[URGENT] $1,000 Bitcoin Pump on the Cards?!


So really no surprises it with Bitcoin as it continued to rise over to those higher levels ended up hitting the six thousand eight hundred six thousand nine hundred dollar level which we didn’t expect to be a little bit of resistance purely because we ended up topping out over here you know a couple days ago and obviously this move to the upside continue move to the upside doesn’t so take us by any surprise whatsoever because what I did tell you in the last video is we had a really bullish breakout. We had a setup for the rest of the markets to also be green today which we can see we have seen some really really nice relief pumps across the market some really really nice moves Tesla up by 17 percent as well. Across the markets. And so obviously bitcoin has continued to rise as well. Let’s take a look at how high it has gone from just you know the low that we hit yesterday to the high today we’ve risen by 18 19 percent and from that high. Down to the low we’ve said in the recent hours it’s been a 5 percent drop. So this all looks pretty standard for Bitcoin the volatility here I think is very very normal and reasonable and I should even say healthy I do like what I’m seeing here. You know what we ended up getting over here which some people might be a little bit concerned about is a possible double top. You know we have gotten rejected at roughly the same level double tops are potential reversal signs. You know obviously we have been in this short term uptrend and you know topping out at the same place twice especially when they’re spaced out the way that they are now it’s quite it is spaced out it would make sense if there’s a double top. This can start to concern people but what you remember that I was saying in the last video is. The fact that we ended up breaking from the falling wage you know breaking out of this resistance and more importantly after we already committed to trading downwards we still pumped up. That made me say to you yesterday that you know what I don’t really think we’re going to have a problem breaking the resistance at six thousand nine hundred dollars not what is a given what is very obvious is that bitcoin is going to struggle here just a little bit. I don’t think it’s going to struggle much this week is turning out to be very bullish for price action in general for bitcoin but also the wider markets. So if that’s the case or when these kind of markets do tend to rally a little bit especially after you’ve dumped by so much I think you know it is very much on the cards that we can start to expect a longer-term relief rally. You know it is only Tuesday it’s the start of the week and I think that we have a really really nice opportunity to continue on with some green action. Throughout the rest of this week. So that actually makes the question well where are we going to go right now. If this is a correction which you know I think it’s fair to say it is how low is it going to cut. And the good news is that we have some decent resistance with this green box. You know we ended up topping out over here the first time and then getting rejected quite a bit over the past couple of days before we were able to break through this resistance just yesterday. And because of that, I think you know as it did serve as a good area of reduced resistance it could turn out to be a good area of support. And if that’s the case well it’s going to be a pretty easy opportunity to start looking for some positions to be taking up in the market. Obviously things are really hot. Overall lots of potential trades to be making over here which I think are actually relatively safe compared to the market’s situations that we’ve had in the recent weeks and months. Obviously when there are going to be trading opportunities that I’m seeing I will be sharing that with VIP members on a daily regular basis member over here saying that he’s excited to be on board with the group. He took the lifetime plan so he ended up getting the advanced course as well for free lifetime members do get our advanced training course completely free of charge booked a 53 percent profit on his first day of joining. I don’t know what kind of gain that was but pretty big gain to say the least. Absolutely amazing stuff and another member over here who joined the group. And then within just a couple of days ended up paying back his entire fee and is also nearly ready to upgrade to the next plan that we have available. So really really cool stuff there and if you do want to see how I’ll be navigating the markets in real time using the same information that you and I both have but then using it to make trades that I think are good ideas reinforcing my discipline and seeing how I’m doing that the steps to join VIP are over here. You already know what to do. Take it back to the charge though potential support retest over here I think would be absolutely beautiful I’m not really interested in going short at any levels as it stands right now. You know it would have been a good shoot at this resistance area but I don’t think it would have been very smart especially since we are in a bullish trend. You know you guys will remember that one of the things I say quite often is I like to trade exactly what the trend is telling me most of the time. You know so if the trend is bullish I like to trade the bullish trend and I’m a short term trader so you know I’ll trade maybe a couple of times a week. That’s that’s how I