STOCKS WILL FALL 90%!? Bitcoin, Trump – Programmer explains


And we’re alive. Yes. Welcome to another episode of Good Morning drift on here I on Ivan on tape. We are of course broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm Sweden. And we do the show each and every day at 8:00 p.m. Central European Time gets but on weekends on weekends. It’s 11:00. So that’s why I would do 11:00 and so there’s so much of it. Guys guys we have a lot to discuss because the stock market may not be open tomorrow and during the week because we do have signals from the Trump administration that they will issue even more log down in the U.S. and you will see exactly which measures they might be taken. But you understand also if they do more log down the stock markets are not going to react well and therefore we might see a situation in which the stock market doesn’t even open. And it’s important to note that we may go down 90 percent in the stock market as a whole because during the Great Depression we went down approximately 80 to 90 percent and we haven’t gone down that much since then. But at the same time we never really had the crisis like this where everyone needs to stay at home and the economy completely completely shuts off. And now people are talking about hyperinflation even outside of crypto man. It’s insane because normally when you mentioned hyperinflation and that it may happen in our countries like in Sweden in the US people tell you you are recruited a lunatic man. What are you talking about. You’re some kind of crypto maniac and the hyperinflation can never happen in our countries in the Western world or they will tell you you’re a gold bug. You want people to buy your gold like Peter Schiff. So look at the end of the day it’s only been us who thought about hyperinflation and who thought about the possibility of all currencies hyperinflation because you know that all fiat goes to zero. And today will share with you the fact that the CEO of the pension funds here in Sweden is not some kind of person from the street. This is the CEO of the pension funds managing billions and billions now coming out and saying that we may see hyperinflation. So this is key and the global media is not talking about it but you get it here. And we yes we will be discussing that and we’ll be discussing Tasos. We will be discussing other things as well. Welcome to the show. Great to see you here. Great. All of you who are watching live. And you know I guess if you are watching on YouTube you’re not watching dislike. You really missed the opportunity because we’re only live streaming on Ivan on take dot com slash life. So go there right now and be sure to subscribe. You will see a read subscribe button there so be sure to click it right now. Straight straight away so I can show you on the screen how it’s done. You see right here you see subscribe enable web notifications and telecommunications. You can do all of this and then you can also be part of the chat because this is only a real plot and that being said everyone who is watching this live welcome. Amazing to hear it. I see crypto koala. I see Danny Hoddle. I see Dino. I see. A group that Yoda. I see women. Charles guys how are you doing. Amazing to see so many of you here on this fantastic Sunday morning right. Well Alex Lebanon where you are watching from which countries we have today because always some kind of different country which is exciting for Fabrice us always that’s always that’s always great guys to have you here. And today you know that I am drinking green tea. Nowadays green tea no milk no sugar involved. And let me know what you’re drinking. Belgium nice nice nice. Me Connecticut USA Switzerland Barcelona Holland. Amazing guys. Amazing. So good to see here. Now before we go into the markets before we go into the market overview I just want to show you this. I just want to show you this which is quite the special news coming from Sweden. Look this lady right here she is the CEO of the pension funds. I tried to translate this page but the bridge crashes when you like entrant into translate. But this is like the state news and the look. This is the most important thing and I have translated this here. Basically they’re talking about how this situation can really go out of control with the with the virus with Coronas and everything that is going on. And she’s basically saying that look we’re looking at mass unemployment at around 20 to 40 percent unemployment and this means that there are very few businesses to go to. There’s even the risk that all of this money is being blown out that we are getting hyperinflation. Look it’s like she’s in crypto now. I mean maybe she should enter the crypto industry for real because she’s talking about this like a true crypto group part of the crypto community. So so big welcome. Alex you’re talking about that all of this money that is being blown into the system might create hyperinflation along with the fact that we have no demand in the economy because unemployment is so high. Nobody has can afford anything really at the same time. You do see this old money just being printed into the into the eco system without any true productivity. And here is where it becomes dangerous. Here’s where it becomes dangerous. So that’s her point. And look I think it’s very important to also look at this globally because here is basically the unemployment numbers that may come out next week. Let me show you let me move a bit. So look we don’t have this numbers confirmed confirmed yet it’s just a survey. But the US will come out with unemployment numbers next week. And here’s what we may be looking to on a weekly datum as you can see this is way past. I mean this red chart right here is way past anything that we’ve seen. I mean it’s way past 2008. Way past the 94 93 94 83 84. It’s way past everything. And the reason is because everyone is forced to stay at home so as Remy says Houston we have a problem as L.A. San Francisco New York and other cities are going into lockdown. Jobless claims is about to have the worst week ever. This is only the beginning. This is only the beginning. And it is something that we don’t really mind. People are not taking this seriously yet. People have not really started to think in terms of a depression although on this channel we’ve been talking about it and and all across the crypto space we’ve also been talking about it for quite some time. But normal people there still in this fairy tale that the virus will just go away tomorrow and look it may go away tomorrow. But what’s important for this lady you also said the CEO like the pension funds she said as well that look you cannot just shut off the economy like politicians are doing right now with curfews and