Today for the bitcoin price a very very big move is coming for big turn within the next two or three days and two guys this big move will be determined by rail activity because the waste right no no something you don’t know we will show you very very interesting and compelling evidence that their wages all right no planning one of the biggest moves we have seen here this year these statistics are the very pivotal point right now we will tell you how to read a total understanding and total interpreted for the price right now we will talk about all of that and also the technique is because because right no trip in the symmetrical triangle leading here into the bump and run reversal pattern we talked about three days ago in this video here and as we expected we actually broke down here and confirm to break out we would tell you exactly what all of that means for the bitcoin price and the direction of the break okay whether we would break out all the way up to two this is specific price target to get above ten thousand US dollars or whether the rails will be strong enough to push us don’t go from this resistance area all the way down here to the four thousand five thousand US dollars yes we will be talking about all of that so make sure you take a seat make sure you smashed up the like button right now to at least two thousand two thousand five hundred likes and that being said welcome for prevents and welcome the German crypto my name is Chris and as always we are really pumped to go straight into the content okay I so first things first before we go into the very important and M. interesting day to get both the whales indicating that they are planning the next move for because right now we want to talk about the tape because because especially to day the technicals are more important for the immediate short term and as you can see bitcoin is right no trip in the symmetrical triangle right now and the question everyone is asking would break out to the upside or.

The downside and we will talk about that this symmetrical triangle he is a right now leading into the bump and run reverse the pattern you remember we covet the bump and run review also here three days back in this video and we talked about the three faces the lead in face of the bomb face and then the run face after the break out and re broke old actually but we also talked about that we are not trading that unless we are breaking down remember we covered it in proximity here at seven point two thousand and two we are confirming the break out by bouncing here at the downward sloping support line actually let me play with this clip from the video three days ago this is very very important if we were to break down and close to daily can the B. W. O. the don’t want sloping resistance line here then we are of course all of the trade if we were to break down and even confirm the breakout this would be even more textbook and most probably we wouldn’t even open a long position here once we confirm to break out your proximity at this price target so we bounced from there and we also opened in one trade and as you can see we stick to that strategy and we open the trade here on Phoenix approximately at the level of six thousand nine hundred fifty US dollars and do this in a profit right now and if you look at our last I’m at a loss position see the first one is to remember we I am close to that approximately ninety five percent profit they’re one off the wall three actually close T. approximately a break even we got some money from the funding fee and in the third trade right now is profitable but of course it can go the other way round if the country wants a round we will keep you updated about that and of course be very very transparent about that and before we go on if you want to support us and if you also want to trade on by bit on Phoenix scroll down to the pin common right now and you can see you can get up to one thousand six hundred twelve dollars completely for free on by bit and on free mix if you click these links you put in your email address and your password and you can get one thousand M. six hundred to.

If the loss for free up to that amount and the most important disclaimers yeah of course only for experienced traders only if you’re an experienced trader all of this with the profit it looks so nice right guys but remember we also have I’m profitable traits every now and then and we will show you them in the future as well it is not everything always great and this is only for experienced traders however guys we bones and the fat part here though is that right no we were actually rejected at the downward sloping resistance here and to this resistance coincides unfortunately also with the most important resistance area here for the bitcoin price which goes all the way back here to November two thousand and nineteen we formed it actually even before in October you can see it right here all the way up here in this area here and this one is still valid right now because guys if we are putting all the V. P. V. R. you can see his zooming out that the V. P. Vyas told us the point of control exactly but pretty much exactly at the price where we will rejected right now for bitcoin so it is very very important for bitcoin if we are breaking tia that we also breaking out all of this resistance area here because they messed up with price target is actually in fact we have a successful break out all the way up at the eight thousand five hundred US dollars every us as you can see it right here however guys if we are not able to break out if the way this would be able to push us down here from this resistance then we can expect price targets actually wait way below six thousand US dollars but guys and this is the bullish clip site here if we are breaking O. T. out of the symmetrical triangle and react able to close a daily candle it daily cannot the falcons David Kendall buff the seven thousand five hundred US dollars area not only going to buy off the resistance but also setting in in the microstructure here high.

Yeah hi on the falcons only in this case we can turn full on bull mold and not only look for the eight thousand five hundred U. S. dollar level which is the breakout target for the symmetrical triangle we will be also looking out for breaking into the ten thousand five hundred U. S. dollar level which is the break target for the bump and run reversal pattern yet as we come out that all the way back three days ago in our video about the bump and run review also and now the question is is the smart money allowing us to do that will the smart money the way is a lull us to set in that very bullish move you towards the upside well this is what we are going to talk about right now because from the technicals this symmetrical triangle will break out to the upside with the sixty percent probability and will break down to the downside with a forty percent probability but what are the only trend metrics telling us right now because if we assume in here into the on trend metrics and this one shows us the retail behave yet this is very important but we will show you the way you behave yeah this smart money the big money behavior and plotted against the retelling hate behavior and even more important in the end we will show you why are they ways doing what they are doing right now and we will show it to you with this specific chart guy so stay tuned here until the very end of the video because what we are about to show you today is more important than you think so this hard lesson that position your show through what the retail investors are doing right now by the way at last known to be credits with them they said that the bitcoin Hodler net position change has been growing daily since since the end of March and is now hitting yearly highs guys the retailers are right now Cuman eighteen more than they have done year to date long term investors are increasing their positions and they are accumulating more B. two C. each day this already in and of itself is pretty bullish.

