What’s up, guys, and welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, guys, we’re going to be talking about the Bitcoin price and how it needs to cross this 10K level again soon. If we are to remain bullish now, bitcoin, the Bitcoin price kind of tested this 10K level. We rejected backdowns, this nine-point two K level, which is a known level of support. But we really need to get back up and test and break this 10K level and then go on to break that 10K ten point five K level. That is going to be coming up in today’s video, guys, as well as J.K. Rowling and Elon Musk talking about Bitcoin on Twitter, which is absolutely amazing. We are also going to be taking a look at how Visa’s digital fee will potentially be using a theorem and what that may have an effect on what effect that may have on the theory and price. So all that good stuff coming up in today’s video, guys. As always, sit back, relax and get ready for the video. Guys, so welcome back to another video. Thank you very much for joining me again. I do really appreciate that. If we can hit that like the target of one K likes on this video, that will be absolutely amazing. You guys know I appreciate every single like. Also, guys, if you’re all watching my channel and you haven’t already subscribed. What are you doing? Just go down below and subscribe and take that notification. Will she get notified about my upcoming videos? As always, guys. Drop your comments down below right now and you can comment literally anything down below to be entered to win that legit nanotech storage device or the equivalent in Bitcoin. So a comment, literally anything Downbelow and you could be entered into that giveaway. So without any further ado, guys, let’s get on with the video and let’s get on with a bitcoin, bitcoin, bitcoin price analysis. So, guys, Bitcoin, basically, we came out to around about this 10K level. I was as I was talking about in yesterday’s video, we then came down to about this nine-point two K level, which is a very, very well-known level of support. Thankfully, we did, in fact, hold somewhat on this level. We did cross a little bit below it, down to about nine point one K. However, we did quickly work above it and start again on this nine-point two K level on this candlestick. Then we came up and tested this around nine point five K level. We can’t really come up and tested just above it at about nine point six K as an attempt to probably go up and test that 10K level again. However, we got a fairly large you ejected definitely on the four-hour chart. If we actually go over to the one, our chart will be able to see this and a little bit more detail. So you can see again, it’s been quite choppy, the price being moving like crazy on the one hour chart. And we did actually come up to this level, this nine-point five K level. We did breach above it to about nine point six K, which is right here. Unfortunately, we then did get rejected. Now, this is only on the one hour charge, guys. So this rejection is only in the very, very short term. We could easily go on and test this breakout and go up to that 10K level. That wouldn’t be anything out of the norm. I do really, really want us to break this 10k level, guys. I know I’ve been saying this a lot, but if we do break this 10k level, we then have another level to worry about, which I talked about in yesterday’s video. I do really want us to break this ten-point five K level guy. So this is the main crucial level we need to break. Yes, of course, we have to break this 10K level in the immediate future. I really would like us to break this week or next week or most likely next week as it’s the end of this week. However, once we do break, that 10k level is not all happiness there, because we really do have to break this ten-point five K level. And if we can actually break that ten-point five K level, well, it’s gonna be very nice to Bitcoin because once we do break that, it’s a rather large level of resistance, which we’ve seen in the past that would be very, very beneficial for Bitcoin if we go on and break that level. So Bitcoin’s pretty much been having a really nice increase in price over the past pretty much a month, even more even. It’s really nice to see. Yes. These pullbacks that happen here and these are fairly normal pullbacks. You were not just going to get a straight moon at price. I would rather wait. Rather the price went up. We had a small pullback. We continued. We had a small pullback. We continued. I just don’t like seeing these somewhat lower weeks on the lows compared to here. That’s a little bit interesting. And also the high here, which we saw here, this high is a little bit lower than that high, which definitely isn’t a great sign. However, if we can, in fact, go up and break this 10k and form a new recent high