What is going on YouTube Pinchbeck making another brand new video TV episode in today’s If you’re going to be looking at like Quintet Quinn Anthurium as well as excerpts, U.S. Dollar Russell can be looking at two decks as well as the current queen market cap. I just want to give a notice in advance that I have crazy allergies right now. Somehow they know, we’re finally getting some summer, which is great and the pollen is atrocious. So I may have to skip some stuff in the video, cut out some stuff if I sneeze or sniffles. So just be mindful of that. I appreciate that. The nice warming comments. Otherwise, we will be looking at the charts, obviously discussing bitcoin at ninety-six hundred dollars. What exactly is going on? There is some very, very. And I mean, very crazy stuff happening within these markets right now. We are getting ready for what could be a very big movement that a lot of people are not ready to experience and are not prepared to experience that. Otherwise, we that’s pretty much going to be it. If you are a child, Daphne, make sure to subscribe to net positive vacations. A giant thumbs up. Remember to follow me on Twitter at Krypto, the official this way. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can hear me over there. But if you guys seem to be taking action, that’s a huge shout out to everybody who wants to reach out. Otherwise, I’ll let’s jump into today’s episode. Guys, as you can see, I am on my current channel and you can see yesterday’s video. We discuss the truth about when XP Ripple and Bitcoin’s next big move is going to happen. Next price explosion is going to happen. As you can see clearly, the chart on the thumbnail shows resistance. It shows the price slowly climbing back up, hitting this middle moving average and not being able to get above that. That is one thing I do want to talk about in today’s video, which direction we’re gonna be moving to. How high are we going to be moving to, how low we’re going to be falling? Where are we going to be going to price levels, things of that nature? And then obviously, when to be buying and when to sell short when I am going to specifically be doing that and things of that nature. So I think I refreshed just but I’m going to do it again. You guys can see top 10 cryptos. Everything is flatlined. I mean, not really on the price graph flat line. But the past couple of days when we’ve looked at the current coin market cap, the prices are literally not up. A percent is not down a percent. We’ve merely just been doing nothing at all. And that’s what is concerning to me. Not necessarily in a bad way, because as we know, we can profit now off of drops in the market. But it does show that we are getting ready for what could be another big drop in the price. So moving on to these cryptocurrencies are going to look like coin bitcoin. We can look at a theorem and we’re going to look at Sarpy. A lot of these coins have some very different, you know, movements like Coin and X or P seemed to be very similar right now as these are both below their middle moving average Bitcoin and a theory or both above. So there are slightly similar compared to the others. And they’re definitely all showing some different thing, different signs. So I’m going to kind of give you my thought process to each crypto and then kind of make a general analysis and then figure out what exactly is going on. So when we look at X Sarpy, clearly we’re obviously below our downtrend. We have this massive resistance. We’ve discussed this. We know about this. You can clearly see the massive correction that we’ve had since twenty, seventeen and literally ever since then and been three years of just resistance. Every time we’ve hit this white down right here, we end up breaking Burish and we fall lower. Now we come to a stalling point. You can see back in 2017 when we had support here, we were kind of trading in this channel for a little bit. And now we’re finally back to that level retesting it. That’s the weekly chart. So you can see we’re kind of hanging out here. So honestly, this is definitely a resistance. There is a ton of resistance that the coin is facing, but it comes down to whether or not we’re obviously going to be breaking bullish or whether or not we’re gonna be breaking bearish when you look on the deli. You can see a lot of negative things. We’re below in the middle moving average. We’re trading at 50 on the RSI, which means the pump is about to happen. But we’re also below the downtrend and we’re below the middle moving average. And it doesn’t seem like it wants to break up much higher due to the fact that there’s a lot of resistance here. There’s a good chance we could fall lower, probably retest 18 cents. I know we’re trading at 20. Very good chance we could see a two-cent drop in Bitcoin. I’m sorry, an X peace price. So be mindful of that. Obviously, anything can happen. We can easily shoot up in price. But there’s a lot of factors that are showing or giving me signs as a pullback could be happening. Now, moving on to like coin like the coin is in a very similar situation. It was in an uptrend for a very long time, a couple of months since March, March, April, May. And then just recently, we were retesting this middle moving average. We got rejected from both this middle moving average and support. We broke Barasch through the uptrend and now we’re using it as a bit of resistance where the price can no longer pass through that. Not only that but if you scale us out ever so slightly, you can see the massive symmetrical triangle or massive triangle we are trading in. I could try this on the daily to give you are sorry, on the weekly to give you a better overall. Phew. Check it out. Now you can clearly see the massive support and then the massive resistance, very similar to Bitcoin, but you can see we’re getting intertwined in that and there’s a good chance are probably not going to be breaking bullish