stuff and then just turn it on and and think that is going to go back to normal. And think that you can just you know on off and it’s all back you just turn it on. Hey guys we just turn it on again when all of this cronies are gone and illness is gone. But that is not of course how it works. Once you set off a domino effect even if the virus is now gone everyone is happy to work happy to do business. It may be very difficult to turn it back on once the chain reaction really starts. We do see bankruptcies we do see insolvencies. We do see banks failing. It’s not something you can just turn back on and that’s it. So please keep it in mind please keep it in mind. Very very much. Now looking on the crypt Marcus we have bitcoin plus 4 percent where we feed him plus 3 percent of SRP plus two point nine percent whatever that they’re keeping one dollar and keeping the peg people still trusting and tether between cash two percent I mean all in all quite green market quite good quite good. Just continuously looking at the double digits here in the top 50 you have decreed that 20 percent else do you have no one else at double digits. The biggest winners of today are swipe 65 percent secret 19 see acquiring steam also performing with all of their issues they’re still performing well today hex. Who would have believed it 10 percent. Let me know if you Hoddle hex. Yeah I mean the reason why we’re seeing hex is because it’s quaint paprika like the only Web site where they have hex or not because Richard is always complaining that they’re not adding hex and other Web sites and that they are calculating it wrong. But anyway hex 10 percent or 8. 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I mean obviously we can long you can short you can use leverage up to 100 days which is important to lower timeframes but you should be extremely careful if you’re not a trader. If you’re just starting out you should really learn how to trade first and then use it. But yes use the link below. And you can get a great deal if you use the link below. So definitely do that. Now moving into the most important news of today it is the fact that we might see a complete shutdown of the whole nation of the U.S. as you will see in this in this article. But also when it comes to the stock market because you can not shut down and you cannot do what the president may have to do very soon without without actually shutting off the markets because the markets if they did not going to handle it they’re not going to handle that is at least how they are reasoning at least how they are thinking. So basically we may see next week and shelter in place which means the president will be asked to stay home and not leave the residence until unless they travel or unless it’s an emergency. So there are two travel lessons emerge. We can also mean travel unless it’s emergency. And so this is according to various publications and according to different sources this is not completely confirmed but you do see this going online right now and and people are writing about this a lot right now. And look it’s not impossible to reason because this is the situation we’re seeing all across the world already that people are asked to stay at home. This is not that that’s strange and it would just be normal if we’re seeing it in the US next week so Trump is also considering grounding all U.S. passenger planes. No no one will be allowed to take a plane to another state and the sources familiar with the matter say the measure being considered is for an unspecified timeframe. Also you got to realize that the U.S. president and the bipartisan members of Congress have already enacted several sets of orders like enforcing compressions to produce certain goods. So for example if you have a factory and you can produce medical supplies you will be forced to do that. And we’re seeing it across the world already in some countries and also in some countries you cannot export to your goods to other nations if it is needed in your country. So this is what we are already seeing in Europe that if you can provide for example medical supplies you can provide hand gel you know this alcohol gel then first and foremost you sell to your own country. And then if there’s anything left you can expert maybe but that’s also big maybe. So we’re seeing it in other countries as well in Europe. It might be true in the U.S. very very soon and EU officials and unnamed sources I mean you’ve got to take it maybe with a grain of salt because we don’t know exactly who it is a told The Washington Examiner that the Trump administration is seriously considering to shut down the stock market at the same time it grounds the U.S. passenger fleet. And Trump’s orders a nationwide shelter in place and it’s also it also makes perfect sense because look the markets will not be able to take this well. They’re not looking good guys. This is not good. We’re falling through the floor. This is the fastest collapse basically ever. We’ve never seen this fast collapse of the S&P. Look we’ve already fallen with 33 percent. I mean if you look at the bottom here it’s like 34 percent. It’s a lot. Yes man. It’s so much during such a short period of time. Look in the previous recession here we fell by approximately by approximately fifty seven 57. And it took so much longer time took my so much longer time to get to the bottom and all and all the wool fell from all time high 57 percent. Here we are already at 30. And it took just one week one two weeks. It’s insane. Yes it’s absolutely insane buy in two weeks we are already down this much and you see here how many weeks is it took here to go down. I mean we’re talking about 500 days overall. So yeah it was a long journey down and you were taking the elevator within the two weeks. Now the only way to really see a comparison to this because we might we may go way lower than 50 percent. It is actually the Great Depression and look Trading View. I didn’t find a good chart that went all the way back to the 1930s but we do have this right here on macro trends. And if you look at how much will fell how much S&P fell in at that time we basically were at four hundred four hundred seventy four at the peak and we went all the way down to let’s see if I can actually prick. Yeah. Eighty eighty four ish ish. Even lower man if you zoom zoom in. Let me let me try to zoom in. But this was one of the biggest false ever in human history if not the biggest. Yeah. It shows 84 Ish Ish Ish Ish. So look this may be comparable to this. This may be comparable comparable to this but at the same time you realize that it’s difficult to say exactly how much lower is going to be and seeing the fact that we went 60 percent in the last one seeing a great depression