Today for the bitcoin price. Breaking news, nearly two billion U.S. dollar Teather has been printed into existence. And where, guys, this happened already a few times in the history of Bitcoin. However, guys, this time it is different because we’ll show you shocking data evidence and prove why. This time, the printing of U.S. dollar tether might have an explosive effect here for the bitcoin price to what’s the upside, at least within the next few weeks. Guys, we will show you shocking data proving that you’re on glass, not with another all-time high yet. Also, guys, we will show you a trade. We are having open currently here on Phoenix, so make sure you take a seat. Make sure you smash up the like button on that video to at least 2000, 2500 likes. And that being said, welcome to France and welcome back. German crypto, my name estrus. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight into the content. So, guys, we are here on the weekly for the big contract. We want to talk about U.S. dollar Teather because there has been a massive expansion of the US dollar Teather supply. As you can see here, just a few days ago we were at 4.6 billion U.S. dollars. And right now we at six-point to four billion U.S. dollar circulating supply here for U.S. dollar Teather. And why is it different this time? Because we have been seeing this reckless printing of U.S. dollar Teather already a few times before. Well, guys, usually the U.S. dollar Teather supply follows the price action, so it is not really impacting the bitcoin price. So when the bitcoin price is going down, usually U.S. dollar today getting burned since the demand decreases when the big come prices going up. U.S. dollar teather are getting minted because the demand for U.S. dollar today increases as well. This time it is different. The price was going down heavily and ex-post we saw this U.S. dollar teather supply increasing heavily. And if we go over here to the data here on glass note, guys, this complete minds. What they are showing here is this stable coin supply ratio against the Teather USD exchange balance guys. And what we can see here is as the bitcoin price has been going down here recently in that massive, severe downtrend, we saw the U.S. dollar teather supply actually increasing, especially during the last few weeks. We saw the bitcoin price going down and the US dollar Teather supply increasing, just as you can see it right here. But not only that, the green line here, guys, guess what this is? This is the U.S. dollar teather supply on exchanges. So usually you have a lot of institutions, big whales and so on, holding on a lot of U.S. dollar teather in their cold storage devices on their cold storages. But right now what we can see here is these U.S. dollar teather, namely 1.4 billion U.S. dollar Teather they are held on exchanges right now. So with one mouse click, they can be just put into the order book for buying bitcoin. And this is the very, very first time the U.S. dollar teather supply on exchanges has been increasing so drastically. The last time in fact we saw that here in April, this big spike it. What’s the upside? Which was the first big apps by here in the history of Bitcoin for the US dollar. Teather Supply on exchanges. And guys, you all know what’s happened afterwards. Of course, we are not calling here for a massive pump of bitcoin. But what you can see is the bitcoin price going down and the US dollar teather supply on exchanges going up and U.S. dollar teather on exchanges works a little bit like fiat currency in the real world. It just furthermore gives fuel here towards the upside because it is just inflating the purchasing power of the circulating U.S. dollar. Teather. In fact, guys, if we go over here to this specific statistic, you can see that the exchange inflow of bitcoin and the exchange outflow of bitcoin are approximately the same. In fact, the inflow of bitcoin is 64000 bitcoin and the outflow if we go here is seventy-one thousand bitcoin. So we have more with walls of bitcoin from exchanges rather than on exchanges. Remember, this is Unchained Data and it is actually tracking the exchanges of bitcoin between real addresses and exchange addresses. And we can right now see that even more bitcoin has been withdrawn from exchanges rather than deposited. However, on the flip side, much more U.S. dollar teather has been deposited on exchanges, then withdrawn. So right now we have a huge bunch actually in the history of Bitcoin, the biggest bunch of U.S. dollar teather sitting on exchanges, waiting on the sidelines. Let me open this. And this is the glass, not Twitter account. And they just tweeted out your big credits to them. Stay Bitcoin supply ratio. SS R is near its all-time low. And just as a quick reminder, when this orange lining is at its all-time low, it means that the spread between the US dollar teather on exchanges towards the bitcoin price is the highest in history. Thus, the purchasing power of the US dollar teather on exchanges buys the most amount of bitcoins at this given point of time, and they have been pointing out that here very, very perfectly. And what they are saying is