But you know that none of the retailers are leading the market the race I leading the market and this is what we are showing you off the walls but we have to understand the retailer’s first so you can see that they’re holding us in a position change is the highest year to date well this is interesting but we have to understand the significance of that and if we are winning out all the way back here from two thousand eleven until two days then you can actually see that always ran the price yet they’re gray line you’re on the downside was building this valley that this was the time to return investors started accumulating and whenever we were going into the parabolic advances what’s the moment when their retail investors and we’re actually starting to log off the backs and this is your rite no signal by the read and react this is the error yes when they reset investors are loading off the banks and the green area when ever we have for the valleys and the price when ever we have to bear markets it’s right now showing us whenever the retail investors are actually accumulating and increasing that banks this is the retail investors so far but what about the smart money is the smart money actually allowing us to break out also if the symmetrical triangle well this is what we want to talk about right now and look at the statistics actually by the way credits to cold gonna be to see he was quoting glass note and she said and the view from the entree metrics is fascinating Glasnow reports that there is more B. two C. Wales than at any time since December two thousand and seventeen guys I cannot express how borders that is and actually right now look at this picture here this one sold through the number of ways and you can actually see that leading towards the huffing here leading towards the huffing their way sway cumulate team who like crazy and then partially unloading the banks and the last part of the base was actually lauded off yeah once we hit the all time high for bitcoin and this is right now very interesting to see because you know the next hopping is actually coming up in nineteen days as you can see.

Right here and this is very interesting guys because after we head to the low here the local hold low all the bad market low for bitcoin right here the race started accumulating again and right now we at this pivotal point here with for the rail or for the number of weight addresses we at this pivotal point to reaching the number of addresses we reached the last time he had the capitalization but even more important at this thank you Malaysian state you leading into the hopping and this is the exact amount and this is the exact number of addresses we are reaching right now the way is I right now once again accumulating into the hopping because the most important question is not the quantity of question it is the quality of question hence why the waste accumulating right now it is because of the high I think it is because they are instant anticipating a very big move for because to what’s the upside most probably but why are they really M. yeah anticipating this big move to what’s the upside and this is what this statistic is about guys and this statistic what in our opinion the most mind blowing one we have seen to date this year because look at this the Green Line he had the Green Line is the US auto supply and the candle sticks yeah is the bitcoin price and what you can see here is back in November two thousand and eighteen the U. S. to attend the supply was going down off the what’s the big con price was going down of course we are not saying that that is a direct positive correlation I’m in the direction from the dress to the supply to the bitcoin price but this seems to be M. some significance to that because when we had this examination period the total supply was going flat of course also because there is less am supply because there’s less do you mind of course for the beat and tied up when the price is going sideways however guys whenever the price was going up with the demand for the tether supply increased and that’s why the more tether were printed so price most.

Going up demand increased and that’s why motel that were printed and then the prize was going down well that said the M. D. Manuel staying constant and then also the tell the supply was staying constant and here price was going up and down the coast solitude was going from the price what’s the total supply but right now the most important thing is look at this the price was going down and disguise this is the first time in history of because the price was going down then going sideways but look at the total supply the tether supply was going up actually to an all time high here too it actually an all time I we have never seen for the total supply why the bitcoin price was going sideways and he was he in fact interpreting that in a very very interesting ratio Cole gonna he said that bitcoin is experiencing intense a printout divergence the bitcoin prices right now going horizontal but there is M. U. S. political supplies going up which creates this very interesting and very powerful divergence right now and he’s saying that story always seems to end the same way and you guys this is very interesting right now the price is going sideways and the U. S. about have a surprise going up which is the most property coming in into anticipation towards the bitcoin hopping guys and on trend right now suggests even a higher likelihood of us breaking too bullish yeah I’m out of this as sending trying to land right now I want to know from you do you actually think that we would break hold hold off the S. sending trying to learn the British way to what’s the upside what do you think are you more on the better side here right now and you think that we are breaking down all of this S. sending triangle to what’s the downside let us know in the port which is popping up on top of the screen right now click the power right now and let us know do you think that would that be a breakout or breakdown for bitcoin that would be very interesting to know we want to see the sentiment off do you view was that maybe in the future we will pull out all the says statistics and we would see if the majority on what kind of what’s wrong all rights.

Right that would be very interesting to know thank you so much for that and also guys thank you so much for smashing up the like button to at least two thousand five hundred likes and we received a letter is not the next one if I’m in crypto at the next episode you tomorrow with the vintage at fifteen on a luncheon and that’s always guys press the subscription box right here if you haven’t done it already because the usual I’d with them is changing if you’re not scrimp pressing this subscription box you would be missing out on future content and also press the button so if you haven’t watched it already and that being said guys as always guys we see each other tomorrow and as always guys as always bye-bye.


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