Bitcoin as a top part of the sending triangle. We’re ready to break out. We have an 80 percent chance to win a break. Nine thousand once all these gold buyers realize that they can buy any physical gold. We’re going to come to today for the Bitcoin price with DaVinci. Jeff, F15. We will talk about Bitcoin and the financial crisis, because right now Bitcoin is either trapped in this ascending triangle or in a wedge. But whatever it is trapped in, it will break very, very soon. In fact, within the next few for our candidates, maybe one, two or three days, we will talk about whether a breakout to the upside or to the downside is more likely at this point of time. We will talk about specific price levels, but even more important, we will talk about the financial crisis and the fact that the Federal Reserve balance sheet is right now exploding. We will talk about why we are in a recession already for two or three quarters. And we will also talk about why things are going to get much, much worse than they are already right now. And now, without any further ado, we want to come to the most important question of today, DaVinci Jeff Fifteen, the number one person to talk to in the financial crisis. Thank you so much for being here. And right now, I want to ask you, how are you doing today, my man? I’m doing good, Chris, thank you for asking. I’m here in my basement right now. I had to move locations because it was very uncomfortable in my office. Too much equipment there. And right now, I want to show you a little bit of my basement. If you don’t mind. Here is my theater room, right. And I got the pool table there. Right. And this table here is actually my poker table. Right. And that I’m using right now, since I can’t play poker with my buds right now. So that’s where I have everything set up. Don’t tell that to Peter Schiff, but we are doing bitcoin videos on a poker gambling table that makes untraceable. But it definitely. Definitely. So how are you doing over in the sunny Indonesia, right. Or Tyler talent? Yeah. All right. Sorry, I said the same thing. Yeah. No, I’m. I’m doing well. I’m doing well. We actually have a curfew here right now. Starting from 10:00 p.m. in the evening. But I mean, if that makes the things better, why not? We are constantly concentrating here on content regardless. And especially right now, I mean, big countries right now in a decision time. We are in that triangle formation. And we will inevitably break out very soon. And this is what we are going to talk about. We will talk about the financial crisis, the Federal Reserve. All that good stuff and very, very, very interesting insights here regarding the Bitcoin price and the financial markets. So I’m doing very well to answer your question. And I can’t wait to pull up the charts and see what’s going on right now. All right. Let’s do that right now and pull up to the long term charts, as you know, where weekly looks beautiful. All right. We are above the 200 week moving average. That is a godsend. We want to stay above that at all costs. That’s right. Now at fifty five hundred dollars. If we touch it again, it’s not the end of the world, but we’ve got to stay above that. I’d prefer that we not come back and look at it, actually. Oh, yes. But you know, the market is going to do whatever the market wants to do. The good thing is. Right. Like you said in your last video. Is that a lot of people coming in the market with Teather and they stuck that tether on the on the exchanges. So they’re ready to buy any of these dips to come in. So it’s highly unlikely that we’re going to push it down here. Those guys are going to probably buy it up if it comes out, start coming down. With that said. Right. The trend is your friend to the end. So let’s figure out what kind of trend, long term trend we can go to and what kind of target we can have. I’m thinking of an A-B equal c.d target here where we can see that this is going to bring us all the way to where this line in the sand was, where I was thinking, OK, well, if the market rolls over on this purple line, that’s not a good sign. We’re probably going to go down lower and look at that. We did go and we made a big dump, a dump that I didn’t think were going to happen, but it did happen anyways. And now we’re projected to go all the way back there, which would also close the CMG gap because it’s like only a few dollars off the I mean, gap. So probably what’s what’s like 60 bucks between friends when you’re saying that the top here is around like almost nine thousand dollars, like eight thousand nine hundred fifty dollars to $60. So what’s a hundred bucks between friends, right? Yeah. So, yeah, we can we can see this market definitely go get up here and close the gap for once and for all at the top there. Now, with that said, how do you pay this? How do we how do we play this thing? Because, you know, earlier today on my channel, I had a trade. I was talking to people and saying, hey, listen, if you want to take a chance and run a trade, we’re looking at this channel right