👉Gold or Bitcoin – Where to Invest today in 2020 ?

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Gold or Bitcoin – Where to Invest today in 2020 ?

So What’s a better investment, gold or bitcoin?
First of all, ask yourself, do you understand the Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining concept properly?
Bitcoin is a complex concept, Its volatility very high. It is now in consolidation state, and the price is very high. Risk Reward ratio is not favorable. If you want to allocate some portion of your investment portfolio in Bitcoin, then go ahead; otherwise it’s not a wise idea of investment. In contrast, Gold is Limited, Divisible, Counterfeit-Resistant, and Virtually Indestructible by Nature. Gold is an asset that can never go to zero. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is not backed by any asset. The value of bitcoin can easily fluctuate south. Gold is a safe haven when it comes to uncertainties. It is still at the lows and has the potential to move up. Silver, for that matter, is an excellent investment. Bitcoin is a hype. I understand the importance of Blockchain technology, and I would invest in technology, not in the products. Bitcoin is a gamble, and no doubt it is surging its way up and may go higher, but at the end of the day, there is no logic behind this rally. The USA has not regulated bitcoin as a mode of payment. Until Uncle Sam waves Yes to the cryptos, it is just like peeing in the wind. So what are the similarities between gold and bitcoin? Like the bitcoin, gold must be obtained through mining. But, while gold is obtained through physical mining, bitcoins must be mined virtually through the deciphering of special computer encryptions. Another similarity is that both gold and bitcoins are only available in limited quantities. It is estimated that there are approximately 171,000 metric tons of gold in the world, while the Bitcoin system will only be able to generate and support a maximum of 21,000,000 bitcoins until further technological advances are made. Given such similarities and their individual market activity over the past few years, it is understandable why many believe that bitcoin could ultimately replace gold in terms of value. However, in spite of this evidence, there are a number of reasons why this shift is unlikely to occur. The first reason that the bitcoin will never replace gold is that it still poses a great deal of financial risk. Despite its recent peaks in market value, the bitcoin continues to experience significant price fluctuation that often results in substantial losses. Furthermore, both the future and the viability of the bitcoin have yet to be determined, leaving many customers wary over the security of their virtual savings in the event that the system becomes terminated or obsolete. With such instability and uncertainty surrounding the bitcoin, it is unlikely that it will generate the customer base to match, much less surpass, gold as an investment asset. Another reason that the bitcoin is unlikely to replace gold as an investment asset is that the system has yet to achieve full status as a truly “universal” and legitimate form of currency.

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