#Bitcoin ETP listed on Xetra German stock exchange as CME golden cross confirmed! One third of U.S. and Europe institution invested in #crypto, $BTC Japanese mining fund, Saudi Arabia blockchain bank transfers, #BTC going mainstream, news and more!

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0:00 Intro
2:38 Bitcoin Analysis
5:12 Institutional Investment
6:55 Bitcoin ETP
8:26 BTC Mining Fund
9:39 BTC & BLM
13:39 Crypto News

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  1. We don't need to go against the government! We need the government to adopt crypto. If the USA prints 1 trillion dollars then buys as much bitcoin as they can, put it on a cold storage wallet then burn the wallet and keys, they are capable of destroying bitcoin.

  2. Thanks Kdub, kind of interesting that Grayscale acquiring more than mining produced, increase in big wallets etc. but the price is not moving accordingly.

  3. let's say someone hacks your computer with a keylogger that sends whatever you type to hackers, if they get your bitcoin password it seems like you are f** i wrong?

  4. When you randomize your next comment, to give a ledger, you will see this prediction. BTC will be at 10821 USD and we all will be happy drinking some alchool.

  5. HI, so 07:48 we are saying that if 100 BTC was bought then we would "actually" see the reflection in the price of BTC…. ?
    Cause im still not understanding what derives / reflects the price of bitcoin – grey area for me regarding the OCT and what not

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