even lower seeing everything that is going on. You understand that at the end of the day we might of course see numbers at minus 80 percent in the stock market minus 9 C. It’s not impossible because we’ve seen it before and this situation right here where everyone stays at home zero demand for anything. Everyone is just sitting at home. There is no production because you cannot go to work. There’s no demand. There is no productivity. Then of course we might see minus 18 minus 90 percent in the stock market. It’s not it’s not that far fetched to be honest. So what does it say. What does it tell us. It tells us that the Trump administration might not want that right now. So it tells us before the election going down 90 percent of the stock market. Will not be a good thing. So of course shutting down the stock market for a one week two weeks it’s not completely out of the question. And we’ve had this before the last time was during the 9/11 attacks where President Bush closed until the September the 17th. So from 9/11 to September 19th it was closed. Basically a week a bit less then. We also saw the stock market drop by 14 percent on the day of this open after a week of closure in thirty three during the Great Depression we did actually see the President shut down the stock market as well. So you know that Roosevelt created Emergency Banking Act shutting it down. But at the same time with most people don’t remember is that at this time all gold was confiscated so federal. Sorry. Roosevelt was also behind this gold hoard the ban so we can not even have any gold and order as people’s stashes of gold were stolen and repatriated at a bad price. Very bad price. Basically they stole the gold from the population and then gave dollars for a very very bad price because once the trading opened again Gold prices soared. And you’re still with you and you’re stuck with your cash that the government gave you which is way less than what it was worth just a short while afterwards. On the free markets I mean it’s insane it’s insane guys and we don’t really know what’s gonna happen. Bitcoin is up ninety nine point ninety eight percent. That is the thing research on offer there is no way to shut down bitcoin but you gotta understand that once again and especially in 2020 people are swift learning that the American government and by the way any government any government will do whatever it wants. When there is a crisis. So just keep this in mind as if this is big. This is big. The situation we’re in is big is nothing to hide it’s nothing to really try to minimize or make it less serious. It is very serious and this is this is not looking good. Yemen is to get to it took very very quick to go all the way here. Anyway let me know what you think. Let me know what you think. It’s it’s not it’s not looking good at least from my perspective now obviously obviously it all depends on how much the cronies are here how long they’re here for and it may be the case that they are disappearing very quickly that this illness goes away and then may maybe the fact is we don’t really see this big dominoes fall yet that yes it’s possible to turn the economy back on that. Yes it’s possible to go back but at the same time it’s not looking good at all right now right now. But also what’s important to note is that if you live in the country where this thing hasn’t really taken off like in Sweden it’s not currently is not that big here. And it seems most people are relaxed. People don’t really care a lot. They go into town they basically do what they’ve always done to large extent to a large extent. Hotels Of course and the travel businesses are hurting because people are not travelling but when it comes to just walking around being in the sunshine people are completely completely cool with that. So if you’re not living like in Italy or Spain or China you don’t really experience how severe it is. And so for most people of course the symptoms as far as I understand they’re not very severe. So we’re going to see. Maybe it is the case that this blows over quickly that the world will say OK guys we overreacted with the curfews let’s just let’s roll them back. But it doesn’t look like that at least for now. So let me know your opinion on this in the chats right now. India will be the new hotspot says Jimmy. Yes it sounds likely to be honest with you. Sounds likely not gonna happen says Charles. Let’s see Ivan chat idea rather than typing out. We can simply click. Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s a good idea. You can click. Oh yeah. That was actually a good idea. You don’t have to eat or you don’t have to type at. You just write the user name and then it will be highlighted. But that’s a very good idea actually. So when you click someone’s user name it will add it to your message. So that’s good user name on the click. That’s actually a good idea. Because right now what I do is that I copy paste user name in order for it to to highlight that for the other person when they send the message. But yes it’s easier to just click it will get worse before it gets better says Al. Alex in Belgium we are in complete lockdown without the government calling it a lockdown. It’s all about Worthing and it’s kind of kind of kind of the same situation that might unfold in Sweden as well. I don’t know. For now Sweden is quite relaxed. You can still travel here it’s still open. There’s no like super super hardcore curfews there and there are no curfews. But you’re not allowed to do gatherings of more than 500 people. That is the only thing basically. And look it’s not some kind of Armageddon. It’s not that big of a difference. So basically different strategies as we’ve been discussing that here. It’s more relaxed. You know we want to have this herd immunity in other countries. It’s more lockdown. We’re going to see. We’re going to see. I mean the good thing at least is that the economy is at least I mean it’s not complete shutdown. The shut shut off. And the numbers right now are showing that this strategy of not completely going into lockdown is working at least according to me it is working because it’s not that we do see some kind of an anomaly numbers here of some kind of Armageddon numbers in Sweden but Sweden is way more relaxed when it comes to shutting it off. And it’s good for the businesses because we don’t see this domino effect of bankruptcies like in other countries. It’s a bit better here but it’s not good. It’s not good either because a lot of course depends on exports. A lot depends on tourism. And there is not much like the government can do even if they try to to make it go better yet there is not much they can do because it’s so small nation it’s so export dependent. So doesn’t really matter