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And we’re alive. Yes, welcome to another episode of Good Morning Tripped only here on an Ivan Ontake. We are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. And we do the show each and every day at 8:00 a.m. Central Time as I come to like an atomic clock issue there. And they look, we have some issues. Guys, guys, this April is going to be content backed content field because there’s so many news. And you definitely got to be watching Bitcoin right now. This is the time to pay attention, because if you’re not paying attention right now, you are missing out. So was this whole episode because, number one, we’re going to cover the situation with Kourtney MasterChef and buying this. We’re going to discuss a very simple way of making Bitcoin extremely private. And it’s insane that we haven’t been discussing this way of making Bitcoin private in the past because we have a new research coming out basically saying that, hey, you can use mining and transaction fees to basically remove a history from your bitcoin. So that is important for fungibility, because we know that because I’m not really fundable right now, because you can see all history. And if a bitcoin has a shady history, it’s not as much worth as some other Bitcoin that is freshly mined. So from a fungibility perspective, it’s very important. Then we’re actually going to discuss a new technology, a new mind-blowing technology about lightning and how lightning is now being integrated with htp protocol. We are utilizing the htp error code for all to know that error code is basically for payment. And when issues to be protocol was created, you did not really have a use for this error code for or two. We all know, for example, H.S. to be error code for or for when you go to some place that doesn’t exist, you enter and you are l that is not valid, for example, but forward to was designed with future in mind. It was designed with future in mind because when HSF B was drafted, the specification for the protocol, obviously you did not have native web payments. But now we do. And that is PSATs, the native currency of the internet is Satoshi. So that is something we’re going to discuss because we have a whole new research being done on that. And now lightning is merging together with HSDPA. So that’s going to be big. Then we’re going to discuss DEFI and real estate web. Over a million dollar of real estate now being sold in the last few months on them on. And that is obviously gonna integrate with Josephite. So that is going to be big as well. And guys, was a lot discussed. And most important thing is actually going to be about Bitcoin saving lives. That is so key because Bitcoin in this situation where we are right now is in such an important stage. And that’s why you definitely got to look into to get us started. And you got to understand exactly what’s going on because we’re literally saving lives, as I will show you today in this episode. And that’s really the core that is the fundamental value of this industry. And that’s why you very, very richly get to pay a lot of attention. You going to be very focused in this times, because you know that when the bull market comes, it’s too late already. It’s too late for you to pay attention, because that’s when you should be leveraging your knowledge and your attention should be. Now, before we will go to all time highs, because that’s when you leverage and that’s when you actually use your knowledge to your own data, to better your own situation and better your own future. You can literally go full time crypto, if not more. Belghis Welcome, everyone, who’s watching this? Welcome, everyone who’s watching this live all across the world. We are, of course, broadcasting live straight out of Stockholm, Sweden. We are broadcasting too. I don’t think that com slash alive. And if you are watching this on YouTube, you know that you’re just watching a replay. Guys, go to, slash live, subscribe here. Click, subscribe, click, enable web webelos, click, enable the notifications for telegram because this is where we are and this community is growing by the day. So, guys, welcome. I see you all in the chat, Suzanne. Scott Rice swimming, big indicator, crypto hoddle, Tiago Slalom, Busty and Dolby guys. So many Sebastiani as well. Bernard, this is going to be a juicy episode like Bernard says, like birder’s says, l-look, yes, we do have coined Martinek up right now, being purchased by Bye Bye Bynum’s. And they do have their Apryl full right now with her with toilet paper token. It is completely out of stock. It’s gone up by eleven hundred percent. And you see a very nice chart right here. So that is definitely on April 4th, the full day we’re looking we’re looking at right now. At the same time, many companies like Google and others, they don’t do April Fool this year. So let me know if you’ve seen any other April fool situations today. But some companies are saying, hey, why should we spend money on developing an April Fool’s joke when we have like I mean, there this situation in the world. But how are you guys doing? Let me know where you’re watching from. Let me know which country. Which state? Which continent. And as always, let me know what you’re drinking. Because today we’re drinking black coffee. No milk, no sugar involved. Now, the most important thing to understand right now in regards to macro. Is that the US is getting that deep, getting in debt? Keep getting in debt, because now we do see the president coming out and saying that, hey, right now we have zero interest rates and we should now develop our infrastructure. It should be very big and bold 2 trillion dollars and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our country. Looking one way is good, obviously. So infrastructure is what you should be investing in. If anything, that is infrastructure. But just like Peter Schiff says that given that we are already borrowing trillions and printing trillions. I know that borrowing and printing, they’re highly, highly related because in many cases they’re borrowing from the Fed. The Fed is buying the Treasury and bonds. And so in reality, really, borrowing and printing is the same is different sides of the same coin. And the partnership is saying, hey, what is really needed is that if you want to devote resources to building infrastructure, the government must free them up from guessing. So spending elsewhere. So this is very important to note because, look, although Peter Schiff doesn’t get Bitcoin, his view on economics and on the macroeconomics in particular in many cases are correct. I mean, you can not disagree with this. Of course that is correct. And before we also get into the prices of today, we will be using Coin Geko because we know that now coin market cap is buying and they bought by Nancy. They both got Mark up yesterday for Bynum’s Botkin markup yesterday. And I did this poll on Twitter basically asking, is this a positive or a negative thing? We have over two thousand five hundred replies. Most people see it as negative for Coin Mercieca because they are losing trust. The whole idea with having an aggregator is to have neutrality that you’re neutral and you can check so that the exchanges are not taking numbers. They are being fair. They are being transparent and so on, so forth. So I do agree as well that mostly it is negative for a coin market cap. At the same time, it is good for coin geko. It is amazing for coin paprika. It’s very good for them because they’re basically the only ones that are now independent from exchanges. And finally, it’s also important to note that it is good for buying this. I mean, even though coin market cap is losing trust, buying doesn’t really care because people will still be using coin markup. I mean, let’s not kid ourselves. People will still be using the market because most of the users don’t even