What’s up guys. Welcome back to another video. So in today’s video, we’re going to be taking a look at the Bitcoin price and huge bullish news for Bitcoin actually coming out. We’re going to be taking a look at basically the Fed admitting that they’ve got an infinite amount of cash and what that means for the Bitcoin price. We’re also going to be taking a look at the House stimulus bills Invision digital dollar to ease the coronavirus recession. Yes, they may be using a digital dollar during these economic times which is absolutely crazy and so so so bullish for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. We’re also going to be taking a look at the Bitcoin price and how my last call on bitcoin was actually very correct. I said we’re going to break out here. We did break out here and we went up and pretty much hit my target up here. So we’re gonna be taking a look at that in today’s video as well guys. If you haven’t already make sure to smash all those lights. We haven’t quite reached 500 likes in any video yet. So if we can smash up those likes that will be great. If you haven’t already. Make sure to subscribe for more notifications when I post the next videos. And also if you haven’t already dropped a comment down below. It literally takes two seconds and you could be entered to an at transit storage device or the equivalent in Bitcoin. So get your comments down below. Right now guys. So let’s take a look at the Bitcoin price. We’re currently at six thousand seven hundred dollars in yesterday’s video. Literally just after filming the video the bitcoin price actually exploded and went up quite a nice amount. We see the price went up upwards of around 17 percent which is just absolutely crazy. I did say in my last video a trade set up that I was going to do as if we broke out from this descending triangle here which is usually a bullish formation that Bitcoin price could actually explode up to this white line target of around six thousand six hundred and then continue to about seven thousand dollars. So the first target has actually been hit from what I said in yesterday’s video and we are almost hitting this seven thousand dollars. It will be very interesting to actually see if the Bitcoin price will touch seven thousand dollars and what it will do if we go up to those prices. We are currently sitting around about 6600 is where we kind of peaked out on the 20th of March just a few days ago. We did peak up into this 7 k range but we were for a very limited time and we weren’t really able to stay there for that long. So nice bullish moves on the for our child from bitcoin. Of course, we are still very much down from these 10k BTC prices that we were all so used to until a massive epidemic happened and crash and fortunately but the bacon price overall it’s looking OK we are rallying between a kind of like fifty-six and seven thousand fifty-five hundred seven thousand dollars. So there is definitely a lot of trading opportunities to be had probably as the Bitcoin price moves a bit further maybe in tomorrow’s video or the day after a lot of updates you guys what I’m going to do and any potential trade ideas that I might have. So that’s pretty much it for the Bitcoin price if we just go on the one day sorry and take a look at how the 200-day moving average is doing. We see we’re still pretty much below it and we do need to increase by around about another 25 percent until we do get back to that 200-day moving average. I remember when we broke up things were really nice we were bullish. And then we came back down tested it broke above it everything looked good and then bam we absolutely dumped. Unfortunately, that’s just the nature of Bitcoin and the market times right now. I’m sure if you are invested in other markets you know to the full extent of how the markets are right now. So guys during these times everyone’s pretty much at home I’ve decided to have a sale on my bitcoin blueprint 2.0 and I normally never ever have sales. This is kind of like a sporadic spur of the moment sale because everyone’s home right now they could be learning and educating themselves to go out there and potentially make some profits with trades during this kind of market it’s not easy of course it’s never easy but the profit profitable trades are actually there to be made. So I think it’s a really great advantage if I can give one hundred dollars discount on that Bitcoin blueprint and also a seven-day money-back guarantee. So if you guys were interested in the bitcoin blueprint the sale is lasting for a few days more or not actually that long and then hopefully everybody can help everyone and everyone can get back on their feet get back into work and just overall the Times can just continue as they were previously. So a hundred dollars discount on the bitcoin blueprint that will be ending soon links stumble over that guys. Now let’s talk about the topic of today’s video which is absolutely huge. Fed infinite amount of cash is the biggest argument for bitcoin yet then United States Federal Reserve has suggested it could print unlimited money. Here’s what that means for bitcoin and the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of monopoly Minneapolis. I cannot pronounce