Good morning, everybody. What is going on, hitting back, making in other branded crypto TV episode in today’s video, we’re gonna be looking at like one Bitcoin theory, um, as well as X or POTUS dollar? We’re also going to be looking at Dude X as well as the current coin market cap. Today’s video specifically, we’re at some very interesting levels within a lot of the cryptocurrencies, ex Sarpy, Bitcoin like coin anthurium. They’re hitting a very interesting level. And I really want to discuss some interesting topics, what we’re planning on doing moving forward in the market. I know a lot of you guys are flustered, asked whether or not we should be buying long, selling short. We’re hitting some very interesting things right now. And I’m really on the fence about shorting the market right now, given a couple of scenarios that I’ll discuss in a second with you. Otherwise, that’s pretty much going to wrap up the intro otherwise, because aren’t you the channel? Definitely. Make sure to subscribe turnup justifications. If a giant thumbs up mate short to, you know, drop that thumbs up, it does help the YouTube algorithm and also make sure to follow me on Twitter at Krypto. The official this way, if you have any questions, comments or concerns relevant to cryptocurrency, bitcoin, the market, stock market, S&P, just questions, whatever, DME or send a tweet on Twitter and I’ll get back to you. Otherwise the Chumba to today’s episode. So as you guys see among the current coin market cap, yesterday’s video you can see we discuss this is how high ex harpy Reppel and Bitcoin are going to go. I also want to continue off of that, figuring out the price levels that we could be hitting. As you know, we’ve been discussing some very interesting levels. I’ve been fairly bearish in relevance to the long term, still kind of em. But I want to talk a little bit more about what it is that I’m anticipating. Just, you know, some transparent, open technical analysis as to what I think is going on. You could see top cryptos, everything looks okay. Really, nothing is moving again. So not surprised at all. But I do want to show you guys some some some interesting things. I’ll talk about SRP first since I know a lot of you guys come to here for XP analysis. So you can see we’re on the daily for X Arpey. Here’s the weird thing that’s going on right now. So we know taking a setback that on the weekly charts, while that was a monthly my bad the weekly chart. And you can see right here since twenty, seventeen, so ever since twenty seventeen, there’s been a massive downtrend and massive support. So basically when the price first came about, it was about 36 cents fell all the way down to about 18 cents. That’s kind of where you’ve been hanging out. Ultimately, I could probably draw another resistance right here. And we’ve Lyerly or another support resistance. We’ve just been trending inside of here for the first, you know, coming months back in twenty seventeen eventually popped off. Absolutely ridiculous, wild, whatever. But eventually, it started to fall. And every year since then, we’ve had a negative return on investment, which means if you bought it January of twenty eighteen, January twenty nineteen, you would have been down money over the year, which is not good. Unlike Bitcoin, which has had a positive return on investment. So what’s odd is just a couple of months ago, we actually managed to hit an all-time low. That was interesting. And that’s why this crypto X ERP is definitely a confusing one because there’s not much history compared to Bitcoin and some of the other cryptos. All I have to reference is the pass right here. So we are making history right now and I can only reference these lows, paste on what happened here and what happened right there. So ultimately, what I’m seeing right now is a massive downtrend. And with this downtrend comes a couple of things. Notice how we do have this support at 18 cents. It’s being held very strong, but the downtrend does come in. And every single time for the past three years, the past three years, we’ve retested this resistance. And every single time since then, we can not break through it. We’ve had, you know, one, two, three, four. Now we’re on our fifth attempt to break through it. Is it possible? Of course, it’s possible. Is it likely? Well, when you base it off of, you know, past history, it seems like we’re probably going to break lower. Obviously, we could extend this out even more so and then consider what’s going to happen. We’ve had weeks that break into that, a broken above, but ultimately we break Burish from it. So this could be a great opportunity to short. It’s definitely a risky one, but it’s still very easy to do technical analysis on, mainly because on the daily, as you can see, extending it a little bit more. Very simple. We need one of two things to happen. We either break through this, you know, resistance and we buy long expecting a massive bull run or we wait for a retest of the support. If we break Barasch through here, a correction we know to short the market on x RPK. I do know that Dude X will be adding our I’m pretty sure they’re gonna be adding X Sarpy to trade around with. So that is definitely some great news. I’m not sure when, but I do think that is coming to do X since they are adding a bunch of cryptocurrencies. I think they just announced a theory. Um. So that’s huge for SRP. I’m sorry for dude x. I also want to give a huge shout for everybody supporting me on patriarchy. Absolutely crazy. You guys have been literally killing it. I think we just broke over 80 now patrons, which I never thought I’d see this day. We’re currently at. If it loads up 