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In this emergency update, the bitcoin price is going completely parabolic after breaking out of this horizontal triangle that I covered all my channel. We’ve seen the Bitcoin price completely take off to the upside and is currently breaking above nine thousand dollars. I want to talk about this green resistance zone up here. And if you think that that sounds interesting, then I think that you should. Difficult. Into the moon, my name is Carl, and I’m going to bring you this emergency update. The Bitcoin price is completely, completely breaking out parabolic here. Let’s take a look at what we are seeing. First of all, I always talk about the volume and look at the volume. We are seeing a crazy daily volume spike way above all of the previous volume candles indicating that we are definitely seeing the breakout. And that was, of course, obvious way before when I’m recording this. But the volume is confirming that we have left the consolidation phase and this is basically the proof that Bitcoin is going bullish and we’re not going bearish. And I wanted to get some resistance up here, of course. But you can see this rising wedge that we were looking at. And Bitcoin basically broke to the upside of this rising wedge. And interestingly, most of you probably remember this horizontal triangle that I pointed out here, the chart. And if I were to just show you once again how I measured the targets, if we do this and then put this at the point of the breakouts, you can see that Bitcoin perfectly came up and met the target of approximately eight point seven eight point eight thousand dollars. So this was a perfectly executed trade based on this technical analysis and classic technical analysis works out very well sometimes. And in this case, Bitcoin came perfectly up to the target. But now with the question, where is Bitcoin heading? Bitcoin is currently above nine thousand dollars, which is, of course, a major psychological level. And Bitcoin is right now running into this resistance area that I put in the chart because of some resistance back, their support there, some support right there. You can see. And also resisters support resisters. It’s an obvious problem area. And this area ranges from nine thousand one hundred and ninety down to eight thousand nine hundred and ninety approximately. So that is a resistance that we should keep in mind as Bitcoin is pumping currently. And why is Bitcoin pumping like that as well? Just like I talked about in yesses video, Bitcoin is breaking above the 200-day moving average, this red line here. Let me just make a little bit more visible. You can see it is red line and Bitcoin broke above it even got a daily close above it. This is a very, very bullish sign. And if you go over to the weekly chart, I mentioned that also yesterday that we are breaking above this. This pink line or this purple line, the twenty weekly. This is the most important moving average in Bitcoin history by far. You can see that when we call bricks above it right there. That’s what we saw, this major parabolic run-up where we broke it down there. We saw a big bear market. Basically, this is a huge event that just took place indicating that Bitcoin is officially now in a bull market. We are officially in a bull trend. And this is a very, very bullish sign for the coming weeks and months leading into the having. And remember what I said yesterday, we have one, two, three, four, five, six weeks of bullish weeks here. The six green weekly candles. And basically what I talked about yesterday was that back here we saw the exact same thing. One, two, three, four, five, six. And the seven weekly candles here was a huge bluish candle to the upside. And that’s why I said yesterday that this is looking very, very bullish because we saw this exact setup back here. And if we were to see another big pump here above the 20 weeks, then something like this is what we could expect, a big weekly candle. Most of you probably remember this when Bitcoin went from 4000 all the way up to 5000 and 26 percent weekly candle there. And we are seeing the exact same thing replicated once again. So this is very, very interesting that we’re seeing the same thing happening all over again. So it’s very, very interesting, as you can see by this chart here. We saw a big capitulation bounced off of the two hundred weekly. And there we broke above the 20 weekly and saw a big parabolic move. What if we see the exact same thing here? A big capitulation bounces off of the 200 weekly breaks above the 20 weekly. Just like last time. What if we are now in for a massive parabolic run up into the having? This is what seems to be the obvious scenario, staring us in the face. And it is possible that Bitcoin might get rejected right now by this big resistors box. But if we could breakthrough, I think that this is the next obvious resistance area, ten-point 5000 down to ten points four. If Bitcoin breaks above ten point five. And then, honestly, I think that that is probably the signal that Bitcoin might be going to twenty thousand much faster than people had been expecting previously because there is not a lot of resistance above that level. If I were to pull out the V.P. arm, we will be able to see that after that level. You can see hereafter this level, there is not a lot of volumes traded in the V PVR. And I think that if we break above Temple five K, then we could see these massive, massive daily candles where Bitcoin is going to go basically extremely bullish after the having and go to twenty K. Much, much sooner than people expect right now. This is a very, very bullish turn of events. And of course, there is one more line I want to point out before I close this video, and that is the following line. If I take a line from the all-time high down to where we are right now, we can see that Bitcoin might be running into some trouble here from this major resistance line. This major donors turning resistance and a pullback is possible. But on the flip side, if Baker is able to break through this resistance, then we don’t have any other downward strength to resist as this is the last one. And essentially, Bitcoin is going extremely bullish right now, breaking all kinds of resistance and. Yeah. Please leave a comment down below. What are your price targets for the next few days and weeks? Here will be can be above ten thousand dollars after having please leave your comments down below. Guys, let’s see if we could push this video to three thousand likes. That would be amazing. And also, if you are an experienced trader and if you want to take advantage of these price swings, you can sign it to buy it or Phee makes you have these deposit bonuses. These are my current recommended exchanges for Bitcoin trading only for experienced traders. But this is their video. Thank you very much for watching. And if you haven’t seen this video, click right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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