What’s up guys. Crypto savvy here with their bitcoin like coin and a ethereum. Update sorry it’s a little late today usually their first thing in the morning on the weekends I run a little late. If you do want updates every single day. Definitely don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. Give it a thumbs up. Leave your comments down below and if you enjoy the videos please share them. Let’s help grow the channel together. And don’t forget we have a free Dischord group in the description down below the video. Definitely check it out. Totally free. Let’s get on with the video. All right guys. As always this is not financial advice. Disclaimer scrolling on the bottom and always remember this is my opinion not yours. All right. So we’re going to take a look at the headlines real quick. I’m leaning more bearish right now in the more short term but there is we could go either way and we’ll talk about both scenarios. But let’s take a look at the headlines first to get a feel for the sentiment updated Bitcoin roller coaster rolls on Bitcoin is half priced hurricane insurance says crypto fun Bitcoin did not crash 60 percent due to the you know what. Analysts who predicted Bitcoin is January rarely think 700 is in the car or seven thousand. What is that. Let’s open that up and see what that one says real quick. What is he saying. The majority of analysts were expecting retracement of five thousands. Basically he’s bullish. So let’s go back and take a look at the Bitcoin price analysis. BTC might drop beneath 48 again. So we got some bearish stuff some bullish. Bearish and bullish mixture. Fear and Greed Index we’re at nine we’ve been nine for the past two days. Well yesterday and today we’re at nine. So let’s take a look. That is extreme fear still. Let’s take a look at the monthly as you guys know what we’ve been watching this trend line on the bottom where we got our bounce here. This is the fifty five EMEA right around the forty six hundred on the monthly this. Ninety two hundred right here is gonna be pretty damn important in the future guys. Let’s look at one more thing I want to remind you my wife’s web page in your major dot com there is a link to a down below. That’s where she makes shirts like this. There’s a lot of stuff on there but anything you want on their family pictures or whatever you let her know what you want on the stuff. Any crypto anything just yeah. Check it out. That’s a good way to support the channel. There’s also hoodies long sleeved shirts key chains of stuff that aren’t listed on their hit up in the contact and she will get back to you. All right. Looking at the weekly so we’ve been watching this RSI real close. We’re going to take a look at that. First I want to take a look at this trend line I have from down here. If we are to fall lower guys we could go as low as twenty five fifty six level. We’ll take a closer look at that. It could also go lower but I’m not I really don’t think it will. As of now things can change. But if we do look at the e-mails here on the weekly as you can see the eight crossed the fifty five. Now the thirteen looks across the fifty five this week. If we don’t have a nice move up here. But I do want to point out the two hundred E M A right here we did get we went through it twice last week and this week and we are above it. Now if we were to drop below this around the fifty four hundred we would most likely be in some trouble if we closed below the 50 400 tomorrow night which is our weekly close to get rid of the arrow. But as of right now we’ll dig into the closer time or the shorter time frames. But first let’s look at the weekly RSI that we have been watching. We do have this read Red supported resistance line here where we capitulated past it in 2014 putback above in 2015 came back down tested it for support and continued on and we did the same in 2018 capitulated past it broke back through it 2019 tested it for support got support but this time we came back down again we capitulated below it and we are now getting resistance on it let’s see how the weekly closes if we can close above this in the RSI I think we’re in pretty good shape if we don’t we could have further to go let’s look at the daily. All right. So this is getting into a little bit you know more of the medium time frame and then we’ll go into the 4:00 hour. Then I’ve got some I want to look at in the one hour also and then we’ll move on to light Quinn and then theorem. All right. So let’s look at the RSI. First we had this rising channel in white we capitulated down past it here pop back above. This trend line. I just have off these weeks here we did pop above it. Let me see. We could. Tell you what. While I on here I didn’t think to do this before the video but I mean to do it right now and to see if it lines up which it does not. So this could about a falling wedge. On the IRS I so we could get a decent move up but we’ll most likely come back down and retest it. Let’s take a look at the price action. First off for those of you that have watch Channel we had a rising wage rising rotting wage here we had a measured move down here the fifty four we went past it obviously but we get that RSI off there. This fifty four like I said we need to close above that this week on the weekly candle if we don’t we could be in trouble we also had this falling broadening wedge here in white where we capitulated down past it came back up we blew through got rejected at twenty one in May and now we are getting rejected again at this this is now become resistance the e-mails do look like they want to turn over on the daily so we will