In today’s episode, we’re going to have a look at the Bitcoin price, which is currently pushing towards seven thousand U.S. dollars. Once again. But pay attention to lower timeframes. It is actually quite tricky to say what’s about to happen next because as we can see right here on the 4-hour chart, there is an ascending triangle, which is a bullish sign standing versus an ascending wedge, which is a bearish sign. And in this episode, we’re trying to figure out what’s going to be Bitcoin’s next move. Also today, a class-action lawsuit filed against eleven crypto companies. Among them are Bynum’s Big Macs, the Tron Foundation and many more. This is going to be very, very interesting or the next couple of months. So this will also be in today’s episode. And now let’s jump right into it. And with that said, what is going on? Everyone’s sunny decree here. And welcome back to another episode. I hope the weekend was not too boring. I was not uploading. I was really enjoying a few days off. But guys, this weekend, let’s be real, it was really not all too exciting. But what we can see today on a Monday already is a very nice development. Bitcoin is pushing for the fourth time towards seven U.S. dollars. If we Silman in here a little bit here in this ascending triangle, what we can clearly see was the first push in here where the price of bitcoin went all the way up to approximately seven thousand three hundred dollars. Then we had the second week in here to approximately seven thousand fifty dollars. Then one week slightly below 7000 US dollars. And now we’re once again pushing towards the direction of 7000 U.S. dollars. Currently, as I’m recording this video right now. We are at six thousand nine hundred ninety U.S. dollars. So most probably we’re going to see seven thousand soon. So this really looks like that this ascending triangle could actually breakout to the upside, which is something I’ve already been saying in two previous videos. What we can also see is the decrease in volume. So if we have these consolidation patterns with a decrease in volume, that typically means that a breakout is imminent. And I still say that a breakout is actually imminent because as you can see, well, we’re getting squeezed together in here. Derange of the Bitcoin price is getting squeezed together. The volume is declining. So a breakout is definitely imminent in here. But the big question in here is, will it be a breakout to the upside or to the downside? And this once again proves why chart patterns are so subjective. What we’re looking at in here is a clear ascending triangle or looks like a clear ascending triangle. But what if I show you this picture right here? Well, it is exactly the same chart, but the pattern is drawn differently. Here we’re actually connecting those works right here. Well, you could make the argument those are only two weeks. But to be fair, the descending triangle is not that much better. And here on the bottom, we have four touching points. So we have four touching points on the bottom, two touching points on the top. By the way, as I’m recording right now, the price of Bitcoin just broke seven thousand U.S. dollars. And I’m very, very interested in how long this will actually hold if we go over to the Bitcoin daily chart. We see Constantia lows, which is definitely very important for bullish development. We’re still far away from the 200 daily moving average. It would be quite nice to actually get up to those levels again, and that would also set people bullish because then we would be back above the level where we were before we actually dropped down. And if we see them out on a daily chart in here and analyze the situation all the way from 14K back down. Well, of course, you could still make the argument that this looks horrible, but it looked more horrible. Offered to dump two-three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars. So it definitely looks like that we’re slowly but surely getting out of the woods in here. But here, I want to ask you guys, what do you guys think? What do you believe more? Are we bullish or bearish right now? There is a poll popping up on top of your screen right now. So basically, what argument what pattern do you think is more realistic right now? The ascending triangle in here, as I’ve drawn it with the decrease in volume, which would be a bullish sign, obviously, or the rising, which inhere which would indicate that a drop to the downside in here is more likely. Obviously here the volume is exactly the same because those are the same charts just with different patterns and you’re also a decrease in volume. So what do you guys think right now? Are you more on the bullish side with the ascending triangle or more on the better side with ascending, which I can tell in my personal opinion? I’m definitely more on the bullish side in here. For me, those constant pushes to the seven thousand dollar range or even above 7000 U.S. dollars as we see right now. That indicates to me that buyers are definitely here to buy the price of bitcoin before the bitcoin haul thing because some people seem to forget that the bitcoin haul thing where the block rewards are getting cut in half is only thirty-seven days away. And that is absolutely amazing. And previously in previous years, we have seen pumps before the whole thing. Maybe some format will get created. Maybe not. We will see. I mean, it’s all real. That’s also what the traditional markets are doing. And here, just as quick update, the futures for the S&P 500, the CMA, many futures, they are looking bullish. It looks like that today we’re going to see a bullish opening. But we have seen a little bit of decoupling the last couple of days of last week. So it’s very uncertain what’s about to happen. But definitely right now, it looks like the S&P 500 futures will have a good start in today. And also, Bitcoin had a very good start today at approximately 7000 U.S. dollars. As we speak right now, and just in case that you guys want to profit from the Bitcoin volatility or also all