Today for the Bitcoin price. The next Bitcoin breakout is imminent right now. Today or tomorrow, Bitcoin is going to break out. What’s the upside or what’s the downside? And guys, we will tell you exactly what we think, in which direction Bitcoin is going to break out. And we will also show you all one specific price target here for Bitcoin in the immediate short term. We will show you our own trading setup. We will show you our trade on Phoenix. But even more important, we will be zooming out here on the weekly candles. And we will be showing you one specific thing which happened for Bitcoin right now, actually today here. This bullish flip on the Yemi weekly ribbon. And this happened only three times in the 10-year history of Bitcoin. We will show you exactly what that means for the big compromise in the immediate short term, guys. And I can already tell you that this is considered to be extremely bullish. Also, guys, next up, we will show you that the number of big Conways is right now going exponential. The smart money is continuing to stack sets right now. And also, guys, we have put in the first blue dot here on the stock to the floor model. Well, guys, we will show you exactly what that meant for the big comprise in the past. And we will show you exactly what we think is going to happen for Bitcoin also in 2020 and 2021. So make sure you take a seat. Make sure you smash up the like button right now to at least 3000 likes. And that being said, welcome to France and welcome back to Rome and Krypto. My name is Chris. And as always, we are really pumped to go straight for the content. All right. Let’s start at the four only candles for the Bitcoin price. And as you can see, Bitcoin is trapped in that triangle formation. And this one is a little bit more likely to break. What’s the upside since we are going into that triangle here in an uptrend? And also, of course, right now we are here fighting with that resistance line for the fourth time actually here when we beam when we established it. Then the second time, the third time, we were actually rejected yesterday on a Sunday, you know, on the week. And we don’t have all too significant price action. And right now we are fighting with it for the third or for the fourth time. We can be rejected here. But of course, the first area of support will be approximately at the 9600 U.S. dollar levels. So, first of all, the question is, what is the price target in case we are breaking out today or tomorrow or whether it is after the next rejection year or whether it is here? Yeah, directly today with hopefully also confirmation of the breakout. Well, for this, we, of course, want to pull out the measure price move here. And this will approximately but only approximately Atley at eleven thousand eight hundred U.S. dollar levels. And everyone who is in Bitcoin for more than a year knows that eleven thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars. The price target of this break out here equals up perfectly, but really perfectly with this CMG gap, we have created. Yeah, approximately here in August 2010, 19 guys, everyone who remembers this, this is the last. Yes. C.M.A. Get above us at eleven thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars, which still remains to be filled, even though we are not the biggest fancy of the CMU gaps. But besides this price target of eleven thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars, it’s much more important right now. Here to zoom out to the Weekly because extremely interesting things are happening here on the weekly chart. First of all, with the weekly closed yesterday, guys, look at this. If we are combining here this and we are drawing the parallel channel here, which will set up all the way back from Yapp July 2000 and TEMS 19 from the 14000 U.S. dollar high here. You can see that we have been establishing this parallel downwards channel here with multiple track earlier touch points on both the sightseer, basically, and that big with the yesterday’s weekly close has finally, finally for the first time since like a year or so, yet closed above this channel here setting and potentially this finally year upwards channel here, because it was key to break this key market structure here to the downside. And, of course, everyone will see a little bit more on the pessimistic side still. Well, guys, I do understand that basically, because we have also this downward sloping trend line here, the proximity from the end of 2018. He has set up, which still remains to be broken. But this was the first step here to what’s the upside? And in case we are breaking above this year, we can finally for sure say that we are decisively here breaking the key market structure. But then yesterday’s weekly close was the first step directly into this direction, guys. The next thing I want to mention, though, here, and we can stay at the weekly Kanas is the Yemi Weekly Reben, because something mindblowing just happened today. If we are looking at this guys and look at this very closely, this orange light, this yellow line here, it’s the shortest moving average on the Yemi week room just flipped here above the long term moving averages and. This is called a bullish flip on the EMC, a weekly ribbon’s, and the last time this happens, it did not happen to a lot of times. Actually, the first time it happened right here in May 2019, we went into this short term uptrend here all the way up to 14000 U.S. dollars. And even more important to mention is that it not only happened here in 2019, but it also happened two times before, only two times in the ten-year history of Bitcoin. And if we are zooming out here, let me go into the long chart. You can basically see that the last time that happened here was in 2015, December. And guys, you can see what’s happened after what’s bitcoin was due for this massive, massive uptrend. He always supported by this. Yeah. Yeah. A weekly ribbon here. So this was extremely bullish. And the time it happened before you can see it on the B.L. X here on the Bitstamp chart, you cannot really see it. But if we go to the B.L. eggs, you can see it happened approximately here. And this, of course, gave us this next up run for Bitcoin, where Bitcoin was also supported by the EMC weekly ribbon. Of course, the percentage of games is declining. But here we saw like a 200 X after the flip of the Yemi weekly ribbon. Here we saw approximately. Yes. Let’s see here. The flip was right. He had three hundred U.S. dollars. We saw a one hundred twenty-one hundred thirty X all the way to the