know that their switch owners. I mean, they just check the prices and that’s it. So it will probably be good for being be there buying this coin, because at the end of the day, some users might drop off like we, for example, are dropping off. But in reality, at the end, what they most want. And I also wanted to congratulate. So that is what I did in Ontario as well, to congratulate both of them, because, look, both coin marched up and Bynum’s are amazing stories of for starting from zero and going to international massive, absolutely massive success. So that’s very, very admirable. How would you say? You say admirable. Admirable, admirable. So that is something definitely to keep in mind that is good for both of them. At the end of the day, when it comes to the founders and so on and so forth, but the coin market as a site for me is now not as trustworthy anymore. So I’m not going to be using it as much. But for Bynum’s, you’ve got to understand that they get so much information and they only paid 400 million for this. And it’s not much. I mean, for it for a individual, it is a lot. If you’ve got 400 million is crazy much. But for such an acquisition, it’s not a lot because they understand that they will be getting so much more value out of this very quickly because CMC Klimaka, they have so much information about you, about me and everyone who is using. They can easily spot trends. They can see which coin is interesting, which coin is getting more attention than other coins. And Bynum’s can use that information to list coins before competition because otherwise they have no clue what is popular, what is gaining traction. So that’s a very big. Also got to understand that knowing what people are doing and tracking them on their side on the coin margin gap is also a lot when it comes to predicting predicting where this industry is going. A stable coin is more important than other coins. Is it getting more popular than Bitcoin? I mean, there are so many questions you can be asking yourself, but at the end of the day, we are now in the hands of business when it comes to one of the biggest sites for tracking prices. And obviously, you can not exclude a situation where they are using this to their advantage. They will obviously do it. And the question is, do we see any big conflicts of interest or not? So that’s keep that’s key to refresh the site. Refresh the site. If it doesn’t scroll back. All right. Looking at Bitcoin, we’re going to use conjecture right now. And let me know, by the way, in the chat if you’re using coin geko or if you’re using coin paprika more. But we have right now Bitcoin minus one point nine percent during the past 24 hours. We have EEF plus 0.2 percent, X-ART P 0.3. All in all, quite sideways. Web icon at 17. Waves at fifteen. thunder. core. Man, I remember I’m. Did the thunder record programming heavy? A few a few months ago. Energy and the biggest losers today are in nervous hive. Bite them. Hive is losing yet again in seven days. A lost 21 percent. But as I told you guys, the most important thing for Hive is to be more worth than than steam because that is what they have forked from. And this is their main competitor, Steam. So definitely keep that in mind as always. Guess we do have all our collaboration with by bit. So definitely check the link below. You can long, you can short, you can trade bitcoin if it was exampIe and you can either trade the U.S. ditzy, perpetual or inverse Perpetual’s so you can use leverage up to 100x, but you’ve got to be careful. I mean that big leverage is only useful for professional traders trading very small timeframes. And if you want to trade other assets, then you can check out the Fed mix as well in the description because Keary can do link, you can do Tasos, you can do Lt.-Col, you can do gold. And they are very similar by bit unfair mix and we have collaboration with both. You get great starter bonuses with both aswell. So just to check the link below in the description. Now what else is important is if you want some free education, check the video from yesterday Zellick a programming tutorial where we basically did the free vijju and we show you how to program on Zelinka from scratch. You do not need to know anything. It’s very simple, very easy to start and you’ll learn a lot. So it’s completely free because you got to be using your time and currency and guys absolutely be using your time and currency in the well. Otherwise, you’re just wasting it. And in our academy, we recently added DEFI 1 1. So if you truly want to understand how this industry is developing, how all of this protocols are working with each other units swap Kibre, synthetics maker, definitely check it out. And the instructor is actually from Maker daow and he also has his company. I e oh i digital where he helps you if you want to get started with your own project. So it’s only to get the education. You’re also being led by the hand. Step by step. 2 launch your own initiatives to go to Caijing outside dot com. Now, guys, here is why you should be watching bitcoin right now, because it’s no question about the fact that this is life changing. Worldchanging and it’s here to stay. And whenever you look at people and they say that Bitcoin is not used for anything, it’s not being used for for everyday transactions. It’s not being used in everyday economies. They’re so wrong because they’re just looking at their own life and understand that Bitcoin is not for you. Yes. And Bitcoin is not for me. Bitcoin is for the world. So in order to truly see the great prespective and the great progress we’re seeing right now in terms of individual freedoms, in terms of economic freedoms, and you know that financial exclusion is one of the biggest reasons for poverty in this world. So in order to see all of this effects and how Bitcoin is changing all of it, you gotta be looking at countries where financial systems are not working. And we have this great analysis being done about the Latin American economy and how a lot of the Bitcoin transactions in Latin America have to do with Venezuela. We’ve all been hearing about yourself for so many years really that they have this disaster and that is true. But practically, we haven’t really seen any research like this. We haven’t really seen any research that truly shows with numbers black on white exactly how Bitcoin is helping. So what we’re seeing is a lot of electric electrical blackouts in Venezuela. Now, when they have a blackout, you truly see a big effect on transactions on local bitcoin, for example. So what they have done in this research is that they looked at how the number of transactions usually is in the new cell. When it comes to bitcoin and this is local. Transactions. So as you can see, each and every day you have transactions per hour being approximately at a thousand and then during the night obviously it goes down and then it goes up and then down and up. So you have this expected transaction chart. Now, when you did see this electrical blackout, which was one of the biggest in their history, they were basically down for weeks and it was terrible. This is how we develop. You had this electrical out outage and the number of transactions dropped severely because obviously with electricity, it’s difficult to to transact and use local bitcoin. Now, what we’re seeing as well is very interestingly, a lot of other markets, bitcoin markets in Latin America also following the same trajectory. So, for example, the market for Bitcoin and Colombian pesos also dropped when we saw electrical outage. The market for Bitcoin and Peruvian soul also dropped in exactly the same fashion when Venezuela had the power outage. The market for Mexican peso and between also dropped in the same fashion when you said I had outage. So as you can see, it’s this strange behavior. Why is it so that when you sell is basically driving the entire Latin