82 patrons. I’ve never had more than like 70 or 60 in the past. So this is absolutely crazy. These are huge milestones. Huge shout out to everybody supporting me for those of you that don’t know paid Trini’s. That’s where I share all of my charts, my trades. Technical analysis by long sell, shortstop, stop losses. Everything. All of my specific trades. If you guys want more, you want life updating charts, things like that. Definitely hop on over to my patron. It does help support the channel and huge shout out to everybody who is currently supporting the channel. Otherwise, to go swing back to the ex harpy charts. You can see we do have this middle moving average right here. We are hitting it with resistance. We’ve clearly seen the past resistance within the deli on Sarpy. There’s a good chance we’re going to get rejected from here. I mean, that’s kind of where my mindset sat. That doesn’t mean go buy in right now. It’s very clear what we do if we breakthrough here. We know to buy long if it hits this and then we see a little pop and we can close the kennel. And it’s Alea both here, VSL that everyone on my patron and I’ll let everyone know on YouTube eventually that it’s ready to buy long and get ready to set up for 20, 30, 40 cents potentially. Maybe not that big, but 20, 25, 30 cents and vice versa. If we fall back down lower, which is kind of where my mindsets up, the good chance will breakthrough here and then get ready to short that market. Not to swing things in for Bitcoin, for those people that are Bitcoin holder. This one is crazy. This is definitely some crazy stuff. I mean, it’s happened in the past. We’ve trended above here. When you look at the daily numerous types we’ve been above, the resistance ultimately comes to a massive correction. And that’s ultimately where my head’s at right now. We were extremely bearish before. We might be sorry we might even be overbought right now or no. We’re very close to being overbought, but ultimately we are retesting that once again. And it honestly just doesn’t seem likely. And, you know, let me know if you guys want me to delete these. The Elliott wave that I’ve drawn on here, you can see very clearly what is going on. I am almost certain. And I am Intesa. Hating the correction from D to E, and I think that will fulfil this movement. Obviously, this is going to take a couple of months. It could be E here in September. It could be here in January of twenty twenty-one. Who knows? But I am anticipating after a very, very, very beautiful couple of months of bullish movement right here. And I’ll get that date range for you guys. Since the bearish run on March 12th, all the way up to the high. It’s been 70 days practically of bullish movement to me today, May 17th. There is an 18th out May 18th of a massive March, April, May. Three months of just bullish movement. Prices as low as 5000 to prices as high as ten grand. Crazy. We’ve doubled in price, obviously. What goes up must come down. And I am pretty damn certain that we are going to start to head lower. Now, that does give us a reason to short the market very soon. I’ll let you guys know exactly when I’m going to be shorting on my patron. So definitely check it out and I will be using two decks for you guys that just want to trade around with it. It is free to sign up for Dude X, and I did link it in the description down below and I do believe they offer some sign of bonuses. But at the moment you could trade Bitcoin in USCG or Teather and I am getting ready to place that short. I have about a quarter of a bitcoin loaded into my account. You can see right here you guys can do so too and get rewarded with Bitcoin. But you can see I have a quarter of a bitcoin in my account ready to short this market. So you can see even on the Dudack chart. What did I just do on the Dudack chart? We are hitting resistance and this is bound to correct lower. I’m literally waiting for this accumulation to subside. And then we break Burish. I’m waiting for this movement to be I’m going to short the crap out of it and we’re gonna make a crap ton of money. So get ready, guys. Get ready. I’m pumped. I know what’s gonna happen. This is about how high I think Bitcoin is going to go. I don’t think we’re gonna go much higher than here. I’d be astonished if we broke bullish. It’s possible, but I’d be astonished because there’s a lot more movement left to fill the gap for Bitcoin. Lastly, to wrap up, we’re going to look at SRP, Sarpy, sorry, a theorem and like a coin. Another reason why do you think we’re gonna be breaking bearish as query tested? It’s Mineau moving average once again and got it immediately corrected. Not even staying above it supports it actually broke below its forty-six and the upturn right here. Forty-six hours support. So there’s a good chance we’re gonna be falling down with it. We’re fairly OK to move, but it just looks like we’re gonna head lower. The same thing with a theory of a theorem is getting very close to testing its resistance, which you can see is right here and right here and right here. There is a ton of resistance being retested there. There’s a good chance it’s going to continue to fall. So keep your eye open. There are some signs of bullish movements. It’s definitely a possibility. That’s why we’re not going to jump the gun just yet. Get ready to buy in, though. That’s pretty much going to wrap up today’s video, though. If you are new to the channel, make sure to subscribe turnup justifications. Leave a giant thumbs up. Follow me on Twitter. Krypto the official, and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s episode. Peace.


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