These Price Levels UNLOCK The Bitcoin BULLS. Trump Administration To CLOSE The MARKET + Russia BAN.


Welcome digital asset news to you. Top stories in cryptocurrency digital assets and break it down into bite sized pieces today. Interesting stuff. First up there’s an article from Business Insider and talks about if that disease is anywhere it’s in that cash drawer. Workers are begging customers not to pay in cash at fast food chains like McDonald’s and Starbucks. And why there’s a super simple resolution to this whole problem. I think you can guess what it is. Also President Donald Trump ponders halting stock trading grounding U.S. passenger flights. But there’s one thing that he can’t stop. And that is Bitcoin. And take a look at a deep dive into what could potentially happen and why. This is scary at first but it could be the greatest thing ever for cryptocurrency and digital assets also is a 7 k Bitcoin on the horizon well a bitcoin price pullback is likely after the impressive 80 percent rebound and why I think we’re going to go low to go super high. In no time flat. And lastly take a look at Russia’s central bank seeks to ban crypto issuance and circulation. So interesting article about what’s gonna happen in Russia. And I just see this as playing out as another country that just happened recently and finally going to go over the scam of the day. So thanks for everybody who has been helping me out with that but we’ll go over this the very last part of the video but let’s jump into tonight’s stories. So first up I saw this articles I was scrolling through the news feed and I just thought to myself how ridiculous is this that we live in a time when we have access to the easiest type of use we can use debit cards we can use credit cards. But people still use cash. And the problem with cash is that it transmits bacteria and viruses quite easily because things are floating all over it. And that’s a problem not a problem here. I’d say it’s the problem all over the world. And China had this exact same issue. They were recalling money cleaning it and then shipping it back out. Now there’s a plan to do that here the United States. But I see it’s just ridiculous. There was a quote down here. It said it goes like this if that disease is anywhere it’s in that cash drawer and we’re opening that thing every 20 seconds at least said Nike and McDonald’s worker who previously worked as a nurse. So the thing is first phone if if you’re a nurse on a wire we’re going McDonald’s. We really need you in the hospitals not flipping burgers. But that’s that’s beside the point. The thing is with with cash when we’re using cash we’re using right now we don’t need to necessarily use cash. Of course some people still use it. I still use it. Ice use it very sparingly. I can’t remember. I know I take that back when I was in Brazil recently. I did use cash because there was only so few places I could use my debit card. Know I was actually kind of accessible. But the thing is with cash if we can reduce the amount of using it especially with like crypto current digital assets or if we could just digitalized the dollar that would take a tremendous load off. Just put your phone up there. Have it scanned. Off you go. So I think it’s a great thing. Now the problem is is we’re not going to move entirely to using let’s say tomato coin for for all of our transaction the world let’s say it a tomato coin for cryptocurrency. We’re not going to go to that tomorrow. Just not going to happen. So you know there’s plans to do what’s called digitalized the dollar and this was from an article months ago and talks about one always that the digital dollar and crypto dads as soon as his former CFTC Chairman Chris Giancarlo was known as a crypto dad. And he talks about during my five years on the commission we saw this sort of new wave of the digitalization of our world that’s taking place he said the first wave was the distillation of information that’s created the Internet as we know it today are seeing what some people call the digital vision of value or the Internet of value. Basically what it comes down to is this. He says since leaving the commodity futures trading commission Jan Carlo has joined the chamber of digital commerce and he’s working tightly with that group to digitalized the U.S. dollar and get it on a block chain ledger. What was interesting about this is first of all this isn’t some slouch. This is a gentleman Jean Harlow who was part of the CFTC. Now he’s joined up with the Chamber of digital commerce to get this whole initiative pushed through. The thing is though when you digitalized the U.S. dollar and you digitalized the Euro you need digitalized the yuan and you have all these different digital currencies that are sovereign to each nation. They’re all on their individual block chain. So how are they able to talk to each other how are they able to to move across who’s going to be some kind of bridge is going to have to come into play or there’s gonna be have to have one world currency. And I don’t see that happening anytime soon. And all those other people will say yes right around the corner. No it’s not. I just don’t see that happening. Countries cannot agree on anything. And maybe if we saw the global reset. Who knows. But to take a look at it rationally if we had to find some type of British currency or crypto currency that can do that. There is one in my mind is probably SRP. And here’s the thing about that chamber of digital commerce know who works with them. This guy Brad Garling house was a keynote speaker of the D.C. block Shane stomach. And this is for the Chamber of digital commerce. So again it’s not about what you know it’s about who you know in business. And I think SRP and ripple kind of work in that type of same fashion. Now I’m not very happy with report now. And the