The Best Strategy to Become a Bitcoin Millionaire in 2020 (NO BS)

There are many different trading strategies promoted by crypto influencers claiming you will get rich. In this video we will cut thought the BS and I will explain the most profitable strategy in the cryptocurrency space

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  1. Too much leverage trading and whale manipulation…reking the long term price and popularity with many retail investors. If governments adopt cryptocurrency they'll make their own centralised coins and impose that on society…

  2. Looking into the general financial market you will see that bitcoin is already breaking bounds first by not being tied to any financial regulation and secondly a great asset for generating wealth and we are currently on the verge of a great bull run which would see bitcoin beat it’s all time high price so now’s the time to accumulate and increase your holdings not just by DCA but by trading under supervision of an expert.Jose Amaury as a master trader, teacher and signal provider has been very resourceful in making me see bitcoin for what it is; a real money maker. I was able to earn 5 btc from my little holding within 3 weeks trading with his signals. I am so grateful and wish to avail others of his system. He can be reached on WhatsApp ( +18603753318) or Telgrm (jose37) for inquiries about his trading service

  3. Wrong. There are many successful day traders and swing traders out there. Consider that for every one of them that has a YouTube channel, there are probably 999 that don't, including everyone from professional wall street traders to career retail traders. The nature of trading appeals to people who like to work on their own, so the number of traders who trade without an audience is much higher than you think.
    But others like to share their knowledge, either for free (Conquer Trading & Investing, The Trading Channel) or as a paid course with live trading and verified trades (Warrior Trading, Samuel & Co).
    Just because you don't understand or are unsuccessful at day and swing trading, doesn't mean everyone is.
    Edit: I continued on and you got 'breakout trading' completely wrong, which confirmed you don't have a clue what you're talking about at least in terms of trading. I hope others realise this and disregard this video.

  4. Bitcoin is dynamic and the blockchain technology is complex, one could easily have a financial breakthrough or get doomed. Very soon the price of btc will moon and become incredibly expensive so to be a part of the revolution, its best to start growing a portfolio now and I have been doing this consistently by trading with Ross’s signals and in my first month only, I had grown 2 btc to over 6 by trading with his guided assistance. Now’s the best time to grow and build a better portfolio in anticipation of the mooning of the price of bitcoin and I urge investors to find suitable trade guides to help them in their trades. Ross in my experience is the best trade guide and signal provider I ever came across and he can be reached on WhatsApp (+32 460248529) or Telegram (daytradewarriors) for inquiries about his trading and signal provision services.

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