Uncertainty Proof Portfolio Revealed | Bitcoin Price Prediction 100x in 5 Years

Stock market continues to go up while economy is declining. In this video I will explain why this is the case then we will take deep look into Raoul Pal’s and mine full portfolios.

Full Interview with Raoul Pal:
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➤ Ray Dalio Says U.S Declines and China Rises:
➤ Bitcoin Price Predictions by Experts:
➤ We are Officially in the Recession: We are Officially in the Recession
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  1. I appreciate that English isn't your first language but it's 'Revealed', not 'reviled', though I haven't watched the whole video yet so there's plenty of time…. 😉

  2. I was 95% invested before the crash. During this rebound I've been selling off my gains. So now I'm around 50% cash, 50% in dividend stocks/ETFs but they are down by quite a bit around 20% down on average. If the market reaches all time high, I'll be selling more on gains, around 70-80% cash. And if the market ever pull back. I'll be redistributing 40% into tech stocks, 30% dividend stocks and 30% bitcoin. 100% all in lol. And when it goes back to current highs I'll sell off 20% tech stocks and final distribution would be 20% tech, 30%dividend, 30% bitcoin and 20% cash.
    Master plan is all planned out! just need the market to cooperate now lol

  3. 68% btc,
    7% oil,
    22% cash
    2% eth

    I feel under exposed in oil and want to bring that up to about 25% but really don't want to sell any btc for that. Will probably just use the case to bump oil up higher. I am young and this is a major opportunity for stocks so I don't really care if I am low on cash.

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