way that you know everything has been going on I think later down the road it’ll work out. But right now I just kind of look at what’s going on as far as what type of cooperation and type of businesses that they’re all involved into and who knows who and what’s going on behind the scenes so we will see anyhow. Moving on next up. This is a good one. Can’t lockdown Bitcoin Trump ponders halting stock trading granting U.S. passenger flights. There was a video from token metric this in Blaine as little brainchild and while the Germans he he brought on their guy’s name but he was a person who was heavily involved in the financial sector and he was talking about how Donald Trump was going to shut down the stock market and at first I was like That’s crazy. But of course on Monday it happened because there was a circuit breaker. Something happened where the stocks just took a big dump. So automatically boom it just switched off. But this is different because Trump and his administration are now saying hey we just cut this out just like what this gentleman talked about before. So this is from token metrics. They had actually asked me to evaluate their site and how they do things I’ve still not done with it so not sure if I’m going to really endorse it yet but I just haven’t had time to busy anyhow. This article talks about President Donald Trump and his administration are contemplating halting stock markets next week and there was a video I did just today in the morning or ruling the afternoon and I sat and talked about that. What a lot of traders lot of analysts think is going to happen on Monday is we’re going to see a huge drop as soon as the market opens so there’s a couple of possibilities. They’re going to open up the market. It’s going to trip you know that trip wire that circuit is going to be broken. It’s going to shut down immediately or it’s going to come it’s going to come up it’s going to be OK for a while. It’s going to drop dramatically was watch what everybody believes is going to happen on Monday or Trump and his administration going to step in during this week or maybe a month and go Look we’re going to stop all this right now. So this is a we’re in uncharted territory. It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens. Anyone living on the White House is currently considering grounding all passenger planes also and ordering a nationwide shelter in order to curb panic. Bipartisan U.S. representatives are considering plans to temporarily stop stock trading. Now this is not unprecedented has happened in the past more than a second. But my question was what the heck is that. What they say here. Nationwide shelter. So basically a shelter in place for nationwide shelter water means residents will be asked to stay home and not leave their residents to travel unless it’s an emergency and that would be nationwide. So right now we have New York which that goes into effect I believe tomorrow. Today is Saturday March the 21st and March 21st at almost 9 p.m. So New York Illinois and California I know with New York goes in effect tomorrow I think at 8:00 p.m. ET on and off for sure in California and they’re already doing it. So those are three states out of 50. And if that happens then it’s going to be massive. As far as an economic downturn because no one’s going to work. It can be tough to keep the economy moving along. That is for sure even if you’re doing any kind of teleconferencing and you know moving on a little bit history. But what I talked about this isn’t unprecedented because it’s happened before 1933. FDR Franklin Roosevelt also stop Wall Street with the Emergency Banking Act which shut down the banking system Wall Street trading and the Federal Reserve’s operations. I want to read this part here. I thought it was pretty pretty sound it says furthermore FDR banned gold hoarding and ordinary people’s stashes of gold were stolen and repatriated. All the legislation FDR created in the New Deal made it so government examiners could investigate bank reserves and as soon as a bank was deemed financially secure it could reopen. And this is a this is a concerning thing because this is kind of what happened in 2008. Banks were caught short. They had over leveraged and they could not fill the gaps and they had a big huge problem. If you want to understand it I find it difficult myself. Take a look at some of the Big Short. Kind of lays it all out but essentially what happened before and it happened again and now it looks like we’re happening again because now the Fed’s going out there and they’re just printing money like crazy. I mean it’s like we’ve had over one point five going over the two trillion dollars just printing money out of thin air just boom like that. So is that economically feasible. We’ll see. I don’t think it’s going to it is but we’ll find out very soon. And know one thing that President Trump and the administration cannot do however is stop be censorship resistant cryptocurrency networks fueled by millions of peers. Unlike Wall Street trades no one can stop people from transacting on the Bitcoin network which has been operational for almost a hundred percent of time since its inception on January 3rd 2009. Trump can’t create a big point holiday and make it so people will stop trading Bitcoin and other digital assets and here was the actual article in 1933. Banks an entire nation are closed for a brief holiday. That sounds like a fun time. Little holiday a little break everybody can relax. That’s exactly the opposite of what was going on. But that’s how that’s how you sell how you spend something right there. Ladies and gentlemen you say it’s a holiday instead of a incredible economic downturn. Amazing. So here’s my thoughts. When I first got to this in 2017 I just had heard about bitcoin. I was like That’s crazy has made sense. But as I