💊 Have we put a nice HIGHER LOW in so can make our way over $10k? Bitcoin price analysis 💰💰 #Bitcoin

Daily Bitcoin updates for the DMT, Dominator and ‘Range & Stop’ indicators.

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The DMT, Dominator and ‘Range & Stop’ indicators I use on the 15 minute time-frame for day/swing trading. This time-frame works best for Bitcoin and Ethereum. I also use them for traditional markets and individual stocks.

I also have an automated setup for trading these indicators that connect via Alertatron, but I also have used 3Commas for this same automation process, so let me know if you are interested in connecting to an autobot strategy.

The DMT indicator is available for a monthly subscription and works on many asset classes over many time-frames and is especially useful when combined with the 3Commas or Alertatron automated bots and the risk management features of the bot you can set up with them are very good.

The Dominator script is not available but we do offer a signal service so you can get the buy and sell signals on the time-frame we have found to be the best. These are the 4 minute, 15 minute and 31 minute time-frames.

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Please note I am not a financial advisor, everything I say are only my opinions and not to be taken as financial advice. Always consult a financial adviser before making any investments as investing can be very risky.

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