from that anytime soon. It’s definitely a possibility. You know, I can’t cancel that out, but for right now, I don’t think we’re going to be breaking through that. I think there’s a good chance we’ll either get intertwined in here and then break Barasch, fall easily at a thirty-six dollars, or we’re going to battle the South and slowly scale down. But there’s a lot of bearish signs here that we’re going to be falling. We’re below their uptrend, we’re below resistance, and we’re below the middle moving average. And there’s a downtrend. There’s a ton of factors at play that are a ton of support barriers and a ton of barriers that we need to pass in order to break out and shoot up higher. It’s definitely possible if the coins allow it to, but I don’t think it’s very likely the only sign of like good support is the fact that it looks like there wants to be across on the Mack D. But there is still time for rejection and we could easily swing back down the other way if the market starts to turn back around. It’s not a bearish a bullish cross just yet. It could just be a rejection and we could correct lower. And that’s ultimately what I’m expecting. So with Sarpy looked bearish, Litecoin looked bearish. Sorry for the sniffles. Now I want to show you a theory. I’m in debt coin in the wall. Wrap up today’s video. You could see a theory. M looks bearish and explains that. A couple of reasons. I also, just before I forget, huge shadow to everybody supporting me on the picture, on guys, I think, right. Like 83 or 84 patrons on our way to 90. And then my goal since I started this channel like three years ago was to get a hundred patrons and we’re almost there. So huge shout out to everybody supporting me on Pichon. I fully revamped the entire Web Web site the entire way we’re doing stuff and it seems to be working extremely well, basically. Now you guys have some pretty awesome tiers to choose from. And I share with you guys my trades, my stop losses, my by my limit orders, my market orders, my you know, everything, everything you could possibly think of leverage, trading, everything in regards to my personal trading. If you guys are interested in learning about what I’m doing. Interested in learning about my trades. And wanted to support the channel huge show to everybody currently doing so deftly checking out the link. Isn’t the description now to jump back onto a theory and wrap it up with Bitcoin? You can see it there. It also has a bearish, bearish signal to it. It looks good on the RSI though. Trading fifty-seven. The Max D, like I said, appears to show a potential bullish cross. There is a potential sign of a bullish cross, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. There’s still a chance it could get rejected and fall lower. That is still a huge possibility that we have to play out and we have to consider that is still an option. And also very similar to I believe it was like coin like we broke bearish outside of its uptrend and had its support here. It fell. It got it. It’s now getting carried by its middle moving average rate, a bullish cross on that moving average right there. That’s a great sign. But the thing is, we are stuck in between a channel. There’s a massive channel here between I’d say one twenty-five and two twenty-six on a theory. And I don’t think we’re going to be able to break to twenty-four. I really think if we do get a little bit more movement to the upside and today’s, you know, in today’s charting maybe tomorrow, the next day, I don’t think we’re going to hold there. I don’t think there’s enough support to let it go higher. And I think we’re going to collapse, pullback down correct to one-eighty, maybe go down to one three. Definitely a possibility on twenty-seven around that area. And then we may start to see some higher movements. Now to wrap up to this video with Bitcoin, ultimately, this is the last signal it as to why I am slightly bearish on the market. I know yesterday was pretty crazy yesterday or two days ago was Sunday and that closed a candle. This for the first time in months, we actually managed to close a weekly candle below this downtrend. You can see the downtrend on the market right now for Bitcoin. This is the first candle we literally close, but it’s so insignificant, too. I mean, it’s definitely a good sign, but I mean, just a small adjustment like this would put everything below it in. And, you know, it’s still definitely still feasible. It still works very well, literally. Just slide this here. Boom, everything works again. So just because ever so Saley on my chart that I have it so that we were above here, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are bullish just yet. You could see today’s weekly candle is definitely all over the place. Tons of uncertainty here. And there’s a very good chance personally, in my opinion, we’re going to be shorting this all the way down to point E right here. So from sea to do, we had a bullish market for about three months now, DDE. I expect to have a bearish market for the next three months. Definitely. Let me know what you think. I am going to be shorting this coin. I’m going to be shorting Bitcoin on dude ex selling short right there. There is a link in the description and my patron does explain a lot. And I do tell you guys, hopefully, if you have any questions about dude X, you can let me know, you can DME on Twitter, things of that nature. But dude X is huge. Cool to have in your tool chest. And I highly recommend you sign up. It’s free to sign up and I do believe they offer to think up to 70 dollars in free bitcoin, but otherwise, I’m going to get this friggin these allergies taken care of. Sorry about that. But otherwise, if you’re near the channel, make sure to subscribe. Turn personification, VVA Trent. Thumbs up. Follow me on Twitter. Krypto, the official and I will see in tomorrow’s episode piece.


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