What some guys go back to another video. So in today’s video, we’re going to be talking about how bitcoin and cerium could potentially be on the brink of absolutely exploding. Yes. We’re going to be taking a look at some bitcoin and a theorem price action in today’s video, seeing exactly where those prices could go and what that could mean for the future prices of them. We’re also going to be taking a look at how biomass has burned over fifty million dollars in BMB and has recorded record-high trading volume. We’re also going to keep on with the theme of violence, unfortunately, or fortunately, if you’d like them about violence chain releasing a white paper for small contract enabled blockchain. And we’re finally going to round off the video by taking a look at the former back to CEO appointed to Trump’s task force for reopening the U.S. economy. All that good stuff is coming up in today’s video. So make sure you sit back, relax and enjoy the video. All right, guys, welcome back to another video, I hope you’re all doing well if you haven’t already, make sure to smash of those likes if we can hit 1000 likes. As always, they’ll be absolutely great. And if you haven’t already and you would like to see more of my videos, make sure to subscribe and take that notification bell so you get notified when I post my next upload. And as always, don’t forget to comment down below if you want to be entered into the giveaway to win the trees at storage device or the equivalent in Bitcoin. It literally takes two seconds and you could be entered to win something for free. So get your comments down below right now, guys. Let’s get on with the video. So Bitcoin recently came down and almost touched this seven K level, which is actually really, really interesting that we did not actually go down and touch that seven K level. And that is reasonably bullish in the immediate short term. We then had a nice little bounce from here to about 1 to 2 percent, give or take up to about seven thousand one hundred thirty dollars. Well, we topped out recently. Right now I’m really, really interested in the bitcoin price. I really want to know if we are going to go up and touch this 72 hundred dollar level again if we do touch it. Please. I really need to see it closed above it for me for us to remain bullish. Not only that, guys, but I do want to see if the bitcoin price will actually come back down here and touch this 7 K level. If it doesn’t touch that K level. Well, we could see it go down to around the sixty-nine hundred dollar level. If not, we could see it go all the way down to about seventy sixty-seven hundred. Sorry. But I really think with everything that’s going on with the bitcoin halving going on around 24 days until the bitcoin hoving is here. I really think you would have to be not stupid, but you would have to be. There is more chance of bitcoin being bullish than bearish. So I really do hope we can close above this 70 to 100 dollar level anytime soon. And just basically get on with going to the moon. All jokes aside, I do really hope we can get over the seventy-two hundred dollar level and then hopefully go ahead and test-retest back on the 70 $374 levels where we weren’t even there that weren’t that long ago, a few weeks ago. And then we can break this seventy-four hundred dollar level and continue up. So as always, guys, there’s no real shock here. The immediate term is 70 200. We need to break this level, not immediately. I don’t want to see us break below the seven thousand dollar level, at least for a long time at all. I just need to see is above 7k, which we are, and above 70 100. There’s really not much more to know about the bitcoin price right now. The harvest is coming. You really should hopefully be somewhat bullish. I think it’s a really bullish thing. It only happens once every four years. And to not be bullish during these times? Well, I definitely am bullish. That’s all I can say. Let’s go ahead and take a look at theory and guys, a theory. And we can see arrows and the massive skyrocketing price of two just below $300 in February of this year. We then saw a massive dump which happened of obvious reasons for a rather large amount, about 64 percent. Now, currently, since the bottom down there, we are up around about 93 percent, which is absolutely insane. And a theorem has been doing really well recently. One thing I want to see for a theory is I really want to see as a break this one hundred and seventy-five hundred and seventy-six dollar level. We did actually find a little bit of resistance here on this $175 level and we’ve shown it in the past back here and multiple times in the past a game. So this hundred and seventy-five dollar level, if we can break it and go up and test 200, they’ll be absolutely excellent if we don’t break it. Well, we’re going gonna be still trading within this range between hundred and fifty and one hundred and seventy-five dollars. A theorem is also fairly bullish at the moment as well. We’ve seen great price growth from it. And again, if you don’t have a theorem in your portfolio, I personally think it’s a great one to hold. I do hold a theory. I don’t plan on selling it anytime soon. So that’s pretty much a theory. There’s not really much going on there. If we go ahead and take a look at the volume for theorem, we can see that it’s still not that great. It’s still also like Bitcoin. The volume has been trading down. We did have this massive pump back on the 6th and which did spike the volumes level levels up. We had another pump, which is not the same size, a little bit smaller. So the volume was not quite there as much. However, that the volume now has slowly been spiking often, fortunately. And I really would like to see volume across the whole board of Bitcoin theorem and everything else increases. And before we do, in fact, go ahead and test these like $72 levels and break above them very, very confidently and break above this $175 level comp comfortably on a theory. So guys, if you were interested in trading particular levels, I really recommend fee mix to exchange. I’m currently trading on right now. They also have pretty much the best offer when it comes to new deposit bonuses. If you deposit zero points. Bitcoin you can actually get one hundred and twelve dollars for free by far and away from the best deposit offer out there right now. So if you were interested in leverage trading and you are a more experienced trader, the link would be down below for Phoenix. And I recommend joining as it’s a really nice platform where you can trade with a decent amount of leverage. You can also have swap accounts as well. So if you want