see what happens there but as of right now we could if we do get up we could go up to around the while the first stop would be first we had to break sixty four if we are able to do that seventy two would be our next resistance and then seventy seven and if this made a rising channel here you know just if that’s just speculation but if it did and we came down and broke down past here it would be around forty two hundred but like I said we’re going to take a look at the. Shorter term time frames let’s look at the RSI here as you can see had a falling broadening wedge we popped out of it came back down we are back within it now I do believe we are most likely going to come back down and I’m going to show you this is why I’m bearish I could be wrong and it could continue up from here but if we look at the e-mails here we are dropping down pass and we’re we’re back below the eight we’re getting support on the 13 right now the fifty five is right around the sixty 50 in that range if you’ve been watching has been we’ve been getting bounces in that range pretty frequently let’s look at a what else I’m looking at here so if we are able to close above this and this for our candle maybe we have three hours left but if we could close above this a break of the sixty four hundred that I’m still looking at that seventy one eighty four the triangle if you guys were watching both or all three or 3M litecoin and Bitcoin had this triangle here that we were watching for the break of and we did break out and that’s where I got that measured move of eight thousand around eight thousand fifty which is a golden retracement of this whole move so it’s in between the point six one eight point six five that is still a possibility we may come all the way back down retest that fifty four hundred possibly a little lower we’ll take a look at that in the one hour my targets but if we get a very nice not able to get above the fifty four we’re probably not going to these levels yet we most likely come down to the fifty four hundred look for support there if we don’t get it we could be looking at lower lows somewhere down in this region forty two hundred range somewhere in there let’s look at. The one hour if we look at the one hour RSI get it on here. I have this rising channel here and then I had this what rising wedge or ascending triangle whichever way you want to look at it I had the support drawn up these weeks we broke through tested it for resistance and got resisted so chances are we are coming back down although if we moved this we could be looking at something like this come back down for another touch and continue up but that’s why I do daily updates and guys if you’re in the members group I will be doing a members only live chat here in a little bit later on today so make sure you watch out for that you should get notified make sure your notifications are on. Also if anyone in here is interested in trading I also have trading links down below. Definitely check them out for all my links I have deals worked out with the exchanges you get some bonuses by using my links you can check it out most information is down below click on him set him up they only take a second to set up make sure you don’t do crazy high leverage and yeah the newest one I’ve just started using lately as do Dex and it’s got a pretty cool feature in there it’s a risk management feature it’s good for new people so check that out if you are new. All right so looking at this triangle on the one hour and bitcoin if we now remember we had the bigger triangle here. Now we have a smaller triangle here. If we are to break up from this we would have to get through the sixty four and that would my next target. And that’s a measured move of this triangle would be right in the actually about 70 50 range somewhere in there right around 70 50 a variable rate that of course we have the seventy two up here. And if that breaks next resistance seventy seven and of course we had this measured move of our break up at the eight thousand fifty dollar range eight thousand fifty eighty one hundred range right in that area. But I do think it’s it’s a real critical area right now. Guys we are. Let’s look at the one hour see where we’re at. We are getting rejection at the 21 EMEA. We are in between the twenty one twenty one EMEA and the 13 right now. But it does look pretty bearish to me guys. Again we would have to break up out of above the sixth 60 to 60 range and then we have the 60 for another way to look at this. Could be we could get an ascending triangle here and the break of sixty four what would that look like. That would get us up directly to our seventy two. So depending on what forms here and that’s why we really don’t know what’s going to happen until our formation is done. And it could be done now. That’s why I have this triangle drawn in there. Let me straighten it back out. There we go. So anyways yeah. That could get us to our seventy two so if we break above the sixty four I’d be looking for the seventy fifty to the seventy two hundred range and you guys know after the seventy two hundred. We have seventy seven then eighty 50 to eighty one. Now if we break down these are my downward targets depending on where we break here if we break here the measured move of just the Triangle would be let me. Actually going to be up higher. Would be around the fifty fifty to fifty two hundred fifty three area that would be breaking the fifty four if we did that we could be looking at this whole thing as a flagpole right here and this being the Bear Flag and a break that would get us down to the forty six eighty six basically