like to trade. And and if that’s the case then you’re just more likely to be correct if you always play the long side. You know since since this time over here I mean there was no there was no way to know that we would have thought that an uptrend since we hit three thousand eight hundred but now we know in hindsight obviously and it’s still not too late. I don’t think because we’ve. And what’s really important is we did get this renewed sign of confirmation. You know we get one sign of confirmation that this is a bullish trend with the V shape correction. What many people would have called a dead cat bounce and I think that’s very fair to say. But then you keep on getting new signs of confirmations you get a new hire low. And so that gives people a little bit more confidence and then another renewed sign of confirmation because you’ve set a new hire low and then another renewed sign of confirmation because you’ve broken a resistance level. So there’s lots of signs to be looking for and right now because we did get this renewed sign where we ended up breaking above resistance that’s telling me that yes we do still have that bullish power going behind us which means that it can still be safe to take up long positions definitely in my point of view anyway. So our analysts over here has drawn up a chart of what could be happening right now very similar to what I already told you. You know we could end up dipping a little bit lower into the six thousand dollar range if this connects a correction gets a bit deeper dipping just a little bit lower into this range before we end up breaking resistance on our third test and also forms a bit of a cup and handle or actually this would be the cup and this would be the handle so you know you can call it you know on a couple different timeframes then rising right up to resistance at seven thousand seven hundred dumping back down to test support. This is very idealistic really. Bitcoin doesn’t do things so perfectly but this would be the wet dream for a trader essentially bouncing off the resistance over here and then continuing on to break the next area of resistance it’s all very speculative but I think that is entirely possible so I think that would look quite reasonable. You know obviously rising if we end up falling over here rising up to the next area of resistance in the seven thousand dollar range would make a lot of sense how high it goes whether it stops at this box or if it stops at this area of resistance. We don’t really know yet. It’s a bit too early to say. I don’t know why I have these. These this lines drawn here. Hang on let me get rid of this. I must have had this drone for a really long time. You know it’s it’s kind of up in the air whether we do end up stopping at this resistance level or somewhere in between this green box but pretty much regardless of what that is. If you manage to get a log in anywhere before kind of seven thousand dollars with leverage that can be a really nice profit. It doesn’t matter if you end up stopping over here or stopping over here. You know I think it would be reasonable to just have profit taking targets and then you know move the stop loss as you go along as the market evolves and you keep on getting new data to help you decide what you actually want to do. So I think there’s a lot of different ways that you can play this at the moment. If you were looking to take up logs and indefinitely it is looking quite fertile in terms of that trading range to open up some nice opportunities. One of the things which is worth taking a look at is the ECMO cloud on the four hour. It did give us some trouble as we tried to break up. You can see that we did get you know one or two rejections very small rejections out of the cloud and just with wicks on both occasions. But today we did manage to break above that cloud which is absolutely great. Really important to note because that’s actually the first time that we have broken out of a red Ichi Moko cloud since December. Since when was this the 22nd of December. Right. That’s the last time that we broke a bottle of red each emo cloud like conclusively with a candle close and that data saying something you know we are at the end of March. Now it’s the first quarter of 2020 which has come to an end and the world is burning and on fire and everyone’s dying. It’s terrible. And in that time within these three months almost exactly three months. Yeah. Bitcoin hasn’t been able to break a resistance cloud until now. So that is definitely saying something that is an interesting sign to take note of. I think this is good enough. I mean it would be nice to get a little bit of consolidation here or as I said trading back in this cloud and then a little bit higher which is exactly what this chart shows us. We trade a little bit lower into this cloud once again and then go higher. But now you know definitely because we did get that close above the cloud it is safe to say that this is going to stick around you know that this isn’t a fake out you know it would be a fake out if we just had one candle above the cloud and then we started trading back in the cloud again. But we’ve now got three candles trading in this cloud. You know obviously depending on where our current candle closes so pretty safe to say that this is a confirmed breakout that essentially take a look at how much percent we rose above the cloud. So by 4 percent again you know all those signs are that you know if you’re looking for signs