got into it I start understanding what was going on behind it and like wow OK this is great. It’s. I mean you can’t confiscate it. It’s censorship resistance. It’s always up. It’s fungible it can be used as you know a store of value well back then it was for transactions and it’s just a great overall use that we’ve never seen before. So all the things that beginning of what Bitcoin and cryptic residual assets were supposed to be. I didn’t really see in the beginning because all I saw of it was just that piece of how can I make money off this. And I think we’re all in the same boat for most of us. There’s some of you who’ve been here more than five years and you have a lot of knowledge about it. And thanks for sticking around. And that’s amazing. So you’ve seen it and you believe in it someone people start talking about you know I’m here for the technology some are just full of it but right now as we see these unprecedented black swan events come about the corona virus the oil prices taking a huge dump the actual stock market just going down to the floor all of the things that are happening and then we look at the actual cryptocurrency market. Mean it’s amazing quite honestly because everything has been dumping. March 12th was the worst what it all dumped together. Have you seen what’s happening. S&P 500 is still going down. The stock market’s still going down stock market might even open up but yet cryptocurrency has actually risen up and we’re looking at about one hundred eighty five billion right now. Now I understand resilient we’re keeping out a baseline for actually improving on here on these points and and moving forward. So to me I think it’s amazing. And you would think that they would just go down and just go away. That’s what a lot of people said it would but it’s not. And it’s actually I think here to stay. I mean I can actually. Think thinking I know it I know it’s here to stay. It’s happening right before our eyes. We’re seeing all the things that I was privy to back then and I learned about it. I thought well that’s a cute idea. Let’s see if it actually pans out. Whatever. But now I actually see it happening right in front of my face and now institutional investors and even more people are going to understand what crypto is and what it can do. So once they once you go through this type of turmoil you’ve been tested you know you’ve you’ve gone to the fire so they can if if Bitcoin and the digital asset markets go through all this not only come out without being broken but actually improved. Can you imagine what’s going to happen with all those people like Whoa what’s that. Because all my stocks has got a bullet traded all the old money got obliterated. The Fed was printing money like crazy. Now we’re in a bad place. Governments can’t be trusted. And now look we got this stuff over here. I’ve never heard about it’s a new asset class crypto what digital what’s it coin. I heard about that a long time ago. What’s the theory and what’s SRP what’s tomato coin. I don’t know what this stuff is. And they’re going to learn all about it because it’s like wow after all that economic downturn all things that happened. Look what happened. I have to buy into this. And to me eventually I think it’ll lead to a big bump. I think we’re we’re injury a rollercoaster ride for a bit. But in the end I think it’ll only go up. Moving on. So now there’s one on that little rant about how great it is. Let’s talk about prices. But in the short term so seven K HK five k three K what’s going on. So this is a pretty long article and what I also want to do is just go and just throw out some numbers. OK. So first off talks about having a tremendous sweep for Bitcoin as the price of bitcoin rebounded from thirty one hundred thirty eight hundred days on March 12th to six thousand eight hundred dollars and about a week. That’s an amazing increase. And that sure as heck didn’t happen the stock market. So Bitcoin pressure mounted from thirteen hundred to six 940. Right. Eighty one percent. Try getting that kind of return anywhere else. Doubtful. Now this is all stuff you guys know I’m not in big in so I is gonna kind of skim over it and just go for the numbers because I do not go over all this stuff. I just don’t do it. So the fifty six hundred area broke to the upside which indicate a continuation to the up when the price to a high of 6 940. Great. The resistance area is quite clear and found between sixty four hundred six nine hundred and fortunately the price of bitcoin couldn’t break loose resistance which was required to flip the trend bullish. So if they would’ve gone above six nine hundred which it did test out it just couldn’t do it and it dropped back down to six thousand. Now I think we’re at sixty two hundred some around there anyhow at this point. The market looks to make a bearish retest after an 80 percent surge we just talked about. So to our sense the low at thirty one hundred fifty six hundred support level is essential. Let me say one more time. The fifty six hundred support level is essential if Bitcoin can hold this area support a possible new resistant test can occur. So all these you remember right here from this whole article that all this stuff doesn’t matter. Fifty six hundred is that part that they’re going to test. If it stays there or goes above you can see it go to 7 k okay. Who knows. But if it drops below lookout for forty seven hundred four thousand thirty two hundred dollars that’s the big thing. It is a hundred dollars and then to take a look at here’s the Bush. Here’s the Bush setup. So price of bitcoins that hold the fittest kind of level support as long as that support holds upward tests of the 65 owner six nine hundred are likely to occur maybe seven maybe eight. Great. That’d be fantastic. However the more likely thing is this the fifty five hundred