what we do here. Then they were all affected by everything else. So that that’s important it does like that in most European countries like small nations they need to export. Let’s see Armageddon Mortal Combat. Right right right. China is stable. My girlfriend is from China. Lives in Barcelona. We’ll see. But you know in China they’re good at making sure people don’t go out there making sure you know when you go out there you may be in big trouble. I don’t know how it is in Spain because I haven’t been in Spain since this whole situation. But if you are living in Spain let me know what happens if you if you if you go out despite the curfew what will happen to you legally will they take you physically and put in jail straight to jail. I’m thinking about this sketch you know being yourself straight to jail or is it something that is completely cool you may get the fine and then you do whatever you want still. That’s the biggest issue with the Europe. I mean it’s good of course you don’t want to have a totalitarian totalitarian regimes. So it’s good it’s not bad. But in this particular situation with curfews it may not be working that well compared to totalitarian regimes. So yeah. OK yes. My wife is also Chinese and her family back home. Yeah it’s normal. Got very very very cool. I mean look at the end of the day this Corona thing might blow over. Coronas anyway moving on Yes we have some sad news from Russia unfortunately because the politicians don’t like crypto. They want to ban it. Basically you have this bill coming out and the creator of the bill one of these politicians saying that this is a senior Russian official has warned is delayed bill on digital assets will include a ban on issuing and selling crypto currencies. MAN Yeah this is big because Russia is one of the most important markets for crypto looked being in crypto now for since 2013 and working full time since 2017. I can tell you there’s so much Russian activity in crypto but at the same time it’s not necessarily that they’re based in Russia. They’re based all across the world but the Russians love crypto. I can tell you that we believe that there are big risks of legalizing the operations with crypto currencies from standpoint of financial stability. What does this mean. It means that the the Fiat garbage that their currency is an old currency is our fiat right now and they’re all garbage but it means that they don’t want competition of course because they’re even saying that look the ruble is the only way the only way to pay for things in Russia here. The ruble as the law says is the only legal means of payment in Russia. So obviously they don’t want competition because everyone understands that it’s garbage. It’s lost 50 percent. Like overnight a few years ago 2016 or 15 don’t remember exactly but if you lived there you of course remember when it lost that much. So obviously and that is by the way it’s like that in most countries it’s in most countries. Look at Norway. Look at Sweden. How much we’re losing against the dollar right now. So everyone understands that the national fiat currencies it’s it’s it’s not a good idea for you to handle that long term. And the thing is you always want to create demand. So that is why. That is why when you pay taxes you have to pay. In your national currencies because they need demand for their for their old coin basically for for their garbage. So taxes is maybe the most important demand because whatever you’re doing you will be buying your national currency to pay the taxes. There’s no way other way to pay it in the US. In some states you can pay it in bitcoin. It’s really mind blowing that you can. But in most countries you can’t. You have to buy their fiat. You have to do it. And so the same as of course when paying for things. And basically this if there is and this is a lie because they need demand for it and they need the masses that they can print more money and and do all kinds of operations whether it is funding government projects whether it is corruption whether it is whatever. Look the government wants to be able to print money. That only works if that money has some kind of demand. And the demand from the other ones is it has some kind of buyers that they can dump on. Basically look being encrypt crypto looking at all consumers so much because this is exactly how these central banks work. Look at all costs when they dump on the on their community. When they tried to create some kind of demand and then dump we’ve seen so much in 2007 seem like this low quality old coins that they tried to create some kind of demand some kind of excitement so they can basically dump their banks or create new currency and dump it. So you learn so much from crypto about how the world actually works because this is exactly like that. This is exactly like that. So anyway we’ll see. Yes. Now this is not banning owning crypto so nobody is going to ban owning crypto currencies because that’s impossible because it’s impossible to do it. But if you want to have an exchange you want to have a brokerage you can do anything. So yeah I guess it’s a bit sad. It’s a bit sad. Now we have a Tasos foundation trying to settle their lawsuit. This is very important for them to do because they are in the risk of being deemed a security. So they’re trying to just shut down this lawsuit because it’s been so much time. And they’re saying that’s expensive and time consuming lawsuits you know it needs to end because it’s meritless and and they continue to deny any wrongdoing because look Tesla is under heat from their investors because their investors are and are basically claiming that this is this his securities sale and they want their money back basically. And this has been going on for quite some time and they want 25 million so now there’s some kind of settlement being proposed by Tasos. And we’ll see if we’ll see what happens. But this settlement might be important because it may help dazzles to avoid future problems with regulation because if this goes further the judge might deem them a security. So that’s that’s the big thing for Tesla’s that they might avoid being a security and that being said guys that that doubles all the news content for this fine Sunday morning. All in all to summarize we do have talks about hyper inflation in high places like the CEO of one of the biggest pension funds in Sweden now talking about hyperinflation. We do have U.S. economy not doing that well stock markets crashing. We might not to insist on markets open next week or just being halted later in the week and Russia binding its banning businesses that are doing cryptocurrency trading or selling and unemployment may be a record high in the US like historically heights if this this plays