YEAH!!!!!!!! CRAZY BITCOIN CHART JUST CONFIRMED THE 2020 BULLRUN!! [btc exploded last time…]

WOW!!! BITCOIN GOING INTO A MASSIVE BTC BULL RUN IN 2020!? Well THIS chart confirms it at least…

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  1. I believe wave 1 peaked in 2018. Wave a bottomed in the 2019 trough and we are currently at the top of wave b. Wave c will fall to $3000-$4000 in my view. The valid sentiment indicator (google search) you showed supports this wave count. Theres also been (I believe) a tremendous amount of bullish rhetoric recently about bitcoin. Notably Paul Tudor Jones and Raul Pal. Good investors seek alpha (rising prices) and they create it with their reputation and words. I view these and other indicators as contrary ones. so for now you can only make a profit by trading. For me I advise you multiply the little you have with Cedric Dahl’s strategy, I was able to make 7btc with 1.3btc in 3 weeks with the same strategy, reach him on telgrm cryptocedric1 , 0r via whastsapp +_1_9_0_4_4_1_9_3_2_3_4. We'll definitely see another huge Bull Run again in the near future, it's just so hard to know exactly when it will happen.

  2. Bitcoin value continues fluctuating however I generally make huge sums of money investing my Bitcoins with Martin Williams. His a dream come true for me

  3. These are my price predictions for the top coins; Bitcoin: $40k Ethereum: $2000 Litecoin: $600 Bitcoin SV: $1200 Digibyte: $.30. THESE are the prices I predict IF there is another bullrun in 2020. I currently hold 20k digibyte. But in the likely scenario that there isn't a bullrun this year, it'll be next year.

  4. I love a BIG RED DUMP!- Guys come check out my new series called "The Moonshine Series" haha . Also there's a shitty rap at the start that might make you feel a little sick

  5. It's fascinating to look at what happened in June 2019. From the 1st it went from roughly 8500 to 7500 then from the 10th of June to the 27th, in 17 days it rose to over 13000

  6. Due to human nature, we always must be reforming constantly.  We must be semper reformate.  Decentralized platforms for decentralized finance.

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