URGENT Bitcoin Collapsing?? How Low?

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  1. Don’t sell your btc by any means it’s our only lifeline left for the average low wage person. Don’t let the elites buy it all up at lower prices.

  2. Davinci I have been trying to subscribe to pandora wallet with no success, when I register it say confirmation email sent, but checked my junk as well can’t find its , it’s been two months I have been trying

  3. If Muchin and Trump declare a war in bitcoin then they are basically declaring a war on themselves…. Bitcoin has a built in ledger its traced, tracked and auditable. Fiat is the criminal

  4. You should be able to give a time line when saying $8600 since you’re using TA. Tone Vase gives dates at least. Don’t use click bait titles without providing actual details. Thank you.

  5. Again everyone sells courses! live videos blablabla diy investing sells courses! Krypto kirby sells courses! CRYPTO JEB sells courses! Everyone sells courses to buy crypto . But you and MMCRYPTO BYBIT to scam people and CARL FROM THE MOON WHO SAID that bitcoin goes to 14000 dollars where is bitcoin now at 9000 and whatch how goes down to 6000dollars in September this year. ALESIO RASTANI is the best in this space the rest is scam bag like you and other youtubers.

  6. Hope law suit coming after people like you. You told people to get off the BITCOIN from exchange and bitcoin is going down so people can't sells bitcoin they are in a loss and will hold from 9900 to 6000 dollars. You SCAM BAG I HOPE THE LAW WILL SEE PEOPLE LIKE YOU .

  7. Guys listen Alesio Rastani is the best don't pay THESE guys him MMCRYPTO BYBIT to scam people and CARL FROM THAILAND ARE PAYD BY BYBIT TO SCAM PEOPLE these guys told you that bitcoin goes to the moon but listen bitcoin is going to 6000 dollars

  8. No need for your view or any video,you hsve joined the catagory of bybit shillers;no way paying you btc for just a bs telegram group.There are people who still does it for free and a lot better tgan you.Its coming from an old subscriber,Goodbye Davinci.No need for your shildora wallet when there is ledger and especially now with buy in feature integrated

  9. Scenarios
    Bullish 9950, 10360 (break) 14600 top out

    Beaish 8100, low 5500s, break 3900 ( doesn't hold) to 3k bought up.

    Long term support and resistance levels going back months from @Opticalart.

  10. This is a "Reverse Head and Shoulders" get ready for a $6,666 to $7,000 BTC before June 21st. and then $17k (most main coins are in the reverse head and shoulder too) lol

  11. Buying and holding seems to be what most crypto analysts offer as the best strategy for becoming financially independent say in 5-10years from now but we can just relax and critically look into their short term projections before tossing our long term achievements into their control? Over 90% of them said 1BTC will equal $ 25,000 by 2020, I also started trading using jose’s daily signals which are so accurate, I made 357% profit on 1BTC in just 4 weeks. If you have any issues and need his expert opinion, you can reach him on WhatsApp: +17653198014, Telegram @jose37 concerning his trade system and for more information regarding his signals.

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