out. This is a Bloomberg survey. You know this this red dots right here is a survey done by Bloomberg. How much the U.S. will lose jobs how many jobs will disappear. As you can see it dwarfs all other crises like during 2008 or during the 80s like this is unprecedented because this situation is unprecedented. Very special situation that we are in right now. Anyway guys what is your view on this whole situation. Let me know in the chat looking on Bitcoin. Obviously want to know what will happen to bitcoin based on all of this news and look at the end of the day short term it might be a good idea to really have both bullish and buyers because we don’t know look we are at a crossroads right now. We are at a crossroads. Are no clear super bullish signs except for for the halving which is the most super bullish sign ever. There are no clear super bearish signs either despite the fact that one might go down and retest the forecast three point nine okay. And overall we are in a downward trend right now and that’s obviously not something that is good. We are still huddling the 200 weekly moving average. That’s important but all in all looking on Bitcoin is basically on the at the crossroads. It’s not something that is particularly bullish or bearish about this whole situation. We’re just going to see what the market tells us. I mean you know that personally I am biased bullish for me even this is bullish because look we do have the having the most important event of this for a four year cycle and I do think it will it will play a big role and it is just in in the month one and a half months basically. So that is that is absolutely big. But all in all right now guys keep a close eye on the stock market because it may have a big effect on the crypto market short term and that’s why we’re covering it. That’s why we’re absolutely covering it and it’s very key to look at it right now because people are worrying they’re worrying about their funds they’re worrying about everything. Now as I told you previously this is only the first half of this recession the second half of this recession might look very different because in the first half everyone is just selling everything for dollars. But once you’ve sold all your assets for dollars because all assets are now falling in in relationship to the dollar once you’ve sold everything now you’re sitting with dollars. OK. So what is the next step. What have you achieved because you’re still seeing the Fed going bananas printing like crazy. Do you get zero return on this capital. You will if you study it you will understand that deflation comes before hyperinflation. So you will be looking for something else you will be looking for safe haven you will be looking for gold and you will be looking for bitcoin. So that is how I think the second half of this whole situation will be and we’ll see we’ll see if that theory holds. And let me know what you think. And guys don’t forget our webinar which is on March 26 and it’s a webinar how to stack massive amounts of stats in this bull market and it’s completely free. You check the link below. You click it and do this if you haven’t been in the previous one. And if you haven’t been in that category. All right we’ll go on the Jaguars. Let’s see. Barcelona permission to step out at home. Oh Fabrice I see that you have watched the documentary about the money because Fabrice now is educated saying that once velocity picks up with the influx money will go bad once we spend it. Exactly. So guys once again go and watch the hidden secrets of money. And by the way next Monday we’re going to have an interview live with Mike Maloney. It’s gonna be amazing man. He’s he’s he’s a documentary about this whole situation is so good. So he’s talking about that when the Fed prints all of this money the money doesn’t lose its value in the beginning in the beginning. Why. Because people are scared during a crisis like now. People are scared. They’re not spending money they’re hoarding. They’re hoarding everything. So we have a bunch of funds on the sidelines. They’re not being circulated. The velocity of money is very low. The demand is low but the Fed is just spraying money everywhere but the prices don’t increase. In fact they decrease because people are still selling all of their assets. And so we have this pile of cash on the sidelines once this velocity increases. Once people start spending again that is when hyperinflation hits. I mean that that is basically in your short explanation of this. Leg. Yes watch episode seven of hidden secrets of money and subscribe to. Yes yes yes yes exactly. My helicopter money all went in bitcoin does good stuff. That’s good. People will change their mindset in positivity. Things like vaccine comes out. Yeah yeah I think. Yes. Yes of course. But the economy as we discussed is not that you can just turn it on and off like gear like your PlayStation or x box or not. It’s not like that. Once you shoot dominos falling it might take 10 years before it recovers and dominoes of course of of bankruptcies and defaults. Hi Ivan I’m writing from Barcelona. The thing about continent here is that you get fined if you’re not. If you’re going to show if you’re not going to shop for food or medicine OK we’re going to get fined fines vary by region. More or less range from 300 to 600 euros an extreme case. Wow. You get 34 K euro in fine. If you have extreme disobedience. Got it. Got it. Got it. Got it was the girls. But the real danger will come. By the way pretty old. Yes we do have a huge huge earthquake in Croatia. Yeah. It’s not good. Let me know if you’re watching this from Croatia guys because I also read that there is a huge earthquake. Ivan have you ever linked a wallet with unstoppable domains. Doesn’t look easy. Yeah yeah I have. It’s super easy. It’s super super easy. Just e-mail their support. They will help you. They have great support. Ivan y’know starting Bitcoin in next so and borrow dollars that way you can do that. You can do that but you’re trusting them that’s the thing. Also you can check out the review of P H just look a few videos back on my channel. You will find this review of P H which is basically like next so but they are newer and they sponsor their channel you should know that. So we did a review of them but their interest rates I mean they’re new. So they’re trying to bring something to the table trying to compete so their interest rates are super low is is below 1 percent. So check out next so check out Celsius but check out also P H I mean page they’re called something else but I don’t want to say their name because it sounds very funny. Ivan shill Kazim I feel it man. Right now we’re focusing on webinar we’re focusing on webinar. So guys if you’re not