that the market is bullish it’s giving you those signs in spades. It’s very very clear right now so. I think it does look good doesn’t really make sense to me given that the U.K. has just gone into lockdown last night. We’ve got a police lockdown here now which is crazy it’s it feels very strange to be living through times like this. I didn’t imagine this being being in my country that I’ve grown up in and that I love so much. Like ever seeing a lockdown like we heard about the stuff back in school learning about World War Two and various different things like that. But it was always something that seemed so far away. But reality is hitting us like a train right now and. And that’s I think a little bit surprising. You know the U.K. has just gone into lockdown many countries across Europe and the world are doing the same. New York City and the like. And. The markets are rising. I don’t really know why I don’t see why but this is bound to happen when the markets have dropped by so much. I think overall the situation is still very bearish globally in every market. But having relief rally is in between is a great opportunity to start trading up to higher resistance levels and then looking for short opportunities and that is exactly what I will do. I will be trading the long side a little bit more but I have to constantly be asking myself Sammy when do I think it’s a good time to re-evaluate this trend and decide that actually the long term bearish trend is probably going to kick back in. When do I have to decide that. And I think it’s going to be at some of these crucial resistance levels. I don’t think it’s going to be at this crucial resistance level because we’re already there and we’ve shown a lot of strength in just a few hours and days leading up to it. So I don’t think it’s going to be this one and that means it may very well be the next one which is painted over here so let’s talk about that one for a little bit we’re going to throw one the V.P. VR indicator and hide the HMO queue and let’s take a look at where some of that resistance is putting us. So. With the V.P. VR we can see a pretty clear spike. Pretty much exactly where we’re trading right now we’re actually trading above that spike. But if you reposition that chart a little bit that spike is exactly where we are at the moment. So it’s kind of up to interpretation but what’s not. You know I should say down to interpretation what isn’t open to interpretation though is where the next spikes are. So I’m gonna drop two lines for those and we can visualize where some of that resistance is and obviously if you don’t know what this indicator is you can search up V.P. VR and for flies in Youtube just literally type that into YouTube and you’ll see my tutorial on it. This is an indicator which shows you where prices have been traded at certain price levels. So sorry where Bitcoin has been traded at certain price levels and you can see that the spikes in areas where we’ve had a lot of trading that just indicates that a lot of volume of bitcoin was exchanged at these price levels. It’s really useful for visualizing where you might start to get some resistance where you might start to get some support. You guys will remember that two times in a row now I told you that based off those very indicators. Not only did I call that we could see very big rises from 3000 up to 5000 but I also traded some of those moves as well booked a actually both ways around now but I think about it this way I booked a 360 percent profit and on the way down a 140 percent profit. So it is one of those indicators that are very predictable and also more importantly I think very easy to read but not many people know about them. This indicator V.P. VR you actually have to pay for it. It’s not free. You need the you need you need a paid plan on trading you you don’t need a particular plan but you just need one which is paid and you’ll get access to it. And I think in order to get this indicator you need to type in volume profile. So what volume profile. I don’t even know Hang on. There is visible range needs like invisible range. That’s it. You’ll see it in the tutorial. But either way we do have those resistance levels visualized over here. You know seven thousand four hundred seven thousand three hundred whatever around about there being one potential area of resistance. And then the bigger area of resistance being around the eight thousand dollar range. I’m not sure which one will top out at. I think what it depends on is actually saying well how do we rise. Do we rise up there with weakness in that case we might stop out at the first level or do we keep on showing renewed signs of strength while we’re rising higher. Because in that case we might end up hitting the second level. And that’s the same exact analysis that I used with you guys to tell you yesterday that I think we’re going to rise to this level so it really is the same thing and what’s really important to do is understand if you’ve employed certain techniques with your analysis like the ones I did yesterday to to understand that you have to go back it’s a trader‘s responsibility to go back and look at what techniques and tactics you used in your analysis to ask yourself how you can replicate the success or mitigate the failures. Once again really really important because what it does overall is it refines your trading style and it refines your analysis and that is important because as any trader will always say you never stop