👉This is How Gold and Bitcoin Could End The Fed

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Money can be printed. Wealth cannot. Printing money is quite useful for transferring wealth to the bank cartel, as they buy up distressed assets with money created out of thin air.
Gold will end the Fed.
Borrowing usury money instead of making our own currency with no interest cost as per the US constitution! We had a friggin tea party revolution in the US over one tax!

Money printing doesn’t really add anything to the economy. In effect, money derives its value from the production of goods and services. Everything that’s produced gets divided up based on the amount of money in the system.
The one main reason for the US Dollar fiat currency’s stability is because it’s used as a global reserve currency. After Bretton Woods, the US rode the global growth train and could benefit tremendously as a result. The idea that the United States, by itself, reflected the strength of the Dollar is simply wrong. Controlling the global reserve currency used for the majority of international trade allows for a great deal of skimming and self-service, which is precisely what the US did for obvious reasons. Now that gravy train is slowing down, and reality is starting to set in.
All countries that have tried to mimic the US economic model of never-ending expanding revolving credit have bankrupted themselves. Examples like Argentina and Greece prove that this model is unsustainable and, yes, even for the United States. The only reason why the US has managed to avoid its meeting with destiny until now is precisely that it has been linked to global trade, whereas other countries have had no such option. Now, as global trade is falling and many countries and regions are abandoning the Dollar, it is just a matter of time until the US follows in the footsteps of all the smaller countries that adopted its never-ending revolving credit economic system. This wake-up call will be brutal, and Americans who have been spoon-fed the idea that their economy is superior to all others will too late realize that they’ve been deceived all along.
Eventually, we will part ways with the Saudis (who support the Dollar with dollar only purchases), and if we are not prepared to shift the Dollar to being backed by something other than oil, we are truly going to get reamed with hyperinflation overnight. Global demand for oil is 99% why the Dollar has not gone into hyperinflation yet, but regardless, the Dollar should be updated to a more high tech medium anyway.

None of the Fed’s money printing is actually helping the economy – not in the long run. It’s not like the central bank is putting real products into the economy. It’s not creating wealth. It’s not adding resources. It’s not creating anything of value. It’s just inflating the money supply.
If you just increase the supply of money, it doesn’t do anything to change the supply of goods and services. So now, when you divvy those goods and services up, you just have to assign a higher price to all of those goods and services so that the market clears. But nothing of real value is actually added.

Contrary to popular thinking, it does not follow that one can lift economic growth via the printing presses. When money is printed—that is, created “out of thin air” by the central bank or through fractional reserve banking—it sets in motion an exchange of nothing for money and then money for something. This results in an exchange of nothing for something.
An exchange of nothing for something amounts to consumption that is not supported by production.

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This is How Gold and Bitcoin Could End The Fed

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