Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. John Maynard Keynes. And with that said, what is going on over one sunny day CRE here and welcome back to another episode. No, I’m not just talking about the price of Bitcoin. I’m also talking or I’m especially talking about the traditional markets, because what I’m about to show you today is absolutely mind-blowing and makes zero sense, at least in my personal opinion. So today we’re not just going to talk about the price of Bitcoin, but once again about the traditional economy. So let’s jump right into it. Let’s get started with the price of bitcoin and a potential danger zone for those people are asking right now because the price of bitcoin is falling. Where would bitcoin be in a danger zone? For me, this is actually quite clear. I do that analysis based on a volume profile. So basically I can see at what levels people were trading bitcoin in the past. So what levels are likely that they are going to hold? And for me personally, a very important level to hold is this right here. And that would be approximately six thousand four hundred six thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. So as long as we’re trading above that level, I’m not particularly worried. But if the price of bitcoin would fall below that six thousand five hundred six thousand four hundred dollar level, well, then I definitely have a look at lower potential targets. I personally believe that the bottom is in. I personally don’t believe that we’re going to see lower lows again and the three thousand eight hundred or even the three thousand three hundred here back in the day. But still, the likelihood would get increased if we would fall into that danger zone below six thousand four hundred US dollars. So, so far so good. Nothing to worry about too much yet. Let’s have a look on lower timeframes. Well, probably already figured what happened in yesterday’s episode. And also earlier, I was talking about a potential rising wedge. And so far it looks like that. Exactly. This has been playing out. The good news here is. And the reason why I’m not calling here for a massive breakout to the downside is that we have not to build lower lows yet. And that is very important for most of the traders, at least out there. But also, if you think about the sentiment, if you think about the psychology, if you think about how orders are getting stacked up in the order book, as long as we’re not hitting lower lows locally, the situation is basically still OK. So what we’re currently looking at in here is a low of approximately six thousand eight hundred eighty U.S. dollars while recording this video. And that last low was at approximately six thousand six hundred and ninety US dollars. So there’s still a small gap in there. Of course, if we have a look at this rising in here, we clearly broke out to the downside. But once again, you guys know how it is. I mean, this used to be an ascending triangle is now a rising wedge. So, yeah, you guys know how it is with these chart patterns. They’re very subjective. But if you have a look at the rising, which definitely broke to the downside, not signed yet. Also, if we Sooliman in here a little bit and check out the volume real quick, we can see that. Well, a little bit of volume actually happened on this break in here, but nothing all too significant. So we definitely have to observe the situation once again as long as we’re not falling below the six thousand four hundred US dollar mart. For me, the situation is technically still OK. If it would fall below that, then the likelihood is going to get higher that we’re going to see even lower prices than that. But now let’s talk about the main topic of today, and this has something to do with the quote from the intro. Markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. And it’s actually quite interesting that this was said by Mr Cane’s for those people who know the difference between Keynesian economics and Austrian economics. That’s also something which is very important. If you’re interested in bitcoin, if you have read the Bitcoin standard, for example, you know the difference or you should know the difference in here. But this is a very interesting quote and it’s even more interesting who actually said that. But today is the perfect day to show you an example. And when I saw this today, this kind of blew my mind. And I’m very interested in what you think. Down below in the comments section as well. So the news of today is this right here or this is the most interesting chart off to date. Those are the new jobless claims in the United States of America. Now, what we’re looking at in here is the 2008 recession. And as you can see, there was a tiny bump in here compared to what we see right now of jobless claims, but not even 1 million per week. Right. What we’re looking at right now due to the C virus was in the first week, approximately 3.3 million in the second week, 6.6 million. And now, again, more than 6 million. So we’re currently talking about almost 17 million Sharpless claims in the United States of America. Not every child can think about what that means for the economy. If people are not going to. Work. They’re not producing anything. If people are not producing anything, then no economic worth is getting generated. So, therefore, the stocks of these companies should actually fall. But guess what happened? Well, you guessed right. Pretty much exactly in the same hour when this news was getting published. The futures of the S&P 500, they pumped. Once again, we had the news of another week of an absurd amount of people claiming that they’re going to be jobless and the S&P 500, which would represent the U.S. economy, pumped. Now, do you remember those guys who were telling us that the price of bitcoin is manipulated, that the whole crypto space is manipulated? But what do you think about this? I mean, this is the perfect example of a market being irrational, of a market being manipulated. Let me know your opinion. Down below in the comment section about this. I’m very excited to read your comments, but of course, that’s not all of it. The show must go on. The Fed will pump another 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars into the economy. Here’s why this time is different. And no, guys, this is not old news. This is not the 2 trillion we’ve already been talking about. This news is from the 9th of April. So from yesterday. So, yes, this is another two thousand and three hundred billion U.S. dollars getting pumped into the economy. And I’ve already shown you the Venezuelan bolívar that is being used to make handbags out of it into yesterday’s video. I’m not going to do that again. But if there is more money on the market, if there is more money going around, well, then your money in your pocket is worthless. That should be clear by now. But that’s still not all of it for all those people out there who still believe that this debt cat bounce in the economy is real and we’re gonna go to new all-time highs. Well, maybe, maybe the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones and other indices, maybe they’re going to reach new all-time highs. It’s definitely possible. But look at this sign. The Fed balance sheet is getting bigger and bigger and bigger. Well, in the end, maybe everything is owned by the Fed. And is that really a good life then, when everything is owned by the Federal Reserve? Not quite sure about that. You can also let me know your opinion about that. But what we can clearly see in here is this grey area was the last recession and what happened with the Fed balance sheet. And well, if you are not seeing the signs right now with this balance sheet going up like this, well, I really don’t know what is. So be very, very careful investing in stocks right now. Maybe all these crash profits were wrong. Maybe they are wrong. But the signs are very, very clear. And for the end of the episode, once again, don’t forget, markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent. And with that said, that is it’s already for today’s episode. Thank you guys very much for watching. You guys are interested in trading bitcoin and all coins like a theorem X or P linked Teslas like a coin and also gold on leverage here on the premix platform. A video tutorial popping up by my side right now with my sign of blink. Down below you can get up to a one hundred and twelve dollar bonus that also supports the Channel Ten guys were much for that and hopefully see all the few in the next one. Good luck out there. By.


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