The Upcoming Stock Market Collapse Of 2020 | Will This Affect Bitcoin?? [The “Sell in May” Agenda]


All right. Welcome back, everybody. My name is Austin with almost less than 11 days till Bitcoin’s third having ever Bitcoin. The price of Bitcoin is having a hell of a week. Let’s just check out the last seven days. Bitcoin started the week at around seven thousand five hundred. We topped out a few days ago at nine thousand four hundred. And right now we’re levelling off at around eight thousand seven hundred. That’s huge. Now, if that’s what Bitcoin could do with 20 days to go to the having, just think about what Bitcoin could do with less than 10. And for every reason that I listed a few days ago in my Bitcoin having 2020 supply shock video, this is a huge reminder of what makes Bitcoin valuable long term. But as a smart investor, as an investor that looks at global macroeconomic trends. I want you to be prepared for Bitcoin to crash. And for Bitcoin to potentially crash hard. Now, I’m not a financial adviser. I can’t see the future, but I’m going to show you my reasoning. And to be clear, when I say crash hard, I don’t mean down to one K or two K. I mean, it’s not out of the question for us to see a 20, 25, 30 percent drawdown in the short term. I’m talking about something similar to what we saw a few months ago. It’s not out of the question. And all I’m saying is be ready to hotel. There’s a lot of new bitcoins in the space today. Be ready for the hotel. We could potentially see major volatility in the short term. And this is the reason why this is traditional stocks. The stock market in the month of April, we saw a hell of a good month for the stock market. In fact, the stock market closed out last month with their best monthly gains since 1987. Since the original Robocop came out in theatres, that’s the last time we had this good a month in traditional markets. Now, that’s a very odd thing to say, because right now we will or 30 million people in the United States unemployed. They’re not working. Also, by no fault of anybodys but this silent killer. But America’s food supply chain is broken right now, meaning there’s no demand. There are enormous amounts of food, enormous supply, but there’s no demand. And I’m very aware that America, other countries around the world are starting to open themselves up again. America as early as May 1st. So today. But it’s a fool’s hope, I believe, to think that these jobs will instantly come back. I mean, all of them. I mean, seeing the demand we saw for employment that we saw three months ago, our road to recovery, in my opinion, will happen. But it will take time. It’ll take time. But looking at this month, looking at today with the best April for the Dow and the S&P 500 that we’ve seen, this says 82 years, I think it should say, since the 80s. But we’ve seen at least since 1987 is the sell in May. Strategy a smart strategy in this pandemic era. And actually, the saying sell in May go away is already. It’s actually one of the most well-known maxims in the investing world. Now, the question is, will this hold true this time as investors face or on the most significant public health crises in history? The reason that investors expect the markets to take a decline in May is that the Wall Street adage actually refers specifically to the six months on, six months off a seasonal pattern that people typically see in markets because on average, markets tend to underperform from May through the end of October and then around the Christmas season through January February. They pump May has traditionally been that start of the downturn. Now, to be fair, the downturn actually started this year around the end of February, March, and it was huge. But this was our April, one of the best April’s ever. So taking into account everything with governments opening up their countries again, with America opening up. If the jobs aren’t there if the consumer demand isn’t there and I’m talking about isn’t to what it previously was, what we knew the markets to be, how will the next few months look? We’re the best April that we’ve seen since 1987. Nobody can see the future. And to be fair, this is new. We’ve never seen. When we proactively shut down a country and then proactively ask everybody to go back to work, we’ve never seen that. But if the stock market crashes, expect Bitcoin to crash. Expect Bitcoin to at least dip. And you may be screaming at your screen right now. Austin, they’re uncorrelated. Traditional markets are down 11 percent year to date. Bitcoin is up to five percent. It’s because of having. It’s because of Bitcoin strong fundamentals. Expect Bitcoin to pump, not dump. Well, I’m just speaking in the short term. Just look at this. Let me prove it to you. The crash started the first low crash of the S&P start around February 20th, lasted until about February 20th. What a bitcoin do in this time period. This is Bitcoin year to date. This was around, in fact, a lookup top. Don’t look, Mihiro, look up top. This was around February 20th, right here. Stocks started. Crash Bitcoin held out for one to a few days, and in February, the twenty-eighth Bitcoin followed. That was the first little crash. The second crash started around March 4th. Let’s just go to the 1st and March 4th to March 9th. What a bitcoin do. March 4th to March 9th here. March 4th. Look