While Bitcoin is flashing bullish signals now everywhere on the four-hour chart, we’re looking at an ascending triangle on the daily chart. Bitcoin is forming a golden cross on the long term weekly chart. Bitcoin is looking at a potential 1000 percent gain. And within the next couple months, also, the onscreen metrics are looking bullish. We see more addresses with Bitcoin on it. We see more addresses with more than zero points one Bitcoin, more than one Bitcoin, more than 10 Bitcoin and so on. We’re gonna have a close look at that as well. And then the news part of today’s Bitcoin video. I’m going to show you two very bullish news as well. Who could have guessed? One is from check the CEO of Twitter and cashes up very positive news about cash up. And the other one is from Mr Manoogian, the treasury secretary of the United States of America himself. All that and more in this episode. And now let’s jump right into it. And with that said, what is going on? Everyone’s starting to cry here. And welcome back to another episode. If you guys like this kind of content, please make sure to leave a like that is very much appreciated. And for all the new people on this YouTube channel, make sure to also subscribe and activate the post notification bell. Thank you guys very much for that. So what we’re looking at in here is the Bitcoin for our chart. And you don’t have to be an expert to see that this is some kind of a bullish consolidation faced. And it is called an ascending triangle. What does that mean? That means that we have equal tops in here. Bitcoin is testing those tops, which is currently approximately 10000 U.S. dollars, maybe a little bit below. We have seen multiple tests of 10000 U.S. dollars. And if resistance is getting tested multiple times, the more it’s getting tested, the higher the probability that we’re breaking through. And if Bitcoin is getting sold off again at those levels, what we have seen right now is always on the way down. Bitcoin was getting bought back at higher prices. So we’re reforming higher laws. And that is exactly what you can see. You can see the lows right here and you can see a higher low right here and here, another higher low. So this is an ascending triangle. Also, we see volume decreasing in here. So Bitcoin is ready for a breakout. And I personally still stand with my prediction that we’re going to see a ten thousand dollar breakthrough this week. And if not this week. Well, shortly after. So I will definitely stand with that prediction on the Bitcoin daily charge, whether another bullish sign, probably you already heard about it. And that is the golden cross we’ve seen in the past. The Golden Cross did not really hold all too much significance. But nevertheless, this is definitely a bullish sign coming from traditional markets. The Golden Cross, as defined by when the 50 simple moving average on the daily chart is crossing the 200 daily moving average from below. And that is exactly what we’re seeing right now. If we assume out in here a little bit and go back in time and see what happened before the previous bull market, well, we can see that we had some kind of the same pattern here. Basically, that Golden Cross was switching with the Def Cross and then Golden Cross again. And Def Cross again. And so on. And we kinda have a similar situation right now. It is not exactly the same, obviously, but you can see that. Well, similarities. I mean, there are definitely some similarities. This is not a guaranteed sign that we’re going up from now. Okay. We have seen gold and crosses ending up indef crosses again, switching back to Golden Crosses in the past already. And it could be that we’re seeing exactly that again. But once again, you can check the similarities for yourself and you will figure, well, some similarities there. Definitely there. All right. But now let’s talk about the most interesting chart once again, and that is the Bitcoin long term chart. And this is basically the main counter-argument against all the bears. Why should this change? We have seen so similar bull markets and so similar bear markets for all the three whole things so far. So why should it change right now? It makes absolutely no sense. And especially with the news, I’m going to show you at the very end of this video. This just enhances this development in here. So what we’re looking at here is a potential 1000 percent gain from now. And that is quite conservative. And I’m going to show you how. So basically from the first Bitcoin Halfan in 2012 to the first stop where we’re talking about approximately a nine thousand percent gain. That is a 90 X in U.S. dollar value. Then from the second Bitcoin halfling to the third top in here that we have seen back in December 2017. We’re talking about approximately 3000 percent gains. So in percentages, that is one third. Now, if we add one third in percentages from now, we had nine thousand percent gains, then three thousand percent gains. And now we’re being conservative and we’re only talking about a 1000 percent gain. And that would bring Bitcoin to approximately one hundred thousand U.S. dollars. And that matches perfectly with my most realistic Bitcoin prediction. You guys. Probably already know the numbers. I personally predict or I find the most realistic Bitcoin price prediction. Also with time, December two thousand and twenty-one. So not this year, but next year. December two thousand twenty-one one hundred twenty thousand U.S. dollars. So this in here would even be conservative. We’re not going to see those prices tomorrow. We have never seen those prices so fast in the past. Why should we see those prices faster? Right now, Bitcoin goes in four-year cycles. The last top we have seen in December 2017. So I