Why Bitcoin DUMPED (My Number One Concern About BTC)

Today we take a look at the true reason for the Bitcoin dump yesterday. It’s something most BTC holders don’t want to admit. We also cover the news as we look at Justin Sun paying $500k for a ratchet game. We also look at the unstoppable domains news along with a crazy story about the QuadrigaCX exit scam. Lastly, we take a look at the Pentagon waging war against Bitcoin in a war game exercise.

In the Justin Sun story I refer to the game as the Just Game. But it was actually Fomo3D, an equally dumb game as the Just Game. The development team behind Fomo3D was called the “JUST Team”

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  1. Cool report on the crypto. We shall rise above those that have ruled giving the people sovereign wealth. They will try and disrupt, dissolve, and abolish it but we will not let them kill our dreams; and thus instead we shall give the power back to the real citizens of the world that pray and demand fairness in a monetary system that is not as fiat has become i. e. a negative amortization where Americans are borrowing their own currency so the federal government can control them. Moreover, the IRS is against the constitution of America by its very nature. It is owned and operated by world bankers like Rothschild who manage this phony scheme against Americans. The IRS is of record a Puerto rican trust company owned by the Vatican-Crown. Why you ask is this so? Well did you even know that America is not actually America anymore but instead the Vatican-Crown by the “Act of 1871” took over our nation. Undid 1776! So our day aka the Fourth of July was undone. So the ruling class loves the fiat system because they can manipulate the world in many dark ways; whereas, crypto is a safe heaven for people that are looking for an investment that is not built on sand, and not a system to keep the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. It is now the slave class and the ruling class only because they wiped out the middle class. So to whatever they state is law and rules never cave to tyranny. We have a innate birth right to wealth. If we cave on bitcoin then we deserve neither freedom or wealth. It is time for the majority to stand firm and go to revolution if need be to preserve our rights to life, liberty, and property. Be well my fellow Americans and be watchful there are many foe among us; but there are also many friends so seek them out and create strong ties and build fortresses of love and caring for the people.

  2. Bitcoin will crash if economy is really bad, that's the reality. Most predictions and reasoning how bitcoin will win and go up no matter what are based on wishful thinking, not reality.

  3. The more institutional money that pores into BTC the more traditional markets and its fluctuations will affect BTC’s price, i.e. manipulation. Hopefully, Governments will be less likely to ban BTC if they can not decouple its value from global currencies. Keep an eye on India as they are a testing ground right now for how this all plays out. Remember that India is projected to be a future economic behemoth.

  4. I've been watching a trend lately.. I noticed alot of the big player's pull out when they know they already made some profite. They pull out, and when they do… They know it will drop.. Therfore they know it will rise again, and put money back in before it does rise.. Feeding off the smaller player's…

  5. What your younger readers need to understand is that the power brokers of the current financial system are not going to just roll over & admit we need a new system. They will however try to 1) control or 2) outlaw ANYTHING the perceive as a viable threat. The banking system is coming for our crypto. Just hiding won’t work!

  6. I’m really not that worried the fact I was buying a lot yesterday and today, dollar cost averaging in throughout the day as the price was going down.

  7. Volatility I can deal with in the crypto space but seeing it mirror the traditional market is very concerning. I understand we are in some weird shit rn but all of this seems like a bunch of fugazi

  8. It´s not a dump but just again a sing of far too much volatility and proves the fact that cryptos are an immature market not really established as a mass asset class. Justin Sunofabitch shouldn´t be mentioned anywhere near cryptos anymore. F that guy

  9. You can't escape market sentiment. If people are making financial decisions based on fear they are going to look for safe havens, and for a lot of people (wrongly or rightly) that will be cash in banks

    We will have our day again, just need to ride out the oncoming stock market crash and position ourselves for the recovery

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