Tether Crash and Bitcoin Moon because…

FAKE NEWS: Reports of Binance Delisting Tether (USDT). Bitfinex Releases Statement on Fiat Deposits After Panic Causes Bitcoin-Tether Premium to Hit All-Time-High. Why did the price of Bitcoin suddenly spike up (October 15, 2018)? Relax everyone, the pump is simply David Beckham buying some crypto on Coinbase. Dogecoin (DOGE) Prepares For Potential Coinbase Listing. Vitalik Buterin Bashes Nouriel Roubini: Prominent Economist and Cryptocurrency Skeptic. Litecoin’s Charlie Lee finds Monero (XMR) interesting, may step away from Litecoin in future. Coinbase’s Index Fund Closes and Now Pivots to New Product, Coinbase Bundles. Blockvest ICO Sued by The US SEC For False Claims.
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I do apologize for any missing links or show notes. After the YouTube Crypto Purge of Christmas 2019, I had to remove all links from my videos. Thanks for understanding!

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