point six hundred area is a crucial point. As discussed previously once the price of bitcoin breaks below. OK I said that is it. OK this is a this is the crux of it. Is it a bad thing if it goes below that is fifty six hundred dollars. No because those prices are low. People are going to want to come back in. I’ve got money on the sidelines. I can’t wait for that opportunity to happen. I will definitely snatch them up because I know exactly where this is going. After everything we’ve talked about so there’s also three levels to watch out for if it goes below fifty six hundred forty seven forty eight hundred area then forty two hundred and thirty seven fifty. So the whole article can be summed like this if it goes if it holds fifty six hundred and stays above it for a week’s time or so you’re going to look for maybe seven seven K maybe. It’s going to go up we’re going to be good if it doesn’t hold that six hundred. Look for these levels. Forty seven forty to thirty seven fifty for me. I’m going to set my buy orders around these areas. I don’t like to do is round numbers because everybody uses round numbers so I might pick forty seven eighteen or maybe forty six seventy eight or some like that then maybe forty one eighty two and then maybe thirty eight twenty. I don’t know. So sell around there and you can dollar cost averaging which I’m always talking about and that’s what I’m going to do up to you what you want to do for your risk level. So on and so forth. So try to catch the falling knife and next story last up Russia’s central bank seeks to ban crypto issuance and circulation this was a difficult one to go over because it had a lot of nuances but I can pretty much break it down to the easiest level. OK. So according to a legal executive at the Bank of Russia a bill on digital financial assets will ban the issuance and circulation of crypto currencies before there’s another bill and table that got rewritten. And now it’s like if for us they were kind of lenient. Now they’re like No not going to do it. But remember this is being pushed through by the central bankers of Russia. Let’s keep going. The amended document will apparently prohibit nearly everything about crypto except holding according to booze knives latest from remarks and goos not is that OK. That’s in the next in the next article Gustaf is the main banker there. So sure whatever the official said that the upcoming law will explicitly prohibit the issuance and circulation of crypto currency and make it a violation. And then he says some stuff which is nonsense. Besides claiming of the crypto bill would ban Russian financial institutions from issuing digital assets goods not provided a little clarity about the upcoming bill. When asked whether the Bank of Russia wants to ban residents this is big from converting crypto into local fiat. The Russian Ruble or foreign currency does not did not provide a direct answer. And he just talks about if a person owns for example bitcoins he completes the transaction and jurisdiction states county or whatever they have in Russia in a jurisdiction that does not prohibit this. We are unlikely to be able to regulate that essentially meaning we’re not going to allow it. So this was the interesting part here while Russia’s Ministry of Finance has been trying to legalize crypto currencies in the country. The central bank has apparently been fighting to ban Russians from legally using crypto at all. So look at that the Ministry of Finance says we should do this. Central banks like we don’t want to do this because they want to lose power. Ministry of Finance is like this is good for the people. Central banks are like no we don’t like the people. We like money and that’s pretty much closed all around the world while prohibiting local entities from issuing their own digital assets the central bank has been considering the mission of its own digital currency in several twin 19 banks had Elvira not good enough said the incision was expanded possibly issuing a digital ruble whatever it’s a baby step you’re gonna move into crypto currency and also just get on with it. So this whole article was based on this report and this is from Interfax that are you saying that Russia publication here’s guys enough director of the central bank department. Yes. Alexi good enough. And was pretty cool about you gotta love google translate because this is on Russian and he is click a button and boom it’s all in on English which is my favorite language. So I mean all this stuff all that. It’s the same type of thing. Right. And they’re all worried about the same type of thing you can look at central banks in England. You can look at an in Australia look in the US you can look at an India clip in Russia they’re all concerned about the same thing. I’m not gonna read this part. It’s kind of boring. He states here. Is there a consensus in the bill about cryptocurrency. We believe that there are great risks in legalizing the circulation crypto currency both in terms of financial stability and the system of combatting money money laundering and in terms of protecting consumer rights. That is a playbook from every single central bank out there. They all say the same thing. And it’s like they all get together. Surprise they talk about what they’re going to do to combat this issue and this is like the same playbook all over the place. So to me when I read all these things and you can really dig into it but it really wouldn’t matter because here’s the thing what’s going to happen to me in my mind. It’s all like India again. India had a band central banks banned cryptocurrency digital assets. They said we don’t want them. We don’t want them. And then they got sued and they said and they said they had to go to the actual Why. I guess we’ll be like the Supreme Court of India and I said look this is going against