No, this is not clickbait. I did sell all my bitcoin. Why? Because I firmly believe that to buy bitcoin cheaper. Why? Because a half thing is coming up. Institutions who have bought LTC Bitcoin in twenty eighteen forced cheapest three thousand dollars are looking for guaranteed. That’s right. Now guaranteed places, not speculation to where they can put their funds and make money. The stock market doesn’t offer that. Commodities don’t offer that right now. Hell, oil is even off of that right now. But PPE, personal protective equipment, things like medical mask, body bags and ventilators offers that opportunity. So they’re jumping all over that. The Bitcoin has also offered that opportunity. It gives them the opportunity to go in there and trade against the hype. That’s exactly what’s going to happen because they have bitcoin as cheap as three thousand dollars from 2018 is T-C market. They can wreak havoc on the retailers and also the miners who need the price of bitcoin to go up. So what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna see a sell the news kind of event happen in my period and in my opinion, and then that period of time is gonna be an eye-opener. And the reason for my tweets yesterday, if my fans who watch is there such huge false narrative sold about bitcoin being the perfect money for the world. It’s not so perfect money for you and me because we own it. It’s for us. It’s not for businesses like big corporations. It’s not for your central banks. It is not for your government. These entities need a debt-driven system in order to function. That little cell phone that we all carry with us needs a debt-driven system in order to be produced and sold. The microphone I’m using, same thing, the camera you guys are watching me through right now. Debt driven systems, the computer I’m on right now. Debt driven systems allow for the manufacturer and seller of these items without debt-driven systems. You can’t have the world we have today in order for bitcoin to be that kind of money that so many people on Twitter are shilling it to you. Well, you better sacrifice the luxuries. We’ve got to change our way of life. And then bitcoin can be that perfect money. Majority of the narratives you were sold on as far as bitcoin and people encourage you to go out there and buy bitcoin right now or long or short it. Okay. Are those who follow up with a referral link with Vibert or beatniks or Femm X? Okay, now is not the time to go and leverage trade. Now is not the time to worry about buying bitcoin. Right now is the time for you to go and worry about yourself, your family, your loved ones, your friends taking care of the people that matter to you most. Making sure you have access to all the necessities necessary to get through the craziness of this virus, which is moving through like a slow hurricane. So if you’re wondering why I was tweeting, the way tweeted yesterday is because the narratives that people are getting sold are being sold to you by people who are prospering from you going in there and buying and leverage trading and try to live that lifestyle. What most of you do not know is when you see people doing that, the money they have earned from their trades. Most of our very unsuccessful, terrible traders, the money they make from you, the affiliate links that they feel like commissions. Okay. The narratives you’re being sold on are very false. It’s a build-up your hope. You don’t do that. There are more important things to worry about. And I’m telling you, this is trickling down in ways that people have even thought manufacturers markdown down bitcoin miners as price drops right now. Actually, I can buy bitcoin miners top the line miner for 20 percent cheaper. Buy guarantee this at the rate that things are going down. I’m going to be able to buy my miners a guy. Again, this is warming cash. I’m in cash. So I have liquidity. I have the ability to go and buy stocks. American Airlines United go out by buying Disney, go buy Tesla. I want to I have the liquidity to go out there and buy even minors, whatever. The time is perfect and even buy more bitcoin. So right now I’m staying in cash on liquid. Okay. So these bitcoin miners, I guarantee you next month are going to get cheaper, which really frustrating those. Yes, the s 19 is out, but only for China. So freaking frustrating. But they use minor side right now. Use miners are freaking. You can buy that right now. Bittman’s advertising. Yes, 17 plus for fifteen hundred. You can buy a used one for less than $1000 right now. I guarantee you next month you might even buy it for about six or seven hundred dollars it just yet I guarantee you. Watch when the halfling happens and the price of bitcoin doesn’t move and a block away get cut in half and it’s in the price movement of people trying to push it up, gets traded against these miners, will get cheap. And then and there will be a point where bitcoin has to breakout is going to break out at some point. But right now in this, economic uncertainty is the perfect place to go and trade against to make sure if you’re a fund, hedge fund or institution that you’re still profitable. And I’m not the only one that has these theories. I know this makes you make me very unpopular, but I told. You guys, before the virus really got serious, I said the price this is going to impact Bitcoin. This is going to bring the price of Bitcoin down, especially as infrastructure gets shut down. If infrastructure starts getting shutting down and people start not going to work, the price of bitcoins will go down. Everyone’s said all know Krystof you’re wrong, you’re negative. It’s FUD. Guess what happened? The price of bitcoin went down. And I’m trying to tell you again, the spot where people are going to trade against and try to profit. Is this