Bitcoin price comes all the way down from $10k to test a very critical support level for the BTC bulls. Will it hold? If not, what is next target? In this bitcoin technical video, we look at all scenarios.




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  1. Yeah what happen to LTC love. Its going to be years as least 5 years before these coins will go parabolic. Its all a sham. But Im waiting to unload all my LTC coins when it ever shoot up again. I miss the 140 last year. FML.

  2. So there ‘is’ a possibility that Bitcoin can sit at a $6k level for the entire summer? There is a chance for that? Chance meaning you have a chart showing that there’s a chance for that to happen? Don’t say ‘it’s Bitcoin, anything can happen.” I get that. But you have data showing that Bitcoin can dip to $6k at some point soon and stick for a while???

  3. Best indicator for this move was 50 MA on the daily at 9100
    SWING TRADING still best strategy, eve though FOMO was in the air again
    Remember to keep an eye on the US 10y Yield when it crashes it takes the market with it and BTC isnt an exception so far.
    Whenever BTC is about to make a sudden move and you hesitate north or south look at that bond, is as precise as it can be.
    My plan is to buy the dips and sell the highs haha what else?

  4. Litecoin imho needs to do more work improving it's infrastructure.
    Is it just me or is it forever just going to be a coin with with faster transaction times?
    All these years I been in litecoin … it's fortune has been tied to bitcoin.
    But lately … a 10k btc … doesn't mean a $100 LTC.
    You don't talk much about LTC lately … what do you think?

  5. We will get our summer surge. How high that is remains to be seen. As for LTC. I would have really preferred to see them break 60 at least once over the past couple months but 50 is about their limit. But LTC is hands down the best TRADING alt there is. Been a consistent 15-20% swing from week to week. Since the "Covid crash'' their bottom has been 42 and their top has been 50. 40 and 50 actually. Although 42 has offered more spots to jump in. They will have their peak here as well over the next few weeks. I doubt we see last summers number, but what we saw in Feb is still very possible. But even then in Jan when they were pretty depressed they broke 60 for a few days. So it doesnt bode all that well for a top price for the year, which is generally what we do see in the summer. But this could be like 2018, which I hope it isnt because if it is then the best is already behind us.(for everything) In the end you have to pick and chose your prices. Waiting for bottom out or moon shots is just pissing into the wind. Take what you can get when you can get it and dont worry about it.

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