The BIG BAILOUT Is Here! Stop the Collapse? NO! Why?


Ayo what is going on viewers of the tube. My name is Tyler and I’m the host of the crypto channel that feels like the KYC. Some of these crypto exchanges goes a little something like this. You have to be 21 to set the bar pretty of your idea. Anya. Hey, look for you you just have to wonder how many 12-year-olds are trading on buying hands. You know our moral compass. It’s time for Chico crypto. Well, friends enemies Army members and those neutral folks who watch my channel the moral compass of greed has never been greater in our world. Global economies including the economy of the world’s reserve currency have been put into inflation overdrive and the bailouts are coming. Like I mentioned last week six days ago with this video titled Big Bailout nears for who citizens or the corporate U.S.A. and in that video, I said the money isn’t coming to the people for years. It will come to the corporations and we will get the scraps. If there is any and all that news about checks and stimulus directly to Americans let them sneakily do exactly that yesterday before the markets opened. The Fed announced unlimited quantitative easing and one of the most unprecedented moves in its history. So before getting into what the Fed just did let’s understand what they have already done and to begin, we’ll begin with reports or the repurchase market and that has been in the Fed’s arsenal beginning in late 2019. It’s been getting more frequent and larger throughout 20 20 and then hitting peak levels by early March. Well, last week the Fed announced they would be increasing it even further 1 trillion dollars a day an overnight repo loans throughout the month of March and possibly even into April and even before all these reports the government and the Fed announced they would be slashing the fed funds rate to the zero percent two point five percent range dangerously close to those negative territories we’ve been talking about and they would be doing their first batch of quantitative easing where they would be purchasing 500 billion in Treasury securities and two hundred billion in mortgage-backed securities. So last week all the bailouts and QE announcements they were for banks hedge funds pensions and more. They are not for us at all. We have no access to any of these benefits for the cheap capital they are throwing around it directly benefit the elite the 1 percenters. And like trickle-down is supposed to work. We get the scraps that trickle down from these greedy mother truckers. Well, obviously the markets still like that. As the Dow had a horrible Friday last week and over the weekend there was a bunch of chat about a direct stimulus package coming for the American people. But the Senate couldn’t come to an agreement and the talks broke down. But the government needed to do something. So yesterday they dropped the news of Q E forever which includes buying Treasuries and agency mortgage-backed securities. And according to their statement in the amounts needed to support smooth market functioning and effective transmission of monetary policy which basically means they can buy as much as needed which means printing as much as needed. But here is this sneaky thing they did a corporate bailout. According to their statement, there will be the establishment of two facilities to support credit to large employers. The primary market corporate credit facility PMC CCF for a new bond and loan issuance and the secondary market corporate credit facility S.M. CCF to provide liquidity for outstanding corporate bonds. The free. This is not how capitalism and free markets work. These corporations who fail who made bad decisions. A large majority of fracking companies should be allowed to fail as we’re not going to win this oil war. Fracking is dead in the water it can’t be profitable now and it wasn’t profitable before here in the USA. And this is just delaying the inevitable creating another bubble that will pop. And who is going to be left with those crappy assets on their balance sheet? The fed they will now own all the corporate debt in America as we can see from this swift explainer on the primary corporate credit facility PMC Yep their Department of Treasury using the Exchange Stabilization Fund will make an initial 10 billion equity investment in the SPV or special purchasing vehicle in connection with the facility and then from eligible assets they need to be rated as BBB minus or above BBB minus means it’s barely above junk status. And guess which companies are a large majority BBB minus barely holding on to their non-junk bond status rating that fracking companies here in the USA. This corporate bailout move is to save a leveraged debt-ridden house of cards from collapsing as if these fracking bonds moved from BBB minus to the junk bond category. Regulated banks would be forced to sell them creating a death spiral that wouldn’t stop until the only most efficient profitable and robust fracking companies in the US survive. That would be how the normal course of things would go. But we are giving them an obvious bailout and this Washington Post article sums it up nicely. Fracking needs a shakeout, not a bailout. So I’m telling your friends this all comes down to one thing and one thing only. Or y’all. Last week when oil prices dropped to the thirty-one dollar level the American fracking companies were in trouble. Well as of yesterday it was down another 10 dollars to twenty-one. The American fractures are on their last drop of oil and it’s exactly why Trump sir is looking to pull out his ultimate weapon the no pass bill bomb this specifically refers to the no oil-producing and exporting cartels act no PAC which was