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Ledger Nano VS Trezor One


Hello, boys. It’s Ben them. Nice to see by the title of this video. I’m going to compare the hardware while it’s Trezor and the Ledger specifically trezor One and Ledger Nano S I’ll be comparing the pros and cons the differences and which one I personally prefer. But first, really quickly, what even is a hardware wallet? Well, a hardware wallet is a crypto wallet. That’s an actual physical object. And that’s one of the safest ways to store your crypto. Much safer than software wallets or storing your coins on an exchange hegazy for storing your crypto in an exchange or in a not so safe software wallet. Well, you can lose that pretty easily to hacks and scams. So now that you basically know what the hardware wallet is, it’s a very safe way to store your crypto and it’s an actual physical item. Let’s start to the comparison. First of all, I wanted to compare the coins that the trezor and the Ledger had. Both of the wallet support all ERC 20 coins via myether, wallet or other ether based wallets. So just as a comparison of the most used coins, I decided to compare the top 20 coins with the highest market cap on coin market cap and see which ones they supported. As you can see by the list that I made, the Ledger Nano s has quite a few more coins to offer. The trezor only supports a total of six hundred and eighty nine coins, and that’s of course including all of the U.S. twenty tokens. While the ledger nontheless is superior with seven hundred and eleven coins. The real difference lies with some of the bigger and more popular coins that the Trezor does not support, such as monero eels and the repo. So if you’re storing a bunch of different coins, I guess I would suggest the ledger non-u.s. But one big difference between the trezor and the ledger that led you nontheless actually requires you to install a program on your p.c called The Ledger Leive while the Tenzer one works straight out of the box with no installations required and the Tesla has more customizability than the ledger. The only customization option the ledger non-u.s has is the ability to invert the color scheme. Combined with a teszler. You can change the background image to one of these or even make your own, which is very cool. So which of these hardware wallets would I prefer? Well, I kind of prefer both. I love the ledger non-u.s for its extensive coin options and I love the teszler for its simplicity. If you want the simple and very safe hardware wallet, choose the Trezor one. And if you want the hardware wallet with more supported coins, choose the ledger nonetheless. One downside above the ledger that I feel I have to mention though, is the fact that it seems to have very little memory since you have to install apps from the Ledger Live program. It frequently runs out of memory and you have to keep uninstalling apps to install new ones. If you’re dealing with many different coins. The coins are of course saved and safe in your ledger even if you delete the apps. It’s just that it’s a hassle to always have to uninstall and install these apps. But overall, if you’re on the fence about buying either of these, I would suggest just go for it. There aren’t that big differences and they kind of outweigh each other, so they’re just as good. And for the price of one hundred dollars, all your crypto will be safe, which I think is worth it. As you can hear by my voice now, I’m sick. But I realized while editing this video that the ledger I’m showing in the video, the ledger nano s is actually on sale for 20 percent off limit that time until the 22nd of October. If you want to buy it for $80 instead of $100, you can use the link in the description. So thank you for watching. And if you’d like this video, please feel free to subscribe. Nice.

  • Battle of the wallets. Ledger Nano S or Trezor One?

    • Ledger Nano S
    • Trezor One

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