What’s going on, guys? It’s K-Dub here with another episode of Crypto Zombie. Welcome back to the Channel. Hope you’re having a great day today, although having a look at this beautiful green day in the cryptocurrency market. Look at bitcoin bitcoin up over 6 percent at the time I’m making this video. Well, can’t imagine while you’re not having a great day today, you could see Bitcoin did actually get all the way up to seven thousand eight hundred dollars. Now, do you guys remember how I was talking about the seven thousand eight hundred dollar level for so long on this channel? That’s exactly where we touched. We pulled back. And guess what? We still do have one little bit of critical resistance, which I’m going to get into today. But I also want to talk about one Warren Buffett financial advisor who thinks that the bitcoin price is going to go to three hundred thousand dollars post having OK. And I also want to discuss whether or not short term we are in this bump and run reversal and we could see that ten thousand five hundred dollar bitcoin. We’re gonna get into all that today. I also want to actually talk about why we do know that the having is coming up. This means that there’s going to be some scarcity. However, you’re going to be shocked to find out that it may even make bitcoin more scarce than even just to having alone. We’re gonna get into that. And I also want to talk about a little bit more about some Bitcoin adoption lot going on in the back. Lots of things to talk about today, if that sounds good to you. You know what to do if you are not subscribed. Well, definitely consider it. And without further ado, we’re diving directly into the charts. Oh, and one other thing. Some people are saying that this is manipulated by Teather. We’re going to go into that as well. Having a look right here, though. My goodness, we broke out of this wedge. Look at this pump all the way up to the seven thousand eight hundred dollar level, well above the resistance right here. If we actually come over and have a look, you could see we even broke this massive downtrend. Clearly, we are above the 50 day moving average. So looking pretty good for Bitcoin short term. Now, we are still looking at this level of accumulation up here at around the eight thousand dollar level. We did hit my target of seven thousand eight hundred. Having a bit of a pullback right now, you can see we are above the top of the ascending trial, you know, sending wedge. But some people were saying it was also an ascending triangle, will. Either way, we had two targets, the first being seven thousand three hundred forty six, seven thousand four hundred sixty eight at the time of making this video. We’ve actually broken both of those. OK. Is this time for ultimate celebration? Well, having a look right here, we do need to reference back to the possible breakouts of a potential bear flag that people were looking at. So you do have the straight up reversal, which we just go straight to the moon. But there also is this possible fake out to the upside with continuation to the downside. So I don’t want to like, you know, break burst anybody’s bubble, but we really haven’t had the massive breakout, you know, up to sort of the 8000 and higher level. So we don’t really know just yet. It could really technically go either way. You know, having a look at this chart right here. Now, look at this. Literally, we perfectly touched the twenty one exponential on the weekly. You can not make this up sitting at around. This is seven thousand six hundred over here. Now, this is on Bitstamp, by the way. Keep in mind and you can see obviously we did Wyk above it, but currently we are sitting below it again, so. Yeah. Keep your eyes on that. Twenty one exponential. I do want to see us close a solid weekly candle above. It would be nice. Daily candle. We’ll take it. So, you know, look for bitcoin to close above the seven thousand six hundred and fifty dollar level. If we could stay there for a week, that would be amazing for bitcoin. Also want to point out that we did break out of the ascending triangle over here on CMT Futures. Yeah, actually futures was kind of leading the way for a while. You could see futures is at seven thousand six hundred fifty right now. Well, it was a lot higher. In fact, futures got a little bit higher. Futures got up to seven thousand eight hundred seventy. So futures almost got up to seven thousand nine hundred. And of course, we do have the infamous seemy futures gap all the way up at nine thousand sixty. So do you think we’ll see that, guys? Well, having a look over here, it is looking like we are having a little bit of a struggle. Like I said, by the time you guys see this, this could be totally different if you had an opportunity to long this. My goodness, you’re probably doing very well today if you guys haven’t checked out by bit. You can long bitcoin, you can make extra you know, you can 2x 3x don’t use super high leverage. You’re just going to get racked. Or you could short it if you think that this is just a fake out. I will drop the link below tutorial above. But that being said, guys, Buffetts Books founder Preston Psych.. OK. This guy’s a financial advisor, Warren Buffett expert. So he is basically saying that he thinks that the bitcoin price could skyrocket all the way up to three hundred thousand dollars after the having to quote him, he says. I would tell you that I think the next orbit level is around 80000 to 100000. It’s going to go straight through that number and it’s probably going to go to two hundred thousand or three hundred thousand. Those are pretty high numbers, guys. I was saying before we even had the pandemic, before we had all this freak out and the dumping. You know, traditional stocks. I was saying a potential fifty