above around about ten thousand one hundred dollars, that’ll be very nice for Bitcoin like we did here previously. It’s not the end of the world if we don’t make a more recent high. So you can see here back on the 30th of April, we came up to about nine point five K. We then sold off to about eight-point four K. We then came up and tested this and nine-point five K level again here. We got rejected. We had a small pullback and then we absolutely blasted through it all the way up to 10 K, which was very, very recent. So it’s not the end of the world. We could just be doing the same thing. Testing coming back down, maybe testing again, even getting rejected and then coming up, something like that, that would be perfectly normal and it would be perfectly well expected for something like that to happen. So that’s pretty much the Bitcoin price because we are still way above the 200 days moving average as well, which is very nice to see. But this 10k level guys needs to go. It needs to go soon. Along with that ten-point five K level, I’m looking at support. We have this 90 to 100 dollar range, which is held fairly nicely in the past. If that breaks, we could potentially go down to about eight points five, eight-point six K somewhere in this range down here. And that should work as a reasonable level of a resistor of support. Sorry, of course, guys, this is Bitcoin and it’s very volatile. Sorry. And so these support levels, if a massive whale wants to dump a load of bitcoin, they can be broken. Just keep that in mind. If you guys were interested in actually going ahead and trading the Bitcoin price, pretty much. One of my number one recommended exchanges is Phoenix. And if you deposit only zero points to Bitcoin, you actually get one hundred and twelve dollars for free using specifically miling. They’re really cool features, and they just added an even more interesting feature. They actually have spot trading with zero fees if you go ahead and get a trial with them. I think it’s like ten dollars. But then you don’t pay you pretty much have zero fees, which is very, very innovative. And I think a lot of exchanges are going to be following suit and doing the same kind of method that females are doing. So my team excellent will be Downbelow guys if you did want to join. Of course, that leverage the trading side of it is more for the advanced traders. However, if you were into spot trading, which is pretty much normal trading like you know, and love on violence or Coinbase, and then there’s zero fees option is there, if you were interested. So, guys, let’s move on now and talk about the J.K. Rowling tweet. Basically, she was tweeting about Bitcoin. It got a lot of people a bit angry. But also Egholm Mosque actually chimed in and had a bit to say about Bitcoin. And this is very interesting. So we can see she’s quoting this tweet here from Bitcoin. Bitcoin wizards still need to trust Gringotts bank. Bitcoin fixes this. So if you don’t know what Gringotts Bank is, it’s pretty much the banking system in Harry Potter. And if you don’t what Harry Potter is, then, yeah, maybe you’re too young. I don’t know. You should know what it isn’t. J.K. Rowling actually wrote the book Books of Harry Potter, which then turned into the film. So that’s a brief bit of basic information if you don’t know. So basically she’s saying, I don’t think I trust this. And then she’s saying people are now explaining Bitcoin to me and honestly is blah, blah, blah, collectables, My Little Pony, blah, blah, blah. Computers got one of that blah, blah, blah. Crypto sounds creepy. Bob Barr, understand the risks. I don’t know. Then Elon Musk actually chimed in. And we all know eLong is a somewhat crypto on Bitcoin supporter. He does hold a bit of bitcoin. Yeah, pretty much. Or although massive currency issuance by government, central banks are making Bitcoin Internet money, Bitcoin, Internet money looks like solid by my comparison. So he’s basically talking about the Fed printing billions of dollars on Bitcoin is a limited supply at 21 million. That’s basically what he’s talking about. And he goes on to say, I still only own zero points to five bitcoins, by the way. And that’s what Elon Musk actually said, said in reply, Let me no doubt in the comments below. Guys, though, also ended to enter you two in that legit nano X device. Let me know, Downbelow if you think Elon Musk only owns zero points to five Bitcoin. Keep in mind, the guy is extremely wealthy. He’s a billionaire. He owns Tesla Space X Solar City. He was one of the founders of PayPal, sold it. He has got a lot of money and he does believe in crypto and bitcoin. We’ve seen it in the past. Let me know dumble of you think it’s reasonable that he only owns zero points to five Bitcoin? If you think he’s being truthful in that, or do you