up top right here. March 4th. We held out for a couple of days. And then by March 9th, right here, we crashed. And then the third example, pretty much the last big crash started around March 10th. March 10th to March. Twenty third. What a bitcoin do. March 10th to March. Twenty third. Well, it started right here this time. Start right here. Look up top. We lasted for about a day and then obviously we crashed and we crashed hard. Now Bitcoin was one of the first to recover, much like gold as a potential hedge against the stock market. We recovered first, but a lesson was learned. When traditional markets go down, they pull down everything with them. Now, I do have major news involving the Alte coin yose, the old coin, stellar lumens, the old coin ex Arpey. So stick around to the entire video, but let me know what you think about this. I guess my point is just Hodel. Nobody knows the future. And actually when I made two bullish videos, the bitcoin having twenty explaining what the significance of what the bitcoin having means in bitcoin price pumping. Many, many people are asking, OK, Austin. Well, well then do I buy Bitcoin before having or do I buy it after the having since nobody knows the future? Me personally, I like to dollar cost average the whole way, but I’ll never tell you what you should do. You make your own decisions. But the first piece of news before we get to steller iOS IO will process intercompany transactions for clients of Grant Thornton, a major accounting firm with one point nine billion dollars in annual revenue. So this is being processed by iOS, not a theorem, not Tron. This huge corporation with one point nine billion in annual revenue chose iOS major. U.S. accounting firm Grant Thornton is moving all of its client’s intercompany transactions to the iOS IO network. Basically, they manage money for intercompany transactions and now they’re doing it on the iOS IO blockchain. But why did they choose iOS? A company representative told Quinn Telegraph that Grant Thornton had chosen iOS Io for its speed, user experience and scalability. Good for Yose. Next piece of news before REPL. Before Stellar Big Macs. Their Derivatives Future Exchange has lost approximately 50 percent of its market share over the last six months. So this is a chart of shares of open interest of Bitcoin futures per platform and at one point, Bemax. Some people call it shit. Max was the only game in town, right? Multiple years ago. Now, there are many other options if you want to trade Bitcoin futures. So what are the people choosing? Well, you can see starting up here, backed bid Phoenix and crack in are the three futures platforms that people are using, least the three platforms that people are using. Most are OK, ex-Big Macs still and Holby and then CMG, of course, finance and finance and by bit are creeping up. But moving on. Next piece of news. Stellar lumens, stellar Excel m transactions will now all be monitored by elliptical so they will no longer be private. Not that excellent was a privacy coin, but it’s not that they won’t be private. It’s now they will specifically be watching every transaction your transaction. Now, why is this? A transaction monitoring system aims to boost compliance and identify risks like money laundering, terrorist financing and other illicit activities. So this is steller, trying to comply with things that regulators care about, like terrorist financing, which I can definitely get behind. But the downside is the move sacrifices privacy. Yet it could be attractive to institutional investors. So this is a double-edged sword. Just something you should know, I guess, elliptical. A lot of bitcoins don’t really like elliptical because I mean elliptic. So Elliptic. Sorry, Elliptic. Glyptic Elliptic is backed by Wells Fargo Elliptic. We’ll be watching you. A little green flag for ripples, SRP, Ripple’s x Arpey sales fall to one point seven five million. This is how much the company is selling onto the market as OTL OnDemand liquidity network volume triples. So let’s find out what this means. All of this data is from their quarterly report, Q1 2020 X Arpey Markets Report. So check this out. The dollar value transacted using Odel. So people actually using X Arpey increased by more than two hundred and ninety-four percent, which is good news for Tolkan holders. Not that that means the price will go up, but it’s good news with the report describing X Arpey liquidity as the lifeblood of rebels Odille for cross-border payments. Now, in my opinion, we’ve seen so many quarters or Ripple’s volume was stagnant. Eventually, it did have to go up and this was a good quarter for a rebel. And further good news, Rebel has again reduced the total X Arpey sales that the company sells from thirteen points oh eight million in Q4 of 2019 to just thirteen to one point seventy-five million in Q1 2020. So they sold away less last quarter. The company has been criticized for propping up its balance sheet with x ERP sales. And the reason that they say that they sold is the report also notes that the token was integrated into a number of additional exchanges and liquidity instruments. So what they always say, but somebody needed liquidity and they sold X Arpey to them. All right. That’s the video Imes Austin. See you tomorrow.


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