five thousand Bitcoin this year. That could be a little bit different. This guy’s saying maybe two hundred thousand three hundred thousand. He says that electrical expenses have been the main driver of the price. Hence, he expects Bitcoin to start another run in about a month or two after, you guessed it, the having. Let me know. Are you bullish? Are you bearish? Is this a fake out? Should we be getting excited? Drop your comments below, guys. I’m very excited to hear about what you have to say. But here’s something I want to bring up. OK. We know that the supply is getting cut in half right now. Plan B over here. He’s a little bit controversial on Twitter. He does have the stock to flow. So he did this poll and essentially asked what most people are using bitcoin for. They are they they mostly 81 percent said long term investment. Now, I’m not going to get into the we should be spending Bitcoin. We shouldn’t be Houghtaling Bitcoin argument. We can get into that another day. But what he does say is that the amount of bitcoin available for buyers might be far less than what we think. And the eighteen hundred available mind coins per day is going to drop to about 900 when the having happens. Now, having a look over here from crypto analytics firm Glass no, this actually piggybacks on this idea. You could see that they have a metric called bitcoin hodler net position change. Okay. And essentially what it does is it tracks the overall sentiment and flows of long term investors in the space. So this has actually been growing daily since the end of March and it’s currently hitting all time highs. So they actually wrote in this piece that long term investors are increasing their positions by accumulating more bitcoin each day. And you could see right here from the chart, if you don’t think that the Hodler is the long term Hodler, the whales are accumulating. They are guys. Why would the whales be accumulating more bitcoin in the background if they didn’t think that it was going to have long term value? Wouldn’t they just be trading it on futures and cashing it out? You’ve even seen that switchover from cash settled options to actual physically settled bitcoin options on things like backed, et cetera. Right. So this is showing physical demand, not to mention if you guys don’t remember on Black Thursday when we had that crazy crash, Coinbase actually reported that investors didn’t panic sell. In fact, they were buying sixty nine percent more than they sold, which is a 12 percent average, up 60 percent. And Fidelity Digital Assets also said, quote, From a trading perspective, we continue to on-board new clients every month and are seeing significant pipeline growth. And in recent weeks, we’ve seen more momentum across our business. And I can tell you straight up on the channel, you know, I’ve had an increase in subscribers. We’ve had an increase in people commenting and joining the telegram group. Lots of people getting interested. You might even be a new subscriber today watching possibly. If you are, definitely. What are you waiting for? Get subscribe, man. Crypto is an exciting place. But, you know, moving on, guys, I wanted to just point out a little bit of the excitement for the having and why. Yes, we are seeing a little bit of a run up today. But in the event that, you know, maybe nothing happens on the day of the having or what if Bitcoin even pulls back? What if we go back to 6400? Does that mean that the having is invalidated? Well. I actually retweeted this this morning. Now, this is not a new tweet. This came out on December twenty seventh of last year. But I really thought it was applicable today. And this is from malique over at least a network engineer for Bitcoin, lightning, etc. But basically, he says there’s seven steps. Now, just stick with me on this for the having. He says how the having works and why post having rallies have a lag following the effect, right? They don’t have an instant blastoff. OK, so don’t think like OK, that’s it. Having we’re going to the moon. So basically you have the demand is at an equilibrium with the current available supply. OK. Then Bitcoin has that step one and two. Number three, we have demand instantly begins eating into new coins and eventually depletes them. Then we have number for demand, then goes after existing supply non hodler coins that are up for sale. Then an existing supply is also depleted. Price begins moving upward. Number six, appreciating bitcoin price captures greater market attention. And then finally, step number seven, we have the frenzy. So it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight. And you just kind of need to, you know, take that with a grain of salt. But I mean, for the most part, no having has ever instantly skyrocketed. Right now, let’s be honest, there are some potential risks. Right. Plan B also points out, you know, we have having minor capitulation, futures manipulation. Obviously, we have the pandemic which won 42 percent of the votes. Most people think that that could be the biggest deterrent to the bitcoin price moving forward. And finally, we also have these scam tokens from the plus token, right, Ponzi. They could be selling. And also Mt. Gox, of course, they still have some as well. One other situation is the manipulation of Teather. Now, you could see today that there was actually two hundred and twenty million dollars burned. Ted Teather, Treasurer, so what does this mean? Well, honestly, what they’re doing most likely is burning the omni tether and moving it over to ARCC 20, because let’s be honest, it’s a little bit faster over on a theorem, right? But I want to talk about one thing. Lots of people. You know, there there was basically this thing that came out and it was a twenty eighteen study. And it was by John