coin volatility, I personally recommend the Fed-ex leverage trading platforms is only for experienced traders. I repeat, this is only for experienced traders, those who maybe want to diversify their lavage trading platforms. A video tutorial is popping up on top of your screen right now. And with my signup bling down below, you can get up to a one hundred and twelve dollar bonus. So take advantage of that. And now let’s move on to a class-action lawsuit filed against eleven crypto companies. Red wedding lawsuits were filed against Bynum’s bit. Max Tron Foundation and Automator Crypto Companies, a leeching. They sold unregistered securities. You guys probably know by now that this is, well, not really a hot topic anymore because people do not really care about that anymore. But there are still discussions going on that binds, for example, that they sold unregistered security with their being bitcoin. And I have to be honest, I pretty much see it the same. Because what I told you the last time when I did my portfolio update when I told you that I hold a little bit of BMB coins, I told you that I personally see BMB as a stock of the Biden’s exchange. And I personally believe that Biden’s exchange will do great in future because they soon will launch options and futures exchange. They have lending and stuff like that, which I personally don’t like at all. But anyway, they have the biggest all coin volume and so on. They have the biggest volume in general. Even Bitcoin U.S. dollar tatter volumes, right? Real trading volume. So violence is an exchange that will most probably perform very well when new people will come into the market. That is my personal opinion, although I do not agree with everything that Banton’s is doing. Also, I don’t like Yale’s initial exchange offering and all that kind of stuff. But anyway, I personally believe business will do great. That’s also the reason why I also support a business with my links. Don Blue as well. If you’re interested, you can get the maximum bonuses right there. But you guys know that already. But anyway, what I’m trying to say is I personally myself see Debbie MBK token as a stock of binds, and that’s also what I said. But if BMB is really the stock of Bynum’s, then it is unregistered security. OK. And there is this class action lawsuit going on right now. Exactly. Because of that reason here, it says In a coordinated strike against some of the best-known companies in crypto, a U.S. law firm issued a barrage of class-action lawsuits aimed at Bynum’s blocked out one bit, max, Tauron and several others. The lawsuit alleges at the firms bilked investors by selling unlawful securities in the form of digital tokens. Now, when I first started reading this, I was just like, OK, well, this is just another one of those lawsuits, which is not really going to be that important. I mean, against violence, it is clear for non-registered security then against Tron. It is also clear also because of non-registered security, then block one that founders of us. Exactly the same. But why against Betamax? This is actually quite interesting. The lawsuit filed against HGF global trading Betamax claims that the firm sold securities, namely derivative products that reference the tokens US and S.A. without registering as a securities exchange. Bittman’s offered these securities futures products using statements posted on the internet and distributed throughout the world, including throughout the United States and to security futures. Products were offered and sold to plaintiffs and the general public in the United States, it states. Well, I’m a little bit confused right now, although people from the United States can use VPN. For example, they cannot access to the BMX platform because their IP is blocked. So I don’t know what this is exactly. There have been rumours that It makes is going to add KYC and so on. And there have been other rumours as well. By the way, if you guys did not realize that Carl from the Moon actually deleted his Bismarck’s tutorial would over one hundred and thirty thousand views. So it’s not just this lawsuit. I mean, there have been rumours lately already that Big Macs is trading against their customers. Then also, when there was that week down to three thousand eight hundred U.S. dollars, there, shut down the exchange for approximately fifteen minutes or the exchange was down for approximately 15 minutes, which is obviously absolutely terrible if you were trading during that time. So the community seems to go away from it makes kinda notice. Lawsuit call from the moon deleted his bit macs tutorial. I’m personally still from time to time trade on Big Macs, but you guys know how it is for me personally. My number one exchange is definitely Samak’s right now. My number two exchange, I would say, is that binds futures exchange links also down below. And then number three is still by bit, obviously. And then for maybe a bit, Max Bubb bit Max still does have the liquidity, but with all these allegations, the insider trading and the platform being down. Now, another lawsuit against BET, Max, which to me personally does not really make all too much sense. But yeah, it seems like that there are some people out there who definitely want to take these big companies down. I personally do not believe that there are going to be able to actually do that for those people who remembered Hole before the next lawsuit. The end of the day, nothing really happened. And it was just a lot of noise around, nothing. But it’s definitely going to be very interesting to see the outcome of this. But does it all ready for today’s episode, if you enjoyed it, please make sure to leave. Like also once again, if you’re interested in getting started on the levers trading platform. Phenix video tutorial popping up by my site right now. Sign up, bling down below. I’m getting a small commission from that. So thank you guys very much for your awesome support and I hope to see all of you in the next one. Bye


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