here. You want to take a chance on this so you can can do that with with a long trade. But all these stops here that like, you know, I was saying nonstop, nonstop, nonstop. Right. That’s a bad idea. Right. And this would be your stop loss right here. This is their stop loss. And I think this is this. If you want to go forward with the with the trend being your friend, you want to follow this. It’s got us really has the stamp of this trend line went down below it a few times. But the absolute line in the sand is now this. Now that that week there cannot break that week because it’s going to break down here and it breaks down here. The next stopping point then it has to hold is the seventy eight point six. Can’t hold that. We’re going we’re going to break serious market structure and cause some serious damage to the price. You can see that probably if we draw that that triangle that we’re all everybody’s talking about, which is let’s just say it’s this triangle right here. Let’s take this. This trend line right here. Take this and draw it right here. So there we go. So if we break down and break this this trend line right here and make this solid because it’s pretty. It has like three touch points. So might as well make it a solid line. Right. We break this, then the whole market structure completely collapses. We’re probably going to lose this trade that we’ve made. Remember, we did this trade. What day was that, Christine? It was the twenty ninth of March where we were talking. Yeah, we’re talking about that on the twenty. Not to March. Three weeks and months. Is that correct? Exactly. I think we have a little bit more downside. Not much, though. I think they point to will hold us here. If you wanted to take some trade off of this, I would suggest you set your your boss at the bottom of the list of those. These words here and set it by in order. If you can get if we come down more at thirty eight point two, because I create I do really only thirty eight point two is going to hold. And you can see if we wanted to take this like just, you know, do it even just a two to one. Right. I mean, that’s right. Back there. Right. Right back where we are. Pretty much. And so it’s a very good risk reward ratio. And you could actually just take half prophecies and let’s see where the rest runs. Right. Hold on for, you know, Bitcoin and 100 K, actually. Yeah, we were talking about that on the twenty not until March. Marco was coming down and saying, listen, you can’t buy it up here. You have to buy it down here at the thirty eight point two. And look at that. Just I mean, there was like beautiful trade. Right. We just got right in there. Right. You didn’t have to wait too long before you actually got a nice pump. And then, you know, I was time people would take cap profits off the table and let it run to one hundred thousand that we’re been talking about. Just let it run. Walk away from your buy beer or fen phen acts or whatever you’re using for your leverage trade. You do a 5x 10x or whatever on this thing and then let it ride. Right. You take your 50 percent off right here. Right. So that you have some profit. You said stop loss right here and that’s where you go. You let it ride. Now if you want to like add to this trade, that’s not a bad idea, actually, to the hundred thousand. That’s not if you’re in this trade. You want to add to it. It’s not a bad idea. It’s a little risky. But if you want to accept the risk, it’s not a bad idea to add to this trade. I would say you do. You want to add to this trade. You you add to this trade to any kind of wix below this green line. So if it below breaks below six thousand seven hundred, you’re interested in adding to the trade. If it’s if you want to add in this area, I don’t mind doing that. If you do that. But it just gives it adds you’re not playing from a position of strength. So if you want to play from a position of strength, add to the trade below the six six thousand seven hundred four short or poor Shaw or Shaw. OK, so it’s a trade for us, the rest of people who have who are not in this trade. Yes, there is. I guess you could actually do the same thing. We can bring down the trade to the thirty eight point two. It might be a little late because we’ve already tested thirty eight point two several times. Marty, reject it. So it might be too late for you to get in, but this is where you would set your stop loss. And then just take it, too. Don’t get greedy. Point 2 to 1 risk reward ratio and then let the rest. Right. Right. Take a little half of profits off and then let the rest ride. It’s not very far away. And so if this thing goes up and then rolls over, you, you know, you’ve still got some profits. And then there you go. You’re really happy because you’ve still walked away with a little bit of profit on this. This this very quick trade I would’ve really loved was then thanks that you bought this trade up from the twenty ninth of March, because this was actually a perfect one. I think the buy entry was the wrong 5800. We talked about that. We are