being a student of the market you’re always learning you’re always improving you’re always refining it’s it’s very much that case you know when you start the game of trading it’s not like poker where you start off it at the at the kids table and it’s easy to play and then as you level up and the stakes get higher the games get harder. That’s not how it is in trading when you jump into trading you’re thrown right into the deep end and you sink or swim that’s it. That’s literally it. Either you drown you die or you thrive. That’s it. There’s no in between. And what’s most important about that is there is no easy way in. It’s not easy at the beginning. You know like it’s the same difficulty for everyone which is what I think makes this game so great. If you can be successful at trading you can probably be successful at anything. But the fact that it’s so difficult at first makes it all the more important that you need to know. And you need to see exactly how people are able to navigate the market when they’ve already gone through all the bullshit that you probably have to go through as well. You know most people will have to lose a lot of money in order to learn certain lessons and it’s probably gonna be the same for VIP members as well. It definitely has been in the past. You know there’s no way to skip those steps of losing money. But what you can see is how you come out on the other side. The people who didn’t quit like myself how they’ve come out on the other side with newfound discipline where they’re actually doing things by the book like you know you should. You can see those tactics being used in real time. Once again this member who joined VIP and within the same day booked a beautiful beautiful 53 percent profit another member over here a couple days ago a week or so ago join VIP and then very shortly after just a couple days later ended up paying the entire cost of the fee back in profits purely because he was trading like an absolute hatchet. So if you want to see how that’s possible if you want to see how I’m trading and get updates on the positions that I’m anticipating entering follow these steps over here click on the first link in the description down below. That’ll take you to my free telegram page. There is no sign up process that takes you like five seconds to get in. Then click on at four flies and click on the send message to ask me how to get into the group. But that’s what I’m seeing right now. Potentially a smaller drop downward. I am definitely expecting that we break this resistance soon. You know once we break this area of resistance there is going to be more resistance. Overhead we have to bear in mind that the only thing above us right now is resistance. But you know I don’t think it’s going to be very difficult to break this one especially because we have shown a lot of strength recently so I’m not concerned about breaking this area of resistance. And that leaves the slightly larger resistance you know closer to the eight thousand dollar range which is where we might struggle a little bit more. That is where I’m going to start saying Hey guys I’m going to come back to this longer term chart now which looks absolutely fucking terrible and I’m going to start looking at places to be shorting the market because as much as this does look beautiful to us right now while we have tunnel vision and we’re looking at what Bitcoin is doing on the 1 hour chart of the 30 minute China it doesn’t look very nice. The one day chart is still absolutely terrible. We can’t hide from that. You know what we have is a big big drop followed by just the most textbook rising wage ever. You know it’s it’s it looks so clear to me that this is going to top out at some sort of resistance level and then drop much lower once again whether it drops by a thousand dollars or two or three or four or five a thousand dollars. I don’t know but I think it looks very clear that in this longer term view we are going to have to hit some resistance and get a massive sell off which would kind of trigger another waterfall where the prices drop much lower. That might mean we start trading sideways between you know to certain price levels. I think that would be really really good for bitcoin because what that would mean as Bitcoin is being accumulated. But realistically it could just mean that we end up dipping significantly lower. I don’t really know which one it is. I’m going to stick around and find out with you guys and no doubt if this ship is going down I’m shorting it and I’m profiting from it. That’s what I always like to do. That’s what I did during this initial drop. Hundred and forty percent profit. That’s what I did during this rise. Three hundred and sixty percent profit no matter which way the market is going. I’m going to make sure I can position myself to profit from it. And as safe away as possible. So you’ve heard what I have to say over here. I think it is pretty conclusive. I think it is pretty clear just as clear as that yesterday really I don’t think this trend is running out of steam. You know it looks like it has a decent bit left to go especially because we’ve got such a good sign of strength yesterday. And that’s where I’m at right now. So if you have enjoyed this video head up the like subscribe to take the bell get in the VIP group if you’re ready to level up your trading game and you think that it could help you out. And with that I’m out peace.


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