’s wallet? Yeah. So if you’re interested in joining my telegram group right where I’m sharing trades, I even shared some trains today with everybody in the telegram group. And actually you asked me any kind of question and it’s easier if you do it. There are a lot of people suddenly questions on Twitter. Send me questions in telegram through personal demons and also through different channels. I really don’t answer the questions from those places, but if you join Pandora’s Wallet and you subscribe for even just one month, you’ll be a permanent member of my telegram group. And I will answer whatever questions you have that that you come up with. No question is a silly one. No one, no question has been if you asked. If somebody is asked millions of times, I will answer it every single time. Now, also, if you want to me to do a video about a particular coin and also add that coin to pan or consider adding that coin to Pandora’s wallet if you purchased two years subscription, I will talk about that coin in a video as well as doing my normal T-A and so forth. I won’t. There’s no guarantee that I would endorse that coin. I might. Then the T-A will be positive. Can’t guarantee that. But I will talk about that. Do some T-A and do some fundamental analysis. Quite good. I might just add it. So just so if you’re interested, that’s another option to, you know, shill your bags. Yes. Yes. Yes. Okay. Yeah, no problem. I will put the link in the pin comment down below. Everyone is free to just scroll down and check it out. In my opinion, it’s too cheap. I already told you a few times, especially for these amazing value ads. You are providing with your group or with doing T-A and fundamental analysis. But this is your DaVinci. You like it to offer it for cheap, cheap. And that’s actually also very nice for everyone out there. So thanks for sharing all of that. And I wanted to tell everyone we had a collaboration where I was featured in the Moons channel. I would put the link of the video. Awesome. The Dippin comment down below. You are free to check it out. It was a very, very interesting video. Kyle is sharing his thoughts about The All-Time High Off the hopping. And I’m sharing my thoughts about a very, very important indicator, which is about to set up a very nice bite indication in three or four weeks and make sure you check that out. That would be very interesting. And also smash up the like button to at least 3000 likes. And I want to come to the last question of today, DaVinci. Do you have anything to share before wrap up today’s episode? Yes, I always play from a position of strength. And don’t get prac. Do not get. Guys, thank you so much for watching. And we will see each other very soon at the next one of them. Krypto already tomorrow. And this always goes as always. Bye bye.


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