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0:00 Intro
0:50 Bitcoin Analysis
5:59 Where To Trade Bitcoin
6:16 Gold vs. BTC
8:59 BTC Mining Difficulty
12:45 FED Currency Printing

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Carl Eric Martin (The Moon)




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  1. Carl, I'm glad you brought up the comparison of Bitcoin and Gold. BUT…
    You need to realize that the next HUGE physical line of support and resistance to the price of BTC is when the bitcoin becomes as valuable as GOLD and precious metals. Traders will need to WANT to trade their physical metals for bitcoin. I have started a small stack of satoshis to sell for physical metal when the time comes. Then I will be trading my metals back to bitcoin!!
    IMHO, Bitcoin CANT shoot to the moon until after this physical line is crossed!

  2. Remember you can zoom the chart out far enough to make it look like a good fit but if you you trust China as they released the virus on the entire world and they are heavily beded in this market..

  3. You don t know anything on technical analysis.we follow you to get us crypto news that s it.stop predicting where bitcoin is heading we don t need that bullshit

  4. So many haters on here. If you don’t like the videos don’t watch them. This is not financial advise and Carl is very clear about that. It is simply him looking at charts and analysing the data as he sees it. If you disagree that’s absolutely fine. We are all human we all have our own opinions. In my opinion if you watch a video such as this and dive into crypto hoping for a guaranteed return you are foolish. But why so much hate isn’t there already enough of that out there

  5. Hi Carl,
    Watch your video daily, find it one of the best YT channels… Keep up the great work, PS-it's possible to buy a half decent "boat" for 50c invested Willy has bloody expensive tastes. LoL

  6. Starting to trade with Jason Harper this past few weeks has truly been magical for me through Jason Harper I am able to make $15k weekly and I started with just the bare minimum a few weeks ago I have accomplished so many things with Jason Harper as my manager in this short while I look forward to earning more

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