American bitcoin market? Because they all go together. They all go together? Well, whether it’s Peru, whether it’s Mexico, whether it’s Colombia, all of their bitcoin markets, they follow BNL. Why is it so the same with Argentina, you see? Why is it so the same with even the US dollar? When you look at when you look at Latin America, so you understand that Bitcoin is a key component of the New Zealand economy today. Already today we’re seeing it in the charts we’re seeing right now. And the way it works is that people are using bitcoin in order to escape their hyper inflated garbage currency. That is how they do it. And they do it to, for example, take Bitcoin and go into Pessl and go into Colombian currency and go into Peru currency. They’re not really storing value in Bitcoin. They’re not really using it as digital gold, but they are using it as the vehicle currency. So that’s key to understand. It’s not sort of value. But it is vehicle and it’s a very important vehicle. You all remember the situation we covered a few months ago, really at the beginning of last year. It was about how Bitcoin saved my family and I discussed this many times last year. And this is another story from a new cell. How this guy basically explains how he used bitcoin in order to save his family from starvation. But this story is just one of thousands, one of thousands. And it’s so important to understand how those economies work. So Bitcoin is being used not a store of value, but as channel on the road to obtain more stable currency such as the U.S. dollar, Colombian peso, Chinese yuan and various stable coins, money transferred out of a new cell. Zealand may be held in the host of fintech applications such as PayPal, Zel Uphold and so on, so forth. Now who would be buying their bolivars? Because somebody still needs to buy their bolivars. Look who wants that garbage currency. Something we have to understand is that a big part of that economy is the fact that you don’t really have free market. You don’t really have free markets when it comes to exchange rate. There is a street exchange rate for bolívar, basically garbage. You don’t get anything for a Bolivar’s. It’s toilet paper, literally. And then if you are a politician or you have connections, you can actually sell your bolívar for a normal exchange that is good for you. Like it’s not normal. It’s artificial. It’s definitely not something that normal people see. But it’s kind of the official is the official exchange rate. So if you have those connections, you can do that. You can do that. And that is what we’re seeing miners do in New Cell. So who is selling bitcoin? toobtain Bolivar’s. Who is doing that? Well, miners who have access to more favorable but bolívar to dollar exchange rates. So they’re happy to take Bolivar’s from the population because population is not really valuing them. But then you sell them to the state or however that works. But you understand that if you have connections, you will be getting a better a better exchange rate and you’re also in profit. So they’re all in the in the position where they benefit from this, that the population, they can get bitcoin, they can sell their garbage currency and then miners, they sell their garbage currency, but a better change rate because they’re more connected. So this is the economy of crypto in Latin America. And this is one of the most important markets for crypto today. Because it’s so needed is needed as soon as possible. Now, one of the most important issues with Bitcoin today is the fact that they’re not fungible. Bitcoins are not really fungible. If you look at their history, you can literally track where each bitcoin is coming from. And this is where I want to segway into the next topic. How easy it is to decouple Bitcoin from the transaction history. Using the Coinbase transaction and Coinbase transaction has nothing to do with Coinbase. The company colombus transaction is the first transaction in each block and I will explain to exactly how it works. But before that I see question from group to Yoda. So what is the exchanges doing with this crap? Fiat buying crypto as well? Nonono so it’s not about exchange scripting, although we’re talking about the exchange rate that miners, they have a better exchange rate for their fee for their fiat garbage coin for their Bolivar’s and government. They also have a better exchange rate. And look, it’s not a free market when it comes to those exchange rates that the governments get, for example, and it’s like that in many countries that suffer from hyperinflation. We have one exchange rate if you are connected and you know where to where to exchange your money and you have those connections. And another one for the people on the street. So the official the official exchange rates for bitcoin and exchange rates for dollar and for other currencies are are false, are false. And if you go to the streets and you try to actually buy dollar with your bolívar numbers, you’re going to give you if nobody’s going to give you that for that official price. But who’s buying it? Well, it is the miners that are buying bolivars. Now, who? What? Who they are selling them to. It’s better to ask someone from Venus up because look at them this day. It’s not a transparent system whose they are selling them, too, but it’s just like how do politicians exchange their boulevards to dollars? It’s it’s not something that you and I can tell, really, but they just study it. How do official and unofficial exchange rates work? And if you, of course, know the right people, they will help to do. They will help you do it. So it’s still about connections in that in that type of world. Guys, let’s talk about privacy, because this is important. And this way of basically removing history from your bitcoin is something many people don’t truly realize exists. Does it really realize exist? Many people know about mixers. Many people know about other ways of making your bitcoin untraceable. And by the way, obviously this is used for good. This is used for making yourself more private. This is used for bad. For example, scammers like Bloodstock and they can use this in order to remove the transaction history. But as always, this is only for education. This only for education. This is only for research. And you should know that that you should only be studying Bitcoin and understanding this and using this for good and using this for good. Just like with any tool, you can use it for good. You can use it for bad. Now, we have this new research basically published five days ago from Bjorn Bierko. And this is the guy that changed the one coin, by the way. He has been chasing one going for such a long time. And I had him on the show speaking about the one coin scam and his colleague, Kira Griffin Low. And look, this is so simple, man. I don’t even want to read the paper because I don’t know why they wrote the whole paper on this. Because you don’t need the paper. You can literally write the blog post about it or like a tweet. They can write about it. But all credit to them because apparently we haven’t been discussing this easy way of removing a transaction history from Bitcoin. Basically, you know that when you send a transaction, you have a transaction fee. All right. That transaction fee is not something that you explicitly specify in your transaction because your transaction consists of inputs. So you have a bunch of inputs to that transaction. And those are your unspun transaction outputs. And by the way, I guess if you don’t know what I’m talking about, go instead of bitcoin. Go to guys who got out of that com and learn the basics of youtake souls because it’s the key to understand how bitcoin works, how you see exos work. But basically I can even draw it for you. Your wallet doesn’t have any coins, your wallet just controls your private key and those private keys can spend your UTX souls and your