think he just got the decimal plate decimal plate’s decimal points in the incorrect order and he actually owns like two thousand five hundred bitcoin, something like that. Let me know down below. This is really, really interesting and it’s a whole massive thread. If you go to J.K. Rowling’s Twitter, you can see all it goes on forever. So, guys, moving on now. Let’s take a look. Visa’s digital fiat will use theory in a recent patent by visa hints on the use of a theorem, a blockchain or a similar network. Now, this is not confirmed. Guys, don’t go buying a theorem in the thousands. This is definitely not confirmed. It’s just something that people are found so less than a day ago. A new patent application from Visa emerged from the US Patent and Trademark Office. The document elaborates on how the payment processing company aims at accrediting, crediting a digital fiat currency or currencies using blockchain technology. And I did actually cover this in more detail in yesterday’s video. If you want to go ahead and see that. So a theorem is mentioned several times in the patent and the description of the patent theorem network is mentioned several times. One instance where a theorem has been mentioned can be found below. It gives a hint visa using the network to issue digital fiat currency. Digital fiat currency and this is a quote from the Exa Digital fiat currency may be implemented using a theorem. Accounts are established for the transaction processing network. The central entity. And for users such as Alice and Bob, each entity, a theorem account is defined by a public address. Which all sounds very, very familiar. And then people were going crazy on Twitter tweeting about it. Visa likely to launch a digital currency after filing a patent to create a stable coin on the Etherial Network. Visa applied for a patent that directly uses a theorem as the protocol layer. Now, this doesn’t mean they are definitely going to use it. Yes, it shows good signs that they could be using it. However, they just filed the painting. It doesn’t mean that they’re definitely going to be using it. Of course, I definitely want to know your thoughts down below. Do you think if this comes out that they are using theory and based stable coin for a full visa? Will this absolutely skyrocket the price of a theorem and also the cryptos like Bitcoin as well? Let me know down below in the comments. So a theorem. We all know a theorem needs to cross this 200 dollar range to, in fact, stay bullish. A theorem did recently cross at about 230. And we all on the daily chart right now, guys, if they look strange, we are currently just below 200 dollars. We have crossed above to about two oh five in the past couple of days. However, this 230 dollar mark, we really need to see a theorem cross if we do want to remain bullish. I do potentially think that this could be good news. A theorem people may be following into this news and they could actually be buying it based on the back of that. That’s not what I do. Personally, I don’t buy. I don’t usually buy the news. A lot of people say to buy the news, sell the rumour or buy the rumour, sell the news. Sorry. So this could potentially be the buy the rumour case and you could sell the news when it does officially get launched. However, I’m not going to do that. I already hold a theory and I’m very happy with my position in a theory and I don’t really plan to add any more in the future. I’ve pretty much said before, guys, in many videos, if you can manage to buy theorem under a hundred dollars. History proves it. Most likely you will be profitable. If we’d just taken a line here and have done this in previous videos before, even below, like one hundred and ten dollars. If you can buy a Thiering below a hundred and ten dollars, most likely over the course of a few years, you will turn out to be profitable, of course, here and you will turn out to be profitable. And that’s what I’ve done. A lot of my theorem is actually bought under one hundred dollars, which is really nice. And I’m very happy in my position in theory. I do really want a theorem to cross this 230-day level, which is around about here for us to remain bullish and go on and test this to eighty to potentially testing the upwards of three hundred dollar range, which will be up here. So leave your comments down below if you think this is going to have an impact on the theory and price. It’ll be really interesting to see what you guys think. So, as always, guys, that is it for today’s video. If you were interested in joining feme X, depositing zero points two, Bitcoin gets you one hundred and twelve dollar bonus using specifically Miling Downbelow. So thanks. Watching today’s video, guys, and I’ll catch you in the next one.


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