expect the next top to be in December 2021, plus-minus a couple of months. And to the price at somewhere around one hundred to one hundred twenty thousand U.S. dollars. And once again, that is a conservative prediction. And for all the traders out there who want to trade Bitcoin with leverage besides their huddled portfolio, I personally recommend and I personally trade on the FedEx platform, the best platform out there for me personally. A video tutorial is popping up on top of the screen right now. And what my sign of bling Dumbo can get up to a one hundred and twelve bonus. And with that, you’re also supporting this YouTube channel. Thank you guys very much for that. And now let’s continue with some very interesting fundamentals. All right. Now, here we are doing some on-chain analysis with glass node pro. What is going on on the blockchain? Well, and the most interesting data I’m going to show you right now. It speaks for itself. What we’re looking at in here are Bitcoin addresses with non zero balances compared with price. And you can see that we have more Bitcoin addresses. Now, if we check addresses with balances with zero points zero one Bitcoin or more, they’re clearly in an all-time high address with a balance of zero point one Bitcoin, clearly in an all-time high address with a balance of one Bitcoin and more clearly in an all-time high address with a balance of ten Bitcoin and more. Well, an all-time high territory. The only thing that does is actually quite interesting. Bitcoin Bounce says would one hundred Bitcoin or more. They’re not an All-Time High anymore, but we have addresses would 1000 Bitcoin and more also an all-time high territory. So you can see that more people are holding Bitcoin right now or at least more addresses are holding Bitcoin and therefore the Gini coefficient is going down. And therefore, the wealth distribution is better. And that is definitely something that we need in Bitcoin. This is a very, very positive sign for sure. If we’re looking at some on-chain fundamentals right now, let’s talk about two very bullish news. Do you remember back in 2017 where people were saying, well, I don’t want to buy Bitcoin because one coin is way too expensive? I rather buy SRP or a theorem or dogecoin or like coin because the coins are cheaper. Well, that maybe sounds silly, but this is how people think. And what the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, also the CEO of the cash app, is doing right now in the cash app. This is perfect for newbies. OK, I could choose not to say differently, but what he’s doing is this. You can now do automatic requiring purchases of Bitcoin in cash up daily, weekly or every two weeks and change to display two sets. So here this is actually the first app that I see right now where you commercially can buy Bitcoin and the numbers are not in Bitcoin, but in Satoshi is. So rather than buying zero point zero zero zero zero whatever, Bitcoin people can now buy ten thousand or one hundred thousands of Satoshi is here, for example. One hundred thousand Satoshi is for nine dollars and forty-seven cents. And this is perfect to attract new people to buy Bitcoin because then they’re not scared anymore of buying such an expensive coin. I mean, some people were even saying, well, I would love to buy Bitcoin, but I can’t afford one whole Bitcoin. And then I was telling them, you don’t have to buy one full Bitcoin. You could just buy 0.01, for example. And they didn’t even know about that. OK, maybe because the name is Bitcoin and then they think about a coin and you can’t split up that coin. It could be right. I mean, people do not understand Bitcoin out there. Most people do not understand Bitcoin. And this will definitely be a better on-ramp for them if they can buy ten thousands of Satoshi or hundred thousands of Satoshi. They will feel richer. And you can imagine that it’s definitely better to bring in new people. So a very positive sign. All right. And here comes the last news of the day and also the Goodey off today. Treasury Secretary Steven Marchin launches stimulus debit card and well, I just have to play the clip. And if this is not a sign that you should be buying Bitcoin right now, you should be accumulating Bitcoin right now or at least start to accumulate then. I have no idea what is. Let’s play a clip. The economic impact of payments. Mr President, I have really had a big impact. We’ve delivered over two hundred and thirty-nine billion dollars to one hundred and. Forty-one million Americans. And I want to highlight we couldn’t be more pleased. One hundred and fourteen million of those, we did direct deposit into people’s accounts. We did 27 million checks. And, Mr President, we now have developed debit cards. So in an effort to expedite money to people even quicker in a very safe way. I’m pleased to show you what a debit card looks like with your name on it. Mr President, now there’s no money for you on it. This is a blank debit card. But I want you to see what many Americans will now get so that we can get their money to them even quicker. And going forward, we think debit cards are an as safe and secure way of delivering refunds. So I signed the letter again the next time you get to send another letter. Thank you, Steve. Well, I really just have to quote the first comment in here. If that doesn’t make you want to buy Bitcoin, nothing will. But this is it all ready for today’s episode. If the guys enjoyed it, please make sure to leave a like that is very much appreciated. Also, you can check out my other videos. They’re popping up right now. Thank you guys very much for your awesome support. They now hopefully see all of you in the next one by.


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