USEC souls are spent when you are constructing a transaction. So that is the simple explanation. But when a transaction is constructed, you have a bunch of inputs. Your unspent transaction outputs are being used as inputs and then you have your outputs. So where you’re sending your money to so you know, you can send your money to many different people in one transaction. So have inputs that are here and then outputs here. Now the difference between inputs and outputs is the feed. So for example, if you put in five bitcoin here together totally in your inputs, but you only output for bitcoin here, one bitcoin will go to the miner. So this is the transit. This is how you specify the transaction fee. The transaction fee specify just by the difference of inputs and outputs. All right. So this means that this one bitcoin right here, right here will basically be destroyed. So this is what many people don’t think about. But this bitcoin is basically burned. OK. The transaction fee is getting destroyed. Technically, it’s getting that. But you know that when the miner mindset block the first transaction in the block is the Coinbase transaction. And here is where the miner gets gets his block reward, but also gets all of his transaction fees. So basically this bitcoin right here, you can say that it’s technically being destroyed. But then miner re-creates, a new bitcoin, a whole new bitcoin as the Coinbase transaction is like the first transaction in the block with the block reward and your transaction fee. So look, your transaction fee will be re-created here. You destroy this bitcoin and then you recreate this bitcoin again in the Coinbase transaction, which obviously means what does it mean? It means that all history that this bitcoin had is now gone, is gone. Instead you have a new bitcoin without any history, plus the block reward. Now let’s say those plus token scammers, they want to remove history from their clients. And look, once again, it is only for research purposes. What they could do is that they just have a huge. Action feet. They have a transaction fee, let’s say, of a hundred bitcoin or similar, and in their inputs they have one hundred and five bitcoin and then they just spend five bitcoin, which means that the miner in this case will be getting a hundred Bitcoin transaction fee. All right. But they have an issue now. They have an issue because if they broadcast this transaction, any miner can pick it up and any miner can mine that. So they don’t want to broadcast it, because you understand that if you broadcast, you don’t have the control over who mines this transaction. You want to be mining this transaction because that is the only way you can recreate this hundred Bitcoin and remove their history in the Coinbase transaction with a transaction fee. So what do you do? You don’t broadcast it. You just construct the transaction and you give it to a miner that is working with you. You just give it to them directly so they can just inserted in their block. So this is very easy. Look, it’s so easy. I don’t know why I haven’t been speaking about this. These guys who wrote the whole paper, so big shout out to them about writing it. But the fact that it only came in twenty twenty is mind mind blowing because it’s so simple. You’re just using the core mechanics of transaction fees and and mining. So that is maybe the simplest way to remove your history. And you I mean, you don’t have to use a mixer. Because mixers are are are still not as good as this, because here you are literally recreating the coins from scratch. Now, just as. Just as an exercise. I just want to show you how this works in terms of in terms of transactions and in terms of coin. This transaction that you look you go into any block. I’m just using a block explorer and you look at the first transaction in any block. You see that the first one is called Coinbase right here. And you see that the block reward right now is twelve point five Bitcoin, but deminers guessing 12.6 bitcoin here. So this is the first transaction in the block. You can pick any block you’ll see in this transaction being the first one in all blocks and that the the amount of money that the miner is generating in this transaction is out of thin air. Twelve point five is from block reward and then you see zero point one five is from transaction fees. So this transaction fees have now basically reset history. I mean, they’re starting from zero right here. Anyway, guys, super interesting. Super fascinating. And this is something that even I personally did not think about before. Before I read it, read the research and the big shout out to them for researching this. And look, it can be used for good. It can be used for evil. It’s so definitely keep it in mind. And you should only be using things for good guys, as always, because this community will only do good things. Now, let’s move to another topic, because we’re on fire. Guys, this is going to be a tech heavy episode because this was about tech. Now we have another situation about tech. It’s about the elsethat. What is LSD? It’s a way to integrate lightning into HP and into the API level off of your server. So basically what we can do now with lightning is that we can allow authentication with lightning. So no email, no passwords. It’s all done with lightning, but also payment with lightning. So what does it mean? It means that let’s say that you have an API. So API is application programming interface and API is for example, if you want data about different cryptocurrencies, you can connect to COIN Gecko API and they will be giving you all data about like old prices and all changes and all the market gaps and old volumes. So you can connect to their server and they will feed you that data. So you’re using their API. Now a lot of API eyes are paid. So for example, when you go to coin market cap, their API is not free. So if you want to use their API, you actually have to pay in order to get their data somewhere. Here you can find that I don’t want to spend too much time searching, but it is at one of their products that they are offering their API. So some might be ice free, some API is are paid. Now, right now, today, when you want to pay for an API, there’s no way to pay on the protocol level. I mean, you have to basically pay with a credit card. Debit card. It’s completely different from the protocol level. It’s in a whole other layer, so to speak. Now, with this with lightning, we now have a way of basically integrating payments in Asia, SCDP. And it means that us, an application developer, you don’t even have to build your own payment infrastructure because otherwise, like it works today, we’ll all have to build our own payment payment infrastructures. So I have to build my own code for receiving payment. Or maybe if I’m using stripe, for example, I still need to integrate my application with Stripe or PayPal and so forth. And they need to keep track. OK. This guy paid, OK. Now he can get data. This guy didn’t pay. We won’t give him data. Now with this, you have lightning integrated on Asian, all on that base layer. You as a complication developer. You don’t even have to care about how this works. Really, it’s under your application. It’s a level below your application makes your code way simpler. And they are utilizing this agency before all to code. And this is an error code that basically says that you require payment of payment is required. And when it was created, the developers of htp did not really find a use case for it. So most versions of the ERP sophistication is marking this code as reserved for future use, because obviously when hsp was drafted, there was no way to do payments in hsp. No way. Now, whether it is in the nineties or eighties, Vlade then says that Atias before too, is very old. Yes, it’s very old, but it’s never been used. Really? It’s never been used. Is this forgotten? The