last threatened in October of 2018. And why was it threatened last? While the Saudis had enabled the oil price to remain above the key U.S. seventy dollars per barrel level since January of 2018 when it first hit the key mark and any sustained price above us seventy dollars per barrel was and is regarded by the current presidential administration as being in an area where the benefits to U.S. shale producers of higher prices are outweighed by the relative damage done to the US economy. Well back then we won as we can see after we threatened the no pack bond prices came back down to levels the US was most profitable at. But then they kept going down to levels we didn’t like. And then you know the story all of the oil countries made pact OPEC led by the Saudis America and kind of to Russia and they came back to those 60 to 70 dollars favoured US levels. But obviously today we have another oil price war but this time isn’t about high prices. It’s about low prices. So well the no peak bomb even works. Well, it is our ultimate power play and this is what it does. No peak would make it illegal to artificially cap oil and gas production or to set prices as OPEC and Saudi Arabia currently do. So it’s a direct blow to the Saudis of which all our recent past presidents have been oh so friendly with bipartisan and it began with Nixon. It would also do something against the other big player Russia Andrew Ladd no pact would prevent them from using OPEC plus in their oil chess game. Traditionally OPEC doesn’t include Russia while OPEC plus expands alliance to 24 member countries including Russia. And it was formed in 2017. And since the formation, Russia has been using this alliance to manipulate dropping in and out talks breaking down and better no pact would prevent them from ever reviving this alliance. And if they did they would face consequences and deep sanctions from the USA. But let’s get back to the Saudis as a bill would be a major breakup with them. It would most importantly remove the sovereign immunity that presently exists in U.S. courts for OPIC as a group and for each and every one of its individual member states. This would leave Saudi Arabia open to being sued under existing U.S. antitrust legislation with its total liability being estimated. U.S. 1 trillion dollars of investments in the US alone. Yeah if you didn’t know the Saudis own a ton of stuff here in the US. Shoot they are even one of the largest shareholders in Uber. So the US would then be legally entitled to freeze all Saudi bank accounts here in the US. Sees all of its assets in the country like the uber shares and then halt all use of US dollars by the Saudis anywhere in the world. And then if it came down to it the US would then go after Aramco and its assets and funds. It’s still a majority state-owned production and trading vehicle Saudi Aramco is the world’s most profitable company. In 2018 it made more profit than Apple Google and Exxon Mobil combined. How has a small nation like the Saudis whose population is only about thirty-three million people have one of the biggest and most valuable companies in the world? It’s because the US has handed them it on a golden platter since the 70s and the no pick bomb might really be what’s needed to shake things up. And here is the thing that Bill was almost passed early last year. It made its way all the way through Congress to Trump but his support for it was in question. Well, guess what. Trump vetoed the bill and then in March of 2018 just after the bill was in Congress that Trump administration okayed nuclear energy transfers to Saudi Arabia which got Congress all ruffled up. So this is a sticky situation for Mr President Day. There is a tool that could actually save the US fracking companies without having to perform a full-on the bailout. But that would mean the eventual collapse of the US petrodollar and a collapse of the petrodollar system means a collapse of the U.S. dollar in its current global form. The current financial system, in my opinion, has overshot and it will collapse leaving a path of fire destruction in its wake. Is crypto and Bitcoin immune. Well, let me try to explain it’s not financing one point zero has its greedy grubby tentacles deep into the markets. We all know what happened with big macs during the flash crash and guess who is CEO and founder who has access to everyone’s positions on the exchange. Kind of like a casino. Who has access and eyes on everyone’s cards in the casino. Even if they are covered. ARTHUR Hey. Where is he from. Where did he work before? Well, this 2018 Bloomberg article tells it like it is a board with banking. This former City trader went full crypto. Yeah. Arthur was a former equities and derivatives trader for Citibank and before that Deutsche Bank. Now, do you think he left finance one point zero and that world behind? No, he did not. I guarantee you are using his bit Max profits and funnelling them into large positions in the stock market and that means if we have another tumble like a big one in finance one point zero another death spiral will come from bit next as they need to cover their positions in finance one point zero. It’s obvious that happened last time and it’s obvious it could happen again. But what everyone needs to realize is this Arthur Hayes and bit Max they will go down with the finance one point zero ships selling their accumulated BTC for cash to cover their finance one point zero positions to holders like you and me who won’t sell and bet next it could go under without any BTC which will hurt in the short term but in the long term is exactly what needs to happen. Cheers. I’ll see you next time.


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