Bullets are one Dae-Bak If we can see some nice action, a nice bounce off of here, this could end in a very nice candle. We could even see a candle like this. This would be perfect. So this is our bullish scenario for the week. So this is the first week I think we could have the opportunity to actually get up to like the 77 78, which is also right where the 21 week. The most important weekly moving average, in my opinion, is. OK. Wow. Bitcoin is getting its first major resistance after a very large pump earlier today at the exact perfect level of the 21 weeks moving average. The biggest Gyuri a zone. It’s going to take bitcoin, a lot of flight to get above this. But we have to take a look at some specific levels here on the weekly and even more important here on this four-hour chart. We’re finding resistance. Oh, you guessed it right on this line right here. And there is one level above that we had to take a look at before reaching the ultimate zone. This blue line right here. We’ll get into more detail about why that’s so important and what it’s been in the past. And is–well, after weeks of consolidating within this pattern, Bitcoin did get the breakup. But where is this move destined to go? We still see a pretty big lack of volume, but will we see that come in? Is this Pompa just getting started or is it a fake-out in some sort of push down or is it in fact still a mega bounce off? And as well, with only 18 days left until Bitcoin’s having, we have some very important things we’re going to take a look at. In regards to what exactly is going to happen to Bitcoin’s price does less than three weeks away. Now, this is getting exciting. Blow your nose and took all my toes. Guys, let’s get into it. Welcome back to another all inspiring video of Bitcoin today, guys. So much going on. Many of you woke up to a nice mega blast off for Bitcoin’s price. But where could this price go, guys? How high could this thing really travel? That’s what we’re going to delve into in this video. Is this movie just getting started? Or in fact, create a fake-out? We have to take a look at some key levels that will tell us if this is a fake-out or if, in fact, it is a real blastoff. Very cool stuff, guys. So if you guys are new to the channel, you want to make sure to enter for these ledgers, make sure to hit the dings, hit the lights, subscribes, turn on your mom’s and let’s do this. Wow. Guys, let’s actually start here with this show on the weekly, the 21 weeks moving average. This read moving average is the most key one. If you guys been following along these videos, I’ve been saying this is the most key moving average on the weekly chart by far-right now to look at. So this is exactly where we’re getting our first rejection. So we got a nice pump. We talked about some specific levels of why we were blasting off. So we’ll talk about that a little bit as well. That’s on this chart. But on this one, you can see here, this blue 100-week moving average is a subject that we’ve been talking about for days now. And we got a little bounce right here and now all the way went all the way up to the 21-week moving average, as you guys saw on the intro. That’s exactly what the blast off target would be. So to the upside if we would clear some of these muddy zones. There is a lot of potentials to keep going higher. But remember, all of the hard levels to break are basically right where we’re at right now. So we’re still in that muddy, gooey zone where there’s so much that would need to be broken within, you know, a five, seven hundred dollar range. And then outside of that could be actual moon blastoff where we see candles even bigger than this type of candle. But again, we’re still within that zone. Anything below like eight thousand nine hundred is part of that zone. So it’s a pretty big zone. It’s about a thousand. A thousand to a thousand five hundred dollar range there. But again, anything above that ten eleven, twelve thirteen. We think that’ll be a lot easier to go above. And this is the perfect chart to represent that. So this actually Winstons and time talking about this. We covered this about once every week or every once every two weeks. But this is prior the most important chart if we’re actually going to talk about breaking new all-time highs and absolutely going moonshot. This is the chart when I look at because as we said, right now, we’re still fluctuating, right. Basically in the very middle of this seeming symmetric triangle. Right. That goes back like three years. Currently, these are like the hardest levels. And you even see the volume here. This is the perfect illustration of that. This entire zone from like the eight thousand five hundred to the about six thousand dollar level is the Googie a zone. This is where we’re gonna get stuck a lot. This is honestly where the boring price action is. We’re not gonna see massive breakouts while we’re in this zone, but the massive breakouts come as soon as we get outside of this zone. So I’ll draw it back on here for you basically here. And I think the next time that we get the 10k, I think we’re gonna be blasting off. The next time we get the 10K most likely will mean we have to break out of this pattern, which we have not really done in the past three years. So we did for a very, very, very short amount of time when we hit 14 days back in the summer of twenty nineteen. This was literally for like a day or two is a very small wick. You can see there immediately rejected, got rejected here as well. So this line is by far the breakout chart you won’t be looking at. And remember, as time goes on, this is declining. Right. So let’s say it happens in exactly a month from now. The bitcoin price to break out, this will only be nine thousand eight hundred. Currently, it’s at about exactly 10000. Actually, it’s about ninety-nine. Yeah, it’s about. Ten thousand right now. So a month from now, this would be slightly lower, so if we would revisit 10K a month from now, we would be actually breaking out of this pattern. So again, to get a really good confirmation and winter break like significantly out of this pattern. So at least probably like ten points five to eleven K to get a really