Breaking news. When I read this headline I thought that this is a joke and this is never going to happen. And to be fair we do not know if this is going to happen or not but it looks like that the Trump administration is talking about closing the stock market. Starting next week. So that means tomorrow. The big question right now is if that is going to happen. Is this the big chance for bitcoin to shine that and more on this episode. And now let’s jump right into it. And with that said hey what is going on here one sunny decree here and welcome back to another episode starting off with some T.A. currently the price of bitcoin is still trading above six thousand US dollars. It really looks like that this ascending triangle in here went from resistance into support which is actually quite nice. And if you think about it right now with all the turmoil going on on the world right now with all the panic with all the fear in the markets with the virus still spreading at a very high pace with the S&P 500 closed with the loss of thirty two percent from its all time high on Friday. Well the price of bitcoin is not doing all too bad. Or what do you guys think. Let me know down below in the comments section. Are you currently very disappointed with the price of bitcoin or do you think. Well actually considering what’s going on in the world right now it’s not all too bad. I’m definitely in the it’s not all too bad both in here because yeah I personally find it is not all too bad. All right well let’s have a look at that weekly chart in here. And basically what we’re doing in here is we were always separating the different cycles in the bear market face in an accumulation phase in a parabolic face and then in a re accumulation phase. So those are these four colors in here. And what we’re looking at currently is still an accumulation phase and we can clearly see that first of all we have not formed a lower low in this bearish facing here. And also if you compare this slow with this low in here and go back to another cycle well we had similar situations right here. Of course the situation is not exactly comparable but people are saying well Bitcoin does not repeat itself but it rhymes. OK. And we can definitely see similarities. I know we have not seen anything like that before in the markets but. Well I mean we also have an incident. We have pretty much never seen before in the bitcoin market or in one of the Bitcoin market cycles. So what we see right now in the traditional markets is absolutely new for me personally. What we see on Bitcoin. Well it is new as well but it is not as different from previous cycles as some people are trying to make you believe. And also a fun fact if we activate the yoke BTC virus channel and notice has nothing to do with the corona virus. This is more of an exponential growth of a virus. What we can see here is absolutely stunning. I mean look at this. We perfectly bounced off this level. Of course I know you can say that the curve fitting in here is maybe not perfect but we can clearly see that. No we have not left the exponential growth face in here although although this is going on into traditional markets and this is definitely putting fear into all the people or into most of the people out there. So no guys in my personal opinion the situation is not all too bad. But now we’re coming to the main topic of today and this is absolutely ridiculous. And breaking news in the wake of the corona virus outbreak and a looming recession. U.S. President Donald Trump and his administration are contemplating halting stock markets next week. The White House is currently considering grounding all passenger planes and ordering a nationwide shelter. However bureaucrats from the White House believe that the grounding of U.S. passengers planes and the execution of a federal lockdown order will wreak havoc on Wall Street in order to curb panic. Bipartisan U.S. representatives are considering plans to temporarily stop stock trading. Well kind of understandable. And for those people out there who believe hey wait a second this is not all too bad. This is the stock of a Boeing the one day chart of Boeing. And here we’re actually talking about from top to bottom a decline of seventy five percent. This is not an x y c shift going into crypto space right. This is Boeing. We’re talking about serious companies in here and we’re currently trading approximately 70 percent below the all time high here for Boeing. This is absolutely ridiculous the situation is not good. It does not look good. We cannot talk this way. Right. So I personally understand these measures but once again it shows you that no it’s not the crypto market. It’s not the bitcoin or O’Quinn market which is heavily manipulated. It is traditional market which is way way more manipulated than what we have ever seen in the crypto space. Here we’re talking about an S&P 500 we’re talking about a 30 trillion market. Well not anymore. Currently it’s only a 20 trillion market. Twenty thousand billions of U.S. dollars in this market. Only the S&P 500. If you think about how much money that is Bitcoin’s market capitalization is currently at one hundred and fifteen billion U.S. dollars. Now get this. This is one hundred times less. Once again this is one hundred times less than what has been lost in U.S. dollars here over the last couple of weeks in the stock market. Now the big question obviously is based on this news Well first of all is this going to happen. I personally could see this from happening. I mean the excuses are there. We have the virus still spreading. The situation is not under control and I hope all of you guys are doing well right now. And at this point I also want to tell you guys that you should really stay at home if you actually can. It’s not because this is all too dangerous for healthy people. At the end of the day it is a flu. Also there is already a drug which can cure it. It’s called hydroxide chloroquine. There is a study already out there and Donald Trump was already talking about this as well. We only have 22 people tested but the results are actually quite clear. Scroll down in here you can see also in combination with SC through Amazon. Well after five days everyone was actually cured and only with hydroxide chloroquine. Also the number of affected people was actually going down quite fast. OK so I’m not saying that this is going to kill humanity or anything like that. But but the hospitals are completely over loaded and this is dangerous for old and sick people. People with a bad immune system and so on. So it isn’t our responsibility to stay at home if we can OK. We should not panic. We should not buy all the toilet paper and stuff like that. Don’t do that. That doesn’t really make any sense at least not here in Switzerland because here the supply chains won’t get disrupted all too much so we’re not ending up without any food or anything like that. But stay at home if you can. OK. Currently the situation isn’t in Switzerland is we don’t have a full lockdown but groups above five people are currently forbidden right now. You can get a fine or anything like that but groups about five people are not allowed right now. So the situation right now on the world I mean this is the perfect excuse right now for do something like that but here in this article it’s also written what happened after 9/11 when George Bush and his administration were closing to stock markets until the 17th of September. And on the first day after reopening the S&P 500 slid more than 14 percent. So what do you guys think is going to happen if this stock market is going to get halted and after a week or two weeks or whatever they’re going to open it up again. Probably the same thing is going to happen because by then. Well those numbers right here they will be bigger. That’s for sure. Because in one week to a week the situation is not fixed yet although we have a drug right now or an already existing drug which can help against the virus. But nevertheless guys I personally see the stock market falling further and now the big question is can Bitcoin benefit from this. And my answer to that is maybe the first reason is traders they cannot trade anymore and maybe they want to trade Bitcoin is 24/7 365 days. There is no halt in the bitcoin market. And just by the way if you’re looking for a nicely working leverage trading platform where you can trade Bitcoin theorem SRP chain link Tesla’s like coin and also now get this gold on leverage. Make sure to check out the FedEx platform video tutorial popping up on top of the screen right now with my sign up link down below you can get up to a one hundred and twelve dollars bonus. And here you can trade and you don’t have to care about the stock market being closed or not obviously. Right. So it could be that yes we’re going to see more volatility in Bitcoin and crypto currencies because traders still wouldn’t trade and well if they cannot trade stocks maybe they come over to crypto currencies. It’s possible but we have to stay realistic. Most likely all that money is not swapping over to crypto currencies. So my recommendation in here is don’t go into the next week with two high expectations. But once again if the stock market is going to get halted there is a chance that we’re going to see very high volatility in Bitcoin and crypto currencies next week. And once again guys don’t forget and this is the most important thing of this episode to understand the S&P 500 lost ten thousand billions in market capitalization over the last couple of weeks. The whole bitcoin market capitalization is one hundred times less. Only at one hundred and fifteen billion U.S. dollars. What do you think is going to happen when money starts to flow in from the stock market into bitcoin into crypto currencies. You can let us know down below in the comment section but that is it already for today’s episode once again if you are interested in getting started on FedEx a video tutorials popping up by my site right now. Sign up link down below. Thank you guys very much for watching. Good luck out there and hopefully see all of you tomorrow in the next one. Bye bye.


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