right. No, actually on the fall away, at least in an uptrend because we have higher highs and higher lows, which is very great. However, we have this propably ascending triangle. Just just to put it out there, what do you think? What is more likely? Are we breaking to the upside, to the downside? In theory and ascending triangle is more likely to break to the upside. However, on the macro perspective, we are still in a downtrend. Do you still think the likelihood is high of us actually breaking towards what’s the upside? Well, I really think the trend is your friend till the end, so I think we’re gonna probably break out to the upside, have a higher probability. I give it like 80 percent chance and we’re going to walk to the upside. So that sounds amazing. And everyone read between the lines. Of course, we said if we don’t break the trend. So if we break below and we create and close also on the 4 or below the previous low, then of course we break the key market structure here. And this is off the table as long as we are not doing that. Yes, the likelihood is high of us breaking to what’s the upside. Thank you so much for that, DaVinci. And I think a lot of people are very happy to hear your new thoughts since the last one played out so well. Can we also talk about the financial crisis? I mean, this is the most important talking topic for everyone. It applies to everyone, not only the bitcoiners, but for every single person in the world. And yet there are some very interesting developments, especially in the Federal Reserve balance sheet. So maybe you can share your opinion about that. Yeah, sure. Like if we take a look at the Federal Reserve balance sheet. Right. Let me just bring that up for you right now, because it’s a it’s it’s it’s scary. It’s just starting off, right? This is just starting. Just starting. Right. As you see, it looks exactly like it happened right here. I mean, we’re a movement group. I mean, it was pretty much flat here, but then it just exploded. And then, yeah, I remember them changing the GDP calculations in order to hide all this stimulus that they need to do between 2011 and then 2013 in order to like hide all of that because the market was like collapsing and they wanted to change the GDP in it to include. Stuff like, you know, lit dust. If they were trying to include they were including exemple like intellectual property that had no value that you weren’t selling just yet, right. You didn’t actually sell. You just like had like present for a patent. It was just created. Yeah, it’s you don’t you know they would ask the market value. Exactly. You don’t know what the market value. So they would sign a value to it. So effectively the GDP is complete. The GDP value numbers are useless so that they can effectively never have a recession with the way they count to the GDP. If you look back, if we wanted to really consider when we had when we were in another recession, honestly, we were in a recession way back here. Why do you say. What do I say? That you can see that right here, this monetary growth was in order. Stimulus was to keep the markets from from from completely collapsing. Right. And we’re still in the recession all the way back since since this since since 2010, September 2010. Right. And that’s when this thing started to grow. So they just you know, it was all covered up all the way through. So this is all recession, tourism everywhere. All this somehow because the GDP, GDP has been calculated too high. The fact is that we’ve been in a recession all of this time. And also, keep in mind that 50 mil around this time, 50 million people were on food stamps, food stamps, 50 million. And no, it’s it’s much worse right now. Look at the unemployment claims. I mean, the jobless claims. I mean, this would be much, much crazier when it comes to my opinion, which is said, it’s just crazy to see what were the effects in 2008. And this crisis would be most probably much more severe than the crisis in 2008. So I don’t even want to think about what is going to happen within the next one or two years if this one is even more severe. Exactly. Exactly. And then, you know, I always rant about the fact that, you know, that there’s no goal to have. Right. And they say, I should’ve went to the pertinent man if I knew they had gold bars left. I wouldn’t want to there. I had. But they’ve they’ve sold out of gold bars completely. The biggest the biggest gold mint in all of the world has no gold along with every other mint and coin shop around the world. And that’s only possible because our prices that you see, that you see for commodities, for your copper, for your silver, for your your uranium, everything that’s all managed, every single price is managed given your stocks are managed by the by the by the by the by the banks and their governments as in order to prevent to make the world and everything’s fine. And it’s sad because you know what? This gold price should be all for there to be gold in the market. The price just has to be slightly higher, probably. And then somebody