to go long on one account, short on the other account, you don’t need to open a completely new account of a completely new bitcoin address there. You just simply transfer in half a second to your other account. So fee mix will be linked down below. So guys, let’s go ahead and talk about buying on the next two articles will be about finance. If you don’t like finance for a reason, you can skip to later in the video where we talk about but my thoughts on finance. I don’t personally dislike it. I think they are maybe becoming a little bit too large. I feel like Byner is just kind of the Amazon of the crypto industry where they’re just trying to buy open I2P every company around them and just become this massive behemoth of a company, which definitely isn’t a terrible thing. However, they may become a bit too centralized when it comes to cryptocurrency if everything is all revolving around Bynum’s. That’s just my two cents on it. If you want to let me know what you guys think about Bynum’s, let me know down below in the comments section that sent you to win the trays, a storage device or the equivalent in bitcoin. And of course, I would love to know your opinions on Bynum’s. So going over this article, finance burns over 3.3 million BMB worth over 50 million dollars, which is crazy. He goes on to say that the lust this is the 11th PNB burn is approximately 50 percent higher than the last burn, claiming the title of the largest BMB. And to date, every quarter we will destroy BMB based on the trading volume on the platform. And until we destroy 50 percent of the total supply of BMB, that’s basically what BMB is. One thing I wanted to cover here is this is a really interesting little image here. Balance 11B 11th burn complete and you can see each burn. It has the amount burned, a percentage of the supply, the USD value we can see this is by far and away the largest and this is the interesting part, the BMB price. So I personally anytime BMB dips under $10, I try and buy a little bit. I don’t actually hold that much. BMB Although I would like to hold more simply for a financial gain perspective more than I fully agree with everything they are doing. I just think anything on a $10 is a reasonable price. And I did say that a few weeks ago, a few months ago and my top 5 old coins to buy. I did say that as well if you want to watch that video. So currently we can see here 15 55 was the current burn before that, 17 before that. On the 8th burn, it was $30, which is crazy. And this burn look at this justice sics burn under $6, which is absolutely crazy. So yeah. Furthermore, the 11th burn effectively removes 1.6 9 percent of the circulating supply, creating more value for BMB holders. I do somewhat agree with that. Yeah. Let’s go ahead and take a look at bonus chain releases. A white paper for Smart Contract, Embedded Blockchain. Again, our references again, violence is literally doing everything and anything they can to be the biggest company in crypto. Chains chain developers have proposed specifications for a new blockchain which would enable smart contract functionality with the BMB ecosystem. The new Barnat smart chain will be independent but tightly integrated with the original finance chain. The team explains that it had to create a new chain in order to maintain high performance of the original, which helps violence’s decentralized exchange which holds the Bynum’s decentralized O’Bannon’s. He goes on to say that the execution of a smart contract may slow down the exchange on factors relating to trading. To prevent this, the team is instead launching an independent theorem compatible smart contract and blockchain connected through across chain Birge for BMB, which is to be expected proof of stake like consensus. The consensus algorithm of the new chain is no proof of stake authority. Very similar to the distributed proof of stake of OS. And there will be a set of 21 active validators who take turns in producing the blocks. They will be voted by BMB stakeholders which will who will also lock their tokens to express their preferences. Also, like us as well due to the token economics of BMB predominant stake in the network. So yeah, you’ve got to keep that in mind that due to the token economics of BMB, pilots are always going to have a prominent stake in that network. Each validates his share of the transaction fees does not depend on how much stake is pledged to them. This means users will be penalised for pledging to popular validators as they will need to share rewards with more participants, which is actually very nice and it does solve an issue. Currently going on, the team argues that this will actually prevent the stake concentration on winner wins for every problem seen on that network, which is. Really nice feature, guys, finally moving onto the last article. Former bank CEO appointed to Trump’s task force for reopening the economy. This is interesting. The former CEO of Bank and current Republican senator for Georgia, Kelly Loafer. I can never pronounce a name. I’m just gonna call it. Kelly has been rewarded with a new appointment despite recent controversies. She tweeted out saying, Thank you, Donald Trump, for appointing me to your task force, reopening America in the wake of Cauvin 19. This appointment, however, follows hot on the heels of the news that Kelly sold off seven figures worth of personal stocks after being present at a closed-door Senate Health Committee briefing in late January, sparking allegations of her illegal insider trading. Basically, they had a health committee in January about the Coronavirus, and they were saying that this could have a big effect on not only health but the economy as well. She then basically went home and sold all her stocks and people were not happy about it. Trump’s task force, basically to provide counsel to the president on reopening an America America in the wake of COVID 19. Yesterday, Trump unveiled federal guidelines for getting America back to work. These will be staggered, but do not yet have a clear target date. Sorry, guys. That’s pretty much it for today’s video. As a small recap, I do want bitcoin to cross the seventy-two hundred dollar range. I’ve been saying this for weeks now. We have tested it warns twice just in the past a week or so. I really hope we can close above it. For us to remain a bullish theory and wise, if we can close above one hundred seventy-five and remain supported here and test this $200 range, that will be more than good enough for me to remain bullish. So thanks for watching today’s video, guys. I will catch you tomorrow.


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