in the academy and you haven’t been on webinar go and sign up right now but obviously if you are already part of the academy and you’ll like it and I know many of you absolute like it. So it’s very good guys. When you give us good feedback it’s amazing. You can of course become Ophelia so go to the start page click here and then you can also earn money with us if you on board new students. Ivan I’m going to precious metals and Bitcoin mainly. What do you think. Well I think you should be prepared to lose money in the beginning because we’re still in the press in deflation. So both gold and Bitcoin might go down even more because we are in this first first stage so we should be prepared for that long term no financial advice. What I think is amazing long term I think it’s very good because look people will or people will go to gold at the end of the day. It’s is absolutely like that. So yeah that’s how I think that is. So look for example here. So let me show it to them. We’ve seen this happen exactly the situation here is 2008 and we’re looking at gold by the way we’re looking at the gold price in 2008 right here. Gold collapsed by approximately 30 percent so during the crisis gold’s collapsing 30 percent gold right now is also collapsing as you see here but you see what happened then. Gold completely exploded to the upside. UPS is completely explode to the upside here. And increase basically by man 170 one thousand 80 percent. So look it’s it’s always like that. You see deflation and then you see inflationary but this is a normal recession. The one recession we’re witnessing right now probably will be different. Well this may be even higher because the inflation might be way higher. So definitely keep that in mind that we may still you don’t know exactly where we are on this kind of chart. We’ve still may be just way through. And gold will go down even lower before we see this. So now we’re all in a similar situation. We’re seeing gold retrace. But if you can learn anything from history it is the fact that it’s not it’s not like that forever. Ivan let us assume that governments around the world decide to switch to bitcoin. How would that look like I mean would governments make it would Garrus make still still sense at all the governments. No no. Look it will be reserve asset. So it will be a reserve asset. Now will it be used in everyday trade maybe. Maybe. But primarily we’re looking at a reserve asset so that that’s the first step. That is what I think about when I hear adoption at least a government adoption. By the way if you also want interest you can go and you can scroll down if you’re watching this live you will see best crypto deals. And even if you scroll down on YouTube and check the description you will see this link about the best crypto deals I can show to hear as well. And if you go if if you go there you will see this Web site and you can also try crypto dot com to earn to earn interest on your crypto. If you are huddling so definitely do that. And then when you sign up you get 50 dollars. And I also guess this is ours. But this is mainly for all of you who want to earn interest on on crypto. So you know you have cell 60 up next. So you have a few of over the CFP is chef group So this ones would do have collaboration with as well so you can get 50 dollars. What else is going on in the Charlie’s. And soon they’ll add backs as gold. OK. Catalan government is preparing an app and carried out magazine. Well you will get a responsible certificate like a good boy. If you carried the app so you get the certificate. Man you need the certificate. Doesn’t sound that sounds a bit weird like I don’t need this certificate. They all do need to download this app so we can track you basically your every step your every move your every breath and then you will get a good boy big boy certificate that you have been behaving well. Sounds sounds insane man. Am I understanding correctly. Barcelona man I don’t want to get to a conspiracy theoretic but basically they are tracking you full time and you get certificates. Man it’s. This is the certificate. OK. I don’t want to open that Google Drive Helling but look it’s. I don’t want to get to conspiracy theories. But you see when crises like this come and they force you to do all kinds of weird stuff like having this app they track you all the time. Now when the crisis is over they may of course repeal a bit of that control but they always don’t repeal everything. There is a bit left after each crisis. You have this emergency measures now everyone needs to do this and this and this give up all your freedoms and they say it’s temporary. When the crisis is over they say OK now we remove a bit we don’t remove everything we still may listen to your phone. We still may track you but we remove a bit. So yeah it’s getting worse actually with each crisis. So yeah everything will go down every little panic. And we will buy everything. That’s a good plan. I like it. Yeah I mean you get you. I think it according to me at least I’m telling myself that you got to be buying. I mean obviously. Obviously you don’t know how far it will go. We might with only down by 30 percent and we might go to 90 minus. But you understand that it’s it’s good prices even today. I haven’t I’m currently in JavaScript courses and they’ve been completing lectures. Oh you’re a weekly achievement. Oh man. You look e-mail support at Ivan dot Academy and we’re still working on that dashboard. If you think about the dash dashboard e-mail support that Ivan dot academy and they will take a look at your dashboard. Yeah. So in the academy we’re experimenting with these dashboards but they’re still in beta guys. They’re still in beta we still might have things to fix there. But. But basically you can see how well you’re performing in that cage match against other people and stuff like that. Yeah. Let me know by the way if. If. But it should work. But e-mail them. They will check it out. They will check it out. It doesn’t have a max supply like the Fed. Not really the Fed man because at the end of the day you do have. I mean in one way you don’t know the supply of if in another way it’s completely different from the Fed because you do have an underlying protocol and you do have an underlying community. And anyone can be part of that community. So can you be part of that community. Absolutely not. It’s kind of like in Bitcoin as well. By the way if you think about it Bitcoin smacks supply can be changed. Of course it can be changed just a number I can change it. You can change it. The thing is that it needs to be adopted by the nodes by the network. And the only reason why Bitcoin has 21 million is because it’s very difficult to convince everyone to install