forgotten if error code. So many speculate that it was intended to be used by some sort of digital cache or micropayments scheme which didn’t yet exist. Crypto Yoda says nineteen eighty nine eighty nine. Yeah. So it didn’t exist at the initial time of H’s piece. In drafting, but obviously now we do have Web native currency on the incident, and that is PSATs. That is PSATs Satoshi. Or Bitcoin. And on top of that, a new network oriented around micropenis lighting network. So what’s important here is that this works like a cookie in many ways, that you know, that when you have a Web site, you have a bunch of cookies and those cookies are sent each time you do request. There’s going to be kind of like that, which means that you as a developer, you don’t need to construct your own way of sending this information because cookies are sent by default. If you do have the right permission in your domain to receive certain cookies from certain websites. So the price of the browser takes care of that. So this will look in a similar fashion that you will be having a cryptographic cookie that will not only be able to you can not only use it for payments, but also for authentication because it’s cryptographic authentication and payment, which means that at the end you don’t even have to have email and password. So this is important. And then you do have so-called macaroons. They’re finding names that for sure. So the tickets themselves are actually called macaroons. So what are tickets? Well, a ticket is, for example, that if I have an API, I have a database and they give you access to it. You can through this protocol, you can buy tickets. So I give you a thousand tickets, which means you get a thousand requests, for example, OK? Those are macaroons. I don’t know why it’s called macaroon, to be honest with you, but I want you to have some humor even in this technical terms. So macaroons are a flexible standard for a B credentials, which are already used by LNG. You know, the lightning implementation as is default authentication mechanism. So as you can see, it is the mechanism of authentication that we’re talking about. But obviously you can also have the the payment as well. And then they look, it is a should to be level, which is amazing because it’s basically handling everything for you. Just like when you’re building an application nowadays, you don’t have to worry about how the data is transmitted to you because it’s all done. And she’s happy when you’re building an app, a server, you don’t care how the hell the data gets from the machine, from the user machine, from browser to your server. htp does it. You just create your logic and your UI, you do that in the same fashion. If this becomes big, you don’t even need to care about how the payments work because that’s also an hsp level. The htp protocol will do it for you. Together with lightning. So that is that is key. Yes. And that is this is bleeding edge. This is bleeding edge because this was published yesterday. This is bleeding edge tech. We’re talking about. And that’s definitely something to keep in mind. So, look, you got to be studying a lot this time, guys, because even me, I work full time in this. There’s so much going on. And for you to maximize your potential for the bull market, study it, study hard, guys, because you will be interested in bull market for sure. When you see all opportunities. But if you don’t study this right now, you don’t figure out how you can leverage it to your advantage in the bull market, because at the end of the day, there are so many opportunities in the bull market and you got to have knowledge so you can actually be useful. And when you are useful, you’re being rewarded. So it’s as simple as that. So guys be useful. Use the time. Well, while you are in currency and while you have social distancing, you have a completely free vijju where I show you how to program on Zellick. Just watch the video from yesterday. You should go to Kazimierz and see that. Come and enroll in Defi one, the one which is the best course on the market. It’s one of the best courses on the market. I haven’t seen anything like this, by the way. A person I haven’t. And you’ll learn all about the core mechanics of this like you swap Kibre. Do I do X Leuprecht and you’re being educated by the best people. Some ideal brands from Maker Dow is the best person to teach this. And he will also help you launch your own products through. I mean e oh I digital I have issues saying this the company name, but basically they’re working with new entrepreneurs, new founders to launch anisette, new initiatives and they are helping. Now, another important thing to realize is that we have real estate booming right now on the blockchain. And just during a few months, we will have over a million of dollars in real estate sold on. And you understand that when something is being built on, if it is being integrated into DFI, it’s very easy to integrate. Into defeat. So what what is going on right now is that we have these properties in real team and the token holders are getting revenue from from rent. What’s important is that when you are having the token or for real estate, you can also inserted into GFI very soon. So that is the next step that you can use. For example, real estate as collateral means in your future. If this kind of technology becomes big and this kind of protocols become big, you can literally get your mortgage on DEFI because you have tokenized real estate. When you have that, you just deposit it into a smart contract and you will get the mortgage that is going to be in the future. It’s literally going to be also integrated in HGP. I do think so. I do think so. It’s going to be somehow integrated in hsp as well because we have lightning now integrated in hsp. Soon we will have lensink integrated as well. So just like you write today, htp to go to a Web site, you will be writing something similar. Maybe it will be another protocol. Maybe we’ll be writing loan or lending or maybe mortgage. Maybe we’ll be writing mortgage. Colon slash. Slash. And then you can get your your mortgage on the internet like it’s the basic protocol of the internet. There’s gonna be something with lending, something with mortgage, because the right now would literally seeing real estate being tokenized and being used in this way for smart contracts and for cleansing. And it’s here. It’s already here. So you got to realize, guys, this is unstoppable. And the way the banking system works today, they got to be nervous, because if they’re not nervous, they are literally ignoring the technologies that is going to make them useless. Because right now we have multiuse, by the way, they’re not sponsoring, but I saw them on Ryan’s blog. So I am in no way connected with mooches. I didn’t even know they existed before Ryan wrote about them. But they are building an interface. So this is just a UI is just a UI, an interface on top of Gnosis. And so they’re building on top of Snowsill Small to seek wallet. And they’re creating this beautiful, amazing interface to mimic how banks are looking like. But to be honest with you, no bank is looking like this. Banks are ugly like hell. They’re angry like hell. They’re interfaces. It’s from the 70s and he’s crazy. So more they’re mimicking how the fintech, the fintech ecosystem looks like. For example, rebel loot, for example, transferwise. They have pretty interfaces, but now you have wallets with this kind of interface. So if you go to movies that see or you can try it. And this whole idea is for business. Banking is for business banking. And I will be signing up myself just to try it, because you can have your different accounts. You can have different people, for example, the CEO, the CFO, the CTO. They all have this this multisig access. And when you want to do something, they need to agree with each other. So that’s important. Lake says, I