our state at all. Sorry. Neil said that the Federal Reserve has an infinite amount of cash in response to worries over the stock market collapse. This was an interview on speaking on 60 Minutes. Unfortunately, I can’t get the interview I think is region locked arms of any you guys are in the US. I recommend watching that interview. There’s enough cash in the financial system and there’s an infinite amount of cash in the Federal Reserve we’ll do whatever we need to to do to make sure there’s enough cash in the banking system. This is absolutely insane. The Heist. There’s an infinite amount of cash. The Federal Reserve. This is exactly why we need bitcoin. Exactly why Bitcoin is gonna go to that 100 k mark or more. It literally got an infinite amount of money. Well, what happens when they print more money. Of course, it gets just. Inflation happens and it just becomes worth nothing. So the fact that they’re almost bragging that they’ve got an infinite amount of money cash at the Federal Reserve and they can do whatever they need to make sure there’s enough cash in the banking system is absolutely crazy. Bitcoin as I’ve always known that Fiat detached from some kind of peg i.e. gold always ends up with the abuse of money printing. Governments can’t help themselves. And the current crisis just brought front and centre that money printing is one of the few tools they have left the trillions of USD that will be printed will only be unprecedented in history which is absolutely true. Bitcoin has a limit of 21 million bitcoins as we all know where no amount of newly minted Bitcoin halves every four years until minuscule amounts are produced. This is known as Bitcoin hoarding which is actually happening in May which is very very soon away. Comment here on Reddit on our cryptocurrency from the captain. Basically says when market when markets don’t go to infinity then the Fed just prints infinity plus one truly a clown world. Now I wouldn’t usually never feature a common on a Reddit post but I think this is a really really good comment. Basically saying however much the market jumps by the Fed will just print the money plus one. It’s a really crazy world actually living in. Leave your comments down below what you guys think about this comment. If you agree with the captain on what you think they will also enter you into the giveaway for the transit storage device. So if you’ve got to leave the comments just drop them down below. So moving on now House stimulus bills and vision digital dollar to ease coronavirus recession the virtual greenback would help individuals and families survive the shutdown. Under the draft, a bill shared last week. Basically what they say is the. The Federal Reserve the nation’s central bank could use a digital dollar and digital wallets to send payments to qualified individuals consisting of thousand four miners and two thousand four adults. The term digital dollar shall mean a balance expressed as a dollar value consisting of digital ledger entries that are recorded as liabilities in the account of any Federal Reserve Bank an electronic unit of value redeemable by an eligible financial institution. As director. Basically by the governors of the Federal Reserve. It’s just absolutely insane. Neither bill indicates that the program would use a decentralized ledger or any sort of cryptocurrency project. Most likely it probably will not. The individual in the nation preloaded debit card the debit card would initially hold two thousand dollars giving an additional 1000 until one year after coded nineteen pandemics is contained. The treasury secretary would sweep the newly created reserve funds from the minted accounts account to the regular Treasury general account. These funds would then be distributed to U.S. residents through the program. In the long term, the card infrastructure should be converted into a permanent Treasury administrated digital public currency Wallet system. That’s a mouthful to serve as privacy representing e-cash complement to universal Fed accounts and or personal bank accounts. So this is absolutely crazy. They’re basically just printing and making even more money than is already in circulation. Printing money is one thing but making a digital dollar is completely another thing which I mean already now there have access to print unlimited money as we saw in the first article here where it says basically the reserves have an intimate infinite amount of cash they can just print more. But imagine if they could just create more with a digital dollar. It would be even easier and even simple for them to create more dollars. So this is just absolutely mind-blowing. Let me know what you guys think down below in the comments and I think this is a huge bullish reason for bitcoin that we could see the bitcoin price spike even more in the near future. So that’s pretty much it for this video guys. If you haven’t already check out the hundred dollar discount going on on the bitcoin blueprint 2.0 that will be linked down below. And that is for a limited time only. So make sure to join the cause and hopefully I’ll see you inside the bitcoin blueprint 2.0 and catch you in the next video.


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