Why Big Whale investors are Selling Bitcoin

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Fiat money can buy less and less over time, underlining the value of scarce assets.

As the macroeconomic outlook has recently changed, there’s a lot discussion of an impending deflationary period. Deflation meaning that the value of paper currency actually increases over time. How would Bitcoin react to these new market forces?
We analyse the long term and intra day charts and give potential scenarios for the future of Bitcoin trading. Using Elliott Wave Theory, we outline different scenarios for Trading Bitcoin.
Analysing the future of crypto trading with the recent market volatility (and potential bear market), can be a valuable asset as an investment strategy and to your portfolio management.
The analysis is laid out in an easy to understand way, even for beginner stock trading.
The videos help with:
– Crypto trading through Elliott Wave Theory Technical Analysis
– Effective chart patterns
– Measuring trade targets
– Identifying good stops for trades
And most importantly trying to give the right mindset to trade efficiently.
DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a financial adviser and you should do your research and have your own thought process before investing in a position. Trading is risky! Best of luck.




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  1. The supply has been cut to half. Most of this doesnt matter. BTC is way higher next year this time. Look at all 3 (post halvenings + 1 year). That is the real pattern that matters.

  2. Please make another video comparing to previous instances of bear markets to satisfy your self fulfilling prophesy on why this is just a bear market rally.
    I am sure you will find another instances if you look for now again with today's closing price in mind. We will get lower lows anyway going below 220 right?

  3. I think it's good that big whale investors are selling btc. That way, it's harder for them to manipulate the market further down the line which will bring confidence to more traditional buyers. Think about it, if you're a hedge fund manager managing billions of dollars, you wouldn't want to be in a market that a handful of players can bring up or down. I think the more distributed it becomes, the better it is for everyone.

  4. You should also consider the current massive money printing around the world and the recent halving, which both are supposed to help Bitcoin in the longer term.

  5. Hey GoT, I highly appreciate your content and please don't let those haters change your rational analysis. The secret is to do rational, high probability trades and I agree with you that it was expected that the markets turn bearish. The improbable scenario happened and some people that got lucky like to show off as if they were super smart and knew all along what would happen. It sucks to miss this crazy really, but I still believe the process was right and that's what counts. Like Warren buffet said: I don't try the be smart, I just avoid being stupid.

  6. Nice. If you are interested in fractals, just take a look at fractals in geology. Hahaha theys appear from satelite images to microscopic level. Anyway, congrts for the job you re doing so far

  7. Bitcoin price based on indicators such as the 100 hourly SMA, may still decline but will find support at $9,500 as already experienced and a close look at the patterns, we are still generally in a bull market and the value will correct within this week. This puts the current period as the last shot one may have to purchase bitcoin below $10,000 and for me, this is like reminiscing because during the last major drop, I traded and realized alot of bitcoins using Lawrence Scott's signal and trading strategies. Within a couple of weeks, I had grown my initial 3 btc to over 7 btc. This we can all agree is an outstanding growth when it comes to growing a portfolio. Its always best to find an outstanding trader and cling to his trade systems. You can reach him easily on Whatsapp at (+19084907157) on telegram at (Lawrencescott) for assistance and guidance on how best to trade.

  8. Trying to wrap my head around comparing 2 month 8 hour chart to 1 year 1 day chart. I suppose the point you're making is that we will see these patterns everywhere? So basically Fibonacci.

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