is going to sell into that price. Right. And provide liquidity for people to want to buy gold at a higher price. But they’re not doing that because they’re controlling the price. And this makes me mad to no end. But the good thing is the good thing is for all you pardners out there is that once all of these gold buyers realize that they can’t buy any physical gold, where they’re going to come to something that they can actually take possession of. You know what they could take possession of. Let me take you to let me take a wild guess. BSB Yes, of course, guys. We are talking about Bitcoin and this is the great news. This is, of course, gold. It’s amazing. But don’t forget that bitcoin is better than gold in some other things, just for example, the one we have been talking about right now. There will be always a market for physical real bitcoin and this is called the spot market. And this is also called the U.S. market. And you can always get some bitcoin as long as you are willing to pay the price and for gold. This is right. No, just not possible. So thank you so much for sharing that, DaVinci. Everyone remind yourself on that. And yeah, I really want to know from you guys this ascending triangle we talked about. Do you think we will break it to what’s the upside or what’s the downside? There is a pole popping up on top of the screen right now. Let us know, too. What’s the upside breakout with the upside or break down to the downside? That would be interesting to know. And in the comment section, we can have some talks about the financial crisis. We will for sure try to answer all the important and good comments here down below. Thank you so much, DaVinci. And yeah, I really want you to know from you also. How’s it going with Panera’s wallet, do you have any updates in regards to that? Oh, I’m glad we asked because I totally forgot to mention that that in our preamble before we were doing the show is that our Web sites are intimately down because of CloudFlare. CloudFlare was our proxy server, which ties our IP address. And ever and I believe that there’s one of their servers were not working properly and some to some customers did not have access to the Web site to me to break the purchase of Pandora’s Wallet to get it at the low price. So we’ve decided to allow everybody to have access to the one month. We’ve lowered the price to the 1 month subscription for tomorrow, starting right now, actually starting right now until tomorrow, midnight UTC time. So you have like 48 hours on most less than 12 hours right now. I think about 22 hours, too. Well, depending on when this video actually gets uploaded. But you have at least 20 hours to purchase Pandora’s wallet and you’ll get access to my telegram group. Oh, you just enter your telegram username into that. Once you subscribe to the pandoras wall for one month subscription, you enter your your your telegram user name group username and you’ll be part of our group and you guys get to see what my trades are, what my portfolio’s like. It’s got destroyed, but that’s OK. You get to see that as well. It depends on the timeframe you with so much faith. It depends on the time frame you’re looking at if you’re looking from 2011 and probably did not get destroyed at all. So in the long term, it is doing very well. Guys, if you are interested in that scroll down in Dippin comment, you will find the link for Pandora’s Wallet and you can sign up for that amazing product with all the nice like perks on the sidelines with the telegram group and so on. And also one and wait. And also one important announcement, you guys. Of course, if you want to support us, you’ll find in Dippin comment the Bible and the Phoenix link. But even more important, if you click on more, you can also find the free secret T-to gun group with DaVinci, Jeff 15- and MMD Krypto team. We are 12000 people in the end. If you click this link, we will share our trading set up with you. You just saw the one like four or five days ago played out pretty, pretty well. So make sure you join this group here in Dippin comment and you’ll get part of the family and also $202 for free on BYB IT and fee makes only for experience traders and only for 0.2 bitcoin deposit. Make sure you check that out as well. So that being said, guys, thank you so much for watching. Thank you, DaVinci, for taking your time, dropping your knowledge bombs on us once again. And yeah, before I wrap up today’s episode, do you have anything to share? I always play for a position of strength. And don’t get wrecked. Do not get wrecked. Guys, thank you so much for watching. And Ruths each other very soon at the next one of them. cryptoassets. Always, guys. As always, click the subscription box right here because otherwise you will be missing out on time sensitive content in the future. And also to kick their bible to which is popping up right here. And that being said, we would see each other very soon at the next one. I mean and it’s always guess as always. Bye bye.


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