consumer rights and you can’t do this to us this is our money we’re going to decide we’re going to spend it. You can’t force us to do this. And it took a while. I think it took like over to two years a year and a half. Took a while. I mean will the justice move slow and I finally just one like what. Two weeks ago so many correct me on that one. And so right now it’s legal in India to own and trade crypto currencies and it’s a huge win for for the people of India to be able to decide what they’re going to do with their money and invest into it. It’s amazing to me in this day and age that you can lock these types of things down but it happens more often than not. So to me I think the same is going to happen in Russia Ministry of Finance says this is good. I’ve heard Putin say that I may not personally like a Hail Putin but I’ve heard Putin in different publications say that cryptocurrency not a bad thing. So if you have those two players in the game then you have the central banks going and really but they’re losing time and time and time again. I think the numbers up and if it has to go even to the courts on artworks in Russia. But if it work in India and other places probably the same thing they would go through it and go look you’re trampling on our rights and we want to be able to use this probably deals would be in the background and it’ll eventually get passed because you can’t stop it you can’t stop it just like the other article that we talked about. So that’s how I see it. All right. Thanks for sticking with me through the rants on the long wait and sometimes if you got time. Stick around. Let’s go over the scam of the day. So scam today. Why do we do this. We do this because twice one is going to be a big year soon as we get rid of this coronavirus. And I would like to say this. There was this was a prominent scientist on Twitter and he was talking about to alleviate people’s fears of the coronavirus and he said look it’s tough enough when we have people just working on one thing in one country throughout the entire globe. But when you bring all the smartest minds together and all the people together and they’re all working on one thing to eradicate and fix one essential problem it goes there’s no way that it can’t be defeated because we can eradicate we can move we can do anything that we want to do as long as we have the people and the power behind it. And I thought it was a pretty great quote I do not see this thing lasting. I do see this thing turning around and now we’ll see what happens. So scandal today get off course. We do this because Twitter wasn’t to be bigger and people are going to get screwed out of their money by these types of scammers. So I started this in January. I’m pretty successful getting rid of all these scams that we found on YouTube. Why YouTube can’t do this. Someone they can remove. They can give me a warning a couple weeks ago for one of my videos that had really nothing to do with anything but yet they can’t get rid of real scams. So whatever Sue in the description or even my videos there’s going to be a link it’s going to say scam of the day. And when you click on that length and take its handy dandy Google Spreadsheet form as a spreadsheet and what I want you to do if you had time is just click on the latest scams or click on this link here and take us this video. So in this video how do we know it’s a scam. I mean don’t just trust me do your own research right. But soldiering and do is when take a look at the comments section first and while a lot of people like it but you know maybe when mullet maybe this guy just is a big hater on finance airdrops he just is a hater. Right. And a lot of killers haters. So we can’t just rely on that. Let’s take a look at what it says here what we’re looking for is what I call asymmetrical giveaway. So if you see stuff like this. If you send one big point to this address you’ll be airdropped five bitcoin. If you send five Bitcoin we’ll give you twenty five bitcoin. Wow what a great deal. No it’s not. I know. Like your thing yourself. Well it sounds so stupid when digital assets says it will. Yeah. Because it is stupid. If you really just say it out loud. So we need to stop this and I will tell you this. If you ever earn doubt about if someone’s giving away free stuff or whatever else and you’re like kind of unsure just send an email to the official Web site like you can send this. You can. You can e-mail by chance right now. Go. Here you giving twenty five bitcoin if I send you five I’ll tell you. Now you those I mean rebel or a Gemini at a coin base or whatever whoever got an official Web site. Just go there and just drop an email. You’ll be you’ll be happy that you did because you won’t get screwed out of your money. All right. So you are inoculated into getting scammed but other people who don’t watch my videos which maybe they should just saying that maybe it’s good to help them out so they don’t have to see this type of trash. So we’re going to do is we’re going to down vote this which did not look on these three dots here and really report it and we’re going to say hey this is spam. She was one. Hey this is a scam and fraud click next to say hey this is a scam. And you can put whatever colorful language you want. I mean no profanity but that’s it. And that’s all I need you to do if you can do that. Takes like ten seconds. And the other ones the crate. I really appreciate that and that would help other everybody else. So that’s it. So listen thanks for sticking me all the way to the end if you’d like these types of players and we too are going to pop up to your left and right. YouTube curates them for you. Whatever you’re into as far as cryptocurrency on my channel. That’s it. So thanks for watching. See you on the next one.


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