Why You Should HODL Bitcoin in 2020…!!!

In this video I show you the easiest to understand reasons why it is important to HODL Bitcoin in 2020. Don’t be too late!


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  1. swim with the dumb whales… i think they are now frustrated becos retails are not selling the bitcoins for them to buy and pump the price up… lol with now…C bugs+bitcoin passed two halving rallies+limited 21 millions coins+ money printing+out of business+businesses failing+ jobs losses… = bitcoin crash? lol… the dumb whales are just waiting to accumulate… before the post halving rally like all rallies in the past.

  2. I like your view , but I do think this is going to take longer then expected , hodl! Why I think this wil take longer : you can definitely see that the cycle’s take longer … with that said I can see that the next cycle wil be out of sync with the halvening. I don’t see bitcoin at 20k this year.

  3. What ıs your expectation about btc price in 1 months? People in turkey we are waiting 6k after that we will go to moooon damnnnn what you reckon ?

  4. man, you know i am curious, if you would like to share, how much are you making from the videos (approximate) its just a curiosity of mine, take care and good luck

  5. Same old points, Bitching and Moaning about Fed printing more money and all time high debts… Bitcoin is not hedge with the notes or all time debt! If it was Bitcoin will be $20k+

    When Bitcoin was all time high during 2017, how many notes were printed and what was USA debt? Currently cash supply is at all time high, USA all time in debt but Bitcoin is down to $8800 from $20,000? when debt is highest and fed is printing more than ever.. How does that work?

  6. Yeah but people that are fundamentally convinced do not watch fundamental videos… they know that… and just wan't to know whens the best time to buy a dip… so price videos are most interesting even to the hodlers of last resort!

  7. 2:50 why should it stop? history told us that during a crysis btc does unpredictable moves. remember the biggest red candle in btc history? only a few weeks ago.
    all this positv news and charts are worthless IF there are still too much speculative inventors when we see another big crash or get into rezession

  8. Is happening slowly with the alts..some is awakening.Bitcoin and ethereum will just explode in one moment and continue to go up.We are not in the bear market

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