that the low SS means the current state, but pro-con supply has a strong buying power to purchase bitcoin and push the price up. In fact, U.S. dollar teather here. Yes, he twenty. But it’s the same for. Exchange balances at the all-time high. Indicates that those coins are waiting on the sidelines and you can actually see that. We can see by far, by far an All-Time High for the US dollar today on health, on exchanges and just for the last doubters out there. Of course, Guy said this is not a 100 percent certainty that the bitcoin price is going to pump. But right now we have massive evidence that we might see something like this going on. And here we actually have someone else. This is an expert from FDX and she’s giving us some answers. What might happen here with the US dollar Teather? It’s time for some answers. My brief explanation is roughly this. Huge buy-side demand for USD T. It’s coming from either LTC floor, primarily from Asia, US, China. In fact, people selling bitcoin into US dollar tether to hedge positions or people selling bitcoin into US dollar tether to reduce the risk. So with that recent dump, we, of course, saw a lot of bitcoin being sold into US dollar teather but usually what happens if those sellers are losing interest in the markets, especially the institutional ones, they are taking these as the latter. Thus they are going to US dollar Teather and claiming US dollar for that. But this time this didn’t happen. In fact, the demand for U.S. dollar teather got even higher. The people didn’t claim the US dollar. So this U.S. dollar teather is still in existence with the big compress going down. So we have right now massive, massive leverage going on for Bitcoin and we saw that a couple of days ago. And of course, the techniques are not perfect here right now. Even on the lower timeframes, we are seeing consecutive higher highs. But because of that, because of all this unchained data, we opened a smaller position here with free margin on Fee Mexia. Also, guys, and two days ago, approximately, I made a small little mistake. I showed you here the user interface. Our fee makes and accidentally there was. Yeah. My position here down below and I got some EMS on telegram so I might as well just show you this position right now. And actually we went in here approximately at a price of six thousand two hundred sixty-eight US dollars. And as you can see right now, as I said, it is a smaller position here, but at least with a 10x leverage, of course, guys, very, very important. This is only for experienced traders, especially talking about a very volatile asset of bid like bitcoin and then about a 10x leverage, guys. You have to know that there are big, big risks involved. So set this proper stop loss and be sure that you can experience trading before doing that. Well, guys. But for now, so far, this is going well. If it is going south, guys. Of course, we will stay very transparent for you guys and also show you when the trade is going bad. So far, so good, guys. Yeah. Our intrusion and our unchained signals so far have been working very well. However, guys, if you also want to trade pre margin here on the Phoenix, you can claim this free margin just by going into our PIN comment. Click this link here. Put in your email address and your password, and after 0.2 bitcoin deposit, you can actually solely use this free margin here to trade and you don’t even have to touch your own money if you don’t want to. However, this is only for experienced traders and also for everyone who’s interested in this free unchained data of glass. Note It is one of our favourite websites here for untrain data. You can go down. We have a partner link here. This is an affiliate link for glass. Note if you click this specific link here, you’ll get redirected to glass, not you put in your name, your email and your password and you’ll get a completely free account, guys. And if you want to advance data, we have actually a professional account. If you go over here, you can see that. But this is only for institutions, for professionals. If you want only advance data, we would suggest taking this one year for twenty-nine U.S. dollars per month. If you go on a yearly basis, on a monthly basis, it’s thirty-nine dollars per month. So you don’t need this professional account. If you are not an institutional trader if you are not if you don’t have a YouTube channel or whatever. Just take the advance account or the free account here. But make sure you click the link in the pinned comment and take at least the free account guys, because I mean free on Shane Day, Tom. If you don’t take that. I don’t know guys and no guys. Please let us know in the comment section down below. Do you think that this expansion of the US dollar teather on exchanges is a bullish, bearish or neutral for bitcoin? Let us know in the poll which is popping up on top of the screen right now. Click bullish bearish on neutral right now. And that being said, guys, thank you so much for watching. And we will see each other the next one of them. Triptan, as always, guys, as always. Bye-bye.


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