your update. So if a theorem foundation with Alec goes bananas and inflates if not you will install it because you’ve got to also understand that you have different stakeholders so you have for example maker Dow they have a huge power because they have oracles that that that are feeding all defy ecosystem the prices. So without maker you don’t really have defied. So italic needs to be in consensus with maker if they’re not in consensus with Alec wants to do something maker doesn’t want to do something well then italics change will not have Delphi basically. So it’s very different. And you can say that beta is also like the Fed because if if a large amount of minors and the developers come together of course they can change twenty one million of course. So yeah. But but. There is no way. Look in one way it feels that some people think that there’s some kind of magical property to to bitcoin that it’s always going to be like twenty one million. There’s some kind of magical property to the block chain but at the end of the day it is just this function that we discussed get block actually showed that sub sub but actually showed it yesterday. The only thing that is. Let me see is it validation that C++ lets you get block sub. Yeah. Here look you change this number from 50 to something else. You can double triple. You can do whatever with a supply. But then everyone needs to update does a thing. The same with if of course developers can do crazy things but then everyone has to update. So yeah it’s not like the Fed and Bitcoin is not like the Fed but here is basically how much reward miners are getting in each block. And this is really what says this 21 million because if you look at the fact that if we have more than 64 Hollings we don’t do any more hauling. So there will never be more than 60 for Hollings. And then if you run through the calculations here and you and you count how many blocks we’ll get 50 rewards. How many blocks will you get twenty five twelve point five six point twenty five and so on so forth then you end up with them with 21 million. So that’s the only thing if you change this variable right here it’s is gonna be different. What would it be good to have. Limit supply in if not really for it to be honest and it is two different assumptions about security. So eith one to have a inflation that is never ending. So they know that they will be able to pay for mining for for security through time they will be able to do it. Bitcoin is a bit more of a gamble because we’re gambling with the fact that transaction fees will be enough. So we do have this assumption that transaction fees will be enough and we don’t need block subsidy. Will it be like that. Maybe we’ll see. We’ll see. I talked to Dan held or head though. Apparently he had done some calculations that say that it will be like that. So it will work out but we don’t know practically. But theoretically according to his calculations it will work out. He basically look at how much the transaction fees are growing and how much they are replacing the block reward. So according to his research is gonna be all good but we’re making this assumption that the demand because right now the security is paid for by the demand in bitcoin that we can print new bitcoin and we can sell it on the market with dump it on the market and the market will absorb it and then we can go and pay for electricity. That is what we’re doing right now. Now in the future is going gonna be transaction fees. So now it’s different kind of demand. Now its demand for actually transacting and using the network and it’s not necessarily the same thing that is happening right now. Because right now we’re only we’re only relying on the fact that people value bitcoin that they hold it. Maybe they sell they buy a bit but they value bitcoin. That is what is paying for security right now in the future. We’re going to be relying on the transactions and that people will be actively using the network a lot a lot a lot each and every day that’s going to pay for security. And look it’s two different things like it’s two different demands of of two different things of Bitcoin like. One is justified this valuable and you don’t have to do a lot of transactions. This is what’s being right now. And here you have to do a lot of transactions. That is what’s going to pay in the future. Look it’s it’s all experimental. And the same with just different strategies. But obviously there is no way to cheat I don’t know how you would change 21 million. It would be completely crazy. But you know that Peter Todd. Wants to change that. And Peter Todd is one of the core developers. So look I don’t want to be a party pooper so to speak but. But I think you guys have been crypto enough to know the truth to know the truth because obviously when I’m explaining crypto to new people I am saying that it’s 21 million. That’s it. But when you when you start a bit more let’s see if I can. Yeah. Here. So Peter Todd is one of the people who wants to raise twenty one million constraint because he wants to be able to pay for security. So the reality is that it’s still social. It’s still social consensus. Yeah it’s. And that is the core. It’s not some kind of magical math. It’s still social that we don’t we we as a community make sure that if zero is a crazy crazy update with don’t tablet Yeah that’s it. I would have gold in my home if I didn’t lose it every year in a tragic boat accident. You live in the boat or what. Let’s see. Women tragic boat. Interesting. Me please name publicly recognize the the the the the. Yeah. DaVinci J 15 said his sell his house to go all in and buy Bitcoin. Hmm well right now we’re not. I know I know Tom Waits is also talking about going all in at 2.8 or something. You talked about but you know DaVinci he she is well off to say the least to say the least. So it might not be a good strategy for for everyone else. Any safe place or condition for buying verified legit gold in general. Well look I’m not a big buyer of gold so I cannot help you. Maybe someone in the shadows is a big buyer of gold. Be humble and Bitcoin says Eric. Yes. Because you never know what’s going to happen. Anything can happen. What probability do you give. For one case to prove a scenario. And how would that play out with some old coins like if so old coins will follow. Auctions will follow. And you understand a hyper Well I still give it just 10 percent 10 15 percent. Socrates gives it 90 percent right now. But to go down to 1 k is just look it’s not impossible but then would see true capitulation man. Then we have truly truly lost l lost a lot of faith at the same time. You need to see a full capitulation in order for us to restart and really go into a bull market. So maybe