Trump Closing Stock Market (Why Bitcoin Could Moon)


YOU GUYS WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT I WAS tell you. This is something the guy brought up on my livestream last night and it seems like it could be happening while the New York Stock Exchange was planning on closing the trading floor next week due to the current outbreak. People assume that electronic trading would take its place. But now we are getting some absolutely earthshaking news that could see the biggest influx of traders to Bitcoin ever. Find out what it is and why this could change the game. Let’s get it. Hello and welcome to Billboard crypto your one stop shop for all things related to bitcoin currency. I make videos on this channel almost every single day. If you like what you hear or see and please make sure to hit the subscribe button and click the bell to turn on notifications if you’d like to see the conversation even further than please make sure to join my telegram group the bitch squad. All right guys I know you think all my thumbnails and titles are fake and they are. If you didn’t know the entire internet runs on click bait. Who will we’re talking about today in this video is possibly one of the most historic moments in modern United States history. Not just cryptic. We all know what is happening around us. We are in a crisis of epic proportions. Our health care system is failing and our economy is crashing faster and harder than any of us ever thought possible. If someone said they expected this. They’re lying. We played out these scenarios in our head before. We talked about the US dollar collapsing. We’ve talked Armageddon end of days type scenarios. Did any of us actually think we would be experiencing what we are right now with this current moment. If you say you did. And like I said earlier I think you’re lying. But this is so unfathomable that it defies logic. And yet here we are the president of the United States. Donald Trump is possibly contemplating completely shutting down the stock market and all trading next week. This is a bag full of considerations. He’s currently deciding we’re going to be getting into much more later about what this means for crypto. But along with possibly shutting down stock trading the forty fifth president United States is also considering grounding the entire fleet of passenger airplanes in the United States which would effectively be a complete and total domestic travel ban. In addition he is also looking at a nationwide worst case scenario with a complete and total lockdown. Of course it won’t go by that name. If it were called a quarantine or a complete lockdown people would start calling it martial law which of course they will anyways. It’s gonna be called a nationwide shelter. But you see it’s important to understand the role a domestic travel ban and a nationwide shelter order would have on the stock market. Wall Street would basically collapse on itself. There would be so much blood on the streets there would be nowhere to turn. But Trump feels like he has a handle on the situation. Well it is much as one person could possibly think they have a handle on a situation like this because of the fear and panic that would wreak havoc on Wall Street and The New York Stock Exchange. There is bipartisan support for it to temporarily closed down the stock market. Now you may have seen some text messages and screenshots going around. There is a popular message being spread about someone who works for the government who knows a person who knows another person who’s in works at the Pentagon who the message implies a national lockdown is coming. The first time I saw it. I was already pretty much sure that it was basically spam a scare tactic. The U.S. government has previously said that these message are today’s equivalent to Russia‘s meddling in the election and the foreign powers are trying to mess up our way of life here. The messages I’ve seen remind me of chain letters on my America Online email account. Back in 1997 telling me I had to send to a friend or they would die. Looks like a spooky warning meant to stir up your panic. But let me be clear this is not that. These are reputable news sources. Bitcoin dot com. The Washington Examiner and CNBC are all reporting at least parts of this story. As of today March 21st 2020 the president is in fact considering making these moves. It’s unthinkable. But if you watch my videos on my other channel where I’ve been covering the sickness that shall not be named for weeks now you will know I predicted this over a week ago. If you want to check out that channel the CEO of facts then you can click above the entire situation though. Ever since it’s unraveling Europe has been predictable and we know that if something is not drastically done we are looking at a disaster of epic proportions. What we’ve seen so far is nothing compared to the storm that is coming. I personally believe it is not a matter of if a matter of when. Now the complete closing of the stock market has only been mentioned in the last few days. There is a possibility that that does not occur but the shelter order and domestic travel ban is most likely a done deal. It’s just when they announce it. So let’s be real about this. What are the implications of this event on Bitcoin. Well basically backs up everything our entire spaceman pushing for years now crypto currency and digital trading of assets is the future. Imagine if most of your wealth was tied up into the stock market right now. We talked about hearing yourself recession in last night’s video if you want to check that out you can click the link above. But the fourth point that I made in the video was that during a recession hit during a crisis especially like the one we’re facing now you want liquidity. Think about all the poor souls with all of their money tied up on the stock market right now. Starting next week if this does in fact happen it will not be able to reach any liquidity. This is a scary time folks. So what about traders. Day traders and swing traders make a living working the markets to make profit. If the stock market closes Where do they turn to. In my opinion a market whose only open 40 hours per week is a joke anyways. We live in a 24/7 365 society all over the world. Why are financial markets different. These are the places where other than real estate the majority of the world’s wealth and investments are held and they’re only open a fraction of the possible hours of a week. Think about the chaos it causes countries across the globe wake up the markets move when Asia wakes up. The market moves when Europe wakes up and of course at 9 a.m. Eastern Standard Time in New York City. The markets really begin to move but it doesn’t have to be like that. Crypto currency can be traded at any time and I’ve said for years that could be the hook that we used to get more traders to move from the stock world to our world. And this could possibly be our time to shine. I’m going to predict that if this announcement comes sometime next week we will see a pretty big dip. Initially the reason for this is because there are already people from the stock market’s encrypted. And if all of a sudden they realize they don’t have access to their stock funds then some may turn to bitcoin to get some liquidity back. Now that may have actually already happened. So maybe we won’t get a dip but I suspect that we will. But over the next week Bitcoin has a chance to do something spectacular. It could be the only place for people to come in trade. How long would stock market be closed for. It would be a great question. Well we don’t have that answer. The only reports we’re getting is that Trump is considering a temporary close of the stock market. Temporary could mean a few hours or a day. But I think you would probably be much longer at least a week. I would imagine President Trump would do all he could to extend the amount of time as long as possible to buy himself a longer period of time to prevent it from crashing when it does open again. He may and this sounds crazy but he may keep it closed as long as there is a nationwide shelter in place. And I estimate that link would be one to two months minimum. This would be totally dependent of course on the stability or health care system. You guys have to remember that is what this is about. It’s not about the disease. It’s about the chaos that comes along with it. You may have also heard that the government is sending out checks. Well most likely sending out checks that could be equal to twelve hundred dollars per person and then an additional 500 dollars per child. That would mean a family of five like mine would receive thirty nine hundred dollars. That’s great for people who need to buy groceries. But let me tell you what is coming most likely by the end of the next week along with all the changes we’ve already discussed we’re probably going to be getting a moratorium on all bills. This means that cable company car loan company mortgage bank and more will freeze all payments and bills but the government will force them to continue services with promises of bailouts. So you can think of our entire country and most of the world is going on a self-imposed time out. If no one has to pay any bills then who knows what can happen to the markets if they stayed open. So this is another reason to believe that all this is coming down the pipeline. And you watch my other channel know that I’ve been dead on with literally every prediction that I’ve made and there’s no reason to start doubting it now. The disease has been very predictable. And I expect that to continue. But now it’s your turn. What in the world do you think about this insane news. Do you think it will happen or do you believe that is all just hype. Personally I think it may be in place by tomorrow night. I know personally I’m definitely gonna be tuning into the task force and their press conferences over the next few days to see if this does happen. But you have to know who’s considering this no matter what they say publicly. He has to be. It only makes sense now. Drumming. Coming down below and let me know what you think about it and I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did please smash like button and hit the subscribe button to become a member of the bitch squad. Thank you so much for watching. Have a blessed day.


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