live across transferwise headquarters. Is transferwise in Estonia. They are in Estonia. I know, I know. I know. They are revolutions in London. That is how it is. So you can have your interests here as well, because you have the stable coins and you know that you get interest through compound. You get all kinds of payment features that are very easy to see. For example, the fact that you need confirmation for payment, maybe when you are sending an invoice, different people need to sign it to sign and agree on the invoice. Guys, if you’re running a business, you understand what I’m talking about. And now it’s all noncustodial guys. You have the keys. You have the keys. And they support all of these features. And there’s just the user interface. That was what amazes me. You have the keys, you have all access. They cannot take it. There is just a user interface and it’s so beautiful. You mentioned that this is how the world is going to be. You understand that the next thing here is going to be mortgage. Most probably mortgage. And you can do mortgage with, for example, realty tokens and you will be able to get the loan from the blockchain. I mean, this is why you should be looking and studying this ecosystem. Like I can not repeat it enough when you see this kind of stuff being now so beautiful, working so fantastic. It’s inevitable this system will change. The financial system is not going to be the same because we already have nice looking products. I mean, we didn’t have these kinds of UI is just a year ago. And it’s only the beginning. It’s only the beginning. Now, before we go into the A name, I want to just mention my friends over at the market across. So these guys where they’re also not sponsoring. But I know the guys because when I was in Israel, they helped me a lot with like, you know, getting connected in the Israel industry, blockchain industry and so on, so forth. So now they are working. So shout out to them. They’re working with Rand Niner and his fund to basically help startups. Affected by the Corona’s by Cobbett 19. So big shout out to them, they’re helping with marketing and this fund is helping with financial. So they are collaborating. So big shout out market across. If you want to market like anything in crypto, you go to these guys. They are amazing. And it can be your app. For example, if you want to build something like this, you’ll get it marketed at the end of the day. Somehow you got to get out. Now is good that I saw it on Ryan’s blog and I can show it to you, but otherwise it’s difficult to get attention. To be honest, this world is about attention and attention is the scarce, scarce thing in the world. And finally, you remember that previously we were sponsored by Bit Varla. And if you have any issues getting that 20 euro sign up email affiliate at Bit Varla, dot com affiliate at bith Varla dot com and they will help you. So just as I mentioned, they spent they sponsored us like a week ago, but some people had issue with claiming that the rewards if you have issues a bit while Wollar at affiliate at B12 dot com. Yeah. That is how it is. All right, guys, how are you doing? How are you doing? So good to see all of you here. And that you are still contributing your still contribution to the stream. It’s amazing. As always, don’t forget to subscribe to enable Webelos simplifications to do that as soon as possible. And let’s get into questions, guys. Questions and answers. And Bitcoin is dropping slightly right now on BYB it. And if you want to sign up, use the link below just for experienced traders. But this is the best platform for trading right now. And you can get user support using the chat. And Fenwick’s is like buy it in many regards, but they have more coins, gold, liquid, light coin, tasos link. But the issue with them is that they’re a bit lower liquidity. But it’s important to diversify. Personally, I’m using by a bit more. But Fenwick’s, they have more features but less liquidity. And you’ve got to diversify because you don’t know if any of them have issues. It’s good to be on different ones, but only for professionals. Guess only. Only for professionals. That being said, what’s going on? What’s going on in the chat? Another good episode. Thank you, Crystal, tonight. I appreciate it. Appreciate it. Let’s a bit twala go to beat Varla. Look, they have this link. I don’t want to put it on YouTube because I told them about how the issue. Let’s see. I can put it here in our own chat. I can do that. So let me just fetch it. And if you use that link, you don’t even have to go and and email them. Let’s see. Bam, bam, bam. I will put it in the chat, man. Where is it? Don’t want to spend too much time. Here it is. But many of you says it looks like looks like this scam. So I it. But look, it’s not a scam. It just looks so strange because they’re using this weird service for tracking clicks and like for tracking who is using which offer. So that’s why we removed this from used to because, look, they are strict with links. So you see how it looks like X ninety eight s like who the hell creates a link like this. Why would you create the link like this. So yeah but if you use it it will work. If you use it it will work. Amazing. Thanks, Aaron. Thanks Aaron. I won the lottery. Yeah. Yeah. I’m leaving. The commune’s man lottery is dangerous. It’s one of the most dangerous things you can win because you don’t have really the the inner the inner discipline and the wisdom to be able to manage the funds. So don’t ever relax when you win lottery. It’s amazing. Of course, if you do. But just realize that you get if you do, you gotta be studying finance guys. You gotta really be studying how to manage money, how to make it last and grow. Most importantly, because the last thing you want to do is to spend it all in a dumb way. Unfortunately, like many winners of the lottery, do, they spend it in a dumb way and then they get depressed. And unfortunately, many don’t even handle that situation. They get depressed. And the. Yeah, it’s not good, to be honest. You get you got to be prepared for that. You got to be prepared. And literally, it’s good if you work hard, obviously. But lottery, it’s just it’s like obviously. But it’s amazing. If you if you get it, it’s very good. It’s not bad. I mean, obviously, it’s amazing. But but please, like the first thing you should run to is just buy a book on money management and realize that you will most probably lose it. But if you start, you remove that the probability quite fast. So just study as much as possible. No, never. Relax. Make people think. Now I can relax. I can go buy a Lambo, but that’s how you use it. Easy come. Easy go. Yeah, exactly. You don’t want that. I love the saying from Grant. You don’t want to get rich quick. You you want to get rich for sure. You want to get rich for sure. Exactly. And look, it’s it’s completely fine to want to get rich. I just want to say that some people they’re a bit ashamed to say that they want to get rich. Everyone wants that. Obviously, it’s good for a family, good for kids, good for fat for parents. So obviously it’s a good it’s a good goal. And then trip to Yongsan that it’s the best industry to do it in because there are so many opportunities, especially now that we’re young, we’re so young and there’s so many opportunities to build things to take position in this market and definitely do that. Don’t waste this time, guys. This time is not coming back because this industry will not be young forever and therefore this interim will not have opportunities forever. Just like all mature industries are very boring and they are set in stone like oil, like automobile finance and industry. When it becomes too old, it’s too late, guys. It’s too late. Let’s see it. Trump puts in the Jinping together style for that. Yeah, man, I think it is a joke, right? It’s a joke. It’s an April fool. I will probably say it’s April pitiful. This one. I saw it in the shower. Trump was. And Jingping, Yemen. We’re facing the biggest global collapse only by accident. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s a joke. It’s a joke. We hope to end up with the broadest and most global alliance. We know we have. Tosha Times, the newspaper. Maybe we should write something crazy. Let me know if you have any ideas what we should write her. Trump and Putin and Jinping together? Yes. Jingping, if you believe all crypto YouTubers, I’ll be rich. Rich in 1 2 years. Well, you get the risk reward is amazing in bitcoin, but you got to have the mindset long term. That is the thing. You’ve got to be the have the mindset long term, because even if bitcoin goes to the moon tomorrow, it could. It could. You’ve got to also know that it’s kind of winning the lottery as well. It’s going to be very similar effect if you’re not prepared. You’re probably going to lose the money. Even if you get reaching Tripoli, probably going to lose it. If you if it happens too quickly and you’re not prepared mentally or you’re not humble enough. Look, you. It can be good if you win the lottery or you make massive gains in crypto, but you are mentally prepared, at least in the sense that you are humble, at least in the sense that you’re like, wow, the look, I better go study. I better not waste. So. You to have a plan? Yeah. You got to preserve. Preserve it. Can natural disasters scratch the market badly? We had a 6.5 earthquake. So I heard about the earthquake. I don’t see any news. Let me Google earthquake. Is it like a huge super volcano earthquake or what? Super earthquake? Oh, OK. So Web in Boise, Idaho, we have is here. Earthquake. I guess is here, here because this is the first of April. I haven’t been to Idaho, by the way. Let me know if I should go to Idaho. Yeah. Hits Idaho. Exactly. Exactly. But. Is it severe 6.5 on the Richter scale? Is it out of 10? Is it six? Is it zero to 10? Let’s see. Richter. Gail, is it? What is the max? Just want to see. Oh, yeah. It’s also scales known linearly, it scales like crazy. So if you just go by one in Richter, scales like that 2 times as as as bad, maybe you can just tell me in the chart. Yeah. Ten ten. Exactly. And as as you guys also say in the chart, it scales not linearly, it scales. Richter scale is log. Everyone is 10. Exactly. So if you have Richter scale 1 and then you have the Richter scale 2. So two is 10 times as bad as one. Or what. Because this is how I understand it. Let’s see if we have a simple explanation here named local magnitude man in this one in Swedish. Simpler. Yep. Yep. Yeah. Ten times, ten times. Yes. Yes. So if you increase with wonthe one point on the scale, it becomes ten times as bad. Yeah. At least from my 10 second research. Don’t quote me on that. OK. Seven point seven was the biggest in Romania and nine in 10. Seventy seven during Dracula times. So, yes, it shook the city badly, but the center was far enough to not cause massive damage. OK. That’s good. That’s good. You know, what I’m thinking more about than Idaho is is Yellowstone. When is that gonna erupt? Do have any estimations? Because that would truly be Armageddon. Yellowstone let let you know if you have any insights into this situation, because this one, I guess, is the most dangerous that could happen in the US in terms of fire volcano and in terms of in terms of natural disaster. Yeah, DATONG, Yes, you should be. You should be keeping an eye on it. It’s good to live far away from that. I’ve seen people pilot about Yellowstone and the Corona’s and Jesus coming. Exactly. Exactly. Jesus is coming back. Who knows? Good thing. Oil faithful keeps the burping him, right. Charleston. Ninety eight in ninety eight. Got it. Tohoku earthquake jeggings. You know all about earthquakes. That’s amazing. Aronczyk I still love to see jazz. diffa one the one. What about selling separately double. We will not because we only sell subscription, but to be honest with you, it’s so cheap to buy subscriptions. You can just think that you’re buying like if you want to have that mindset because look, this course is literally filled with knowledge. So for you to pay like, you know, 8:56 for it, it’s nothing. It’s absolutely nothing. So think about it that way. But we don’t sell in theindividual. It’s only subscription, but it’s so cheap. And that is, by the way, kind of the strategy we can offer monthly. VeriChip, you get access to everything. So you pay like 8:56 for this. It’s such a deal. I don’t even know why it’s so cheap because you’re literally learning everything about the DEFI and not only how it works, but also how to use it. And you’re being taught by Makau Doubt. Look, it’s the best deal you can ever get. Is BIEDO worth buying? I don’t want to give any recommendation. What’s worth buying or not? I’m just saying what’s interesting to me and BIEDO is inching to me. So it’s not financial advice. Do whatever you want, but I think that business will be big in DFI in one way or another. They’re expanding in all directions. They’re bank-owned market cap. They’re buying everything. So look, if you’re asking should they buy that? No, you should not buy because you should do your own research if you just ask that question. A, should I buy? You don’t know enough to by definition, you should study and get your own opinion. But personally, I think that Defi will be on bi-national one way or another. It will be the. I don’t like Ebersman because world reserve currency. Will there be a purge or crap coins? So what kind of person you mean crap coins will always be here. Crap coins are not going away. Oh, you mean the purge on old? No. I mean, probably we will see a bad old disappear all the time. It gets removed all the time. And. Which you gotta be looking at instead is the fact that new ults will always be because it’s easy to create exchanges will always list them because people will want to speculate. So it’s just this, you know, human nature to always want to speculate. And it’s so cheap to create new coins. So there will always be an incentive to do it. But current old those that are used useless, they will, of course, be purged sooner or later. Ivan, does bidle have any real relation with Bynum’s there? So you’ll get Bine. Look, I don’t know exactly what kind of relation put it, but Bynum’s is supporting them. You see it on Twitter. You see it in all other ways as well. So they are supporting that, whether they are officially officially working and how close that is. I don’t know. But I’m telling you, I find it interesting. I find it interesting. And we might see other defi coins on Bynum’s. Look, it’s not only one, but that one is the only one I know of right now. And they’re in the exactly how it’s going to be with binders. Like whether they have another one, literally. It could be. It could be. So. Look, it’s risky, obviously. How do you feel about RFID, chip? I haven’t. I know they’re popular in Sweden lately. They’re not that popular. But, you know, they are popular in Stockholm. And exept even. They’re even more popular in the office I worked at. Previously, we had like offices there. Let’s see, air of EIsie. You know, if you are in Stockholm Epicenter, it’s kind of a startup hub. And they were kind of the propagators. I was I was working there. Our company was sitting there. So startup epicenter implants and place with microchips. So this was actually three years ago already. And yeah, it’s it’s a cool thing. It’s very easy to put it here. Now, obviously, they’re gonna track you. They’re gonna do mind control. All of that, people will say. But it feels like more of a gimmick. It’s not actually helping people a lot. A lot. A lot. I personally. Right now, I’m not really there to put it in my in my hand. I’m not really that like mentally. Just like all new technology. You’re not there because it before it becomes