that’s what’s needed because in one way you see that when we bounced from 3 K last year in May and then we went all the way to 14 K. It felt a bit too quick. I mean we all were amazed how quick it is it was really a show of strength in bitcoin at the same time. Now looking at a situation where we are in right now and having like the correct answers in hand having I mean in hindsight when you look at the situation you can say that basically we did not see too much struggle too much struggle in the markets and the markets always want to maximize the struggle and pain before the reset because we want old weak hands to sell. So maybe that’s what’s happening right now that we’re maximizing our collective pain so. So at all we cancelled out and the summer so it could be it could be but still for me it’s a low percentage but it’s not impossible. I am I am listening to that success is a game that it’s it’s it’s on the radar at least it’s on the radar for me. Many people don’t even have it on the radar but that one case scenario is on the radar and right now as I told you previously in this episode it’s like at the crossroads I it’s difficult to be bullish but also difficult to be bearish. It’s essential it tells you that it’s. Yeah. So that’s why it’s important to focus on other things like the economy because this is gonna tell a lot you a lot more than studying only bitcoin right now because bitcoin is a small piece of a bigger puzzle. So that’s why we’re focusing on this right now. Let’s see. Distribution England would be a good life but not in a depression. Fabrice That’s correct. I am not listening to Socrates as women might. You will have to listen look it’s not listening or not. Doesn’t really matter but it’s important to have it on the radar. But you don’t have to. Obviously like you don’t have to. Evan can you talk about QE. What does being implement. It’s a lot man. It’s so much that you’re all almost losing track. You do have repo operations 1 trillion per day. You have 700 billion being deployed. Now they’re trying to change legislation that it will be possible for the Fed to buy stocks directly directly. I think next week we might see news about this. So yes that’s that’s big. It’s all it’s so much it’s difficult to keep track of everything. It’s a lot. Have I mean we’ve been discussing the the repo operations the VA emergency. This was called pandemic PPE man. What is called. I need to google this because it’s like a full package. Let’s see pandemic emergency. Oh maybe it’s by package maybe a pandemic emergency package. Yeah. I mean that one is what is it like few trillion. It’s a lot. Yes it’s a lot. But the most important thing to understand is that this will only continue. This is not something that’s going to be over in one two one two weeks one two months. Let’s see it and were speaking about up to a trillion. Look it would be now we’re really talking about the big stuff. There are a lot of stuff going on but you got to be looking at the big stuff. So look it would be the third coronavirus eight plan to be considered by Congress just this month. Trump signed the first eight point three billion package. This is only the beginning. Eight point three billion and this was on March 6. So this all happened on March 6. Since then we’ve completely completely exploded. Since then we’ve seen daily trillion operate. I mean it all started with just eight point three billion and this was from the government. Then the Fed also stepped in with trillions. And yet I mean it’s it’s a lot. But it’s a good point. We should we should have a summary of everything so we can point out. Yeah. What does the Russian government think of if it’s made by the italic. So what I. I don’t think they care a lot to be honest with you who is made for her. But the dialogue has been of course seen a lot with the government officials in Russia. I don’t think it’s anything significant they’re not using it for that much right now. And as as we discussed previously they will most probably ban crypto trading and crypto exchanges in Russia. So whether it’s made by Vitaly or not then Vitaly in Russia. I don’t think it matters a lot at all to be honest with you where he was born. What do you think about. But at the same time Alex is also a good question because it’s not impossible to imagine that the guys in high places in Russia got good deals on if and that they were positive for a while so they could they could cash out their positions but now is that they may be all out. So so now it’s time to ban made it that’s how how that was. Do you think VPN could be used to avoid this ban. Well not really. Because they’re going after businesses. They’re not going after you. So they’re going after businesses. Black pigeon says that CV cronies could have euro by our. Yeah maybe. Maybe we have to we have also to do things the way we spend our money where we have also two things the way man please work on your English Mac Bean. I don’t even understand what you’re writing. Ivan will we ever have a boxing match against the example that we’ve fantastic to be honest. That would be fantastic. Or just have or just have him on the channel. That would be great. Anyway guys thank you so much for watching yet again. I truly appreciate you helping out helping out with questions helping out with topics you are helping a lot. Thank you so much as always. Be sure to check out our webinar completely free. Be sure to check out the link below for by bit you get a great deal if used the link below you can long you can short you can trade Bitcoin if you use SRP and you get a great deal if you use the link below go to Ivan told us com slash deals or use the link below for Best Script deals and check out scripts come if you want to earn interest on your script or if you want to get like a credit and debit card crypto bank debit card. Also we have several domains we have glass no don’t channel. I mean you do get a lot of great deals here. That being said thank you so much. Once again if you’re watching on YouTube go to. I wouldn’t like the com slash live. That is the only way to watch it live any. All right. If you are now watching on. I want to get to com slash live. Be sure to click all of this like subscribe enabled web alerts and notifications on telegram. At least one of them you should pick so you’re always up to date. So that being said Guys thank you so much. And I’ll see you all tomorrow at 8 a.m.. Back back to Goodman Group Two back to work. Back to work day. This kind of the vacation for me. This is WEEKEND FOR ME. WHEN WE DO AT 11:00 so tomorrow my vacation is over we’re going to go back to 8:00 a.m. So have a good day and good byes. Goodbye goodbye goodbye.


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