Hey, what’s going on, everyone, something to cry here. And welcome back to another episode. Today, we have to do some real talk. I know that the Bitcoin whole thing is going to go down in approximately four days, a little bit more than that. And we should be talking positive, spread the message, spread the word about Bitcoin. But what I found yesterday is one of the biggest scams ever I’ve ever seen in cryptocurrency and in Bitcoin. That is going to be our main topic today. But first, we’re going to have a look at the Bitcoin price, which is nicely trading above nine thousand U.S. dollars. And I also want to show you a very good meme. And now let’s jump right into it. When it comes out zero. Well, at this point, a big shout out to the YouTube channel Bitcoin oveI Canal. The video is popping up on top of the screen right now. If you are interested, let’s get serious. The Bitcoin thing, as I already said, is going to go down in approximately four days, a little bit more than that. And the price of Bitcoin is developing quite nicely. What we have seen was some kind of a consolidation phase, which played out quite nicely right now. There was that move to the upside in here. We’re still witnessing a lot of volatility and we’re also witnessing that volatility under a lot of volumes. So traders are very active right now at the breakout to the upside in here. I hope that you guys took profits already and would definitely have to observe the levels right now at nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars and also at ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. As I’ve already been saying in previous videos, gets the nine thousand five hundred U.S. dollars is from the long term trend line and the ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars. Bitcoin has to break that level to finally establish a higher, high on higher timeframes that daily, weekly and so on. So as long as we’re not trading above ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars and as long as we’re not establishing a price above ten thousand five hundred U.S. dollars, I cannot go full bull mode. I cannot talk about new all-time highs yet. But I already told you that in yesterday’s video. But so far, so good. Bitcoin trading in the range of approximately nine thousand three hundred U.S. dollars. If you remember all the bears who were calling for three thousand dollars, two thousand dollars, one thousand two hundred dollars or even some 1000 U.S. dollars. Well, I don’t know what they’re doing right now, but they are most probably not buying Bitcoin at this point. Those are the ones who will buy Bitcoin again at fifteen thousand, sixteen thousand and so on. Long term, maybe that does not even matter all too much. But for those people who are holder right now, congratulations. You deserve the gains. An interesting case that you are interested in trading bitcoin with leverage like I’m personally doing. I do that on the FedEx platform. If you are interested. This is my number one platform. A video tutorial is popping up on top of your screen right now. And my sign up bling down below. You can get up to a one hundred and twelve dollar bonus for a zero point two Bitcoin deposit or more. But this is only for experienced traders. And now let’s get into the main topic of today, the worst scam in Bitcoin and crypto. Yes, you heard that right. And I’m personally not happy about this at all. I’m actually quite mad. This is absolutely despicable, in my opinion. Now, before you’re going to comment. Hear me out. Do you remember when Tron T. Rex copied almost a whole theory on white paper? Or do you remember when Justin’s son, the leader of Tron, spent four point five million U.S. dollars for dinner with Warren Buffett? Yes, you heard that number right. 4.5 million of investors, money, mostly retail investors to spend a dinner with Warren Buffett. Or do you remember when Justin Sun, the leader of Tron, called his own coin a shit coin? I’m not sure why it is important. Goodbye. Zero. I don’t know why. Bye-bye. Yeah. Bye-bye. Why? Because it is Hamakua. Well, often a shit coin Tron, and that is what the CEO of Tron called it himself, plunged more than 91% against Bitcoin over time. Now get this. And this is just unbelievable. The U.S. hands Justin Sun at two million U.S. dollar Corona Virus Relief Grant. What? Wait a second. U.S. hands. Justin Sun at two million US dollar Corona Virus Relief Grant. Tron has successfully applied for two million U.S. dollars in small business relief from the United States government. The money was for salary protection to shield U.S. based companies from the effects of the coronavirus crisis. Many U.S. businesses have reported problems in accessing these aid. First of all, Justin Sun created a copy of a theorem. Then he marketed their copy of a theorem. Then he sold it to retail investors, dumped it on retail investors, bought expensive stuff as Warren Buffett launches for 4.5 million U.S. dollars. And now the American taxpayer is bailing him out. If you are an American citizen right now, please let me know how you feel about that. And also, if you’re not an American citizen, maybe I’m exaggerating in here. But this is absolutely despicable. And it has been a very, very long time in crypto since I’ve seen such a scam. This is completely ridiculous. And yeah, I don’t know what to say anymore. Buy Bitcoin. Don’t buy shit coins. That’s about it. But this is it all ready for today’s episode. If you liked it anyway, please make sure you don’t forget to leave it like that. Supports the channel and is completely free. Thank you very much for watching and I hope to see all of you tomorrow in the next one by.


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