guys we’re waiting for a break of somewhere below the fifty nine fifty for our downward movement and a break above sixty two fifty but then remember why resistance at sixty four but if we could break that sixty four we could be headed up to these these higher levels so that’s what I’m looking at now did we take a look at the lower Yeah. Same thing that twenty five fifty six target as a low is just off this trend line here so you guys know let’s get into light coin like coin same thing we’re getting resistance at the fifty five here may support at the twenty one we are definitely coiled up here we should be getting a move if we can break back above this thirty nine 0 6 and make it support our next target back to try to test out the forty one forty two range for able to break that get support or most likely headed to the forty five which is woops that looks kind of messy which is this trend line here that’s forty seven fifty three and then we have that target of the fifty actually it’s gonna be a little bit higher today. Right around the fifty three dollar range if we are to get a move up which would be retesting this trend line here this pink trend line or whatever color is for those who watch my channel you know I’m colorblind and let’s see. Yeah that fifty three to fifty for dollar range if we are able to break up here but I like I said I’m still more bearish here and if you look at the RSI you can see the downward. Broadening. Channel. And we broke through it came up tested it for resistance got resistance it does seem like we’re going down but if we do get our move up this does look like it could be a little inverse head and shoulders on the RSI and that would get us up here. To the higher levels when we go back and that would be breaking the thirty nine we could be headed up back towards that test that forty one twenty nine. The I say guys as of right now until there is a break of thirty seven seventy that would confirm to the downside and we have 38 out of the thirty nine dollar if we could break that firms upside. Now let’s take a look at theorem all right in the theorem we have the same. Oh yeah one more thing in light coin we did have. That target of the fifty three fifty range. That’s just a measured move in this triangle that we broke out of over here. We could come we did come back down to test the top of this triangle that may have by the test there. So. Like coin I think is going to be key. It’ll probably make the first move it has been lately so get a theorem and we’re just going to take a look at exactly what’s going on now. It does look like a theorem is breaking down as you can see the blue trend lines I have here. I’m not sure how valid this is actually at the moment but we took a measured move from where it’s breaking down now they’d get us around the 1 0 8. Ninety two is where I’d be looking for a bounce if that breaks then I’d be looking down towards a double bottom at the 90 dollar range if that breaks we could be looking at 74. Worst case scenario and this isn’t today guys this is you know over a period of weeks. But anyways. Yeah. I’d be looking at the one anyway. If we break down from here if we are able to break up out of this. The fifty five M.A. and our point two three six Fibonacci retracement is at the one thirty seven if we can break above that we’ll probably get some resistance around the one 144 area and if we could break that next resistance round one fifty five and then we have our point 3 8 6 Fibonacci at 166. And of course our measured move from the break of this triangle was that one seventy but we will have resistance at the point three six at 166. If we’re able to go up guys and let’s see this actually is more like. One seventy one seventy seven ish. And that would also line up at the 200 DMA here. If we were to get up there then we have the point five favorite one ninety one excuse me and the golden retracement zone at round the 214 range which would be the top of this trend line. But guys unless we can break above this trend line here which as of right now is about 144 in gain support on it then it’s most likely we’re headed down. If we look at. The RSI we are in a rising channel here. We broke above this resistance line came back down. Should be like I said we could get that look the same in. Yeah that was the same as in light coin. This could be an inverse head and shoulders forming. I doubt it. And this looks bearish to me. If we come down and retest this and break it the most likely. I mean we can’t go all the way down here but we’re most likely going to come back down a little bit and that’s you know I’m just I’m short term bearish on pretty much everything at the moment guys. So that’s what I’m seeing. Like I said members definitely make sure you have your notifications on I will be YouTube finally enabled the members only live chat. So I will be doing that. And don’t forget to click click the crypto savvy logo above my head to get you to subscribe to the channel. Give it a thumbs up. Leave your comments down below. Let me know what you think. Also check out all the links down below there’s links to hard wallets to get you cryptos off the exchanges. Brave browsers which I use you can actually use actually earn crypto by using the brave browser I have a link to that down below all them links help support the channel check it out you get something for yourself through all them links there’s always some kind of bonus or something so check them out anyways thanks a lot for watching guys. I will see you later. Take it easy. Have a great day.


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