In this video, the Bitcoin price is currently in a huge bull run and just came up and filled this seamy futures gap at approximately nine-point one thousand. Now everyone is asking the same question, will the Bitcoin price go all the way up to eleven point eight thousand to fill the next big enemy futures gap? I want to talk about that. And also, where is the biggest resistance in the chart? I want to show you this green resistance zone, and I want to show you exactly why Bitcoin went bullish here in the past few days. And I also want to show you this chart showing us that more and more people are entering into crypto. And finally, I am going to show you this very, very interesting chart showing us why the time after having is going to be extremely bullish for Bitcoin. And if you think that that sounds interesting and then I think that you should deflectors. Hello and welcome to the Moon. My name is Paul, and I’m in to bring you this cryptocurrency video. And wow, what a past few days we’ve seen Bitcoin broke out of this rising wedge to the upside. And we saw a very, very strong reaction from this breakout that we can see that the volume is very, very big. And of course, the big question is, is this the beginning of a bigger reversal and a bigger bull run to the upside? Well, let’s take a look at this chart. So what I’ve been talking about for the past few days is that, first of all, Bitcoin did, in fact, breakthrough this daily e-mail ribbon to the upside, as you see here. And as soon as we got a daily Kandal above here, that was a very strong signal that Bitcoin might go bullish here. And, of course, now that we’re seeing the ribbon also cross over here, that is even more bullish. And essentially what I’ve been saying is that I think that we’re seeing something similar as we saw back here. Bitcoin broke back above its saw daily calls above. And then we saw a crossover and Bitcoin went very bullish or in a bull run. And you can see that when you go back into the chart here, you will see that normally this is a good sign. And so far, this has played out very well. But I’ve also been talking about this green resistance box as a potential problem area for Bitcoin. And actually, we can see how Bitcoin did get stopped by this resistance. And it is between nine thousand and eight thousand eight hundred approximately. So it’s a two hundred dollar resistance area because of the resistance back there, support right there. And there was some resistance support. And if you just look at this, you can see that this is a very, very significant area. Bitcoin did actually come slightly above it here for a short period of time, all the way up to nine thousand four hundred and seventy approximately. But came very, very quickly back below this resistance. So Bitcoin is still below this area. And I think we should pay attention to this area as it is a very, very important macro resistance. And I think the reason why Bitcoin broke all the way up to nine points almost five K there was the following chart. This is the CMB futures chart. And as I’ve been pointing out, pointing out before, we have a ME futures gap in the chart here. And the gap was all the way up here at nine point one thousand dollars, approximately. And just like always, guys, these gaps, they tend to fill sooner rather than later. And basically now we’ve seen Bitcoin come up and fill that gap. And of course, this begs the question, will we see a correction from now on and have already topped out? And I’m going to talk about that in a few seconds. But you can clearly see here how this got filled very quickly. We have seen other gaps here that also got filled. And if you look at this chart, you will see that all of these gaps, here they are. They tend to fill much, much sooner rather than later. That’s why I usually put a lot of significance to these gaps. Please leave a comment down below what you think about these gaps. Do you think that they are significant? Have you been able to successfully trade them or not? Please leave a comment below. And remember, the next futures gap is actually all the way up here at eleven thousand eight hundred. And of course, many, many people are expecting Bitcoin to break all the way up to eleven point eight thousand to fill that seems futures gap. That would give us a new high or high here. And that would be, of course, a very, very bullish turn of events here. And as I’ve shown you before, the ten-point five thousand dollar level is the level to break for the bulls. If the bulls can break above the ten-point five K, then it is off to the races. And Bitcoin is probably going to meet at twenty thousand much sooner than we previously expected. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Bitcoin is still down in these regions and Bitcoin needs to break above nine puts 2000 in order for Bitcoin to break through this major resistance that I talked about at the beginning of this video. And if you want to pull out this ACMD chart yourself, you have to first get trading view this trading program. And in trading, you can use all of these different lines and tools and things very, very valuable. And if you still don’t have a trading view, you can go down and use my link. If you use my link, you will get thirty dollars as a small bonus when you upgraded to a paid plan. And I really recommend you to at least get to the pro plan because of course, the basic is free and it’s very, very valuable. But Pro brings you so many more functionalities. For example, the V PVR is only available on the pro version. Personally, I am using the most powerful plan. I’m using the premium plan because I really enjoy the full functionality of the program. But pro, I used pro for several years before I actually upgraded to premium and it’s a very, very good plan. So go down to the description or the pin, the comment that is an affiliate link. So I do make a commission off of every sale. And next up, breaking news. The number of non zero Bitcoin addresses just reached an all-time high of above. Thirty million addresses. People are flooding into Bitcoin right now, and it’s only a matter of time before twenty thousand is broken. Just like I said in this tweet. And here is the chart showing us this fact. So this line here, this orange line, shall show us the non zero addresses. And you can see that we are way above the levels where Bitcoin was back in the the the the hype of twenty thousand dollars. That was the peak. And back then we had twenty-eight million non zero addresses. And currently, as I said, it’s over 30 million. This is a very good sign. Shows us that more and more people are jumping into crypto. And obviously it’s good that this is going up rather than down. So this trend for the past two years here is a very, very bullish, fundamental sign. And next up, look at this. CNBC has now actually listed Bitcoin as one of the currencies here on the main page for these markets. So if you click at foreign exchange here for Kearns’s, you can see all of the biggest pairs like the U.S. dollar, a great British pound and et cetera. And then you see Bitcoin here. And this is, of course, a small step, yet important step in the path towards mass adoption as we see more and more mainstream outlets take Bitcoin more and more seriously. And I mean, imagine how many millions of people are using these Web sites every day and all of the hedge fund managers, all of the very serious people in the high levels aside that are reading these news. They see Bitcoin here listed as a legitimate currency. I mean, CNBC, they wouldn’t list a pyramid scheme here. They wouldn’t list a scam. So this is a small step towards mass adoption. And I think this is a small, little bullish sign. And next up, the Bitcoin having is coming up in only 11 days. It’s getting closer and closer. And I really believe that Bitcoin will get a very good push from the halving in the coming months after the having. That is my opinion. That is what I am personally betting on. And this is a chart that is very interesting because we can see that these four-year cycles for the past two times year, they have been following the same kind of trend. First of all, was here was the first having and we had a big expansion after having and then a downtrend and then it consolidation trend. And then the second having a big expansion downtrend consolidation. And what I expect now is after this third having we’re going to see a big expansion and then yet again, a big downtrend, a big bear market and then some consolidation, just like the two times before. Leave a comment down below. What do you think? But this is what makes me very, very bullish for the time after having. You can clearly see that this chart and the historical price action would suggest that having is a very bullish event. And why is it such a bullish event? Well, just as I said in this tweet, the central banks are currently doing the biggest quantitative easing we’ve ever seen before. Simultaneously, Bitcoin will do its third quantitative tightening in eleven days. That is something that should not be taken lightly. This is a huge divergence between Bitcoin and the rest of the financial markets were in the financial markets. We’re just seeing currency gets printed and printed and printed. Companies are getting bailed out, banks will be bailed out and their currency is just flooding and is very, very abundant. Bitcoin is not very abundant. It’s actually something that is scarce. And that is a core fundamental fact about Bitcoin that I think will become completely undeniable to people within the next few months and years as this financial disaster we’re in will escalate. Because I really believe that we’re all of the things that have been happening for the past few months have triggered big domino, big dominoes to set in motion. For example, we are seeing unemployment at historical levels never before seen. And even if this is a temporary thing, this is something that can have long-lasting effects on the economy. And we’ve seen so many debts even before this triggering effect triggering events happened. So there is just a lot of bad debt out there waiting to default. And, you know, how goes with these debts when one person cannot pay the second person, then the second person cannot be paid a third person. And then we have this big default wave of dominoes that is going to be set in motion. And guys, thank you very much for liking and subscribing to my video yesterday. Feel free to leave it. Thumbs up on this video. Let’s see if we could push this video to three thousand likes. But thank you for watching. And if you haven’t seen this video, click right there right now and I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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