XRP Poised to DECOUPLE FROM BITCOIN: Market Analysis Firm

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  1. Matt you are so damn hilarious. “If you could delicately tap the like button? Because if you don’t???……….endless possibilities……..I don’t know if I’m safe from the bed monster lol. I love you Matt always wondering what you are going to say next for using like button and to subscribe. The infinite options lol

  2. I might just subscribe to The Moon Lambo channel, the main reason being that you don’t tell me, “Do your own homework.” If you continue to refrain from telling me that, there is a good chance that I will subscribe. After all, I listen to Crypto YouTubers so that I don’t have to do my own homework.

  3. I just wish people would stop worrying about the pricing on the market right now. If things go south, then I'll just be able to get it cheaper. This will go hyperbolic eventually. Atleast in my opinion it is only a matter of time. Once they get even a portion of derivitives… its going to make bitcoin look like chump change. Again in my opinion.

  4. I'd hate for it to decouple when Bitcoin booms. That would be fucked up since Bitcoin may go back to 20k within the next few years. If XRP doesn't hit at least 3.80 it would be a sad fucking day

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