In this video, the bitcoin price is currency breaking out. And look at this, when we zoom out, we can see that the bitcoin price is currently exactly testing the two hundred daily moving average. This is a major moving average, deciding bitcoin is in a bull market or a bear market. And I also want to show you the weekly timeframe, because look at this. The Bitcoin price is currently breaking the most important moving average in Bitcoin history. And also in this video, I am going to show you that the Beacon Press is currently running perfectly into the golden pocket, the Fibonacci golden pocket right here. What does this mean for the Bitcoin price? Well, we have so much confluence in this area were Bitcoin is right now. And guys, we have to pay attention because there could be massive fireworks in the next two days and weeks and also in Lebanon. There is a massive financial crisis and people are targeting banks and burning banks. I want to talk about that. I’m going to show you this chart and show you why this is an argument, why Bitcoin is unique and very, very powerful. And if you think that that sounds interesting, that I think you should diffuse. Hello, guys. Welcome to the moon. My name is Carl, and I’m here to bring you this cryptocurrency video. And I want to say once again, thank you very much for one hundred thousand subscribers. I met that target yesterday. Thank you so much, guys. But let’s get straight into the content and let’s take a look at the Bitcoin price. So what we see now is that the Bitcoin price has been in a clear uptrend here for the past few weeks, ever since this big capitulation candle. The volume has been going down. So that’s a divergence, of course, between the volume and the price. That is always something that we should be cautious about, because that is something that you learn early and technical analysis that when the price goes up but the volume goes down, then we should be cautious. So let’s keep that in mind. But now we can see our bitcoins being very, very bullish in the past few days here and is right now actually testing the two hundred daily moving average. This red line and if we scroll until a bit, we can see how this 200 daily has been extremely significant throughout the whole period time here. And basically, the 200-day moving average is maybe the most used moving average in technical analysis. And many traders and analysts, they use this as an indication of an asset. If it’s in a bull market or in a bear market and basically, technically, Bitcoin is right now in a bear market. And if Bitcoin is able to break through the 200 days, then this means that Bitcoin is breaking back into a bull market. And to break the 200 daily Bitcoin has to go above approximately eight thousand dollars, I would say. And this is something that I’m keeping close attention to right now. And we can also see how the 20 days is coming up here as support. We’ve seen one bounce for there and is a few bounces right there. And if we were to get rejected by the two on a daily that we most likely are coming down for maybe retest of the 20 daily. But eventually, because we’ll have to break either the 200 or the 20. Of course, in a tightening range. But there is one other moving average that is also extremely significant. Some people might call the 200 days the most important one, in my opinion, when looking at the Bitcoin chart on the weekly timeframe. I see that the 20 weeks live is extremely important. And I’ve shown you this so many times before. But just quickly, you can see here how this 20 weakly acted as resistance throughout the bear market when Colebrook above it right there, we saw a huge upswing. And then here, when Bitcoin broke down, lowered, we saw a big Kandal to the downside. And then Bitcoin retested the 20-week clip, but failed and got rejected. So another huge fall here and here, a book above. It’s a bull run. And then when we broke down below, right there, you see this big capitulation. Currently, Bitcoin is above its what you look at it here, of course, to break this, we need a weekly close. Just remember what I said back here. If Bitcoin breaks above this 20 weeks here with a weekly close that we should expect to be called price action to go up any bull run. And this is what we saw here was a weekly close. And then Bitcoin went very bullish from this. This candle and approximately we saw a 20 percent raise. So the same would go here. If people get a weaker close about this than we should expect a bullish price action in the following weeks. Currently, this moving average is approximately seven points eight, seven-point nine. Which means that Bitcoin is actually above it right now. And guys, something else that is extremely important to keep in mind right now is that the Bitcoin is currently coming in. Exactly. Into this golden pocket that I’ve been talking so much about on my channel. And the thing is that this golden pocket, which is exactly up here at sixty-one point eight percent to 65 percent, is a major, major reversal area for any asset. And this is why I am keeping close attention right now to this golden pocket, which is between seven thousand nine hundred forty-five and eight thousand one hundred dollars approximately. This is a big area to pay close attention to. So basically, you see that there is a lot of confluence in the area where Bitcoin is right now. Basically, this would be a logical place for reversal. But on the flip side, if Bitcoin were to break above this level, then, in my opinion, this is an extremely bullish signal showing us that Bitcoin is ready for probably a huge weekly bull run leading into the having. And so far, we have had one, two, three, four, five, six bullish weeks here in a row. If we get another, we could close in bullish territory. Then we have the seventh weekly KANDAL, which is bullish. And I must say that this is a bullish sign. And some people might say that maybe this means that we have to see a red candle soon. And that is not entirely accurate. I mean, of course, by mathematics and by chance, of course. Obviously, we will. See Red Candle soon. But remember, actually, I would like to point towards one point down here, we had one, two, three, four, five, six candles in a row, which were bullish weekly candles. And then the seventh candle was a massive candle. This candle was actually from four thousand dollars all the way up to five thousand dollars, a twenty 24 almost twenty-five percent rise in just a few hours, actually, after we saw these weekly green candles. So this is not a bearish sign. If