top. Well, this one here was a little bit underwhelming. Still, it was a 50 percent increase. And of course, it remains to see how this flipping me off the Yemi Weeki ribbon will impact the Bitcoin price. One thing is for sure. It is very bullish, especially on the weekly candles. So, guys, keep in mind, we have the EMEA weekly ribbon flipping here. We have this symmetrical triangle. Let’s call it a symmetrical triangle here right now being very likely to break out towards the upside. And we, of course, also have the eleven thousand eight hundred U.S. dollar measure to move price target here for the Bitcoin price in the immediate short term, especially for May. First of all, before we go into the next point for today, guys, I do want to know from you guys. Do you think we can reach eleven thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars in cost, this last CMU gap here within May? Let us know in the poll, which is popping up on top of the screen right now. Click the poll right now and let us know yes or no. And now, guys, I want to go on to the next point here for today. Before we actually open up here, Phoenix, and show you our trade, our update here for our trade. We are having open here on Phoenix and how we are planning to rule the situation, how we are planning to play this situation for Bitcoin. Before that, I wanted to show you two things. First of all, the number of whales has increased to a new high here in the last week. So everyone right now is in this denial stage. We are getting comments down below. Guys, we are breaking down. We are seeing 3000 U.S. dollars, 4000 U.S. dollars here after the break down. Bitcoin is about to crash. So this could be list United States. But however, guys, the smart money, the whales, they are accumulating right now, you can see the ways are buying Bitcoin right now in that exact moment. And, of course, it is always pretty valuable to look at what the big money, what the smart money is doing, not only here, the ways, but also on the CMA. You can see the open interest hitting new all-time highs. The institutions are interested in Bitcoin right now, not only billionaires like Paul Tudor Jones but the next thing, guys. This is completely mind-blowing. You all know the stock to floor ratio and created by Plan B here. Big, big credits to one hundred. Join us for us. And glass, no, you can see this model here right now is set in the first blue dot. Of course, the blue dots show that we are 1400 dollar a days before the next halving. And of course, the redder it gets, the closer we are getting to the halfling. And you can see within the last cycles, always after the half, we have set and here this first blue dots. And look what’s happened afterwards, guys, after the halving, every single time when we have set in this blue dot here, this blue dot, you saw that the bitcoin price was due for a massive parabolic up a run here, not only in 2012 13. No. Also in 2016 17 and up until the end of 2017. And guys, of course, things can change. But from a historical confidence level of 100 percent. Guys, look at this. We have set in the first blue dot here and of course, only Becke backed up by the history guys. I can only tell you it is at least likely here with that supply shock of Bitcoin here with that new Halfan coming up, that Bitcoin will see much, much higher price levels in 2020, 2021. If you are if you ask us and this is also the reason for the second poll I want to pull up today, guys. Do you think to click the poll of the second poll here today? Do you think we will see a bullish 2020, 2021, according to this model here? Click the poll right now and let us know. Yes or no. Do you believe in that? Do you think? There will be bullish or do you think it will be bearish? And next up, guys, everyone in the telegraph group is right now asking Chris, how is it going with your trade on feme X, by the way, Tillicum group Free Telegrammed Group A link in the description on Millo underpin comment down below. Make sure to check it out. Well, I wanted to show it to you guys right now. What you can see here is that we are approximately one hundred fifty, one hundred twenty percent profit here. Approximately ten thousand. Eleven thousand U.S. dollars right now. And yes, we are still waiting to close this trade here. We will take our next profits approximately at the ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollar levels. And of course, in case we are breaking out, we want to take this one here all the way up to eleven thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. Big transparency here. Guys, this is our subaccount, as you can see it right here. So there are no closed orders here before. But I wanted to show to you here for the full transparency if we are going to the main account, guys. You can see that we have no new order here and they are closed. Orders are still profitable. Profitable, profitable. And this last term trade to you where you are wiped out here because I forgot the stop loss is still the last trade. So we didn’t tight any orders yet from you guys. We have three profitable ones. This one negative one. And of course, guys, right now we are having here this one profitable trade here. We just opened up here recently and this one is still profitable. And of course, if you do also want to trade on BYB It or Phoenix, we have all our trusted exchanges down below in Dippin Comment. If you just scroll down right now to the PIN comment, you will find here our PIN comment, the first comment here on top of the comment section. You can find BYB it, Phoenix and Jewed X. This trade is opened upon by its own fima x. Actually, if you go to the pin com. If you click this specific feme X link endpoint comment you’ll get redirected. You can put in your email address and your password and within 24 seconds you got your own account and after zero point two bitcoin deposit you’ll get one hundred twelve dollars completely for free guys. No strings attached. Make your check. Sure. To check it out and you can withdraw the profits from your free trade. But of course, very important guys. This is only for experienced traders. But if you are. Make sure you take advantage of our PIN comment free bonus this year and we will see each other very soon at the next one. I mean, crypto on as always, guys, as always, make sure it’s much up the like that to at least 3000 likes. And that being said, guys, we use each other already, Shimaa. The next one of the crypto. And as always, Casey has always.


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