big. So I don’t really see how it will become big, especially because we’ve already had three years of it. And look at some technologies are just a gimmick, such as such or as some technologies are actually good for real. In this case, it’s more like a gimmick. It’s like a schools while you have a chip. Wow. So gimmick, that is what it is in terms of actually increasing productivity. I don’t think it’s that useful. To be honest, it takes like two seconds to pull out your order like bleep and bleep it normally and you don’t need to have stuff in your hand. So yeah, my dog is microchipped for dog. It’s amazing. It’s not a huge ship. It’s a very small one. It’s very, very small one. It’s maybe like 1 1 centimeter. I mean, this is how big it is. But then imagine like it’s look at my hand. It’s like, yeah, it’s very small. So very small. Yeah. This out this this is how it is. So you can literally feel it here because I know people that have it. I don’t know if it if they have it right. Still, but you can literally it’s in this area. You know where you have let me actually show to it’s in this area where you have loose skin. You know here they put it there. Yeah. Like a grain of rice, maybe a bit bigger, but probably probably somewhere there. Well, the government released the digital dollar with Microsoft help specifically Bill Gates. That has gripped the patents, I believe I think is gonna be Accenture. Accenture is the company that is working right now the most with state digital currencies, not Microsoft. Maybe it will be Microsoft because we have a lot of different proposals. But the biggest proposal and most significant in Sweden, that is, by the way, being accepted now and they are developing it is done by Accenture. So it crony here is going to be done by Accenture. They won the competition. You know that when the central bank wants to do something, they cannot just pick a company. They need to do an open competition. So they did that. Accenture won in the US. You have the digital dollar initiative, which Giancarlo. Also Accenture. So it seems that they are becoming the go to guys for all of this. I do think your digital door was turned down. So Bitcoin is 0 0 7? That is correct. It got turned down because they tried to stick it in, but it’s another one. So the one with the stimulus bill, it’s not the one from Digital Dollar Initiative with John Carroll. There are actually many different ones that are now being developed and competing with each other. So we’ll see which which is going to be. But when you say digital door, there are there are many. And the one that I know the most is the one with John Carroll. I even interviewed him just. I won’t take that. I won’t take. And then like Digital Dollar explained. And you will find me interviewing him in Davos a few months back. And he is this former head of the CFTC who will be so funny to develop virtual reality ecosystem based on crypto. Absolutely. Absolutely. Does that. Can you see guys may have crypto forensics? Not really, man. We should. We should. We will be adding it for sure, because I know a lot about it already and I know a lot of people that know a lot about it. But, you know, I showed you many times how to do tracking. And then you have this tool. Let me see if I can find it quickly. Let’s see a track. I mean, really, I don’t want to spend too much time trying to find it. But anyway, I’m sure I’ve shown you this tool for tracking and you take cells and the court and seeing where exactly they come from. It’s a very, very important tool. And it’s so easy to use is actually being developed by someone. I wanted to HealthVault people because they want to ensure that their users, they have a tool to double check that they’re using someone I want in the best possible way. And that is difficult to trace. It’s quite funny, actually. How well do you sleep these days between Corona’s and your business? Quite well. I mean, quite well, to be honest with you. Look, our mission is education. So when you go to Katsumata, I’m sure that you can literally change your life, especially to day to day. We were really trying to communicate that now is the time when people are in quarantine. So while we are always, always we are in real correlation to the entire crypto market and the crypto market in in turn is correlated with Corona’s in many ways. So we are taking a hit. But at the same time you get understand like this is now. You should join. This is now. And I think we’ve been quite successful in communicating that because we’re not struggling that much, because people are joining a lot as well. And it’s important. That’s why I’m telling you, you got to join now because this can literally change your life and you have time now. You’re at home. You’re at home. So, yeah, I’ve Ivan that Coinbase privacy trick. What stops chain analysis from just looking at for Coinbase rewards that are greater than normal and tracking the coins. Yeah, that’s that’s easy to track as well. So you got to do slowly. Exactly. But yes, this is only for research. Only for research and. Yeah. But it’s also not look, it’s not Brax. Theoretically, it’s easy, practically not easier, because, look, you gotta have a minor that is able to get through that block into the blockchain. And it’s not easy. If you’re gonna have a big miner, you’ve got to have a miner that’s able to and as as you told, you can not just do like one hundred bitcoin. If these scammers, they will do a bit of it at the time. They’ll do a bit at a time. For example, Plaistow can. And this means that or actually actually you can just have a bunch of. Oh no, no. Yeah. You to do a bit of the time. You have a bunch of blocks being committed to the blockchain and your miner partner he will not be able to do did take a lot of time, take a lot of time. Just getting one block into the blockchain by yourself, by yourself is is difficult even if you’re a big miner and here to get by yourself a bunch of blocks several times. So yeah. Man series waking up. What is going on? Yes, Oleksiy. Exactly. Oleksiy Bernard. Okay guys. I think that’s it for today. Do you have more questions or not? More questions or not? Did someone mention Wasabi Wallet? Sorry, I’m not touching this minor coin. Which minor? I’m trying to transition. Hope to take the IOC courses over summer. Yeah. Yes. You should do Ivano take courses of sorts. But I work full time in unrelated field. That’s why you bend. That’s why you should go full time, Krypto. Because if you work in an unrelated field and you’re in, you are not appreciated at work and you don’t like it. You should go full time. That’s the best way to do it right now. Zlatan says, I hate guys. I think this is it. I know I hate to say it as well, but we got to stop sooner or later. Sooner or later. Great to be back on your livestreams. Yes. Script alien. So all of you for watching, you know that. Now we are back to a sense on summertime. And I know that the US, they switched to summertime a week or two before Sweden. So for a week or two, we had this discrepancy where it was too late for many of you to wash from the US. But now we’ve also switched. And I hate, by the way, the switching that that’s you lose an hour. I love switching in the autumn. You get an hour. But in the in the in the spring, you lose an hour. I don’t like it. But anyway, now we are back on track in the same in the same time. So. Yeah. Thank you so much for being here. Be sure if you’re watching when you try to smash that, like if you’re watching on, I want to look on such live go. Click subscribe alerts, notifications. Just click all of these buttons below the video. And I will see you all tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. Central to be on time. Have a good day. Enjoy. Thank you so much for being here. Yet again. And good bye, guys. Goodbye. Goodbye. Goodbye.


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