In this video, I cover the stock market, solve and gold, gdx, gdxj and more and I share with you what I believe will be the greatest opportunity since bitcoin boom. The question I have for you is, are you ready?

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  1. I agree. The question is just which companies would be a great match for that long bull trend. Are you gonna do a video about that? Some gdxj and silver/gold stocks etc?

  2. Valuable stream as always! Bitcoin existed in a market where almost constant bullish movements were the norm. Now, this confidence has evaporated, and with uncertainty surrounding the global economy and a looming recession, there is little hope Bitcoin will trek to higher prices. The expectation that a Bitcoin price recovery will take longer, and hinge on a shift of sentiment, will pressure down prices. It's smarter to earn profit and stack up in this bear market by getting your hodlings into active trading market from which I have grown my portfolio from 3BTC to over 9BTC already, with the help of Mr.Jeffrey Sanchez's trading guide and signals, Which have been lucrative trading with. James can be reached on telegram @Jeffrey_sanchez for inquires into a profitable trading system.

  3. Yeah… with ya… I’m eyeballing GDXJ too. I’ve been in PHYS and PSLV riding out the last bit of short term juice in metals (and as a hedge of a continued move higher) but once we draw back … Ill cycle some of above into GDXJ for the next wave higher.

  4. I think silver is going to break on Wednesday. Apparently that is the final day for the futures contract and there is a $.50 spread between the futures price and spot price. This played out with gold a few months back where the spread was $50 and it cost hsbc $200 million in a day. Been watching crazy ups and downs with the prices like I’ve never seen. Up $.12 one minute, smacked down $.20 a minute later. Up .20, down .10. Down .30. Never seen any action like this.

    My thoughts are this looks like hedge funds or big money funds going long to try and take delivery to force defaults. J.P. Morgan is now out of the short game. Scotia trying to exit. Deutsche bank in shambles. Hsbc getting their asses handed to them. Bank of America predicting $3,000 gold in 18 months.

    Friday – Eric sprott had some words on his weekly podcast at 4 mins in where he noticed the same thing and it seemed like he might sense some trouble ahead.

    Or not. The banksters might just keep swatting this down. This time it smells different. Ted butler wrote these recent moves now have the shorts owing over $7 billion. Wondering if there may be some form of short squeeze coming? I’m ass deep in silJ, sil, AG options, SLV options, MAG. Need to buy in more tuesday. Maybe nothing happens???

    Remember – no one thought oil could go $-37. Hedge fund people were actually waiting with tankers they rented to get paid the money to take the oil. They are playing a different game than us and I feel they are smelling blood in the water with the weaker short position. It might pop. I got out of my gdx and gdxj due to what many including you feel is a pullback coming. Using some of those funds for silver at the moment. Could be epic.

  5. The market always moves higher in the future ,lol. But will you own the stocks that will be in that market . I would say most of the big moves, of that future stock market, don't even exist yet . Just like google,amazon and facebook didn't exist in the 80's . You know the time of black Monday .

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