Trump PUMPS Bitcoin (Why Richest Whales Dumped BTC 10%)

Today we look at the price action of Bitcoin and why even though the price dumped, we still saw a higher high… which could give us momentum to get off to the races.

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  1. Bitboy thanks for creating videos however difficult, please could you make a video about gold replacing fiat, using crypto once world governments are in agreement of control

  2. 110% manipulated. I have friends in the medical field and they all agree too. Great video! Telling the truth today is more important than ever. Keep up the great work!

  3. I think we are quickly reaching a point when the old school TA will no longer work on Bitcoin. Why? Never in the history of man have we traded a finite commodity with an ever decreasing supply of available float for sale. You touched on it in this video when you said the price may take off and never come back. Fact is, we just don't know what's going to happen when the majority of Bitcoin hodlers and miners refuse to sell at the current market price. Logic would dictate that the price will have to continue to rise until somebody is persuaded to get off some coin. I can tell you right now. It won't be me. Not at these prices anyway. lol

  4. I think we just need to breach our local high of 2019 to take off northward. I don't know if that'll eclipse ATH but it will be a major pump.

    P.S. Black Lives Matter protesters are not the ones rioting. No black people are in fact. Niggas are rioting. We differentiate from them.

  5. NY hospitals did have life saving decisions to make. That did happen. I don't think it happened anywhere else in the US, but how can we know for sure, really. If I were a doctor forced to make that decision I think I'd keep it to myself.

  6. This is only a race issue because of the left media. Last year 9 black ppl were shot and killed by cops and justified. The rest of the ppl who were shot and killed by cops were 19 white ppl. We also lost alot more police. Please stop since I like this channel. I come here for crypto info not the bullshit the main stream media spews out.

  7. Amazingly well said, BitBoy!!! I could not agree with you more! And yes, there is a lot more to this chaos than most realize! Lots of hidden agendas to watch out for, that's for sure.

  8. So glad someone has the balls to talk about things straight up and to the point, good job presenting FACTS! Thanks man! This has been one rollercoaster ride after another. Let’s see what the next six months has in store, I’m in Florida looking at hurricane season! Yikes!

  9. Peer to peer BTC transactions will and ALWAYS WILL be live active up n running. No need to 'cash out bitboi when all you need is crypto. Hodl onwards

  10. Was the dump down to hitting a TA ceiling, or US fundementals, Trump, or a bit of everything? I guess you know the what happened when that 5 min candle wicked down

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