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Hello, everyone, it is that time of the week. Again, it’s time for the news for us. What is it? Friday, April 3rd, 2020. Lots of exciting stuff happening. The world of Bitcoin cash. As always, the block reward having is less than a week away. Lots of people wondering what’s going to happen. What’s this all about? So for those that don’t know and are new to this, the current block reward on bitcoin cash is twelve and a half bitcoin cash per block every ten minutes on average. That’s about to drop to six and a quarter. Bitcoin cash every ten minutes. So the miners are about to get half as much bitcoin cash per block as they used to. If everything else stays exactly the same, that means that the miners only get paid half as much. If the price of bitcoin cash goes up by double than the number of bitcoins they get goes down by half. That means the miners still get the exact same amount. Lots of people are wondering what’s going to happen. What’s this all about? Well, this will be my third having since I’ve been involved in bitcoin and the last two times, basically, nothing happened at all. It was a non-event. It wasn’t exciting at all. And that’s my prediction for what’s going to happen this time as well. I think it’s gonna be a non-event. Not anything exciting at all. But we’re just a couple of days away. So stay tuned and see what happens with that. So lots of other fun, new things, some of the gossip within the industry there. So it’s true. Stephane Rust is no longer the CEO at Bitcoin dot com. He has a fantastic blog post on that exact subject. You can go and read that. I’ll put a link down below. And congratulations to Marty Tokay, the new CEO of Bitcoin Dot. He was the very first person that started out at the company with me when OK, Coin reneged and made a fake contract and all sorts of nonsense. By the way, if you’re trading on OK, coin. Watch out. I have a default judgment against them. So at some point, though, we’ll see what the court does in regards to that. They’re still appealing it. It’s winding its way through the court slowly. But the default judgment, it was, I think, for over half a million U.S. dollars plus interest. It’s been several years now. So if OK, COIN is willing to fake signatures on fake contracts. But you have to wonder what they’re willing to do to you and your accounts. So anyhow, on the good news here, so that the cash shuffle audit. Right. So like I have a five-figure contract sitting my inbox waiting for me to sign. The moment we reach our fundraising goal. So I’ll show you how easy it is to donate there. And I invite you to do that, too. And the moment we hit our goal there, I’m going to sign the contract and boom, we’re going to have that underway. And then the entire world can start having a security right or feel safe because it’s been audited. Another really cool thing that I think a lot of people haven’t noticed or paid attention to yet is any hedge, any hedge dot com that just getting started there. But it’s a really, really cool idea where you can have any sort of stable coin assets like tied to anything, whether it’s gold or the dollar or the euro or, you know, pork bellies or oil or anything. But the asset that’s backing it. Is Bitcoin cash. And then used like, let’s say you lock it 100 out of 100 hours worth bitcoin cash today. You want to make sure you wind up with a hundred dollars of bitcoin cash later. Somebody else can supply the other part of the bitcoin cash no matter if the price goes up or down when you close it back out. You still get 100 dollars worth of bitcoin cash back out. So it’s a really cool thing. Check out any hedge And I’m really rooting for those guys to get a product to market that people can use. So speaking of things that people can use, there is a really hot post over on our BTC. Some of the very best crypto discussion periods happen in our BTC because it allows people to actually talk about it, not like bitcoin where things are completely censored and you’ll have your post deleted if you say anything. The moderators there don’t agree with. So at our BTC this week they were talking about Skype versus Zoom. And so I’m old enough. I remember when everybody was using Skype all the time for everything and it was really cool. Like a lot of people maybe don’t know that Skype initially was a peer to peer chat app. Right. You connected directly from your computer, the other person’s computer and different governments were getting mad about Skype. All you’re undercutting the phone companies in this and that. Maybe we can’t wiretap the people that are talking on there. And they were literally threatening to shut down Skype. And the people that were involved in Skype, they’re like, well, good luck with that. It’s a peer to peer network. People are just there. What are you going to shut down? So some. So then eventually Microsoft got a hold of Skype and basically they’ve been running the user experience ever since. At this point, I hardly know anybody that uses Skype. Everybody’s moved to other platforms. And so I think that’s an example. At one point, Skype probably had, you know, 90 plus percent share of the market for a video call. And now I don’t know what share they have, but I’m sure it’s a lot less than it used to be. Everybody now is busy using things like zoom or telegram or, you know, WhatsApp Messenger or all sorts of these other ones out there. And it’s not Skype much at all anymore. And I think that that’s a story that can be told for BTC if you stop having a good