Griffin from the University of Texas. And I’m Shams from Ohio State. And they said that the entire twenty seventeen bull run was basically propped up by Teather and it was all fake and it was just by Teather printing. And why is Teather doing the thriller dance right now? I don’t get it. But anyway, so let’s talk about that. All right. Because there has been some recent research done from academics from the war with business school. And they’re saying that stable coins are not driving up the price of Bitcoin and other cryptos. Do you believe that? I don’t know. I mean, I do feel there might be some kind of foul play going on in the background, but let’s listen to this anyway. So essentially, they say, contrary to popular belief that the bitcoin price is being manipulated with fresh minted batches of Teather, their research, which was done over the past few years, has basically shown no correlation. They say our bottom line, we find no systematic evidence of stable coin issuance driving cryptocurrency prices. They argue that stable coin issuance is a response to market demand. OK, that does make sense, right? They say our evidence supports that alternative views, namely that stable coin issuance responds to deviations of the secondary market rate from the pegged rate and stable coins consistently perform a safe haven role in the digital economy. So let me know if you agree with this. Do you think that is just based off supply and demand and it has nothing to do with like Teather artificially manipulating the price? Or do you think that Teather does have something to do with it? This is this is the thing that’s been going on for a while. I actually made a video about it. You can you can just check it out. It’s a crypto zombie. Just type in a crypto zombie black swan event. And I kind of go over Teather and if Teather was to pop and what it could potentially do to Bitcoin. But yeah, so that’s that situation. And before we go, guys, obviously, you know, people think, oh, bitcoin cryptos dead. No, there’s lots of projects building. I’ve seen lots of advancements. Right. In fact, check this out. So this was just over on coindesk. And you have a new app that lets you know, obviously, people that have been hit by the virus take crypto payments for making Xoom calls. Now, you’ve heard about zoom zoom stocks. Lots of people using Zoom. I use Zoom actually for my interviews and stuff when I do it. And you could see right here that smart sessions and a theoryand based crypto paywall that was developed by two key new economics allows firms and solo producers, as they put it, to take advantage of crypto payments when offering services through Zune. So lots of people using Zoom. Lots of eyes on it. And now you have crypto payments. So basically Smart Sessions is utilizing the theorem network and smart contracts via to Keys existing smart link platform to create a number of automated and self-managed features. So basically after a session is set up in the app, it generates a personal personalized zoom link and sends it to the target audience processing payments automatically. Session hosts can also view metrics for data and ticket sales, et cetera. And zoom sessions can be purchased with a theorems native currency eath. And they also said that they’re going to have swaps between ether and Di Teather U.S. d.t True USD and probably Bitcoin and other crypto options as well. And they also say that the problematic Xoom bombing, where unwonted parties can join a call for the purpose of disruption would be a non issue as only paying parties will have access to the session. And what’s even cooler is it’s already available. Like literally, if you come right now to the Xoom at Marketplace and you scroll down, there you go right there, you can officially download it. So I think this is awesome, guys. If you guys are using Zoom and you want to really get that cryptos adoption out there, check out the two key smart sessions. Yeah, you might be able to get some of your friends and family hooked on some crypto and also more news, more adoption guys. Social Payments Application Bundle has launched its service in Nigeria after incubation for by NANCE. In fact, you’ve seen a lot of targeting over in Africa. We saw a con, right? He was looking with with his like city right to target Africa. And now Bundle is going to let its users request send and receive cash in cryptos from their peers in Nigeria by the end of the year. The firm plans to expand to over 30 African countries and provide a simple fiat on an off ramp for crypto in the continent. They currently support by NANCE KOIN BMB I’m not surprised. Bitcoin, of course, ether as well as the local fiat currency. So how are you not excited today? Look at all this news, guys. Bitcoin is breaking out. There’s all of this amazing, you know, adoption happening in the background. So I don’t know. I’m having. Good day. Hope you’re having a good day, too. Could we potentially dump? Yes, I did talk about how we could still have a potential dump. We could go all the way down to the three thousand eight hundred dollar level again. But guys, let’s just take it a day at a time. Bitcoin’s had a nice pump today. I’m happy. You should be happy. Thank you for coming back to the channel once again. If you are not subscribed, do please consider getting subscribe to the channel. I do these updates for the most part every single day. And don’t forget to actually turn on the bill notifications. Sometimes these can be very time sensitive. That being said, thank you so much again for coming back to the channel. You guys rock. The reason that I do this every single day. My name is K-Dub. This is Crypto Zombie. Until next time, stay. Crypto and of course, peace out.


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