In this video I know that I’ve said that there are no gaps below the bitcoin price and that is true on the daily timeframe. However many of you have been commenting down below saying that there is a gap down on the four hour timeframe at three thousand five hundred and seventy and you are correct. And I want to share my thoughts whether I believe that we’re going to go down there or not. I also want to briefly talk about the fact that we are seeing huge fear in the crypto markets currently and elsewhere to show this tweet by Plan B giving us an update about this stock to Flow Ratio model after the recent flash crash. And if you think that that sounds interesting then I think that you should definitely was video Hello and welcome to the moon. My name is called and it to bring you this cryptocurrency video. I want to take a look at Bitcoin on the weekly time frame here to start with. And yesterday I was supposed to talk about the plan b stop the flow ratio model. I had big technical difficulties so 70 percent of the whole video was gone. And today I am going to talk about it because even though I announced this in the intro yesterday I actually didn’t talk about it in the final cut of the video. But let’s take a look at Bitcoin here. So this is the weekly timeframe and you guys know the deal. This purple line the 20 week is in my opinion the most important moving average in the bitcoin history because when you go to the log chart you can see how perfectly bitcoin gets supported by this here. And how in the bear market we got perfectly rejected by this purple line. And when we broke it to the upside right here that’s when we got this huge surge and we can also see when we broke it right there. Bitcoin had a huge fall down to this orange line which is the one hundred week and then we retested got rejected fell down tested the 1 100 again. And right here when Bitcoin once again broke above the 20 week bitcoin was once again in a bull market on the weekly timeframe. And essentially this is what I’ve been watching and this is what I’ve been talking about that as long as we are above the 20 week Bitcoin is actually in a bullish trajectory on the weekly. However as soon as Bitcoin breaks below this purple line then we’re back in a better trend and we should expect lower prices. And the update obviously is that Bitcoin did break down below this purple line but the crazy part is that this time the 100 week did not provide support as it did back there and back there. But Bitcoin blessed straight through this support and came all the way down to way below the 200 week. So the big question now on the weekly timeframe is will Bitcoin get supported by the two hundred week as we did back there and back there. And as we also did all the way back here in 2015. Well this is going to be very very important to watch the weekly close and obviously today’s Sunday tomorrow is Monday. So we are getting very very close and I can’t stress this enough this week close is extremely important for the macro structure and macro trend for bitcoin. So pay attention now in the next hours. And just to give you a number. Bitcoin needs to close above five thousand five hundred and thirty approximately to get a close above the 200 week. Personally I think that the chances of us holding the two hundred should be quite high based on the several past years of trading where bitcoin never broke this moving average. But let’s also take a look at the bearish scenario what if Bitcoin breaks down below this level where it could be could be heading in that case. Well I want to go to the bitcoin futures chart because not only do we have this big gap up at nine thousand one hundred approximately but you can see here also on the daily timeframe Bitcoin has a big gap that needs to be filled. However let’s go back to the for hourly because if you’re one of my subscribers that you know that I’ve been saying that we don’t have any gaffes below the beacon price for now which is true on the daily timeframe. However take a look at this on the four hourly timeframe there is a gap all the way down here at three thousand five hundred and seventy and when I zoom out you can see that it’s right there. So we do actually have a four hour the gap all the way here but yeah this is a four hour gap and what I used to say is that it is the daily gaps that we should pay the most attention to and that is what most people would say. Most traders most investors always say that the deal is most important and I’m gonna be honest I’m not confident enough to make a prediction based on this but I just want to point out that there is a gap all the way down down there. And I would love to know what you guys think. Please vote in this poll is bitcoin going down to three thousand five hundred seventy. To close this four hours seeming gap. That would be quite extraordinary seeing as Bitcoin is already in huge fear. Look at this fear and greed index it’s currently at twelve which is extreme fear and you can see this all over Twitter all over social media and in the comments below. People are very very fearful and I really really believe that when people are fearful that’s when there is a maximum opportunity to make money. And next up the stock markets are plunging as you already know. And the interesting part here is that even though the stock markets have plunged like crazy and we saw a bounce here this gave Donald Trump reason to tweet the following biggest stock market rise in history. Yesterday this guy is either deliberately being deceitful or he’s just in complete denial. I’m not sure what it is but you can clearly see how this is a very very ironic and very very weird tweet. And as Steven Heinrich on the Twitter posted this image and right here on February the 24th Donald Trump said stock market starting to look very good to me and you have Eric Trump tweeting right down here after the big initial plunge in my opinion. It’s a great time to buy stocks or into your 4 0 1 k. I would be all in let’s see if I’m right. And after further plunging action we can see that Eric Trump actually deletes this very same tweets something that is for sure is that we are seeing something happening in the financial markets that we haven’t seen in decades and all of this sort. And all of this is central bank manipulation and this big bubble going bust in combination with the current fears surrounding the big outbreak of gives this perfect storm for economic turmoil. And this is why gold is crushing. This is why Bitcoin is crashing and the stock markets are crashing oil is crashing everything is crashing currently. And next up bitcoin has fallen quite dramatically. And some people think that the stock total racial model is broken. So Plan B gave us this update. Some people think the stock to Flow Ratio model broke yesterday or basically the big day when Bitcoin plunged. Of course it did not. Bitcoin oscillated nicely around model value and stayed well within model bands. The extreme volatility within the model bands shakes out the weekends. No extreme returns without extreme risk. Let’s go and take a look at this updated model. You can see this red dot here is the updated price. And in the bigger timeframe you can see just what he says here that Bitcoin is still within the range where you would expect bitcoin to be at this current moment in time just before the party is having bitcoin was still within this area. This blue area and the same goes for this having down here. So just like Plan B says the stocks the full ratio model seems to still be intact which means that based on Plan B’s prediction he says that bitcoin will reach one hundred thousand dollars before the end of 2021 because of the stock to flow showing us that one hundred thousand is all the way up here. As you can see here. And according to him it is basically extremely likely that we’re going up there. And if you believe that the stock is a racial model Brooke please leave a comment down below why you think that is the case. And guys some of my videos have received 3000 likes. Let’s see if this video can reach 3000. That would be extraordinary. Thank you for watching. And if you haven’t seen this video that’s it right there right now. And I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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