user experience and stop allowing people to do what it is that they want to do in an easy, frictionless, you know, safe, fast, cheap and reliable manner. People are going to migrate to something else. And that’s exactly what we’ve seen happening within the cryptocurrency ecosystem as. In other videos, like, I would be embarrassed to try and promote BTC to somebody today, I’d have to tell them. Oh, try this payment network, but you’re not supposed to use it for payments. And if you do, your transaction might not go through and you don’t know how much you’re going to have to pay in fees. It might be 10 cents. It might be a dollar, it might be $50 dollars. And somebody might reverse the transaction using this thing that they added recently called replaced by a fee. Like I couldn’t possibly do that with a straight face. It would be absolutely embarrassing to try to promote BTC to anybody. So BTC it has the bitcoin name and brand recognition, but it doesn’t have the user experience that’s conducive to a long term successful product. And that’s why we’re seeing people migrate into things like bitcoin cash in a theory and a bunch of other things out there. People are going to use whatever is useful in the end. And so just like Skype is still around because it had that big network effect when it started out. BTC is gonna be around for a long time because of that network effect. But you know, MySpace is still around too. But who uses it? Not hardly anybody anymore. It’s only around because it had a big network effect, to begin with. And so I think the same is true with BTC because ask yourself like it would be embarrassing to try and convince somebody to start using BTC today. What are you gonna tell them? What are the good aspects that you have about it? So I don’t know. Another fun thing that we have going on here is a blockchain doc poker. If you haven’t tried the blockchain out poker, you can go over there right now and you can play poker with people all around the world using Bitcoin cash and then two other flavours of bitcoin there as well. But it’s interesting. Bitcoin cash is something like 80, 85, 90 percent of the tables over there. And the players that are using Bitcoin cash. Why? Because it’s fast, cheap, reliable and just plain works. That gives people a good user experience. And so like. I’ve even tried Google Play. I’m not a good poker player, so I lost, but I enjoyed giving it a try myself. So if you haven’t tried out blockchain poker head on over there, you can win. It’s real money. You’re playing with real bitcoin cash right there at the tables. There are tournaments, there are freewheel tournaments where you can enter for free. So great job to the guys over there. A blockchain that poker. It’s a really, really cool thing. So and speaking of spreading adoption usefulness, go and check out M&P stuff, bitcoin dot com. It’s linked right there from within your bitcoin dot com world. You can see I think it’s over ten thousand merchants maybe now where you can spend your bitcoin cash right there at restaurants and coffee shops and bars and nightclubs and all sorts of fantastic things all over the world. And if you have a restaurant that you’re a bar or business or anything of that sort that you want to start accepting Bitcoin cash. Bitcoin cash is the easiest one in the entire world. Easiest cryptocurrency in the entire world to start accepting it. Your business, thanks to the Bitcoin cash register app going down the list and you can be up and accepting bitcoin cash in like 30 seconds, maybe a minute if you’ve never done it ever before. And then you can add your business location to the map. Map stop bitcoin dot com. And in fact, we just launched the whole API at developer got mapped out. Bitcoin dot com where you can go and if you run like a platform, like the rating app stuff that they have out there, and if you run some sort of big platform with lots of merchants or anything out there, you can list all your merchant’s boom right at once right through our API. And then everybody’s checking the bitcoin dot com wallet map will be able to see that. And the worst that will happen is that you’ll get new business customers coming to your business. That’s a fantastic thing. And anybody who pays you with Bitcoin cash, you can then go and spend it on Amazon and save 20 or 30 percent using personal IO. I’ve been buying a bunch of stuff this week. Using that website, I love it. It’s absolutely fantastic. So if you haven’t tried those things, make sure you check them out. And as always, Martin, if you’re excited about cryptocurrency because you’re gonna make a bunch of money, that’s OK. That’s fine. But the real benefit here is it brings more economic freedom to the entire world and enables individuals to have more control of their own money in it disempowers governance to be able to meddle in the economy its controls. People are doing. And that makes not just your life better. It makes everybody’s life better on the entire planet. So if you’re really excited about bringing more economic freedom to the world. Bitcoin cash is the cryptocurrency for you, something that’s just some digital beanie babies. It’s supposed to be used as a store value doesn’t empower more economic freedom around the world. Peer to peer electronic cash does. That’s bitcoin cash. That’s why I’m so excited about it. And I want your help to spread it. So anyhow, that’s it for this week. And I look forward to seeing everybody in the next week’s show. See you then.


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