happening now? I’m not the only one again that feels this in this oracle. What to expect when you’re expecting the bitcoin block. Having everything I’ve been saying for months about. We have elements now that never existed before. The institutional elements, the regulatory elements, the the the banking elements. And this just it goes on and on. Right. All the institutional futures that exist. All these elements exist today that never existed. Previous hafnium. And now you start to see people paying attention to that, especially now the price of bitcoin is going down. You realize you’re not bulletproof. They’re talking about all this now like, hey, this hacking event is going to be completely different than before. Imagine if you were an institution and you imagine managing a billion dollars, get your billion dollars and you’re managing these funds and you’re trying to make sure your clients make the most money, but you’re always looking for the guaranteed thing. What is that one thing that’s gonna go up in price that maybe we can leverage against and maximize profits? And he hears about this thing called Bitcoin is having. Tell me you wouldn’t go there and hedge against it. Hedge against it. Make sure you bet against it. Bring the price down at that point that you feel like he’s exhausted by that bottom because you will know where that bottom is going to be of that freaking that that that onslaught right. By that bottom from that point and let it ride itself back up. You just doubled your profits. And that’s exactly what’s going to happen. And this is things that people are talking about right now. I like how he says is when all of these factors are considered. He says it right here. I believe the halving will be more along the lines of selling the news event or possibly even followed by muted prices. And things are so bad right now in the crypto space, everyone thinks it’s the crypto space. Did it get impact? The Bitcoin, far as 50 percent of its staff as bitcoin cash having approaches is fear factor set in. Here is the thing about bitcoin. is held by Roger Ver. No one likes him. I don’t like him because of what he’s done for bitcoin. But you can not take away the fact that he has been an excellent business person. He has done a fantastic job of growing that company. He has done a fantastic job of managing his people to see an entity like that. Go ahead and get rid of 50 percent of their staff tells me that he also is anticipating the same kind of thing to happen to his entity. It’s real. You’re seeing blockchain companies fire people at an unprecedented rate right now. And you have to remember, as far as firing goes, the whole world is experiencing this unemployment rate prior on 13 percent here in the United States alone. Just in the United States, that’s 10 million people unemployed and rising and rising. Disney just announced, for instance, is laying off, furloughing sorry, several thousands of people. They didn’t give an exact number. We have retail companies shutting down, like completely shutting down. They can’t pay their bills. They are already struggling because of online sales. People are getting fired. People are getting fired is not just the United States. It’s also people like China. China’s unemployment crisis. But nobody knows the true number of jobless. They estimate about $205 million, Chinese worker. Right. Workers can’t find jobs right now or are unable to return to previous jobs. Two hundred five million of them. That’s just an estimate. A low ball estimate based off of the available data that people can find right now. There’s not enough retail money to support these things. You see, retail money is one of the biggest supporters, the price of Bitcoin. Many people to understand how the world leveraged trading has actually impacted the price of bitcoin. It’s a revolving door. They need all these new retail money to come in and lose, get liquidated to pump the institutional money and also to control the price of bitcoin. I mean, it’s it’s a vicious, vicious cycle. It is. It’s a dirty, dirty cycle. I’m telling you what, I am staying out of bitcoin for right now. For right now, I firmly feel that we’re going to see it get traded again. I know there was talk about the triangle format. Right. We’re in right now. The centre triangle. I don’t care. We break out of it. I don’t care. We hit eight thousand dollars in the next week. It could happen. I know that is going to be traded against because it’s something that mainstream has known about knows about now. We’ve asked for institutions to come in our space and play in thinking that was going to pump the price of bitcoin. But in fact, all the models are designed to bet against the price of bitcoin, not bitcoin. Self-right, not to help Bitcoin itself, I firmly feel that I will be able to buy back into my Bitcoin. So maybe, maybe less than $2000. Even if it’s just a flash crash, even a crash crash came and speak straight. I feel I’ll have that opportunity. I do. That doesn’t. That’s just my thoughts, my thought, my opinion. I shared these with you guys before it. I’ve been blasted before, but I haven’t been that wrong, have I? Listen, guys, that’s all I got for today. I know that no one likes to hear this kind of stuff, but I haven’t been wrong. I haven’t been wrong about how this was going to react with a virus. I haven’t been wrong as far as well as far as where the price of bitcoin is going to go for this year. OK. I haven’t either. It’s not that I don’t believe in it. We just have too many powers in place. Hurting the price of bitcoin. All right, guys. So listen, stay safe. Stay indoors. Don’t go anywhere, necessarily. See it. See you guys next time. Game it speaks for. And then a video log. Die vs L.


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