anything, it’s a bullish sign showing us that the bulls are here. The bulls are not messing around and they are definitely defending the Bitcoin price right now. I want to show you that Bitcoin is currently breaking out of this rising wedge. If we were to write these lines like this, you could also make the case, of course, that Bitcoin is in this upward starting channel, as I’ve been talking about. And if so, then Bitcoin would still have some room to go here and may because on this. But basically be going up to this resistance would mean that Bitcoin is breaking the two on a daily and the 20 weekly. So doing’s such a move should be a very bullish move. But yeah, I would love to know. Do you guys think? Down in the comments. Do you think we are in this upwards trading channel or bear flag or do you think that we are in this rising wedge or is there another pattern that you are seeing that I am missing? Please leave a comment down below right now. And next up, because having is coming up in 13 days, this is making me very, very bullish for the long term. Not necessarily in the next two days, but in the next few weeks and months, the next few months after having will be extremely bullish. That is my opinion. And next up, banks are targeted in Lebanon’s night over the Molotov. And this is the breaking news. At least a dozen Lebanese banks across the country have been torched and vandalized. And this is because the Lebanese pound has been falling 50 percent in value over the past six months. And the citizens are very, very upset about this, of course. And just like Ivan on tax that here in this tweet, imagine working for decades, saving money for the future of your children by working hard, cutting expenses, living frugally, being disciplined with your money, only to see it disappear overnight. This is what central banking does to people. Here you have some footage from the Lebanese crisis where people are burning these banks. And this is pure frustration visualized. People are frustrated with the banking system. People are losing money. People are frustrated with the fact that they are losing their savings. Because when you have saved thousands and thousands of dollars throughout your life, maybe tens of thousands, and you put that into bank accounts. Well, what happens when the currency devalues? Is that your savings devalue. So all your blood, sweat and tears that you’ve been working for is now devalued. So they devalued all of your work. And this is something that can happen to an inflationary currency where there are no limits to the inflation, where there is a central authority that can print this currency out of thin air. And even crazier is that now they are closing down banks in Lebanon for obvious reasons. I mean, we see so much destruction, but this is also yet another reason to buy Bitcoin and gold because no one can just shut down gold. No one can shut down Bitcoin. If you hold Bitcoin to gold and you are still free to transact with whoever you want whenever you want. But if your bank account is closed down and you can’t go to the bank and your bank account is frozen, then you are completely in the hands of the bank and you are now completely unable to interact with the economy. This is why people say that when you buy Bitcoin, you become your own bank because you are literally yourself validating your own transactions. You are yourself controlling your transactions. What gets banned, what gets not spent and what’s transactions will be sent and not sent. This is you becoming your own bank. And speaking of gold, I just want to give you a small comparison between gold and Bitcoin, because this is the mine production of gold the past 100 years. And you can see that there is more and more gold mined every single year. You can see that more and more gold gets mined here as we see the population rise and more people are mining gold. So it makes sense that more gold gets mined. The interesting part, though, here is that this can never happen with Bitcoin. Actually, the exact opposite is happening every having we see the inflation rate get cut in half. And we see less and less bitcoin, get it mined every single day. And to end this video, I want to show you this interesting letter that someone received from the U.S. government and the IRS. Let me just show you here, so this is an economic impact payment that this person got, and this is a letter explaining what this meant. So this is because of the current crisis, of course. And so they say here that I am pleased to notify you that as provided by daycare’s act, you are receiving an economic impact payment of as much as four dollars by direct deposit. And look at this. This is the ridiculous point here. We hope this payment provides meaningful support to you during this period. In what world is four dollars meaningful support to anyone? And personally, I would like to know how much it cost simply just to send this letter to this person. All the administrative cost of just writing the letter. And I also would like to have it said that I don’t know if this is a genuine, authentic letter, but actually it doesn’t really matter. This is a good point. Anyways, the government is giving out free cash to people or free cash. There is no free cash in this world. But there’s one thousand two hundred dollar payment that people have received. It’s just a cheap way from the governments to keep people from uprising from. From the revolution, basically. There is no way that 1200 dollars can keep people from financial ruin. Ask the governments are closing down everything in the world and basically triggering this massive financial crisis that was coming anyway. And now it’s just much, much more dramatic. And most of the currency that the governments print and up in the big companies and eventually will end up in the big banks, not in your head. And one point two thousand dollars. I mean, everyone who paid taxes last year paid much, much more in taxes than one point two thousand dollars. So this is just a false sense of security or a false sense of you getting a piece of the pie. You are not getting a piece of the pie. You’re getting small little bread crumbs. That’s what you’re getting from the government. But this is it for this video. Please leave a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Let’s see if we can push this village to two thousand five hundred likes. That would be amazing. And if you haven’t seen this video right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.!


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