good clean confirmation there. But overall, this is where things get really exciting because once we get out of this gooey, muddy zone that we have drawn here, this white box, once we get out of that and again, we’re really coming close to at the very upper limits are about eighty-five hundred, which were, as I’m filming this, less than a thousand dollars away from that. OK. So a very important note. Once we get above this, let’s say a month, for now, nine-point eight guys, then we could see things absolutely get extremely wild. And that’s what we’ll pass all-time highs, in my opinion. So again, right now, it’s still kind of like the gooey zone, the boring zone in here. But again, we’re inching up. And this is a very good, very good start to a continued upside here. So let’s actually switch to this chart. You can see we had this little bit of a breakout. What we were talking about for the past three or four videos was specifically this yellow exponential moving average. And I said, if we can break this, that’s when we’ll get a nice pump. And that is exactly that’s exactly what happened. So remember, we talked about the other two times that it was just failing to do it. And this time we talked about yesterday’s video that you test is the weaker it gets. And we’re testing it all day yesterday. So it’s not really super surprising that we broke it. And we’ve got a very significant pump, actually. OK. Going from let’s see here, 71 fifty to about seventy-eight hundred. So six, seven hundred dollars. It was actually a very short amount of time in some very quick candles there. So that’s really important to note. And you don’t really see a lot of resistance on this chart, but that’s why it’s to switch over to the weekly. You can see this is exactly why we’re bouncing. OK. Are we finding resistance right here? Right here at the 77 70 basically is where the 21-week moving averages. Now, importantly, I want to switch your attention to this. This. This is sending channel right here. You can see, again, we didn’t find any resistance on this chart, but you can see it here on this one as well. Basically, right in this area, we’re basically testing right now. This is important to break out of this. We would actually need to go about 8000, which is perfect, right? Right around 8000 U.S. dollars per bitcoin. But the bigger thing, if we zoom out here, guys, the bigger thing we want to break is this. This is super crazy right here. This goes back about six years, this blue line. And you see right when we broke this, we tested it for a little bit. Right. When we broke this right here, things. This is when things got really ugly. So we go from seven thousand eight hundred. We broke that and we go to basically four thousand. So about a 50 percent cut in Bitcoin’s price once we broke this line. So to get ultra bullish. This is definitely still the zone we want to get above. Anyone watching videos about a month or two ago, you guys were definitely a member of this line. We’re talking about a lot. This is really important here. So all of this is really cool and nice. But until we actually get above this level and remember, the eighty-five hundred is right where this line is. And that’s exactly what we just showed you on this chart where all of that. It’s like right outside of the box. So right here too, if we zoom out like a five hundred breaks us right into this area. So really breaking eighty-five hundred at this point is mega blastoff. But then if we want the actual true breakout to all-time highs, we’ll need to break about a ninety-eight hundred because again, I don’t even think we need to break ten thousand to get a nice breakout, a good confirmation we’ll be breaking ten thousand ten point five and 11k would be a great confirmation coming down maybe to find support and then that’s most likely how to play out. But again things get crazy even after breaking eight point five. But again until we break 8.5 then I don’t think things will get really, really explosive. So guys with less than three weeks, only 18 days until the Bitcoin having actually wished. Point your attention to this article on Coin Telegraph here. The last having in 2016 led to major increases in Bitcoin’s price, but not everyone is sure that 2020 having will inspire similar market adjustments. OK, the first having took place in November of 2012. It wasn’t very known back then, but it is very known now, even though maybe not everybody in the world obviously is invested in bitcoin. It is extremely well-known after the 2017 bull run and the news of the having, even though it’s unclear to people that probably aren’t familiar with Bitcoin, they’re probably aware of it. It has the potential to draw in people into crypto and blockchain, which is awesome. So guys, then even those in the crypto community who do not hold bitcoin find themselves involved in debates about the having and the effects. OK. So there’s a lot of stuff. A lot of people think that they might already be priced in, but other people think that because of all the interest, everything going on. And because of what happens in every other, having the other two wins, we’ve had price good, extremely Pompe, right. So the next having will take place on May 12th, the exact impact of which immediate or long term cannot be accurately predicted even after considering the examples of the last two having so blessed to have it absolutely pumped. Does that mean this having a pump? Not necessarily, but I personally think that that’s what’s going to happen. Not exactly when the having happens, but like, you know, a few months after the having what is known as 2020 having will impact the bitcoin community’s future in one in some shape or form. OK, it’s going to make it harder for miners that are going to push some miners off ones that have fewer resources. Whatever comes, it’s going to be big and it’s going to be surprising. Very crazy stuff. So guys, make sure to snag a ledger in the comments and also check out TI4, where we can buy knowledge with technical analysis and we make the juice. Guys, thanks so much for watching. I’ll see you in the next one.


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